Melty Blood Developer Upgrading Under Night In-Birth

By Spencer . May 26, 2013 . 11:27pm


French Bread plans to upgrade Under Night In-Birth, the fighting game that followed Melty Blood, this summer. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late adds Chaos as a playable character. Fans of the game’s story will see some mysteries unravel in Exe:Late. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late has also been rebalanced for competitive play.


undernight-01 undernight-02


The new version of Under Night In-Birth is scheduled to arrive in arcades this summer.

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  • Jah-keem York

    I love Night-in-Birth’s story ~ Said no one ever because they still haven’t released this on consoles yet to experience it :(

    • AkuLord3

      I like it…cuz someone translated the arcade endings and its pretty interesting

  • Vesperion

    Come on console release! I WILL GIVE YOU MONEY!

  • Seraph


    Nrvnsqr, is that you?

    • DyLaN

      Sooo…. he fanfics himself into a bishie?

    • Canceris

      It looks more influenced by P4A Elizabeth. But i would love it if it plays like Nero.

  • Kaitsu

    Soon…I can smell it. PC version. This was the case for Actress Again. They just kept updating it until there was a final version. And bam, PC release.

    But that’s just me with my high hopes.

    • VitaminC

      Wasn’t the PC release the final version?

  • Natat

    If I recall correctly, when they were running their stream announcing this the game was running on a PS3, so………. BEAUTIFUL.

    There’s a pic of it.

    • Go2hell66


    • Istillduno


      Seriously, I don’t care what else gets announced this week, this is the best news I’ll see all week.

      (Unless they decide they don’t like money and were only using the ps3 because they were using a similar arcade board for the update or something.)

      • Tre W

        Which wouldn’t make much sense, considering the arcade version of UNIB is running on Sega’s RingEdge 2 platform (which, coincidentally, is also the board that GG Xrd will be on). Besides, French Bread has alluded to how they wanted to have a PS3 version of their game for a while.

        With this said and done, the main thing that would be miraculous is if a) the game has decent netcode and b) Atlus decided to one day announce that they wanted to localize this game for Western audiences. You’d think that after their escapades relating to KOF and Persona, that’d be a sign of them taking more chances on games like this that otherwise wouldn’t be localized at all.

        …Besides, with no P4A sequel in sight (thanks to ASW having other plans), it might pay for them to have something else to fill in the blanks.

        • Istillduno

          Please, anyone but Atlus, as a European I want to play this game, not get stuck unable to import because of region lock and almost a year behind everywhere else because lol Atlus and Europe.

          Even a Japan only release would be better since at least then it would be playable on any console day one.

  • DemonicX

    Seriously hoping for a console version soon. =(

  • Linhua

    … @[email protected] … WOW… I had no IDEA Melty Blood had a cousin… and boy is she pretty~

  • Go2hell66

    Who the hell comes up with the names for these fighting games

    Chrono Phantasma??
    Xrd Sign?
    Exe Late ??

    • Ardus

      Well i dont know about the others but Guilty Gear Xrd is suppose to be guilty gear triple X.

      Having triple X in the title would probably lead to some unfortunate misunderstandings hence Xrd = 3rd X game

    • DyLaN

      Japanese people.

    • Ni

      Maybe is just me but I like the names the japanese give to their fighting games i find it more awesome than just put 2,3,4…

  • AkuLord3

    Yeah i heard about the a new character joining in the game and Chaos was actually suppose be in the game at first but they were still wondering his playstyle.
    Well i like a Console release…people need to understand that they’re testing it the gameplay by putting in Arcades first so they can do changes to things, so its good they’re not just rushing it out

  • Neppygear

    Going to continue hoping for a PS3 release… ;_;

  • Neophoton

    If I were still in Japan, I would’ve coped with the lack of a console release, but seeing as how I’m not… A console port would be fantastic for the rest of the world to play.

    The arcade endings seemed pretty interesting, it’s a shame…

  • Luke Blackwood

    Sweet, Gordeau’s Badass friend is joining the rooster now :D

  • WyattEpp

    It still sort of boggles my mind that they went from the incredibly cute SD style with Glove-on Fight and RBO to Melty Blood and UNIB.

    (Yeeeeah, still wishing they’d make another Beat-em-up)

    • Canceris

      Even tough MB is like 10 years old.

      But yeah, they need to make the comeback to Beat-em-ups one day. Maybe when piracy isn’t anymore a problem for poor FrenchBread.

    • Kelohmello

      Well, they did make Gleam of Force, the spiritual sequel to Glove On Fight. It’s younger than the first melty blood I’m pretty sure.

      But I would /love/ to see another beat-em-up in the style of RBO. That is still one of my favorite games of all time.

  • OkamiKing

    Isn’t there another character?

  • Any news of this game getting a PS3 version?

  • Ni

    No more Linne infinity BS? Yay o/

  • MellowMadman11

    This game looks so good, liking the art style!

  • Demeanor

    Bring this to console! Can’t wait to play the chick who uses Iaijutsu!

  • Kelohmello

    Woah, competitive rebalance, huh? So does that mean they’re going to make this into a not-kusoge? I’m probably gonna buy it anyways, but I’d like a game with combos that don’t last 15 minutes.

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