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It’s Like A Budget Version Of Crazy Taxi For The 3DS

By Spencer . May 27, 2013 . 1:45am


D3 Publisher has a new entry in their @Simple series where you play as a taxi driver and the goal is to earn one million yen. @Simple DL Series Vol.13 The Taxi: I am a Charismatic Driver sounds like Crazy Taxi and looks like Sega’s game too. You pick up passengers and race through the Rainbow City to bring them downtown or to the movie theater.


thetaxi-01 thetaxi-31 thetaxi-32 thetaxi-33


The Taxi has crazy taxi parts. You can customize your cab by picking a wing, bumper, license plate, accessory, wheel, sticker, and special accessory. Players can also purchase power ups that adjust how the taxi drives.


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@Simple DL Series Vol.13 The Taxi: I am a Charismatic Driver comes out on June 12 as a 600 yen ($6) download in Japan’s eShop.


thetaxi-14 thetaxi-12 thetaxi-13 thetaxi-11 thetaxi-10


thetaxi-05 thetaxi-09 thetaxi-07 thetaxi-08 thetaxi-04 thetaxi-29 thetaxi-26 thetaxi-27 thetaxi-28 thetaxi-15 thetaxi-16 thetaxi-03 thetaxi-02

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  • landlock

    Looks poor. Your most likely better off getting Crash City Mayhem that’s already out on the 3DS.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Umm…. i wanted to ask here, does Crash City Mayhem really already come out here?
      I am using Brazil and U.S E-shop here but i can not find the game even after i use the search engine.

      • Rytan

        UK only so far. I’m sure it’ll be in the US eShop by the end of the year, though! …Maybe.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          ……..Maybe indeed.T_T

      • landlock

        Yeah it is in Europe by Ghostlight. It was meant to be released in America by Majesco but they’ve gone very quiet. I believe they have money troubles again as well.

    • Satori Satya

      What did you expected?

      The company that made this game, D3 Publisher Inc., is widely known in the gaming industry as a developer that makes low-budget video games.

      BTW, Crash City Mayhem costs 4.5 times what this game goes for.

      That sure puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? ;)

      • landlock

        Meh, some of the simple titles can be pretty fun. Alot of the PS2/GBA ones were released in Europe by 505 Games and D3 publisher themselves. This one however doesn’t look good. CCM may cost more but it’s still a budget game.

        • Satori Satya


          When CCM came out in Japan, it was going for $60 dlls. That’s 10 times what people there will pay for this Crazy Taxi clone ($6 dlls – but in yens, obviously).

          CCM is a lot cheaper now, but its not exactly a budget title for eShop.

          BTW, have you played this Crazy Taxi clone yet? Like Han Solo said, “It may not look like much, but (it may) got it where it counts, kid” in terms of gameplay. ;)

  • Guest

    It’s more like Crazy Taxi without the Crazy.

  • These remind me how much I need some Crazy Taxi in my 3DS

  • Sahin Erdogan

    Poor man’s Crazy Taxi!

  • redhood56

    Those textures look… FANTASTIC! ;)

  • Rytan

    This only makes me realize I miss the ChoroQ series. It’d be awesome if we got one for the 3DS.

    • Ferofax


  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This game looks really cool especially with the taxi customization feature lol.
    If this game is released here, surely going to get this game.^_^

  • Fun Fact: This looks like a port of a SIMPLE Series game they did on PSP in 2007:


    Looks like it’s based on a PS2 game as well:


    But the 3DS version looks exactly the same, you even see the same pic of the man (last 3DS screen) as on the PSP game’s site. Graphics look unchanged.

    I’m down with this; port PSP SIMPLE Series games to the eShop for an even cheaper price? Localize this D3!

    And Tamsoft’s behind the other SIMPLE games and previous Taxi games (this included?).

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