Take A Stroll With Atelier Escha & Logy

By Spencer . May 27, 2013 . 4:41pm

Gust gave us a look at some of the fields in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. Just like other games, you can find collectibles on the ground indicated by sparkles. These items can be used in Escha and Logy’s alchemy recipes. 


Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is slated for release on June 27 for PlayStation 3. First print copies include a PS2 code for Mana Khemia 2 as a bonus.

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  • Jesse

    Anyone else notice that Logy’s standing in front of the Altugle herb garden at the end?

    • Slayven19

      Of course, I don’t think they wanted us to miss it :)

    • Rogerrmark

      Sweet, huh?Hopefully we’ll have info about the Apothecary sisters soon o/

  • Z

    A new Ayesha’s game…oh wait, it’s not.

    Same enemies from Ayesha? So creative!

    • FetusZero

      You haven’t played much Atelier games besides Ayesha, have you?

      • Rogerrmark

        He has a point,though. Ayesha’s bestiary was poor,poorer than Arland trilogy,even though I loved the games.

        This entry (Ayesha)had more pallet swaps than previous entries released on U.S as well. Around 7,8 for each 3-D model.

        I liked the game though….but both Mana Khemia’s bestiary were better.

        • Kai2591

          Its a shame really. If only Gust put more work and detail into the bestiary in their games.

          Their games are nice, but could be much, much more awesome :)

          • Radiosity

            I guess it’s because they consider alchemy to be the primary focus. Monsters are sort of an afterthought in the overall design process.

            “Eh, guess we need some monsters for item drops, just let the janitor do them while we work on the fun alchemy stuff!”


          • Rogerrmark


            I guess they will start improving that on the next installments.We’ll get there,eventually,probably.

            For now,the lip-sync,engine and overall battle system for a Mana Khemia-like one,again.

            The scenarios are looking better now,aparently,too!

            The games suffered a great boost since Rorona already,though.

          • Radiosity

            Speaking of Rorona, can’t wait to hear what Gust intend for her. Given they said it’d take more than just a plus version to bring it in line with the others the hint is definitely there that they intend to do a full remake of it. I really, really, hope so, a remake of Rorona with all the improvements from the subsequent games would please me greatly.

          • Kai2591

            more depth! more detail! more improvements!!! :)

          • Kai2591

            haha nice one ;)

          • Rogerrmark

            Agreed o/

            I actually don’t mind that much,because of the limited budget Gust has,but some stuff surely could be improved.

            I’m happy they are putting more focus on the battle system again on this game,though. 6 character battle is just soo great.

          • Kai2591

            but I always wondered how awesome it would be like if Gust games (Ar Tonelico in particular – my fav) had top-class production quality. Like if they had Square-Enix level of production capability – it’ll just be TOO awesome for me X)

        • Slayven19

          That’s not what he’s saying though. He’s mad the game has enemies from ayesha but every atelier trilogy copy and paste enemies. The bestiary in ayesha may not have been very good but at least it was all new enemies.

    • puchinri

      I’m not sure I even understand your comment??

    • Anime10121

      Its an Ayesha game in the same sense that Totori and Meruru are Rarona games.

    • Slayven19

      Your name is very creative though ^_^.

  • Kevadu

    The monsters looked weirdly easy to avoid. Like they weren’t even trying.

    Don’t get my wrong, I want it to be *possible* to avoid monsters, but you can take things too far.

    • puchinri

      I had that experience at times in Ayesha. Sometimes, even the same monster could be hard to avoid one moment and just catch me the next time I see it.


    1 item per gathering? (ʳ ´º㉨º)ʳ
    As long as its not time management hell as in totori it fine.

    • Kai2591

      Time management in Rorona…..stresses me out!

    • Radiosity

      Hell? I didn’t have any issues with it, found the time management to be perfectly fine. Only getting three years instead of five in Ayesha though, that’s hell.

  • Charmchar

    I really wish they would remove the time limit on these games, it really limits me from exploring their beautiful worlds to much. I can’t over there to explore the area and just see what’s up because I’m wasting time!

    • coax

      The games are really meant for multiple playthroughs, you’ll have plenty of time eventually. And they got rid of the time limits in Judie, and it’s the worst game in the series (though I still haven’t played Lilie or Violet).

    • yalissa

      Tbh, the time limits aren’t even that bad? Like, I can understand if Rorona was fairly difficult, even borderline frustrating, but the second run was a piece of cake because I actually had money to spend. I actually found myself sleeping through months because I just had so much free time, and I had already explored and made everything I wanted to at the time. Same goes for Totori. It’s just all time management. Once you learn to manage your time, you have so much free time it’s crazy.

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