New Retro Game Challenge Game In Development For Nintendo 3DS

By Sato . June 7, 2013 . 3:49am


During a recent episode of Game Center CX, a new game based on the TV show for Nintendo 3DS was announced. Namco Bandai published games based on Game Center CX in Japan and Xseed localized the first title as Retro Game Challenge for North America. It was developed by indieszero known for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The new Game Center CX game will be made by shooter developer G.rev.


G.rev, developers of the upcoming PlayStation 3 shooter Mamorukun Curse, have recently announced via Twitter:




“It was announced on a recent episode of “GameCenter CX” but this time around, it has been decided that our company will be making it into a game! We are zealously developing at the moment and we’ll do our best! Please look forward to upcoming episodes for further details!”




For those of you who aren’t familiar with Game Center CX, also known as Retro Game Master, it is a Japanese television program hosted by Shinya Arino a celebrity and member of the comedy duo Yoiko. Arino, who often goes by Kachou (Japanese for Chief) is known for being an avid gamer, and the show is about the many gaming challenges he takes on such as beating Famicom games within 24 hours and breaking records. Arino has since then appeared in several gaming events such as Tokyo Game Show, where he took on challenges in front of a live audience.


Game Center CX has been airing in Japan since 2003 and the series has gained a huge following not only in Japan, but the world. As of now, the new Game Center CX game has only been announced for Japan. However, G.rev will publish their games in the West on their own. They self published Strania for Xbox Live Arcade and will release the 3DS shooter Kokuga as an eShop download in the West.

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  • Triplicity

    KACHO, ON!

  • Oh sweet, either you got my message or you were already going to get it anyways. I was pretty excited by that when I read about it.

    Then I saw this:

    Fuji TV posted this on their YT recently. This wasn’t done by SA subs like it usually is. Apparently, it was done by Fuji. This isn’t the first time but this was posted on the 3rd.

    Makes me wonder if they’ll make the jump stateside via streaming at some point.

    • Philip Irwin

      Crunchyroll could pull in a decent crowd were they to get the rights to streaming GameCenterCX.

      No wait, forget that. I might just sign up for a 6 or 7 dollar a month fee just to watch GameCenterCX within the same day or an hour after it airs on TV. Keeping that up to date on the releases would be awesome.

      There’s a growing audience for GameCenterCX, Fuji TV really needs to strike while the iron is hot.

  • Armane

    No indieszero? Wonder if G.rev will stick with the multiple classic-style games approach.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I only can said………… Hail Kachooo.^_^

  • ChiffonCake

    Hmm, that’s interesting. I really enjoyed the first game, so I hope this one delivers too.

  • Zeether

    I am going to beg the hell out of XSEED to localize this. I don’t care if the second game didn’t make it here, they can easily release this on the eShop only to cut costs and I’m sure the fanbase is bigger than when Retro Game Challenge came out because they know the show exists.

    • Granted, guilty of not finding out Retro Game Master until having gotten acquainted with GameCenter CX :'(

      In hindsight, XSEED did good with the first game but made the mistakes of perhaps being a bit too early and most of all, dubbing the damn thing.

      Why go the extra mile and extra expenses to strip a niché title of the very thing that defines it :/

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    I hope we get it, especially since the 3DS is region locked. But after the US sales of the first game, I won’t hold my breath :(

    • Zeether

      I think it has a chance, even as an eShop only release. G.REV already has several games out here to begin with.

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        Mmm, but the games G.REV have on the eShop are shooters. If the prequels are anything to go by, I imagine the GCCX game will have much more text. Ergo, a more expensive translation job. But we’ll see! I’m hopeful!

  • Brion Valkerion

    coool, hes one of my favorite comedians in Japan, Game Center is an awesome show too!

  • I hope it comes to Europe as well then.. if it gets a localization to begin with.

  • pimpalicious

    It would be awesome if this got localized. I was upset the second one for the DS never made it over.

  • 60hz

    that pic… explains it all.

  • James Fox

    The success of the Discotek Media DVD release should be a glimmer of hope

    However, seeing Marvelous USA (formerly XSEED) said no to RGC 2, I think we should take this battle to Namco Bandai

    Flood their twitter, comments on their facebook posts and mail boxes with demands for not only Retro Game Challenge 2 for eShop but the 3DS RGC too

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