PlayStation 4 Pictures And Specs Straight From Sony, System Has 500GB Hard Drive

By Spencer . June 10, 2013 . 10:28pm

Sony released more pictures of the PlayStation 4 along with announcing the $399 price point for North America. The base console includes a 500GB hard drive, 6x speed Blu-Ray drive, a DualShock 4, and a headset.




Here are the PlayStation 4 specs straight from Sony Computer Entertainment.


PlayStation 4 Jet Black CUH-1000A series
Price: US $399, Canada $399, €399, and £349


Single-chip custom processor
CPU :  x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”,  8 cores
GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS,  AMD next-generation Radeon™ based graphics engine





500GB Hard disk drive*1



Approx.  275×53×305 mm (width × height × length) (tentative, excludes largest projection)
Approx. 2.8 kg


Blu-Ray / DVD drive

BD × 6 CAV



Super-Speed USBx (USB 3.0) port × 2
AUX port × 1



Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) ×1
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)


AV output

HDMI out port


Included Accessories

PlayStation®4 system × 1
Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®4) × 1
Mono headset × 1
AC power cord × 1
HDMI cable × 1
USB cable × 1

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  • MrRobbyM

    Bless that 500GB hard drive. I’m expecting another model though.

  • stephane3012

    500 gb is fine for since there’s no mandatory complete game installment on the hard drive as far as i know.

  • So who wants to guess if the HDMI in the PS4 is also HDCP-locked? The PS3 was and that’s what kept us away from (easily) making 1080p vids of it.

    • Syn

      Theres no need for making Vids seperately now that you have the share button

      • Except I believe that was hard limited to 15 minute increments.

        • Syn

          I dont think so, been reading up on everything about the PS4 and I havent come across the 15min hard limit info, maybe I might have missed out, care to share a link, I havent slept so I wouldnt be surprised if that was the case.


            As well as many other sites. This was quite some time ago.

          • Kevadu

            The PS4 is always recording, and the last 15 minutes of whatever you’re playing is always being stored. So if you want to go back and look at something you missed then you have a 15 minute window.

            That’s *not* the same as being limited to 15 minute videos when you’re actively streaming something. Sony hasn’t really detailed how that works yet, but I don’t see why it would be limited to 15 minutes. And I think your link is confused on this point.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I thought the last 15 minutes recording thing was Xbox One?

          • Kevadu

            Sony talked about it back in February, before we even knew what the Xbox One was going to be called…

          • Xerain

            It’s ALWAYS recording? can you turn that off? if not, can the consumer easily replace the hard drive with an off the shelf brand after it dies in a couple years? Will they increase the online storage space for PS+? Mine’s almost full.

          • Kevadu

            I have no idea if the PS4’s HD is replaceable…ask Sony. And if they give you and answer let me know, because I’m curious about it too ;)

            But I do think you’re seriously overestimating the impact of something like this on a HD’s longevity. This isn’t a flash drive with a limited number of writes we’re talking about here. And you’re constantly accessing the HD when playing most games anyway. Should be fine.

          • Elvick

            If you haven’t seen already (it has been six hours, possibly more before you see this reply) yes we can replace the harddrive.

          • ARMs7777

            I heard that the 15 min is stored on ram. But i don’t have any official info just what ramdom people have said.

  • epndkempot

    need details about region-lock…

  • But the questions remains: WHEN can we buy it?

    • Nyandroid

      Already can on amazon.

  • Mr_SP

    AND a headset!?

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      PS3 and 360 came with headsets.
      edit: My PS3 came with a headset. I guess I was lucky and got a misshipment. Who knows?

      • Chris Bobb

        Not PS3.

      • Mr_SP

        I have a PS3 box behind me. (120GB model) I have looked on Wikipedia. Headsets were optional extras. They were not sold with the console.

        • yo1234

          Wikipedia is a good place to get ideas from. Not facts.

          • Mr_SP

            I’ve had two PS3s. Never gotten a headset. They’re not listed on any store’s website. Did YOU get a headset?

          • yo1234

            I’m not saying i did. i’m just saying that you shouldn’t try to back up what you’re saying with wikipedia. In fact i would have believed ^this comment more than the other one. And he could have gotten a limited bundle that came with the ps3 and a headset. You DON’T know that. He will have to check his box to confirm though.

          • Mr_SP

            Wikipedia isn’t proof, no, but it’s not innately wrong. If I were trying to be precise, it would be best to back up my information with independent research. But even a store only lists a couple of modern PS3 bundles, so I can’t truly use that as “research” – it’s like saying that any Chinese food not sold at the local take out isn’t popular: it’s too narrow of a sample size. Or saying that PS3s aren’t backwards compatible – that wasn’t always true, and Wikipedia explains it better than store websites. While Wikipedia possesses the chance of being falsified, it’s chances of being accurate are enough for a quick confirmation, and superior to browsing the archives of Sony’s blog or Siliconera’s articles, considering how minor the situation is.

            On top of that, saying that Wikipeida is unreliable is not the same as saying that it’s wrong. A better response would have been “I wouldn’t trust Wikipedia to be 100% accurate, but I’ve never gotten a headset with my console, either.” Note that I never said anything about headsets with the 360: I don’t have one. I can’t say it does or doesn’t. I was using Wikipedia to reconfirm what I personally knew, because Wikipedia is more reliable than random posts on Siliconera.

      • veruses

        What? Both my Fat & Slim launch of PS3 never came with headsets.

  • Impressionnant

    500gb is pretty good, considering the PS3 only had a 60gb or 80gb hdd when it came out (I think).

    • Mr_SP

      Depends on where you live. Japan got 20GB versions, as well as larger ones.

      • VietKnight

        We also got the 20gb in the NA region when it first came out this is how the PS3 were released by hdd, 20GB and 60GB, 80GB, 40GB, 160GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, 250GB and 500GB. not going to say model but that is how it went.

  • Vesperion

    May i have a screenshot of the headset please Sony?

    • myausicz

      looks like it’s on wrap-up video stream, ad ?

    • VietKnight

      There are some videos that Sony just recently put up but it’s about their share system for the console which is a ear bud like head set.

  • Nyandroid

    500GB is pretty nice! Though I’m wondering how much a single game will require now.

    Or maybe this is to give more memory for those who do digital instead of physical?

    • Strid

      Likely game size will resemble those of current PC games. For some examples; in the higher range, your basic MMORPG is in the 30-40 GB range, this including high resolution textures and years of updates [ones on disc are TERA, FFXI, FFXIV]. Guild Wars 2 is a very small in size MMORPG at 16 GB. Rage is the largest “normal game” on my PC, it clocks in at 21 GB, but Rage has some “special” stuff making it rather heavy. Borderlands 2 takes up just over 8 GB with all the season pass content installed as well. I’d say your average PC game, based on my rather large collection is generally 10-17 GB.

  • idrawrobots

    I don’t understand how this is only $100 more than a 500g PS3

    • dotzeno

      To my knowledge, the PS4 utilizes more ‘common’ computing parts than the PS3’s Cell Technology (and given the PS3s lifetime, one must consider the effects of an economy of scale).

    • Elvick

      One would assume that the PS3 will drop in price before PS4 comes out.

  • Interesting. Seems this console resembles the PS2 physically.

  • IshimaruKaito

    the model looks a bit “Cray” to me i think it needs more fans in it…i just feel like its gnna hve ALOT of overheating problems.

    • dotzeno

      The PS3 slim is built on 45nm (down from 65nm of PS3) production technology and modern devices (computers and smartphones) have been using increasingly smaller sizes (currently at 22nm). Simply put, the point is that the smaller the size, the greater the efficiency of energy consumption against heat distribution and computing power.

      I was going to say I’m more concerned about the accumulation of dust. But given the fact that I’ve only experienced YLOD once (I have owned a total of 4 PS3s: Backwards compatible PS3 [YLOD], Silver PS3 and two PS3 slims), I’m pretty sure Sony is on top of this. If not, I want a radiator inside my PS4.

  • DongT

    the base console has 500 gb? HELL YEAH! sooo much better than the 20 gb 360 i have or my 60 gb ps3

  • d19xx

    I got 500 saved up for this. I’m glad I got an extra 100 purely for games.

    • alexis cortes

      Yeah, I was expecting it to be $500 too, so it’s a big relief that it’s 100 dollars less. PS4 my wallet is ready, all I need now is for MGSV to be a PS4 launch title, though I’m still going to buy the PS4 on launch.

  • puchinri

    Sounds pretty good. Wii U is still my priority, but they have my interest~.

    • Lemon

      Looking forward to what Nintendo has in store for us! Everyone is all excited with today’s events, and it really does feel like Sony has ‘won’, but I feel Nintendo might still have some news that will make people consider finally purchasing a Wii U, too. Besides Smash Bros, of course. I’m hoping more news or at least a trailer of SMTxFE and Monolith’s X are part of it.

      • puchinri

        Same~. I wasn’t expecting them to wow us, but I was expecting them to garner a lot of excitement (which I feel they did). Sadly, no SMTxFE, but the new X trailer was nice!

  • Testsubject909

    By the way, confirmations via Twitter:

    You can upgrade the PS4 HDD as you would the PS3 HDD. Which is awesome.

    • CirnoLakes

      In before I buy a 2TB model of the PlayStation 4.

      For no good reason at all.

  • Kevadu

    Shuhei Yosida to the rescue! PS4 HD is user-upgradeable!

    • Brion Valkerion

      thanks for this! Now I have one less issue with buying on launch.

  • dotzeno

    I miss memory cards.

  • Bakuryukun

    Sony’s E3 Press Conference in a nutshell.

  • Vash bane

    now im curious about the variants of this system xP

  • WyattEpp

    Is there analogue audio out (e.g. via RCA)? It’ll be a little bit annoying if I have to get an HDMI switch just to split off the audio for my speakers.

    • VietKnight

      Nope just HDMI and Opitical output, you can use optical for your speakers unless it doesn’t support it. . .

  • AntonioPeYangIII

    What the PS4 did to the XBox One, in a nutshell:!!.gif

    • mike dickson

      keep it up ps4 you looking good out there

  • darryl scott

    i wounder how long will it take for them to come out with a white one

  • Bob Obb

    Headset and HDMI included? I was honestly expecting composite cables again, good job Sony lol

    • The Watcher

      its next gen, expectations are higher than ever before.

    • alexis cortes

      Same here, the ps1, ps2, and ps3 all brought standard composite cables so I thought the ps4 was going to bring it too. But now I guess it is to be expected that it brings and HDMI cable, but I wasn’t expecting the headset, so it’s a bonus.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Learning from past mistakes

  • VietKnight

    I just looked at the video a/v spec correctly and looks like HDMI is the required video output.

    • Anime10121

      They already said you can use composite/component cables + the back of the box houses the same av slot as all Sony consoles :)

  • sandra10

    Now, the last thing I care to know about the PS4: mandatory installs went the way of the dodo, right?

    • midgard229

      So far those mandatory installs went to the Xbox 1. Every single game must be installed on the X-1, which is another insanely stupid idea

  • can you stack a slim PS3 on top?

  • Sergio Briceño

    Sony couldn’t have envisioned an easer and more seamless transition into next gen. Kudos to them. Hopefully this will encourage MS and Nintendo into an early price drop.

  • CirnoLakes

    Not bad, it’s pretty nice for a console, really. Especially at that price range.

    If you were building a computer for around that price you’d want to go with a budget 500GB hard drive instead of throwing money at 2-4TB drives. Or SSDs.

    You could put plenty of games and movies on it. As long as you don’t get too overzealous. Personally, I don’t need more space than that on a PlayStation 4, because I already have ~30TB of home storage. And I don’t use my consoles as primary multimedia devices or even storage devices for much of anything. Though it seems small, having more than 10TB in each of my desktops. I understand why it is the way it is. It’s a console.

    And for a console this is pretty darn nice.

    • fayt255

      I think it seems 500GB seems fine too for a console and if you need more you can probably put a bigger HDD in it like you can with the PS3.

      • CirnoLakes

        Yeah, that’s what I said.

        • fayt255

          I’m just excited that they are giving us that much bigger hard drives than what my 40GB Fatty which was way not enough. When I first got my PS3 all I could find at the time was that 40GB model in my area. Same for my 360 with just a small hard drive I’m glad to see they changed that over the years.

          • TiredOfMyOldUsername

            When PS3 was released with 40GB it was enough back then though.
            I’m sure it will be the same this time.
            500GB for now seem big, but once games of 50GB + start being released often as download, 500GB won’t last long.

          • fayt255

            A 50GB game would be one epic game compared to what we get now, that is if that’s before all the DLC they add to them later on!

          • TiredOfMyOldUsername

            A few games on PS3 are over 30GB and games are only getting bigger, so 50GB for lot of games next gen is quite possible

          • fayt255

            Thanks for the insight.

  • Ferchenko

    So…, does someone remember that video game company called Nintendo?

    • Zharkiel

      I do, what about them?

    • CirnoLakes

      Hi there, I own a Nintendo 3DS and a Wii U. I’m very happy with my purchase and I’m just waiting for some more games to enjoy.


    • Of course. Why?

  • badmoogle

    This is the first time ever i’m tempted to buy a system on day one.But i need to upgrade my TV first and also buy another PS3 (my phat is on its last days probably)
    I’ll probably get one by the end of 2014.

    • alexis cortes

      If you’re gonna get another ps3 I’d advise you to wait till the holidays because, since they just announced the ps4 and xbox one for the holidays, they are bound to lower the price of the ps3 and 360. Also backup your game saves and sync trophies often. (I’m thinking of doing the same because I too have a 40gb Fat one and they say YLOD is innevitable)

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    PS4+WIIU this gen just like how I only got the PS2+GameCube :)

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I want two, billion

  • Masa

    GDDR5 8GB,

  • riceisnice

    It’s even cheaper than the Xbox One.

  • $36598391

    So it has a bluray drive, will it be able to play PS3 games?

  • Guest
  • Guest

    There may be the day where our used game rights are limited, where we must be online 24/7, and where sharing in general is out of the question…

  • Jesse

    There may be a day when our gaming rights are limited and used games are regulated and we must be online 24/7…

  • Lazulis

    Oooh a headset! Ah, the PS4 eye is 60 according to gizmodo. Well, it’s not required so idgaf. Hmm, I wonder what a wired PS4 controller would be like. I love my wired 3rd party PS3 controller…

  • revenent hell

    Wait a minute…..
    No mandatory sensor/voice command thingy?
    What about mandatory online?
    What about sharing my games?
    Whats going on…..The XboxOne gave me expectations and this system is not living up to what I was expecting!!!!!!!!!
    Anyhoo I wait to hear more about this sytem because yeah I do plan to buy it as of now…. Unless they start giving details that make it sound Xbox One-y

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