You Have To Pay To Play Online On PlayStation 4

By Spencer . June 10, 2013 . 10:54pm

imagePlayStation Network is going to change for PlayStation 4. The downside is online multiplayer, which is free for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, is behind a paywall for PlayStation 4.


Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed that Online Multiplayer is a PlayStation Plus service for PS4. You can watch Netflix and use media apps without paying for PlayStation Plus, but if you want to play DriveClub online you have to be a Plus member. PlayStation Plus still has the same benefits the service is known for today like automatic patch downloads and   Instant Game Collection. DriveClub PS Plus Edition, Don’t Starve, and Secret Ponchos are part of the PS4 Instant Game Collection.


PlayStation Plus membership is cross platform, so it carries over to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita accounts. Sony also announced a 90 day subscription for Japan for 1,300 yen ($13) and a 30 day subscription for $9.99 in North America and €6.99 in Europe.


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  • ShinStar

    No Sony! You can’t do this! Not after what you did to Microsoft.! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Nitraion

      You should look over their free games…. they mostly AAA game

      • Asura

        AAA games – the games without dignity – no spank you.

        • Nitraion

          Lol whatever man….
          Yeah i know this the only negative PS4 has….

          • Asura

            Pretty much though yeah, this is indeed the only negative.

          • Nitraion

            Hmm i just waiting that cloud gaming success…..
            If i can insert PS3 bd to PS4 then they do cloud magic thing…. i am all good…
            I recently just join PS+ just for Xcom and saints row 3 lol
            hope they keep up…

  • Yeah, I’ll admit, this is one of the few black spots about the news from this.

    But really, on the other hand, I A) Don’t really play online, and B) I buy PS Plus regardless because it’s an excessively good value for the amount of software I get just from it.

    • Javen

      Yea I can see why people would be bummed about this, but it really does pay for itself with all the free software and discounts you get

      • Kevadu

        There is a possibly legitimate concern that if people are ‘forced’ to get PS+ for multiplayer then Sony will feel less compelled to add as much high-quality content as they have been in order to keep subscribers.

        It’s obviously very speculative, but I can understand the worry. Honestly, as it is right now PS+ is *such* a good deal I have trouble understanding how it makes economic sense for Sony and game publishers…

        • Given how they’re already promising a free game a month for the PS4, I’d say we don’t have to entirely worry about them getting rid of the Instant Game Collection anytime soon. And really, one game a month is more than I actually expected for launch.

          • Kevadu

            I didn’t say they were going to get *rid* of it…but promising a game a month (which is frankly way lower than what we’re getting now…) doesn’t say anything about the *quality* of those games.

          • I dunno man, they’ve already confirmed Don’t Starve and that’s a pretty cool game. It’s available on Steam if you haven’t tried it, and I’m looking forward to the console version.

    • alexis cortes

      They should make it pre-paid for people like us who rarely play online, so we don’t have to pay monthly for something we don’t use. For example, paying $9.99 for 100 hours of online/Ps plus and after you’ve used all of it pay $9.99 again for 100 hours more. What I don’t like is that some games require you to play online in order to get platinum trophies.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Only down side.

  • Red Veron

    This is a service that truly pays for itself and doesn’t have to gate everything else just add value.

  • NightzeroAX

    Eradicate this shit. Don’t go the path of Microsoft.

    • Ladius

      I would like for them to keep online gaming free, but honestly I think it’s impossible to compare them to Microsoft.

      On one hand you have an online paywall that offers more than X360’s Xbox Live Gold, region free gaming, no DRMs, unlimited rentallendingreselling and self publishing for indies, on the other hand you have an improved Xbox Live Gold, online DRMs that force you to connect every day, region locked games, lending limited to a single friend that has been registered as it for a month, mandatory Kinect and no self publishing.

  • Mr_SP

    Wait… I just thought of something… What happens if there are two people on the same system? Can my PS Plus cover their online usage?

  • Pyrotek85

    I’m a bit surprised they didn’t require it all this time, it’s not like the hardware and labor that makes online play possible is free.

  • konsama

    Considering the many advantages PS+ already provides, mostly the free games, i don’t see this as a terrible change.

  • Altritter

    This doesn’t bother me considering I already have PS Plus and love it, but I can see how it may be annoying to some. Still, it’s much better than paying the same price for far less features like how Microsoft does it.

  • DanteJones

    It’s unfortunate, but not really surprising considering how successful Microsoft’s version has been. At least from the sound of it that PS+ seems to be worth the money spent on it, though.

  • yo1234

    Sadly i would rather own my games than rent them. which is why i haven’t sprung for plus. but given how my consoles may not last for a decade, it might be smart to switch.

    • Testsubject909

      The games you purchase with the application of the Discounts you get from PS+ aren’t rented. They’re owned.

      • Dezr

        They are rented, as is all digital software.

        Without a physical copy you don’t own it by US or EU law, even with a physical copy they try (and do in the us) to circumvent the law through licensing.

        You buy a “permanent” rent on a license of the game.

      • yo1234

        I am extremely picky lol… I should have clarified this next point. I like physical copies. Bad for nature and requires me to go to the store i know. But i would rather have a physical copy unless the physical copy does not exist, has run out, or cant be played without backwards compatibility for both the ps3 and vita. I have bought games from the psn and i do count 3 that i want. and there might be more that come out in the future. but until i see that i’ll benefit from it and these games get discounts, i’ll just play offline. not a huge FPS fan anyways. although destiny seems legit…

  • YoMamacita

    If it was free XboxOne would have been D.o.a there still will be people with no friends who wont care about the fee.

  • I have PSN plus till 2015 so I’m good

    • PoweredByHentai

      Same here. Mine is because Target screwed up one time and had an ad where 1 year PS+ subscriptions were 14 bucks each. XD

      • Testsubject909


  • Abysswalker90

    That kind of sucks.
    Sony went the extra mile to be as consumer friendly as possible, so I can’t really get mad, but I would have preferred them to butcher on something else. I suppose I’ll always have my PS3 though.

  • Ixbran

    i always make sure to re-new my PSN+ acount every march, its only $50.00 out of my pocket for a year of special features. one of which is, my personal favorite, having your game save data stored on PSN in the event something happens to your PS3. that way i know im not losing anything.

    I never really played games online to begin with so for me this isnt a big issue, but it is nice that other thigns, such as internet browsing and netflix, will still be free to those without a PSN+ account.

  • Learii

    so I need to platy $5 per months to play online or I just have to be playstation plus?

    • TiredOfMyOldUsername

      Just have to be playstation +

    • Testsubject909

      PS+ bought for 1 year costs 50$, which amounts to less then 5$ per month.

      • Learii

        so I only need to be ps+ members?

  • Ladius

    Considering PS4 won’t have any DRM, will let you lend and sell your games and will be region free (just confirmed by a Sony PR), this isn’t really so bad.

    • Asura

      It’s definitely not “SO” bad. But it’s like having a fantastic delicious dinner that the waiter happened to spit into afterward.

      The reason Sony probably went for this move was because they were betting on people going “It’s not that bad.”

      • Ladius

        I’m not saying I appreciate it, in fact it partially soured what would have been an otherwise great moment. That said, things don’t exist in a vacuum, and Microsoft’s issues can’t even be compared to Sony’s.

        As I wrote in another reply, on one hand you have an online paywall that offers more than X360’s Xbox Live Gold, region free gaming, no DRMs, unlimited rentallendingreselling and self publishing for indies, on the other hand you have an improved Xbox Live Gold, online DRMs that force you to connect every day, region locked games, lending limited to a single friend that has been registered as it for a month, mandatory Kinect and no self publishing.

        • Asura

          Well if you had to choose the Xbox 1 is a complete and utter joke – that is undeniable and not something I ever implied.

          I’m simply not choosing though, at least not until a long time into this next generation. Possibly a Wii U in a year though, who knows…

          The whole two hand thing is also silly when there’s PC around the corner, which may as well be a 4-armed Hindu god of some sort.

          • Slayven19

            Why do people like pulling up the PC when making an argument when PC doesn’t have the majority of ps3 games. That might work for xbox but the point of even owning different consoles are for the different games.

    • GGear0323

      well, when you consider the PS3 already does all of that, the net effect is that Sony is taking something away. looks good in comparison to the Xbox but still.

  • Saintdante

    Not surprising with the streaming system I believe Sony would want to integrate all of it on their own servers. The fact that they integrated it with current plus though just makes it a bargain.

  • Warboss Aohd

    considerin’ free gamez, i find dis acceptable.

  • RovCal

    doesnt bother me because

    1. i play my online games on my vita the most believe it or not
    2. i m buying ps4 for ff15 and kh3.

    so no ps plus for me unless an amazing online game appears e.g if elder scrolls online ends up being irresistable.

    • Testsubject909

      I believe you, about the Vita online thing. There are quite a few good online experiences on there and more on the way.

  • Time Sage

    Well I already have a PS plus account… so no diffrence to me…

  • DongT

    understandable, i mean its already 100 dollars less than its competitor so they need to make back the money somehow. anyways free games every month justifies playstation plus in itself

    • Testsubject909

      To me it’s the discounts.

      It heavily reduces prices, usually close to 50% off. And since you purchase them, they remain yours even if your PS+ subscription runs out. You easily make back that 50$ in savings in no time.

    • Rustbukkit

      Don’t kid yourself, Sony is making plenty of money off their system. Everyone is suddenly acting like Sony is broke or are doing us all some kind of favour with this price point. Ever think that maybe it’s priced just right, and that the Xbox is just overpriced?

      • DongT

        i’m not kidding myself, i just said what i thought. you may very well be right, either way playstation plus has more value than xbl.

  • Randy Marsh

    It is a very good thing that I play games that are offline. But knowing how addicted to CoD my other family members are, I guess I have to spend money for PSN Plus. Meh, I got 5 – 10 bucks to spare every month.

    • Testsubject909

      50$ for a year.

      Edit: To be specific. Our only options were: 1 year for 50$ or 3 months for 18$

      Now we’ve got the 1 month choice for 10$

      • Randy Marsh

        Meh, I’ll probably buy the $50 one, my friend seems to be enjoying the luxuries of PSN Plus.

        • Testsubject909

          I think last I saw, around Playstation’s birthday, PS+ had extra free months. 1 extra free month to the 3 month plan and 3 extra free month to the year long plan.

          It saves a bit of extra cash.

  • Even though I have PS+ I still am pretty disappointed about this, even though it’s the only really negative thing about the PS4 at this point. I have a younger cousins who I play online with a lot on the PS3, mostly versus fighting games, and I can’t see their parents being convinced to pay for a subscription (or even add a credit card to the console) along with buying a PS4. It’s hard enough for them to get the games to play with me let alone have to pay for a subscription.

    On top of that it just sucks because, I’ve always defended Sony’s online over 360’s because it’s been free. If there’s ever an instance where the same game we want to play online is released on PS4 and Wii U or even PC, we’ll be getting it on either the Wii U or PC now so we can play online, but if Sony gave in then who’s to say Nintendo won’t also one day…

    I’m really hoping that Sony changes their minds about this before the day my cousins and I get the PS4…

  • Kitestwinblades

    So as long as we have plus this doesn’t apply- or rather its taken care of? That’s fine with me xD Getting all that free stuff along with discounts kind of makes it seem like nothing really. not to mention it carries right over from PS3. I’m just glad that’s only the multiplayer aspect of it. Having Internet connectivity in general is actually quite good since you can still get most of the services. As long as Plus is just as good on PS4, No problemo.

  • z_merquise

    I don’t play online multiplayer too much, I can still play offline with my brothers and friends but I guess this is a bit disappointing to me.

    • Testsubject909


  • Testsubject909

    I almost forgot. There are times when you actually get a sale on the PS+ deal itself.

    That is to say. The 50$ for 12 months of PS+ sometimes has the special offer of 3 extra months. So 50$ for 15 months. Essentially less then 4$ per month.

  • Zikrayrus “Zikk” Dis Pear

    I’m fine with it. PS+ more than pays for itself. However, I hope that with this restriction in place, they would consider improving the Asia PSN to at least be somewhat as good as the US PSN.

    Because…really sometimes I feel that we Asian users get the short end of the stick for PS+

  • ZEROthefirst

    Still cheaper than XBL, and the benefits are worth it so no problems here.

  • Vash bane

    I don’t really know what to say about this seeing as I barely go online.
    but from im reading im happy for you guys :)

  • FetusZero

    The only bad news that came out of Sony’s conference.. but if I was able to pay for Gold, I’m able to pay for Plus instead (which even on PS3 offers more than Gold ever did anyway).

  • XiaomuArisu

    I have plus anywayXD
    still cheaper than Xlive

    • Haseyo

      It’s only one dollar cheaper. Not sure why everyone pulls that card. PSN+ is 4 a month, XBL is 5.

      • XiaomuArisu

        PSN is 49,99€ a year.
        What is Xbox again?

    • Zak

      Isn’t it still £39.99 a year?

  • Luke

    Pretty mad about this, I never really play games online and already subscribe to ps+ but the principle of this makes me really upset. It’s one of the reasons I never looked back at Xbox after mine died.

  • FX102A

    Seeing as I practically never play online multiplayer, this barely impacts me plus whilst I acknowledge PSN+ is good, I don’t have it as I prefer niche games that I have access to permanently and a large backlog. During my 3 month trial of PSN+, I only played 1 of the free games.

    This turn of events didn’t surprise me as Live’s success proved to Sony that there was money to be made. Plus if you think of it in the same way as the current PSN+ just with online multiplayer added on, it may not sound so bad.

    • Armane

      I’m pretty much the same, except I’ve been a PS+ member for around 9 months now. But you can’t think of it as PS+ now with online multiplayer; you have to think of it as online multiplayer without you and others like you.

      People who will rarely play an online multiplayer game or might only have a limited amount of time to play. Those who feel they wouldn’t get their money’s worth from PS+ as it is right now, certainly wouldn’t be pushed into it by walling off multiplayer.

      Would Demon’s Souls have been as successful if it was on XBL?

    • kardonius

      I almost never play online multiplayer as well.

      The main concern I would have with this is in some of the more unique implementations of multiplayer.

      For example, how would Demon Souls, Dark Souls, or Dragons Dogma work if they were PS4 games and you had internet access, but no Plus subscription.

      One of the most interesting features in those games is the unique method of online play, and would you be able to use that kind of asynchronous multiplayer without Plus.

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    This isn’t even that bad psn+ is one of the best deals out there

  • $29082171


    Goddammit, I won’t be able to play online on the PS4 then, the PS+ service never reached my country.

    • Akuosa

      … I’m going to assume it will now if they release the PS4 in your country, or what would be the point?

    • DesmaX

      Hope you can use different accounts on PS4.

      If you make a US Account and buy PS+ there, you can use it’s benefits in all other accounts

  • MrRobbyM

    For the low price point, region free, no DRM crap, not locking other online services and low PS+ price, I’d be more than willing to pay for online multiplayer.

    I don’t play multiplayer that often so when a game comes out that I do want to play online, I can just pick up a $10 card every now and then. Unless I get hooked on The Division or something haha.

  • Niyari

    it’s not that bad. PS+ is a pretty good deal, even if just for the cloud saves

  • Ben Sylvia

    Well Sony has gone to the dark side.

    Can’t afford internet at home, sure as hell not gonna afford this system.

    Sticking to Vita, hope they don’t [expletive] that up.

    • kardonius

      I don’t understand what you mean here. If you can’t afford internet at home then this has no effect on you. Online multiplayer is, unfortunately, going behind the paywall, but they are NOT adding an online REQUIREMENT.

      If you don’t have internet than the you wouldn’t be able to use PSN anyway so it will be no different than a PS3 or Vita without internet.

  • KingGunblader

    Meh. I’m already subscribed to PS Plus, and if you have a PS3, you should be too.

  • Helepythia

    So I’m just wondering, it make sense that you have to pay to play multiplayer for Sony games; since it’s their servers and all, but what happens to 3rd party companies? Do they get a hint of that? Do they pay for their own servers while Sony gets a little something something?

    I may be getting some criticism from you guys, but hey, I play Battlefield and I’ve always been on Team Sony, so to me, I can only focus on the fact that I have not payed to pay online, and now I do…which I only play BF on weekends; so, you may see where I’m coming from.
    Note: Sony Entertainment Games and indies have never really been my thing.

  • Ståle Laastad

    Everyone should own PS + either way.

  • Firekitty

    I already have two years worth of PS+ paid for, so this isn’t a problem for me.

    Not that I play anything but Soul Calibur 4 and 5 online anyway, but if paying a little a month means that if SC6 comes out it’ll drop fewer battles, it’s WELL worth it.

  • VenerableSage

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Didn’t one of the slides in their press conference explicitly say “For less than $5 a month” for PS Plus?

  • artemisthemp

    This don’t bother me, since you get so must out of plus.

    Also keep in mind F2P Online games like Planetside 2 (hope I spell it right) will be FREE 2 PLAY AKA don’t require Plus to play.

  • Jarnell D Crisler

    It’s a problem for us gamer heads who doesn’t have PSplus. I mite get it one day but not right away. Some of us isn’t in a rush to get our hands on the PS4 OR PSplus. I hope we don’t have to pay money $$$$ for this shit
    Like me im getting a ps4 next year ( from the pawnshop, “don’t laugh at me” )

  • i like play PS i hope i don’t have to pay to play online on PlayStation 4

  • Erwin MadJelly

    I will gladly subscribe for the rest of the year, I just need a US account to sync my VITA and PS4 in the future :)

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