Final Fantasy XV Questions Answered (Some Of Them, At Least)

By Ishaan . June 11, 2013 . 9:53am

It sounds like Final Fantasy XV might see sequels in the future, similar to Final Fantasy XIII.


When asked about potential sequels at their presentation in Los Angeles this morning, Square Enix stated that Final Fantasy XV is such a large-scale game that many stories may come at a later time.


Square Enix’s Final Fantasy brand director Shinji Hashimoto wouldn’t comment on how close to completion Final Fantasy XV is. The game is still being worked on by the same staff that were developing the game when it was titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII, although Hashimoto stated that Square added staff to the development.


Hashimoto also stated that, having played Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PlayStation 3 and Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4, he can see the difference between them.


When asked if the more action-oriented nature of the game meant that Final Fantasy was going to be become that way in the future, Hashimoto stated that the Final Fantasy series has different systems, but that Square are not at the stage where they can comment on the future beyond Final Fantasy XV.


When asked if it was difficult to do turn-based combat in a game that has the production values of Final Fantasy XV, Hashimoto stated that he feels there is a future for both action-based RPGs as well as command-based ones. Square feel that the action-based combat fits Final Fantasy XV.

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  • KingGunblader

    Please let this be out before the end of 2014. So ready for numbered, next-gen Final Fantasy, even if it was Versus before.

  • epy

    Gotta make the most out of those assets! Don’t mind at all as long as the games are good AND they don’t pull that FFXIII-2 ending BS. Man that pissed me off.

    • eilegz

      agree the ending at ff xiii-2 was the worst in many years, seriously i enjoyed the game but the ending its bs

      • Ni

        XIII-2 for me is a ‘What If…’ scenario

        • The Watcher

          but its not so…

          • Altumn

            I actually see what Ni means. XIII-2 hardly followed XIII, yes it had same places, characters, background… But the random time paradoxes and the goddess becoming more key; it all seemed a bit sudden and it almost added to XIII instead of extending XIII. It felt almost like in the end of XIII-2 was the only part you needed to know for LR: SPOILERS! Serah dies and Nolel killes the goddess, the rest of the story seems… like it doesnt matter.
            I do like the game, and I see Ni’s point.

      • Anime10121

        Loved the game, HATED the TBC, especially since LR is not technically continuing XIII-2’s story more than it is Lightnings.

  • TheExile285

    The game looks amazing. I was extremely shocked when they changed the name to FF15, lol

  • I don’t mind FF sequels, but what I really want to see is fully fledged sequels. Usually when we see sequels, we get games that feel rushed or rehashed from their predecessor. To be perfectly honest, I felt they put a lot more effort into FFXIII than they did with FFXIII-2, so I just don’t want to see an FFXV-2 that feels rushed.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    I do miss the good old days of FF when each game was its own story and experience (I’m ignoring the theories of how some games connected to others). But it looks like a lot has changed since FF-X and X-2. And it’s not like I hate it. It’s just hard to shake that feeling of not being ripped off. Especially in this era of DLC.

    • Kaitsu

      Never played the FF4 Trilogy? That was the first game with sequels I believe.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        FF4, and After Years? That didn’t come out until after FFX-2 had released on PS2.

        • Testsubject909

          That didn’t come out until around the time when FFXIII-2 was announced I think…

          • Kaitsu

            It came out in 2008. My bad.

      • Testsubject909

        … Ah…

        You’re new here aren’tcha?

    • JustThisOne

      I agree with you to some extent, but more for different reasons. The reason why I liked FF games was because they were self-contained. When you got to the end of the game, your questions were (mostly) answered.

      I’m not too fond of it when a game drops sequel hints everywhere or give you an extremely open ending to leave room for a sequel. It just leaves you unsatisfied when you’re finished with it.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Actually that was my other concern too. They just went crazy with the sequels, and even prequels: FFX-2, FFVII:AC, Dirge of Cerberus:FFVII, Before Crisis:FFVII, Crisis Core:FFVII, FFIV: After Years, FFXIII-2, FFXIII-3/LR:FFXIII, etc. Like you said, sometimes these things just make you feel unsatisfied.

      • Kai2591

        I agree. I hate unresolved endings.

  • Randgriz

    The only thing im worried about is if this move to PS4 is an excuse to waste another 5 years of our lives.

    • Damarius Wingfield

      I thought on that!

  • Twilleppac

    eugh…. I’d rather they just do XV and be done with it and not run that entry through the mud…

    • MogCakes

      Ditto. I am not liking the sequel-itis direction they’re taking.

      • Testsubject909

        It kinda goes against the feeling of “Final” Fantasy.

  • Judge Magister

    I hope this does not mean we have to wait for the PS5 to get FFXVI lol

    By the way SE is going to stream on their SquareEnixPresents channel! I hope they show some new FFXV gameplay.

  • iamakii

    I hope we have a party and not just control one character in XV. I guess the old-school turn-based ATB is already gone for FF.

    • ShadowDivz

      I actually wouldn’t mind that.
      And it’s being developped by the KH team…Kingdom Hearts?Where you only control one character…
      Besides who cares as long as the character is cool.

    • Solomon_Kano

      You can control Noctis’ crew, too.

      If you watch the gameplay trailer, you get to see the player controlling his friend with the guns. This was shown more extensively in the last trailer from when the game was still Versus.

      • iamakii

        Just watched the full trailer and the gameplay looks awesome. Was that leviathan at the end?

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yes! Somebody said one of the giant monsters in the trailer is Alexander, too.

  • lunarwhale

    I remember ages ago they said it will have a world map. They can do whatever they want with it as long as they still do.

  • revenent hell

    Id rather no spioffs…. Just stick with making GOOD main games and don’t worry about trying to make them in to their own franchise.
    Make the side stories DLC if you must but I think as far as Final Fantasy goes pretty much all sequels tend to be…Not worth the money. And that’s being nice.
    Yes, I am stoked about this game now but there’s nothing that says that it is any good. I mean yes it looks awesome but right now everyone’s just judging it on aesthetics……
    I hope, at least as far as being a FF fan goes that this game will redeem the franchise to me.
    Whether its action oriented or not keep the core aspects that drive people to buying these game and don’t forget them. RPG/Final Fantasy fans are very forgiving as long as the things we love in the games are still present in them….

    • ShadowDivz

      Interesting. What would you consider a “core aspect?” of the final fantasy series?

      • HunterGuy2


        • revenent hell

          I liked this.

      • revenent hell

        Normally people tend to be split on which game is better or worse or best game or whatever…. but I think for the majority the main things the games have in common are parties, roaming the world as “you” see fit, an engaging detailed story with characters you have empathy for, shops, summons, side missions/games and yes chocobos. I want to add in crafting but since its rather varied between the games I really don’t know how to term it actually. And I want to reiterate Details here. Since past games had them in spades

        And while all this could be said for a lot of games I think Final Fantasy is known most for some of these aspects rather than others.

        Personally I didn’t mind linear BUT it didn’t play out well enough to make it tolerable to me, originally though before I played XIII I was ok with the idea of it.

        Being turn based or action based, I really don’t care how it plays out.

        But I think, as far as Lightning returns goes, by not having party members will be a very bad thing. For me, I always correlate Final Fantasy with party members because they always have their own stuff going on within the bigger story or they have certain little episodes where a certain person will get a comment from someone you otherwise wouldn’t get. They tend to be a big part of the games in some way.

        There’s so much added stuff, in past games, that is party based that I think by it not being in this one will just rip away from the story and overall feel of it…..
        I guess to me those are the core things of what I find enjoyable about the Final Fantasy games, though it didn’t make me like XII , I think they are aspects that shouldn’t be removed from them…… Or if they are it needs to be done very well..
        Past games had so many little details paid attention to them, whether it was finding things via go this way then that way or having an NPC respond to a character in your party just because they where there that I think it would make up for a flaw here or there whereas a lot of those things seem to just be gone from the current games (that I have played).
        Sure there may be hunt and yee shall find missions but where’s the unexpected gift from a person simply because they have a crush on a party member? What about hidden “islands” or locations that don’t show up on the map?
        I think linear would be ok IF it had all those little details in them… But it didn’t… and im not trying to bash but those are the things I think of when I do think of Final Fantasy and im beginning to think they are long forgotten but things that made the games great.

  • Takui Nanao

    so FF XV wont be turned based ? god i pray for that

    • Argama

      They told it back then when it was still named FF Versus XIII that it will have a Kingdom Hearts style battle system~

  • Solomon_Kano

    The way Hashimoto said that made me think more that we could see more games in XV’s universe, though not necessarily a “Final Fantasy XV-2”. And I would love that. It’d be like the Ivalice Alliance. So long as the games are good, I’m perfectly fine with seeing more from XV beyond this single game.

    I don’t need every entry in the series to become VII, with tons of spin-offs, but I don’t inherently take issue with them continuing beyond a single entry. Again, it’s all about the way they go about it.

    • ShadowDivz

      Indeed. It’s not milking if they do it right. ;)

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      I’ll somewhat agree. If they were stories that were in the same world, but had nothing (or at least very minimal connection) with the “previous” title, I guess could live with that. But what they’ve done with FFVII and FFXIII I do not want. They make everything convoluted.


      • Solomon_Kano

        Exactly. Minimal connections, but shared settings work well.

        And I really do wish somebody would bring up Ivalice to them. I’m still kinda sad about how that Fortress situation turned out…

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          Now you’ve done it. You gone and reminded me of Fortress…


  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    I just hope they haven’t changed stuff from Versus XIII’s trailer like the first video in which a really scary Noctis fought against a huge group of soldiers.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    i’m just hoping the sequel won’t take same of development and released not in PS5

  • Joseph Dunne

    I agree there are flaws with XIII-2’s story plot, however, I love the fact that the creators came up with a really complex and interesting Mythology to go with the story. I’m glad to see Final Fantasy XV with the same complex Mythos.

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