You Can Play Bayonetta 2 With The Wii U GamePad Touch Screen

By Spencer . June 11, 2013 . 12:33pm

Bayonetta 2 has two control modes—a standard mode and touch screen controls. Yeah, you read that right: you can play Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U GamePad using the stylus. I tried out the new mode which only has two difficulty settings easy and easy automatic. A Nintendo rep explained this is designed for newcomers.


Here’s how the controls works:


Move – tap to where you want to go

Jump – swipe up

Attack – tap an enemy and repeat taps start combos

Evade – swipe backwards

Witch time – do an evade swipe right before an enemy attacks

Umbra Climax – a command shows up on screen to tap


Umbra Climax allows players to use different monsters from the game. The umbra climax attack changes depending on the weapons Bayonetta has. In the demo she had guns as one weapon and a sword/heel whip combo as the other. You can change weapons by tapping the bottom of the screen. There are inventory items like health refilling lollipops too.


The Bayonetta 2 demo had three verses. It started with a battle on an airplane. Bayonetta fought centaur-like enemies. I can’t comment on the difficulty since it was set to easy and it was a walk in the park. I practiced using Witch Time and it was simple to pull off. Bayonetta 2 has bombastic scenes that the series is known for.


Before switching verses Jeanne came in surfing on a another fighting her firing missiles at enemies. Bayonetta has climax attacks like where she sunmons at spiked treadmill and kicks an enemy into it. Jeanne is an ally in Bayonetta 2 and when I spoke to PlatinumGames they said she will show up here an there. They would not confirm if she was playable in two player mode.


The second verse switched to train where I fought small fry enemies and then a mid boss called Believe. During this fight, Believe picked up the train Bayonetta was on and tilted it upwards so I had to run towards the screen to avoid taking damage.


The final verse was a huge boss fight against Gomorrah (spell check that). Bayonetta grew wings and the fight was totally in the air. She could move freely by tapping the screen but could not ascend or descend. Ascension happened automatically as the fight continued and Gomorrah climbed up a building. This boss was gigantic and it took quite a bit of tapping before it was defeated. Bayonetta used her witch magic where her hair wrapped around the boss and finished him off.

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  • XiaomuArisu

    You can play with Bayonnetta with the Touch Screen.
    fixed that

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      the game or the character? :D

      • XiaomuArisu


    • z_merquise

      Finally, we can touch her.

      • XiaomuArisu

        About time!
        WIIU killer appXD

      • puchinri

        Not yet? She did say “who said you could touch.”

        • z_merquise

          But the touch controls never lie.

      • Unlimax

        >> fan sābisu ◕‿↼

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Thanks for all the hard work Ishaan and Spencer? I guess you’re still writing like crazy. Gomorrah is correct.
    Thanks again!

  • Go2hell66

    So thats why she was all “You want to touch me?” at the end of the trailers.
    thought she was just being her usual skanky self…

  • jeka69

    Obligatory “touching Bayonetta” joke here.

    • Kaihedgie

      Darn it XD

  • ResidentMetroid

    No news on the pro-controller?

  • NightzeroAX

    I’m ready for Pillow Talk.

  • Testsubject909

    I was indifferent to the extremely easy modes of the first, I’m still indifferent here… But it’s good for people who want to play with just one hand.

    And when I think about it, if you’re a handicap and you’ve lost an arm or a hand or something… This is actually pretty damn sweet for you.

    • smashbrolink

      Woooow, you know, I never thought of that!
      That IS a pretty big deal; letting the physically disadvantaged people with only one arm enjoy an action game this way is a pretty awesome consideration.
      What I’m wondering is if Nintendo had that in mind when they and Platinum included that mode.
      Either way, that’s a huge win move. Normally, touch controls irk me, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t an awesome thing for that one reason alone if nothing else.

  • rurin

    Her hair wrapped around the boss? But doesn’t she have short hair now?

    • Fitzkrieg

      Her hair is long at the very back, it’s tucked underneath her collar.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Aren’t her clothes made from her hair though? So… Her hair is tucked into her hair…

        And if it’s long at the back, it basically means she has a gigantic mullet XD

        • Göran Isacson

          Ha ha wow, I didn’t even think about that. I now hope Rodin will make fun of her for having a mullet now :)

    • Asura

      You realize her hair made monsters longer and bigger than her hair was prior to transformation… right?

  • DarthSithZero

    I’m getting a Wii U this game looks fantastic and I love the new look of Bayo’, but of course after gettting a PS4

  • ragingmerifes

    “Who said you could touch?”
    Oh, that makes third sense now.

  • The graphics for the game look very similar to The Wonderful 101. Maybe it’s just me. But it’s very stylish looking. I still gotta play the first game when I get time.

  • ShadowDivz

    Bayonetta: You want to touch me?
    Me: You have no idea…

  • gamefreak86

    *drool, nosebleed, tears* day one.

  • smashbrolink

    This is going to be incredible.
    All of those fans-turned-haters are going to be sorry they fucked with a witch when this releases and sells well despite their tears of rage.

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