What’s Up With Jeanne And Why Did Bayonetta Change Her Hair?

By Spencer . June 12, 2013 . 4:30pm

After playing Bayonetta 2, I spoke with producer Yusuke Hashimoto from PlatinumGames.


Jeanne shows up in the Bayonetta 2 demo as an ally who surfs on a fighter jet like Bayonetta and fires a volley of missiles at enemies. Jeanne also appears in combination attacks, but she is controlled by the computer throughout the demo. I asked what Jeanne’s role in Bayonetta 2 is, and if she will be playable in the game’s two-player mode.


"As you can see in the demo, she will appear at some points, but where the story goes from there, that is something we’ll talk about later," Hashimoto answered.



Maybe that was too much? So, I asked a simpler question—why they changed Bayonetta’s hair. "We think of it less as cutting her hair," Hashimoto replied. "Her personality is the type that would not want to remain stagnant. She would want to change her style, taste in fashion, and her costumes. Down the line in the series, she may make further changes to her appearance."


Bayonetta has a new move called the Umbra Climax which lets her summon monsters. If you play with touch controls a pop up button shows up when you can use an Umbra Climax. "Those monsters Bayonetta summons will vary depending on your weapon combinations. That’s another element and won’t see all of them even if you play the demo."


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  • Anonymous

    Clearly nonsense. In the first game, she had maintained the same appearance even in the flashbacks.

  • Her getting her haircut is actually a bigger deal than people would think. Between the many sequels that come out for a lot of games, it’s very rare to see characters change their style like that.

    • JustThisOne

      Definitely doesn’t happen often. But I think it’s pretty cool, considering how they’re using it reinforce her character. Kinda makes curious how she’ll look in the next game, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that, and…

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Reminds me of Athena Asamiya lol

        • JustThisOne

          Ooh! Good comparison.

  • We need an afro Bayonetta next time 70s fashion’s are in style

    • JustThisOne

      Pigtails Bayonetta!
      Super Saiyan Bayonetta!
      GIant Bun Bayonetta!

      Possibilities are endless.

    • puchinri

      And she can wear an elegant butterfly clip in her fro~.

      • Rohan Kishibe

        *butterfly pick

        That would be so retro

  • l777l

    I’d like to hear a female opinion on that.

    • puchinri

      A female opinion on what?? Her hair and the decision for it? Since it sounds like a personal preference, I don’t think someone being male or female would really matter what their opinion on that is. ^u^

      I can relate though~. I mean, it’s your next big title, why not jazz it up a bit!? Sonic and other characters have~.

      • l777l

        I tend to like listening to what women have to say, so whatever opinion you have to share here.
        In this case, I think women have a unique perspective. You can relate to Bayonetta in a different way, or do so more easily. And, speaking based on personal experience, a woman changing her hair is usually a more meaningful matter, something to pay attention to, and – as a guy – something to misunderstand at your own peril.

        Do you like Bayonetta, puchinri?

        • piichan

          Girls change their hair because:

          1) It’s the current style
          2) Depression
          3) Special Occasion
          4) Just Because
          5) Bored
          6) Experiment

          And many other things. Hashimoto explained the reason very well and I hope Bayo 2 is successful enough to span more games. Would love to see what else they plan for her :)

          • l777l

            7) Gum
            8) Caught in Revolving Door

          • Nozomi

            Convenience. Cut my shower time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. No longer takes 30 minutes to hairdry. Don’t need to use conditioner, because it doesn’t tangle. I work in a laboratory often, so I don’t have to worry about tying it or it falling into whatever I’m working with.

            The only bad thing about having short hair are the negative lesbian and dyke comments received from assholes.

            Commenting on the article, Jill Valentine had her appearance changed often! Long hair in a ponytail, Short hair, blonde hair.

        • puchinri

          Ahhh~. That’s pretty refreshing.

          Hmmm. I suppose I do agree with that (and Kamiya kind of hinted at as much with the first game even), but I don’t know if it’s as significant in this case, this time (in regards to the hair). But me? I’ve never cut my hair, though I know some gals that do so on a whim for any number of reasons. I think sometimes, it also comes down to the style that people find comfort with and what they feel suits them.

          I love Bayonetta~. I love the games and the character. My boyfriend and I were discussing her haircut the other night too, among other things.

          • l777l

            I agree with you. — May I ask how often you have discussed haircuts with your boyfriend(s)?

          • puchinri

            Hehe. Not too often. It’s pretty much ::
            Me: I don’t want a haircut.
            Boyfriend: Okay. :’D

            On the otherhand, he has to get his haircut a bit frequently and it’s usually me whining about it and pining for his old hair (while still admiring the haircut).

    • Juuu

      Female opinion, reporting in~

      I dig it and I dig their reasoning for it because I definitely get that vibe from Bayonetta. She embraces her femininity and to me, enjoying changing her style is a perfectly natural/realistic extension of that and I like that they’re bothering to include these little details. c: And while yes, in media, women cutting their hair usually has massive meaning, it’s nice to see it done just….Because one wants to, because they want a change, just “because.” Sometimes I hack it all off for the same reason, ahaha.

      I just really love ‘Netta in general, haha.

      • l777l

        Thank you for your report ; )

        I like moderately long hair, when it comes to women. Still, I appreciate the “just because” style. — Thinking about that, it has quite some meaning. “Hacking” (your) hair off appears to be about independence, which is profound. (Please don’t hack it.) Any other video game characters you love?

        • Juuu

          Independence is one way to look at it, but sometimes it is just a style or convenience choice–Like getting a more manageable style in the summer. I suppose that IS a form of being independent though, being free to do with your appearance as you wish.

          Man, I love way too many video game characters, ahhaha. If we’re specifically talking ladies, I REALLY enjoy the cast of the Idolmaster and Atelier franchises, for one, there’s a start… o: And as much as she’s targeted for being problematic, I LOVE Lollipop Chainsaw’s Juliet.

          • l777l

            You are right about convenience. I enjoy sports; long hair would really get in the way. That being said, there’s undeniable elegance in women who manage their long hair.

            It seems these days pretty much everything is targeted for being problematic. Which I find problematic.

            I applaud your freely-spirited love of these characters. Guess I should go replay the PS2 Atelier Iris games. Juliet certainly doesn’t seem to give a damn; that’s refreshing.

          • Juuu

            Many things are indeed problematic, probably everything is, to be truthful, but the way I see it, if you can recognize a thing isn’t perfect, there’s no trouble with liking it and embracing it despite potential flaws or issues! I mean, the aforementioned Lollipop Chainsaw is a homage to trashy grindhouse cinema, obviously it’s a little lowbrow. But that’s just fine! Juliet still manages to be a really lovely heroine–for example, she’s a bit flighty, but NOT incapable or “dumb” in terms of abilities, and I love that she loves her family. It’s nice to see siblings NOT at each other’s throats, for once!

            Haha, indeed, I enjoy a lot, A LOT of game characters. Any gender, to be honest ahaha.

          • l777l

            Is any imperfection problematic? Flaws and (socially; morally) “problematic” things are interesting, inspiring, and thought-provoking, certainly when it comes to art, the fictional realm.

            (If her creators had felt bound to the unproblematic, Juliet would not exist, I think. Additionally, what’s problematic about her may enable what’s great about her.)

            My favorite character is, and for some time has been, Hana (Fear Effect). By the way, she has relatively short hair, which is fitting.

            As for siblings not being at each other’s throat — there’s a decapitated boyfriend. Admittedly, his throat is no longer a matter of concern : )

          • Juuu

            Oh, I don’t mean “any imperfection,” and the opportunity to start conversation and though, as you’ve stated, is one reason why I think the black/white view of either something has a problem and it’s ALL BAD or something is flawless and ALL GOOD is the biggest problem in and of itself. Basically, what I’m getting at is…hm, let’s use Idolmaster. I can recognize that a game that features young pop idols running around in bikinis could squick people out. But for me, that doesn’t black out the whole series which still features AMAZING girls who just happen to wear bikinis for summer concerts. Or Atelier–again, there’s a couple fan-service CGs, but that doesn’t take away from what can be wonderful coming-of-age stories about a variety of young women. The bit about Juliet hits on the head–it’s cool that she exists and is super “cutesy” because wow, look at that, we have a really “feminine” character as the main character of a zombie action game! People ragged on the film Sucker Punch for similar reasons [ie fanservice] but holy CRAP–That was the first action movie I ever saw where EVERY main character was a girl like me! :P

            [Nick is super interesting on his own because people talk a lot about is it or is it not objectification, whereas Nick is LITERALLY objectified–Juliet says a really awesome line about how if she installed an mp3 player in his head he’d “be a boyfriend and an ipod, all in one! More room in my purse!” which was an awesome little thought provoking line. Man, I love when Suda does that ahahah.]

          • l777l

            I now probably have to watch Sucker Punch and play Bayonetta.
            Your independent, non-dogmatic thinking makes you pleasant company, I am under the impression.

            If one takes autonomy as the measure of objectification, then Nick is rather objectified. Although… one could argue that he is too autonomous of(f) his body.

      • puchinri

        Yeah for ‘Netta love! Also, I want to echo the sentiments of “just because.” (Especially for a female character.)

        (Also agreeing on the Atelier ladies; and that at least if you can recognize something is problematic, just call it and keep enjoying it. That’s fine. Just don’t pretend that it’s not problematic~.)

  • epndkempot

    I like long-haired bayo better. You know, fetish…

    • alixraen

      We seem to be greatly outnumbered, but hold strong, brother…

      • epndkempot

        *bro fist*

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    She cut her hair cause short hair > long hair

  • She looks great with short hair

    • Pockystix

      I think I would’ve nerdgasmed hard if she walked out with Shermie hair~

  • She looked more like a Drag Queen with long hair. Now she looks more updated.

    • l777l

      What, an updated Drag Queen?

      • Well, I was going to say she looks more like a an actual female but I thought that might be offensive to some. Perhaps drag queen was a bit harsh. She is just a little fake looking with the long hair. Not to mention the scaling of her body in the original makes it seem as though her body is tapering upwards and the hair style just accentuates that effect.

        • l777l

          The proportions in the first did seem slightly odd.

          • In the cutscenes she looks fine usually, but the in-game model is a little odd looking. TBH I think they may have purposely designed her that way. but it just looks weird sometimes lol

  • z_merquise

    I liked short-haired Bayo and long-haired Jeanne more so I’m totally fine with the change.

    And I’m pretty sure they’ll have their old look as alternate costume.

  • 60hz

    didn’t she just switch stylist with jeanne (i swore jeanne had short hair in the 1st bayo…)… i too am i fan of bayo’s new look…

    • piichan

      her hair was tied up that made it look like a mini ponytail. but her lumen sage look had her sporting a princess leia do so she most probably just let her hair down.

  • MrJechgo

    Wasn’t her hair part of her magical abilities? Sounds like an odd decision to cut them off…

    Also, Jeanne gets her soul snatched by a demon, as seen in the trailer, and Bayonetta has to get it back from the depth of Inferno. Hope this is not the entire game, because I’d like to play as Jeanne for a good portion of the main campaign as well. I can live with half the game being in Hell and the other half being in Heaven (sort of). However, I’d like to get missions where the game shifts between Bayonetta and Jeanne, like you clear a portion of the level, then switch the Jeanne, who has you complete another part of the level, then switch back to Bayonetta.

    • Covnam

      Don’t really care for the look personally myself, but yeah from a story perspective I was wondering the same thing. Wasn’t her hair a representation of or used by her abilities?

      • Misty Dawson

        Jeanne does the same but she had short hair previously. Didn’t affect her any.

      • piichan

        If you watch the e3 trailer, you’ll notice the back of her hair continues on to the back. So it’s not totally cut off. It also shows that she can still use her wicked weaves which also proves that she still uses her hair. I’m pretty sure the wings she had at one point in the preview is made from her hair too.

  • Solomon_Kano

    “Down the line in the series […]”


    Loving the short hair, too.

  • Göran Isacson

    ooh, Umbran Climax changing the summoned demons with the equipped weapons seem to be proof for my particular hunch- that this is some kind of “Devil Trigger” esque mode where you get to play more with the summon demons from the original games. Back then they were just boss finishers, now they seem to be more frequently used… although I do wonder if we’ll get to use ALL of them. Scolopendra and Abbadon got wacked by Balder, after all… unless the dragon seen in the trailer IS Abaddon, in which case they may have just broken free of their contract with Bayonetta and are going after her?

  • I almost want to buy a wiiu for this

    • ShadowDivz

      Almost but not quite.

      • Mostly cause I don’t like buying systems for just one game

        • l777l

          It should be possible to find a second one.

        • epndkempot

          I buy 3ds only to play monster hunter 3 ultimate and regret nothing

        • Niermyico

          Do you not like the other games that are out there/or coming for the WiiU?

          I remember when I bought my consoles for one game, which latter grew to a good library of games that I enjoyed. I regret nothing.

          • Well I never thought about the WiiU till seeing this game and I love the series. There are great games on the WiiU but I’m not good ar multitasking systems

        • Beat

          Um Smash Bros 4 will be coming out in 2014 with Bayonetta 2…

      • Testsubject909

        Hey, how do you think people would react if Bayonetta was also a new Challenger in Super Smash Bros?

        • ShadowDivz

          I think people would want the new smash even more.
          And i would main the hell out of her.
          Is sonic still gonna be inside?

          • J_Joestar

            with Lost World coming, most likely.

  • James Enk

    few real women can pull short hair but when they do i find it very attractive Bayonetta not being real can do it easily

  • Rohan Kishibe

    Bayonetta gets a haircut and hairstyle change = people fucking love it
    Dante gets a haircut and hairstyle change = people go ape shit and star riots

    • MrTyrant

      Maybe because Bayonetta still looks cool and Dante doesn’t, not anymore.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    Man…I’m a sucker for women with short hair and glasses…

    • MrTyrant

      I love that combination, short hair and glasses for kickasss women.

      • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

        That is what I would consider sexy in my book.

        • Nozomi


    • mpgeist

      With you all the way. Bonus points for dark hair.

    • Testsubject909

      We know what you’ll dream of tonight.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      me too ^//^


    Aya Brea from Parasite Eve/The 3rd Birthday had long hair in PE1 and it was cut in Parasite Eve 2 and The 3rd Birthday,

  • l777l

    … Hm. Mario should change his beard, from game to game. Come to think of it, I should pay more attention to Snake’s beard.

  • Long Live Bayonetta! >_<

    So can't wait for this :3

  • Anon-non

    “Down the line in the series, she may make further changes to her appearance.” So we’re getting more!

    • piichan

      As long as it sees sales alteast. But with all this excitement, this might actually be a console seller. I’d definitely buy one as soon as I can.

      • Testsubject909

        Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros with Megaman is a system seller to me.

    • Testsubject909

      We’re hoping to get more!

      I don’t own a Wii U yet, but I’ll get Bayonetta on launch date.

      It’s cheaper to get a game then it is a console. And I directly support them with a sale.

  • piichan

    I’m a straight girl but i wish they’d add additional stuff when you play using the touchpad…you know…like how Jill reacts when her boobs and butt were being poked in Resident Evil DS.

    • Testsubject909

      Heeey. Don’t see you often. I remember seeing you comment some time way back when… Eh.

      As for the use of touchpad for additional superfluous things like breast jiggling or butt poking…

      Who knows, maybe, game isn’t out yet. Could be an easter egg of some sort.

      • piichan

        I’m mostly a lurker but do comment from time to time.hehe. I hope they do implement it. With her teasing at the end, I know I’m not the only who thinks it would be nice to have poking “features.”

    • l777l

      You’re a pretty likable straight girl.

  • OkamiKing

    I am totally fine with the general explanation for Bayonetta cutting her hair is “She felt like it.” That is probably the most realistic and reasonable answer I’ve heard.

  • Testsubject909

    Her change in appearances makes sense to me.

    She’s a freaking what? 300+ year old witch? She’s obviously doing what she can to keep herself feeling good about her body and obviously making use of those assets for her entertainment. I could easily see her switching styles to remain current and just for the hell of it all.

  • Guest

    she well keep cutting her hair until a bald bayonetta shows up

  • Wappuli

    Her clothes are supposed to be made of her hair and in the first game you can clearly see her hair go down and merge to the clothes.
    But that doesn’t seem to be the case with this game so I’m expecting her clothes being made of some other bodyhair this time around?

  • CirnoLakes

    Character development is always a good thing.

    Anyway, I think that short hair looks great on women so I enjoy the change.

  • Antonio Capillo

    Wasn’t her dress made of her long hair? How does it work now with the hair so short?

  • Heartless

    “[…]She would want to change her style, taste in fashion, and her costumes.[…]”
    Ergo, Nintendo didn’t wanted the character they just acquired to be so sexualized like before. I’m also expecting less half-naked moments.

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