Ys Celecta Gets A Story Summary From Xseed

By Spencer . June 12, 2013 . 12:40pm

Here’s a story summary for Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees from Xseed, slated for release this Fall:


A bustling town deep in the frontier at the foot of an endless sea of trees… It is into this wild and untamed setting that a young man collapses, memories gone and only his name to guide him.


Bereft of his past, Adol Cristin wanders the town of Casnan searching for clues to his identity. Joined by a thief who claims to have known him, the young adventurer helps rescue doomed miners from a collapse; an act which attracts the attention of the Romun Army general in town. Impressed with their skills, the pair is enlisted to explore the sea of trees and map the vast expanses of Celceta – a task which many have attempted in the past, but from which none have ever returned.


Alone in this strange and uncharted frontier, Adol must brave the perilous sea of trees as he struggles to regain his memories and decide whom he can trust, and who is simply attempting to take advantage of his memory loss in order to deceive him…


Ys-Celceta-Sea-of-Tress_screens_2_0003 - Copy Ys-Celceta-Sea-of-Tress_screens_2_0004 Ys-Celceta-Sea-of-Tress_screens_2_0005 Ys-Celceta-Sea-of-Trees_screens_4_0004 - Copy

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  • XiaomuArisu

    thats my Goty for the vita!

  • TheExile285

    I am a sad panda about no E3 trailer for this -_-

  • Can someone tell me what’s the timeline for this series? I’ve only played the “Oath in Felghana” for the PSP and would love to play the whole series :l

    • TheExile285

      Well this is a complete remake of the 4th game and the canon version of it

    • Tatsuya1221

      Ys origin>Ys 1>Ys 2>Ys 3/oath at felgana>Ys 4 celceta>Ys 5> Ys 6 ark of napishtim>ys 7

      I believe Ys strategy is non-canon, as it both sucked and was not done by falcom, i do not know if ys online is canon or not, but probably not.
      The pc steam versions of 1 and 2 are the superior versions of it, but the psp version is good too, ys 5 has never seen a us release of any kind, ys 6 was only released on the ps2 and psp over here, though there was a pc version which was never released out of japan, but has a translation patch that some debate was better.

      Ys origin is pc exclusive, and is on steam, ys 7 is on the psp in the us, and i believe there was a chinese pc version but don’t quote me on that.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Too bad no Dogi, although like they said… since Adol lost his memories, Dogi could just tell him stuff about himself lol.

  • AdhesiveBoy

    Just when I think I know what handheld I’m getting, something cool rolls up on Vita…

  • Lester Paredes

    Ah, amnesia. Where would RPG’s be without you?

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