Check Out Fairy Fencer F’s Character Models

By Spencer . June 14, 2013 . 7:07am

Compile Heart has been designing Fairy Fencer F and transformed Neptunia character artist Tsunako’s drawings into 3D models. Here’s a look at Fang, Harlot, and Tiara.


fariyf-04 fariyf-06 fariyf-05


Fairy Fencer F is slated for release on September 19 in Japan.


fariyf-01 fariyf-03 fariyf-02

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  • Flandre Scarlet

    Eh. Tsunako’s a great artist and a good designer for nonsensical stuff like Neptunia, but these designs are kind of…not up to par to her usual level. Tiara looks completely random and out of place (not to mention she’s pretty much Silver Nepgear in terms of model).

    I don’t think she designed Fang’s sword, but whoever did should probably go over that a few more times. It looks ridiculous.


    yep Alyn not playable.

    • DyLaN

      She is the personification of the sword tht Fang uses tht will be use by players to cut things. So in a way she playable xd

  • Ariobimo Wicaksono

    Is it just me or Fang look like Roxas from Kingdom Hearts?

    • Nightmesh

      More like Shing to me.

      On a 2nd glance I can see Roxas now.

    • Steven Higgins

      I actually think he looks more like Sora, what with the brown hair and the black and red color scheme.

  • Looks nice, still happy to see a male MC (or well, a male char) too. I always felt i needed one in neptunia, i prefer my shipping like that

    • Kai2591

      I don’t prefer all-girls settings too.
      Not being sexist.
      Just not into yuri. or pseudo-yuri.

      • Yep, it’s nice to have a mix, yo.
        Spices things up a bit :3

        • Kai2591

          I like some spice in my games ;)

          • Speaking of which, it’d be nice if we got an announcement for a publisher who’s interested in dealing with Holy Sorcery Story… then we get lots of spices :3 !

          • Kai2591

            More spices! Literally!

    • Flandre Scarlet

      Well, lucky you, now you have this game!

      Just please leave Neptunia alone.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Nice models.

    Fang is cool and I find him kinda funny with that “I don’t really care” face.

    Harlot is *gasp* with those two big things O:

    Tiara is just Tiara.

  • Wonder why they didn’t do one for Alyn even though her and Fang are the same person

    • fyi1191

      Fang might be to do a henshin.

    • Landale

      They’re not the same person. She’s his weapon.

  • Virevolte

    Your skin shine too much…

    • MrTyrant

      I love when pc games have the option of turning off the bloom or reduce it.

  • ChiffonCake

    They’re nice, as is usual for Compile Heart… though it feels like watching the Guilty Gear Xrd trailer raised my standards a bit.

  • Rudy Soto


    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      Oh, good. I’m not the only one who picked up on that. Who’d purposely name a character that while not trying to sound sarcastic or mean?

      • komiko12

        Most Japanese games I’ve played usually has characters whose names are meaningful and relates to the character itself….

        • Would you perhaps be insinuating…no no, but it’s a JRPG, so everyone has to be pure, right?

        • HELLO

      • biskmater

        A Japanese man, of course.

    • Kai2591

      *googles definition*

      Dear God, I never knew that’s what it meant….WHAT THE HELL?!

    • Raltrios

      Why…? WHY!?
      Did they just take a leaf out of Hiromu Arakawa’s book and randomly pull names from an English dictionary? She might be hot, but I don’t want to play with a character I have to call ‘slut’ every time I try to describe her to friends! Please tell me this is a mistake!

      • GibbRS

        You can give her a nickname like Harlie or Harl-chan (tho that sounds pretty close to Laharl-chan).

        • Raltrios

          Right. Because Laharl is the perfect role model XD

      • Ladius

        It is a mistake, her name is Harler.

        • SerendipityX

          Happens to the best of us, but everyone seems to think this is some kind of Siliconera Conspiracy…O.O

    • Kevadu

      That would be a pretty terrible name…if it was actually her name.

      This is 100% a Siliconera-ism. Check out the official site:

      Her name is listed as “Harler” (ハーラー in katakana). There is no possible way to get “Harlot” out of that. I haven’t seen anyone else use “Harlot” anywhere, and since Siliconera never lists their sources I can only assume they made it up.

      • Demeanor

        The only harlot in my gaming memory is Mother Harlot from Nocturne (awesome fiend for an awesome game!); indeed “haaraa” could be translated to many names, and “Harler” is certainly WAY more spot-on than Harlot.

      • NewestType

        You could get Holla! out if it tho :P
        But yeah Harlot is not even close to the katakana pronunciation.

      • ShadowDivz

        I’d spell it as Harla. But i am a beginner in japanese.

        • Kevadu

          The spelling isn’t mine, it’s on the site. Which makes Siliconera’s use of “Harlot” all the more bizarre.

          But anyway, “Harla” would probably just be ハーラ, no need for a long ‘a’ sound there.

  • DesmaX

    Nothing special here, your regular CH stuff…

    All I care is that they fix the framerate.

    • Whoomp

      This. There is no excuse why a game with this graphical fidelity would run so poorly.

  • Shing Meteoryte is that you

  • They look really nice. Hopefully we’ll be Fairy Fencing soon in the West as well. Also, still Harlot for the win for me =^_^=

  • Aristides


  • …Her name is Harler, it’s more than likely to be Harley….NOT Harlot.

    • Landale

      I’m starting to get the feeling they just pick a character at random out of Compile Heart’s games, and just mangle the crap out of the name. First Neptune, now Harler.

  • Scarlet_Devil_Slave

    Cool to see it get released on my birthday, in Japan. A release date for the west would make a great present from Compile Heart! :D

  • Eric Rodman

    Her name on the offical site is Harler.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Well dunno you guys, but I LIKE that Harlot!

  • Anime10121

    These look to be some of CH’s best graphics yet! Man NisA needs to hurry up announce this baby for localization!

  • Tom

    Those are some massive boobs! The girl in blue looks like some maid. Like the princess in Trapt. Strange.

  • Ladius

    Maybe you should fix Harler’s name in the article :P

  • Juriel

    Only three characters? :/…

  • Corwen


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