We Made A Few Persona Outfits For Animal Crossing: New Leaf

By Jenni . June 15, 2013 . 10:30am

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out in both the U.S. and Europe by now, and we’ve prepared another batch of costumes for our readers to try out in-game. (Find the first batch of Final Fantasy costumes here) Some of these are based on characters from the Persona games and the others are miscellaneous outfits. Find them below.


Maya (Persona 2):


Teddie (Persona 4):


Chie (Persona 4):


Bow Camo Punk:


Alice Dress:


Spring Dress:


Minako (Persona 3 Portable):


Dressy Knit:


Nah (Fire Emblem: Awakening):


Dot Tank:


Gracie Grace Dress (Style Savvy: Trendsetters):

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  • Goodness such talent. Pity I can’t have access to these since Sable hasn’t given me the QR Machine yet. I had talked to her daily starting Monday after AC came out.

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Unfortunately for me, I have the talent, but not the patience. More games should incorporate making clothes as part of customization.

  • DesmaX

    Wow, these are bearly nice.


    • Highasthesky

      You stole my comment, i’m beary hurt =(

      • DesmaX

        Oh, please don’t be sad.

        Just Kuma-p with another one

        • Highasthesky

          I can’t think of another comment, this is unBEARable (T^T)

    • Kefkiroth

      They’re barely nice? You sure that’s what you meant to say?

      • Aeodan

        You’d have to play or watch Persona 4 to get the joke. A character on there, Teddie (Kuma in the Japanese version), makes a lot of puns with the word bear.

        • Kefkiroth

          I know that, I’ve played Persona 4 Golden. I think he meant to say “beary” as in “very.”

          • Aeodan

            I get what you mean now. My bad.

      • fireemblembeast

        Yeah I think he/she meant very. Bearly is like an insult lol

      • I don’t think “barely” was the word used for the word play, bear just also starts with a “b”, which can be a little misleading.


  • PersonaSpace

    I made Yukiko’s winter uniform, I’ll be sure to post it when I finally get access to QR codes.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      hold L&R for screen shot ^_^

      • PersonaSpace

        I did, but I don’t have an SD card reader so I couldn’t copy it to my computer.

  • Lunarian Angel

    I named my town Inaba, and my town tune is the Junes jingle, this will work perfectly :)

    • PersonaSpace

      Also named my town Inaba, totally didn’t think about the jingle though. Mind posting the notes?

  • Zero_Destiny

    Aaaahhhhh Maya! :3

    Very nice job Jenni, you keep making cooler and cooler clothes. ^__^

  • MasterScrub

    These are really good! :D

    ..wish there were more male ones though :c

    • Longsun_Zhao

      see the Alice costume? you’re covered. no pun intended.

    • AJ

      You’re the mayor of a town of anthropromorphic animals that demand you give them furniture. Cross dressing is the least weird aspect of the game.

  • Brian E. Scheid

    I myself made the Shin Megami Tensei IV Protagonist’s Samurai clothes, granted I made a few adjustments since there’s so little to work with. I’ll probably remake it in the future. If you get the Pilot’s hat, that grey beard, and the Hero’s Boots and wear them with this you’ll look like a pirate.

    • That’s incredible!

  • PersonaBull

    I named my town Tartarus. I really gotta unlock the ability to use these QR codes!! There’s so many that just keep coming!

    • You do know how to do it right? Talk to… Sable? I think once per day for a week.

  • Learii

    are these DLC?

    • Not exactly.

      • Learii

        what you mean?

        • They are not DLC in the fact that you downloaf them from Nintendo or download at all really. They are simply QR codes you scan in. I mean some could call it DLC, but… it really isn’t.

          • Learii

            oh thx

  • Speechless… Thank you so much for sharing (^_^ ) Such awesomeness!

  • Demeanor

    Hontouni sugoikuma! ^ ^
    Awww no love for Yuki-chan kumaaa? XD

  • Nickie

    Oh. My. Lord! Please make more Fire Emblem Awakening ones!!!!!

  • Yuriangels

    that teddie costume is beary good!

  • Andres Pena

    cool my only issue with the designs that you can make is that it look weird when you walk like the stomach area, or am I the only one with that issue?

  • Uso Ewin

    Still nothing for the bros?

    • Doctor Nebula

      Well…there’s always Teddie.

    • Rytan

      Guys can wear girl’s stuff in New Leaf, y’know. Just sayin’.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Siliconera, you disappoint me…no love for the original Persona?

    Granted, most of the cast has relatively plain clothes. But who wouldn’t want to wear the scarf of the #1 man in Japan?


    Or Ayase’s extremely snazzy outfit?


  • YoshEE

    no guys? xD

    • As Jenni told me: “I’m a girl so I want to design for girls.” Maybe not those exact words, but close enough.

      • Yup, pretty close. And Teddie is a guy!

        If you have any requests, I’ll try and get to them after I recover from E3. :D

        • Teddie… is… heh… I guess he’s a guy sort of.

  • Ben Sylvia


    Makes my Oracle of Ages/Seasons Wizzrobe umbrella look crappy. XD

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    CROSS DRESSING.! One more day till I unlock the QR scanner ! I really like them :D

  • Kamakuma

    Yup… I hadn’t decided what I was going to be getting this month just yet but when I get my check I’ll definitely be buying this game. x’D

  • fireemblembeast

    Nice! I’d like to see more fire emblem costumes :3

  • fireemblembeast

    Imagine all the touhou costumes that could be made…

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