The Wonderful 101’s Multiplayer Mode Is A Blend Of Co-Op And Competition

By Spencer . June 19, 2013 . 6:30pm


New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 3D World both have multiplayer modes that blend cooperative and competitive mechanics. In the Mario games players race to grab powerups and coins. The multiplayer mode in The Wonderful 101 has a similar foundation.


The Wonderful 101’s multiplayer mode supports up to five players and each person controls a different lead hero. I played as Wonder Blue and started the mission with a band of citizens ready to kick alien butt. Wonder Red and Wonder Yellow (player three) had their own groups of followers. You can turn followers into a weapon like a giant sword by drawing a straight line or a massive gun by making a L shape. Citizens can also transform into a huge fist which is great for combos and a whip if you make a squiggly line.


WiiU_Wonder101_scrn02_E3 WiiU_Wonder101_scrn01_E3


But, wait the Wii U doesn’t support five gamepads, so how does The Wonderful 101 work with five players? Wonder Red gets the gamepad and the other four players play the game using the Pro Controller. The left analog stick moves Wonder Blue (or whoever you’re controlling) and you use the right analog stick to draw shapes. Drawing a straight line with the right analog stick to make a sword is easy enough. It’s a little trickier to make a squiggly line since sometimes the game registers that as a L shape and you end with a gun.




While you’re making shapes, robots and aliens are running amok around town. All three of us fought at the same time and often in different parts of the map. With three players on one map The Wonderful 101 was more chaotic with other players than flying solo, but the frantic mix of changing weapons and beating up enemies is felt the same. The one main difference is after each mission the game shows everyone’s scores. It’s essentially like Super Mario 3D World which also has players battle to earn more points.


Between missions there are bonus rounds where you can collect more followers. All three of us scrambled to collect citizens by drawing lines over them. I think Wonder Red has an advantage here since you have to draw rainbow lines in one stroke and that’s easier to do with the gamepad compared to the controller. One trick to snap up people with the controller was making small circles with the right analog stick.


The Wonderful 101 comes out on September 15 in North America and August 23 in Europe.

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  • Solomon_Kano

    I didn’t even know this was supposed to have MP. Sweet. Platinum keeps stacking the awesome.

    Is it offline only?

  • $2445837

    No online, I assume? :( Will buy after a price drop, then.

  • Kevin Delphi

    Does the Multiplayer go through the same missions as the single player? And if so, does it share the story?

  • Can I play with my friends ? i mean local co-cop not online.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Only one player getting to use the Gamepad guarantees local co-op is a thing. There wouldn’t need to be a restriction on that for online co-op.

  • Auvers

    What weapon does Wonder Yellow focus on?

  • James Enk

    i hope this game get the push it deserves

  • Anime10121

    Ooh ooh, with this game’s release, I’ll finally be able to play my Wii U!

  • Elem187

    Between this title, Pikmin, SM3DW, DKCRTF, WW, I really don’t have any time, nor money left for 3rd party multiplats… sorry 3rd party publishers, but exclusives take precedent over multiplats that will be 20 bucks in 2 months.

  • wahyudil

    5 players???!!!

    uh uh … with mario 3D land and Wii Party U I will have a console for slumber party …

    damn, i begin thinking to buy Wii U this year rather than next year

  • Sounds like the player with the gamepad has an unfair advantage. I guess it’s still better than no local multiplayer at all, though.

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