Xbox One Does A 180 – No Online Check Ins, You Can Lend Or Trade Game Discs

By Spencer . June 19, 2013 . 2:20pm

imageMicrosoft announced a major policy shift for Xbox One. The console will no longer require a draconian 24 hour check in to play games. Users will need to connect online to set up an Xbox One, but after that the console will function without the need for checking in.


Microsoft also dropped restrictions on trading, lending, and game sharing for physical products. If you own a disc you can share it with a friend or resell it just like any other video game console. Downloadable games cannot be resold or shared, though, and you need to have a disc in the Xbox One’s tray to play a disc based game.


Xbox One will also be region free. This is a step forward since the Xbox 360 is region locked, but publishers can choose to make a game region free or not.

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  • Chris Yuen

    Wait, does that mean we can no longer use this awesome gif?

    • TheExile285

      No, you should keep using it because it’s awesome!

    • In retrospect I would save it.

    • Awesome gif. is awesome lol

    • Taylor Davis

      This is beautiful. What a great gif.

    • GibbRS

      Watched this 25 times in a row before I noticed the Villager.

      • epndkempot

        Now you mention it

      • Kai2591

        wow thanks I didn’t notice him either O_O

    • Learii

      we can still use it for xbone other stuffs like always on and etc..

    • konsama

      This was just perfect.

    • KnifeAndFork

      What happened was Don Mattrick of Microsoft saw this .gif and it was the final straw that cracked him, his eyes turned Hulk green and a vein in his head burst and he said okay fine let’s do an XBox 180 and change everything

      • Kai2591

        true story bros

    • Kitestwinblades

      They may have learned their lesson…
      But its best to keep them in check. Y’know… Just in case.
      So keep using this! This really made my day!
      Sony( ゚ー゚)八(゚▽゚ )Reggie Villager ( ΩwΩ)-|=====>

    • Kai2591

      I LOVE this awesome gif!

      nah, keep using it, for we must remind ourselves of the GREAT INJUSTICE of the past in order to prevent similar occurrences in da future.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Excellent move I guess, I just wish the post sounded more like an apology instead of making it sound like a a decision made based on conclusions from a survey or something.

    Now if they could address the price issue…

    And will Ninty be left with the only region locked console? Odd.

  • Ed Powell

    As long as you don’t have to check in for use of digitally purchased titles either, I’m pretty happy with the changes. Sad to see digital game sharing and resale go away, but I think this was a very necessary step for the XBone to catch up.

    Glad to see the XBone is once again an option in the next console gen, so to speak. ;P

  • DesmaX


    • harmonyworld

      your icon makes this better~

  • malek86

    Color me surprised.

    Now of course that’s good for us, but iif I were a shareholder, I wouldn’t really want to trust a company that reverses their policies so abruptly. Makes it feel like they are a follower rather than an industry leader.

    Ah well, still better for us overall. But the higher price issue remains.

    PS. especially surprised at the removal of region locking. I think that’s one thing that nobody cared all that much about – especially in light of the many and numerous exclusively japanese games the Xbox One would have received! (can you see the sarcasm here?)

    • DesmaX

      Well, European Atlus fans are going to be happy, I guess

      • malek86

        You are assuming that Atlus will make games for the Xbox One. I’m not really so sure about that :P

        • DesmaX

          Why not? Catherine and Persona 4 Arena have X360 versions too

          • malek86

            This generation was too even for them to ignore the 360, and even then, their PS3 games still sold more overall.

            If next gen the PS4 sells a lot more (which is looking likely now), I think the situation might change, at least for the smaller companies.

          • DesmaX

            But even KH III is coming to the Xone, why can’t Atlus? Did Catherine/P4A did poorly on the 360?

          • SirRichard

            That’s a rather poor example to make, given the sheer difference in size and resources between the two. And if the Xbone and PS4 audiences are as equal in size abroad as their predecessors ended up being, you can bet they will likely go multiplat. What Malek’s saying is that it’s not looking to be the case this time, so odds are they simply won’t bother.

            We may already be seeing the beginning of this: Arc System Works are skipping the 360 entirely, even in the West, for the next Blazblue. And from what I know, they’re listed as a PS4 developer, but nothing for the other. Entirely feasible that others their size will follow suit.

          • DesmaX

            But Atlus does want to appeal to a western market, unlike other japanese developers. They even said that they released those games on 360 because of it at some point.

            And, since it’s easy to port games between the consoles (It’s not like the PS4 uses some sort of “alien technology” like the Cell processor), I don’t see a reason for them not to come to the Xone

          • SirRichard

            But you’re not seeing what we’re saying here; you’re using the assumption that the Xbone will have an even split in the market in the West with the PS4, when currently it’s looking to be more lopsided. What Malek’s saying is that given that, depending on how lopsided it is, smaller companies may not bother with the extra work when they can already guarantee a decent sized audience on one.

            And you’re right, it is a lot easier to port between the two systems now. The question is if the Xbone can recover from all of its bad press, doom and gloom and horrible reputation, and if people can bring themselves to trust Microsoft again. It’ll also have an uphill battle with its higher price tag.

            Of course, it could go well for Microsoft, they could get their even split or take the lead again, and if they do then I’ve no doubt we’ll see multiplats from the likes of Atlus. It’s just not looking up for Microsoft, though.

          • DesmaX

            If the product is good, people will just forget it and buy it, no problems.

            PS3 also had it’s ridiculous practices (Removing Retrocomparibility, Removing Linux…), everyone was mad, but, everyone just accepted it and was happy some time later. Why? Because the product itself was good.

            Xone name is pretty hurt, and you can see Microsoft actually changing it because of public demands. If the people like the console now, they will buy it, and it will give reason for more developers to port games for it

          • shinji

            Catherine was the first and only next gen game they ever made. and that was their test run on both consoles….. and P4A, the only reason that made it to 360 is because it was made by Arc Systems, and all of their recent fighting games have been on both the PS3 and 360. that’s the only reason that even made it to 360.

      • Istillduno

        European Atlus fans won’t be because the option to region lock games is still there and Atlus were the first and only company to ever region lock a PS3 game.

        Fans of other companies will be happy though, might grab an xbone when it gets some more games I’m interested in.

        • mirumu

          Yes, exactly. If there’s any company I don’t trust when it comes to region locking, it’s Atlus.

    • Nitraion

      If i shareholder i will be careful… ==”
      Who wants somebody that say “A” Today…
      then say “B” Tomorrow?

    • Fidelis

      ..It was just common sense to change those policies though. At least now it’s not an act of complete stupidity to buy an Xbox one and people with common sense and the extra cash may buy it.
      Before it was only fiercely loyal Xbots who would even touch it

    • MonsieurEek

      Pretty sure their stock price will actually spike after this announcement.

    • yo1234

      I believe the shareholders had a hand in this decision. Pressure for the most part. They obviously saw that this console was going to fail hard so they probably urged them to change in order to avoid that. AT LEAST they didn’t wait too long. If they had changed their mind after a month or two, i don’t think they would have had a chance to bounce back aside from fanboy sails.

  • Freud_Hater

    Better, undeniably, but the price point is still way too high and the game library just doesn’t interest me at all… So I’ll pass. Again. Though I appreciate the effort!

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Dude you might want to check out titanfall. It seriously blows most FPSs this gen out of water. It’s cool if it’s not your thing, but I think everyone should at least see what could possibly be the standard for gaming in the future.

      Oh wait, nvm, I recall hearing it will be on PS4.

      • Tatsuya1221

        And the 360, and the PC.

  • Spirit Macardi

    So if Microsoft can be convinced to drop their draconian DRM, does this mean Sony can be convinced to make the PS4 backwards compatible?

    • TheExile285

      Yeah, for a $100-200 price increase on ps4 lol

      • Spirit Macardi

        I’d pay it. I understand there’s extra costs involved, and I’d be happy to spend a bit extra just to have a console that can play my existing library.

        Hell, their Vita handheld has 3G and non-3G models, so why not expand that concept for the home console?

        • TheExile285

          Yeah I’ve always wondered why they didn’t do that with PS3. I’m pretty sure lots of people would buy it even at that price if it meant BC.

        • Jake Joe

          Simple for the fact that PS3 is using Nvidia Graphics and PS4 is using AMD Radeon would conflict each interest. The same thing happened with Xbox[original] and Xbox 360. To bypass the issue, they had to emulate. That alone costed Microsoft money and they just stopped supporting on improving the game library.

          At least PS4 has Gaikai to stream PS3 and maybe PS1 and PS2. We will see if it will require a membership or will they just sell games using their services.

    • DesmaX

      Well, you can use PS3 games via Gaikai

      It’s not perfect, but it’s something

      • Spirit Macardi

        Not unless they somehow make the entire library available. However they’re likely only going to offer the big popular titles, not the smaller niche ones that compose almost all of my PS3 collection >.>

      • gerald

        Gaikai is also coming to PS3 so it makes sense that PS1 and PS2 games will be available at some point.

  • if this is true.. then maybe I’ll get one, MAYBE, but PS4 first. Only have enough for one console right now.

  • nyobzoo

    good new, but I’m still getting the PS4 at launch and will get the XBone when it’s cheaper

  • WyattEpp

    Still no self-publishing for indies, still has mandatory Kinect, and still costs $100 more for worse hardware.

  • DemonKingAsura

    I still won’t get this. Being much more pricey and the Kinect is still always on (They never said anything about the Kinect being taken out of the console) plus doing such a massive reversal shows me they don’t trust their own brand to sell without changes either good or bad. I pass.

    • Aoshi00

      Actually that’s a smart move, listen to the fans/consumers and do a 180 on these non-sensical restrictions before it’s too late. Nintendo still doesn’t have an account-based system after so many years, nor is it region- free, they know fans want those things, but what are they doing about it? Nothing, they’re stubborn and doing it their own way, thinking people will buy their products no matter what, which is partially true (because at the end of the day I care about the games). Still, they don’t care, and MS does admit their mistake now. Yeah, it’s $100 more expensive, but now I could play all the interesting XB1 exclusives w/o feeling bad being bound by those restrictions.

      Just like the recent “Oz the Great & Powerful” blu-ray debacle, Disney’s too greedy to not do the usual 2D/3D combo and sell them separately (3D w/ no special features), everyone complained about this practice. Now to remedy this, if you buy either the 2D or the 3D version and register your disc on the Disney website, you could get the other ver for an addt’l $5.99 (instead of another $30). So at least they listened and do something about it. Still, that’s a bit convoluted and there’s already bad impression and word of mouth. Would it have been better if MS didn’t announce these crazy stuffs, and introduce the games first and then mention “TV”? Sure. At least they correct this problem just in time before it’s too late. Technically Nintendo could probably still lift the region lock via software update, but they won’t, hence I need to live w/ having 2 3DSes..

      Did MS make a stupid move? Yes. But I would take this damage control instead of “deal w/ it” any day.

      • Jaden

        Does NID not count? Orrrrrr does Wii U not being region-free really count as being stubborn? Maybe imports do not bring in as many bucks as some might believe?

    • yo1234

      I seem to remember a lot of people liking the kinect. I think most people are just upset about being forced to buy it even though some would have bought it anyways.

  • ChiffonCake

    I’m still not interested in an XBone at all, but this is cool, I guess. I suppose that it was only a matter of time before Microsoft regained their sanity.

  • TheExile285

    Lol MS

  • Hollowkoopa

    So basically, the PS4 is now entirely just a better Xbone for price, specs
    and what you pay for (when you’re trying to get online), as opposed to
    being a better Xbone with better general policies.

    • DesmaX

      Silly man

      You can’t even TV on PS4

      • taekk

        I know right? Everytime I have to pick up the remote to switch the input, I’m like oh man, what a waste of precious calories I could have saved if I had a kinect.

        • DesmaX

          Yeah, and those times where you want to watch TV AND use the Internet?

          It’s so hard the way it is today

          • raulrain

            Yeah, it´s so hard, even more when you realize that people who owns a console, can have a PC that can do the same thing

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Have y’all heard of a WiiU

          • KnifeAndFork

            But I don’t even know what it means to be on a Nuclear sub….

          • wyrdwad

            More people need to upvote this comment. BEST INTERVIEW EVER. ;)

      • AlteisenX

        …I don’t live in the US… I never could TV on the One…. :(

        • DesmaX

          lol, me neither

        • DarthSithZero


        • Yep, same here, as is with most of the world.

    • TheExile285

      Ummm, better policies how?

    • mirumu

      When you put it that way it’s kind of funny because they genuinely saw their proposed system as adding a lot of value. “thousands of dollars” worth according to Don Mattrick.

  • Brandon Fothergill

    Congrats to Microsoft. For deciding to help continue a 30 year tradition…

  • MasterScrub
  • DemonKingAsura

    guess we can call this console the Xbox 180 now.

  • Courtney Levi Osborn


  • Nitraion

    Gamers world back to it was…( with their loathe to each console)

  • Shadowman

    I’m happy they did this really all that wasn’t suppose to be on there in the first place.

  • SirRichard

    Hallelujah, the industry is spared somewhat for a few more years. I am actually surprised by all of this news; Microsoft actually going back on its policies suggests that it was legitimately seriously worried about the impact on the console’s success (on top of all the logistical problems it already seemed to be having) that the DRM was having, suggesting that someone in there is listening. It even has the bonus of being region free, a first for them as I understand and an absolutely wonderful first, at that.

    I’m still not going to get one, mind you for a number of reasons (£430 before games, weaker than a cheaper system, always-on Kinect being absolutely mandatory and various personal preferences), but it’s still a good day for the industry.

  • Sognatore

    why i am not surprised by this? still going for ps4 though

  • Bob Obb

    REGION FREE!!!!!! Now just make it $300 and get exclusives that aren’t shooters.

    • Assuming Japan cares about XBOX One, you will likely end up with just shmups in this case.

      • neo_firenze

        Japan will not care about Xbone, they’ve already been ignored (weren’t even on the intial Xbone launch plan).

        And the big reason any Japanese devs did support 360 was the easier to work with system architecture than the notoriously difficult/complex PS3. That significant advantage goes away this gen, so any Japan-exclusive titles would seem to make a lot more sense on the PS4 (which is a pretty safe bet to be a much more popular system in that region).

  • Sam

    This erases a lot of my reasons for not wanting one. Once they’ve built up a good library, and dropped the price, I think I’ll get one. (I don’t mind waiting a couple of years).

  • revenent hell

    WoW did their stocks fall a bit?
    Seriously does the requirement to share still require people on your friends list though?
    I don’t have any friends on any game account(not ones I know in real life anyways) but I do lend games to those people. I really thought that, amongst a number of xboxOne issues, was a shite move.

    • andref

      no but the article clearly states you can’t share downloaded media so you can only share or trade discs with friends or whoever

      • revenent hell

        I asked because even up at E3 they kept saying ‘As long as they are on your friends list” blah blah stuff so I was wondering if it was still an aspect of it …. apparently not

        • Ferrick

          i think that was only for the verification key for the cd and game that’s shareable

          • revenent hell

            Oh yeah, because the games DL’d on to the hard drive and all that stuff… I remember now.
            Well im glad they made physical media worthwhile again…..

          • Ferrick

            again ? XD
            it has always been worthwhile XD, cloud’s a joke because it works like a cloud… disappears when blown away by circumstance

          • revenent hell

            Yeah, I was being sarcastic about it.

            Make my physical media download…. spare me *hmph*

        • andref

          Its a fair question, but most likely they are taking it away out of spite for changing their policies around. One step forward for two steps back

          • revenent hell

            Come to the future with us~Suffer for it one way or another eh?

          • andref

            Still a bad thing if there is still a good deal of people with unstable internet

          • revenent hell

            Well it is only the once….. So its improved a bit but its still awful that people who have unstable/no internet cant use it.
            A lot of people in a lot of countries are going to not be able to even use this….. region lock or no it doesn’t help if the thing cant be turned on right?

          • andref

            Not just countries but even some people in states without internet couldn’t use it. Even without the 24 checkin if you can’t even access the internet to “register” the system you can’t use it offline

          • revenent hell

            Ridiculous. Ive had consoles that had internet options but I could never make use of it till I worked and paid for it myself(single mom/not rich/ect)
            Maybe in time that might be removed as well. It will end up losing them money;Who will buy a console they cant use?

  • tovarichyuri

    still, the PS4 has better hardware and price

  • andref

    Now the only reason I won’t get one is due to missing out most content
    from japan, certainly I can get both the ps4 and x1 but I would rather
    not have due that

  • kaizin

    that was a smart move on their end but still getting a ps4 might get an Xbox one later on though.

  • Go2hell66

    can’t believe this is actually happening

    • revenent hell

      shell shocked?

  • Still not a XBOX fan, I’ll get one late in its life cause I am not denying myself games due to total fanboyism.

    • TheExile285

      I like the honesty

  • Nazoc

    For shame. I had wished to see them release it with all that shit and watch it fail.

  • Impressionnant

    It’s New Coke all over again.

    • TheExile285

      Is your avatar….. ayase from Oremio?

      • Impressionnant

        Sure is.

      • yo1234

        Oh the psycho? Can’t wait for this saturday~ starting to like her more now that she’s not just…. crazy and bitchy. Show needs more saori and kuroneko ending though.

        • TheExile285

          I like Ayase (she’s been very tsundere and borderline yandere this season) but I like Kuroneko so much more.

          I wish this show would do 26 episode seasons. There’s like 2 episodes left and then I have to wait again…. just like Game of Thrones >_>

          • yo1234

            I think crunchyroll already announced that there are going to be 3 oreimo ova’s coming to crunchyroll soon. But it never said for season 2. It could be the ones from season 1 that they don’t have. “wait again”. if we get another season which i honestly hope we do. Although i think the light novels(or manga) are about to release it’s final installment. I have no idea how far the anime has caught up but i’m hoping there is still enough for another season. AND i hope the oreimo games get translated one day. even if i must wait a few years. the fan in me wants.

    • fireguardiancoty

      What’s this about new coke? :o

      • sandra10

        It’s the theory that Coca Cola sent out an intentionally inferior product (i.e. new coke) so that when people got sick of it, they would reintroduce the classic version and people would buy that in droves, driving revenue.

        David Hayter also called MGS V “new coke” in his ex-girlfriend mode revenge tweet.

        • malek86

          Mind you, that theory is probably about as far-fetched as the Moon landing conspiracy :P

  • Tatsuya1221

    Four words:
    Too little, too late.

    • TrannyMagic

      hasn’t even come out yet, definitely not too late. ://

      • AkuLord3

        It crashed before it even came out…its WAY TOO LATE

        • TrannyMagic

          if it was launched and than they had pulled this 180 I’d probably agree but after this I wonder if many of the 360 owners are now switching back to pre-ordering the xbox one instead of PS4. I, for one, am now pre-ordering the xbox one. Too late? definitely not, it’s just getting started.

          • Testsubject909

            I won’t discourage you now that it seems they’re actually letting you own your games.

            But I for one will not get an Xbox One.

            Microsoft already drew the last straw on me a long while back. The Xbox One just worsened it all and this statement does nothing to soothe me nor does it sate any desire.

          • Daru Titor

            I’ve been a Sony fan ever since the PS2.
            The only thing I have from Microsoft is my PC’s OS.

          • yo1234

            Are you sure they won’t pull crap like this again? They obviously want to do this. So does sony but they aren’t as aggressive with their ambitions. I do believe that this might have just saved the xb one though. I don’t really see them lowering the price but yea. I would think about whether or not you can believe that microsoft wont “change their mind” again after a few years. In any case, best of luck.

  • mirumu

    I think Microsoft perhaps realised sensibly that they were in no position to take this fight to the market. They’re already losing money in numerous other markets and in their recent financial statements the profits from the entertainment division (which includes the Xbox) were one of the few bright spots. There’s already shareholders clamouring for Balmer’s resignation, and while this is probably too little too late for that, it’s still probably the smartest move they could make for the overall health of the company.

    • malek86

      Are you sure? Every time MS sends out a financial statement, it’s almost always insane revenue and profits, normally either stable or growing, except that one time when they wrote off that $5 billions advertising company. Their shares price has also been pretty much the same for the last 10 years.

      This is the thing that surprises me the most about the company: despite many of their new endeavors (WP8, W8, Bing) failing, their numbers just don’t want to go down. I would have expected it to happen by now, but nope. I have to assume that Office is just too strong a castle because I can’t think of anything else.

      • mirumu

        Yes, they’re still very profitable, but Microsoft is a very divided company right now. Don’t take my word for it, read up on what a lot of their shareholders have been saying. It’s generally agreed that the PC market is in decline so shareholders want to see growth in areas outside Windows and Office. Generally speaking it hasn’t been happening anywhere outside the entertainment division. Even in their core Windows and Office markets there’s been a lot of controversy around the changes to both functionality and licensing Microsoft has been making.

        Money isn’t a problem for them by any means, but the shareholders have no appetite for it burning it pushing unpopular products.

        • malek86

          Oh, I agree that they need to do things better, and the way many of their new products fail, coupled with their inability to enter new key markets, is certainly not encouraging in the least.

          It’s just that their (eventual? they can still change) downfall is being a lot slower than I thought it might have been.

          • mirumu

            I know what you mean. I think Microsoft products are just too ingrained for them to fall off the cliff as suddenly as other companies have. Tablets and phones are certainly eating into their core markets, but I think they still have time. Until recently their lack of direction was hurting them, and now it seems to be their failure in execution.

            There’s a lot of things holding them back including management, stack ranking and how they’re still attempting (and increasingly failing) to force certain products and ideas on the market. I’m inclined to think change will only happen as their thinking becomes more competitive and nimble, but that doesn’t seem to be possible with Balmer in charge.

          • malek86

            Mmh, I’d say that at least on the mobile market, Windows Phone is (very slowly) gaining consensum and marketshare. That could still be turned around, although surpassing Android pretty much impossible now, but they can at least make it successful enough, like the 360 eventually was to the Xbox. But Windows 8 and RT have pretty much flopped, both in the mobile and desktop markets. Having one delayed success and many failures is not good enough.

  • Strid

    Still, no thank you. That they had the hubris to even think they could do that to me… no. It also doesn’t sit well with me buying a $499 console when their last console I needed to constantly have sent back in to be repaired and eventually buy another of.

  • NRool

    As of right now, I’m not really interested in either the PS4 or Xbone, I’m quite happy with my recent purchase of a Wii U, albeit, still waiting on the killer games.

    I’ll probably get a PS4 due to the price point later on in it’s life once something more than Final Fantasy XV and Mad Max are out. and the fact that Xbone can only sway my interest with Crimson Dragon, but not enough to fork out £80+ extra AND have a mandatory Kinect.

  • darkfox1

    Really good damage control… Well played!?

    • malek86

      To be well played, they should have said this on May 21st. Right now, it’s a mess of biblical proportions for them.

      Mind you, it’s probably the right choice overall – people forget quickly, like they did with the RROD. In two years time nobody will even remember of this, they’ll forget all of it, like what happened to the PSP Go. But boy are they gonna get it for now.

  • gerald

    Wow, congrats to the internets. Gamers shouted noDRM, Sony listened, MS was forced to do a 180.

    Having said that, I’m still getting a PS4 because I think it’s the better overall system and will have better exclusives.

    MAYBE after a few years, if they’ve dropped mandatory Kinect and haven’t backdoored in some of these DRM scemes again, I’ll get one. But as it stands I have zero trust in MS and will be sticking to PS4.

  • Istillduno

    Thank goodness MS grew a brain, still wary after just how bad the announcements got, but I might pick up an xbone when it has some games I’m interested in.

    Good **** on finally listening to the customers though.

  • SlickRoach

    So now after these policy changes we’re essentially looking at a slightly upgraded Xbox 360 for almost twice the price?

    • revenent hell

      But you get a larger Kinect with it (as of now)
      but yeah. But its pretty much the same case for the PS4 really

      • Not quite. XBox one is still less powerful. Xbox one still costs 100 dollars more. Xbox One can still re-instate these features without the consent or knowledge of the consumer(also SONY can do this as well… dont be fooled). M$ is still govermentally sanctioned to hand over ANY user information (this includes video or audio) to the goverment at their request without notifying its users. Not to mention this is going to confuse the heck out of potential buyers…

        • revenent hell

          Oh I forgot that government sanctioned bit……..
          Skieves me really. I mean not that I care if anyone sees me naked or anything (Honestly I’d close my curtains if I cared) but that’s still a bother you know?

          • Yeah…. it’s getting weird.
            TBH I think if you showed up naked quite a bit….my HOPE is that they would stop monitoring you or decrease how often they do lol. If not though, you might gain a secret admirer within the company :P

          • revenent hell

            Well im a girl and not to be vain but im kinda cute ^.^
            Oh… I could get subs that way hu? j/k
            But that’s still…..I don’t do anything that I could get in trouble for (I have two mostly fulltime jobs) so I don’t have energy to even bother with beer when I get home… I just don’t like the idea of a company, a gaming device being associated with such a thing.

          • NewestType

            Understood completely. I am guessing the only way that it is legal is that you are consenting by purchasing the item. But… it just seems so weird. Like, Is this really happening(!?) weird lol.

          • revenent hell

            Im really surprised more people aren’t upset about this….There’s really very little talk about it

          • NewestType

            I was actually watching The Daily Show and there was a very interesting segment on the Xbox One featuring stand up comedian Lewis Black. Needless to say he wasn’t so enthused about it lol. Mind you, he is in his 60’s >_<

          • revenent hell

            Yeah, old people tend to be a lil more aggressive about government in their homes ^.^
            Really no gaming device/television/whatever should come with fine print that states the government can access your shit if they want to.
            So uncool

  • FetusZero

    All that’s left for Microsoft to win me back is to make Xbox One the primary console for Japanese shmups, as they did with X360. If they do that, I’ll buy one down the road eventually, after my PS4.. though I’m still hoping PS4 will become their new home, much less expensive for me.

  • fireguardiancoty

    Mhm. Right. Nice try M$, but I’m still not buying whatever that thing is.

    • Seriously. this Iis practically a mess… Not to mention. they can still re-instate those features without the consumers agreeing.

  • revenent hell

    Will they make the Kinect optional as well?
    No offence but that device shouldn’t be a mandatory feature either, not only does it jack up the price of the console a bit but ….I don’t care if I have to only talk to it once to get it on its one times to many..
    I honestly don’t care what reasons people use to express the need for it, it should remain an optional feature to use

    • Cloud_ST

      Agreed. 100$ less and no Kinect are still good advantages the PS4 has over the Xbox One.

      • revenent hell

        Well, I do eventually get every one anyways because im a gamer not a fanboy, but I highly rate sony products because I have a VCR by them that still works from eons ago haha.
        If it was a FREE as in * This items cost is not reflected in price* then I guess I couldn’t complain about it but its not the case.
        I do not need to sit in my apartment talking to stuff im already crazy others do not require proof of this.

      • Sardorim

        Don’t forget no Region Lock or online sign up required when you first start the system.

  • Eric Harris

    I wanted an xbox one for launch cause it simply had the launch games I want to play. So this makes me feel better. The consumers won, everyone lashed out and the corp had to listen.

    • revenent hell

      They had to how much money do you honestly think they would have made otherwise?
      Much less that’s for sure

  • NightzeroAX

    Still see no reason to buy an XBOX One.

    • Testsubject909

      Still got valid reasons not to buy an Xbox One.

    • CrimsonalCore

      Xbox dOne. I’ve already made my choice a long ago. PS4 all the way.

  • sandra10

    A step in the right direction. Now if Kinect/$100 was dropped off the xb1 and and if Sony got rid of the paywall for multiplayer, I’d be all set for next gen.

  • ResidentMetroid

    My reponse to this is…

    Yeah you better!

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    Too late sorry…

  • British_Otaku


  • Sardorim

    It seems that gamers won. Still blows you need online to set up the game though so I feel sorry for those outside the 21 countries that are supported by the XBox One.

    Whatever the case the damage has already been done. I wonder how forgiving gamers will be over this.

  • DemonKingAsura
    • mirumu

      I think that’s just Kotaku making stuff up again. Word out of China is that Xbox One hardware isn’t even in mass production yet and won’t be for a few months.

      • revenent hell

        Does Kotaku do that often?
        I know I see people throw the links to them around often but I normally throw siliconera links around like that lol

        • mirumu

          I don’t want to derail the thread, there was a big debate about Kotaku on the open thread a while back, but let’s just say they do not have a particularly good reputation when it comes to the accuracy of their reporting.

          • revenent hell

            Im sorry for asking then!
            I’ll have to look at the open thred more often now… I really had no idea but thank you

      • DemonKingAsura

        Nope, Polygon confirmed it, too.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    That is a complete 180 indeed. Enough to consider an Xbox One? With mandatory Kinect and a higher price tag, far from that…..
    Edit: And lower specs too. Thanks for that MXC.

    • MXC

      Don’t forget the lower specs than PS4 :)

      • I really hate to throw spec comparison out there but…yeah…100% right here.

      • revenent hell

        I always forget specs for these things but correct me if im wrong but hasn’t the Sony systems for the majority been ahead of Xbox in this regard for consoles?
        I think that’s why I don’t take them in to consideration, maybe because im used to them being better even if slightly?

        • Testsubject909

          PS4 has better specs this time but there’s something even more important.

          It’s more developer friendly as well. The PS3 was more powerful then the 360, but only if you could make use of it’s complicated cell processor…

          This time? It’s not only the more powerful console. It’s also the more adaptable console to the developer’s needs. And with it’s friendlier policies towards indies, a far better place for them to build on, meaning even more games.

          • revenent hell

            Yes, I remember this also….It seems like Sony is listening and it makes me wonder why XboxOne changed toward disliking them….. Even Nintendo is more indie friendly now I believe…

          • Testsubject909

            Changed towards disliking them?

            Oh… You didn’t know I take it.

            Their stance on Xbox One wasn’t different. This was always how they treated Indies…

            Indies are also met with a paywall of sort in a quarterly fashion.

            Indies will not see a single paycheck unless they make a quarterly profit of 500$. That’s only 4 paychecks per year and only given if they make a profit of 500$. Plus Microsoft reserves the right to discount your game without your approval or even to give it away without your approval. It’s in the clause.

          • revenent hell

            If I didn’t know how you post I would think you where just shitting me right there………..
            Basically all I knew from Xbox 360 was that it did have an indie area? Ive seen some of the indie games on youtube and such and friends have talked about it a bit but ive never really thought to much about how Xbox does it…
            No wonder people are so happy with the PS4 hu? I remember reading their bit on indie games.

          • Testsubject909
          • revenent hell

            That was a very informative read… Horrible but informative.

            Its like the more you know the more evil they get…Like kicking a dog or something.

            I don’t see why people should have to shell out so much money when other platforms don’t follow these particular archaic practices.

            I cant even see why anyone would want their indie game on Xbox 360 or One now.

  • Symbol de Au

    Is this real life?

    • I had no idea a company could flip flop in this manner. Not to mention they will probably flip again once the product has been in the consumers home and say… after the ammount of time you legally have to return the item.

    • ChiffonCake

      Is this just fantasy?

    • MXC

      Lol although this has no relevance to the article at all thanks for having that hilarious avatar. Somehow made my day today.

  • That makes me really happy. I never got this console war nonsense. The only people who truly win or lose in these wars are the gamers. Consumers would have lost because of Xbox One’s ridiculous polices, which could have potentially had a huge negative effect on the gaming industry. Now they are backtracking and that can only be good for the consumer.

    Do I like Microsoft? No, and I still have no interest in Xbox One. I am, however, happy for those who wanted to buy it and I’m also happy for the industry. Even if the price remains higher than the other consoles, this is still a huge improvement.

    • revenent hell

      Good words.

      Though I think if all the new gen consoles did this, like everything XBoxOne wanted to do, we(consumers) would have been forced to accept it.
      Side note: I was talking with a friend about XboxOne and she literally thought I meant the first one, her hubby is a gamer.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Love the idea. Know that I will still keep it online for life.

    • revenent hell

      This makes me feel like im the only person who hardly ever connects to the internet via my game platforms( does not count PC)

      • Sergio Briceño

        It’s just that I plan on benefitting from it staying online. I know the people against it either hate not having an option or just don’t have access to the internet.

        I embrace the concept because I like it.

        • revenent hell

          Im not nitpicking or anything but like I said I don’t go online often with my gaming gear so it strikes me as odd someone would rather use an inferior device over a PC which currently does everything better than what the Xbox One would do just for its apps and such…
          I personally wouldn’t get rid of my PC to use it that’s why the advantages don’t really seem like any form of benefit to me

          • Sergio Briceño

            I never said it was for the apps. One get’s a console only because of it’s exclusives. The One’s got the best confirmed ones. I’m still going to play The Witcher 3 on PC.

          • revenent hell

            So its the games then?
            Im really curious though how many of those will eventually be on the PS4 to, Im not saying it to be hateful but a lot of exclusives eventually wander to other systems over time.

          • Sergio Briceño

            You are right. But sometimes that takes years like in ME’s case and I don’t feel in the mood to gamble.

  • Testsubject909

    I lean towards the pessimism and the cynicism that you’ll be able to find further down below.

    I just can’t trust a company like Microsoft, nor can they win me over with this. I will note though that I am pleased for those who were obsessively going to go for an Xbox One because it means that they won’t get screwed over hard, but that I still feel sorry for them, for they were so desperately attempting to protect something that was nothing short of a prison and will now probably attempt to rub it into everyone’s face and proclaiming Microsoft as if the next coming of Jesus for this decision without any further understanding of the word Hypocrisy.

    • andref

      I hate to say it and people will hate me for saying this but….. the majority of people are comparable to sheep, as long as something sounds good they will follow that brand or company with undying loyalty. Just like politics

      • Testsubject909

        That’s fine, it’s a facet of human nature.

        I’m just saying my stance, and I state as always. I will never forget.

        It is precisely because I never forget that I have grown all the more hostile towards Microsoft. And with this, all the more wary of what they hold for the future…

    • revenent hell

      There’s always hardcore people….The fault lies with them though. Don’t buy a thing if it has initially tried to screw you. Stand firm and don’t rejoice when you get your way. Prepare for the next battle .
      I know Xbox “vets” and for as angry as what they where for this One I can already see most of them being “Yippy we won we won, I cant wait to buy this” ect ect..
      Just because they caved under threat of loss of funds doesn’t mean it should be supported…
      I wont lie I didn’t buy a 360 (no games where on it that I wanted that weren’t on the PS3 eventually) so I didn’t bother. By the time I wanted one for a few select games there was already talk of the “Next Xbox” so I figured I would just wait for that… and then….
      I cant support this system when its intents seemed to be restriction all the way around.
      Unless SE or Bioware state all games will be Xbox One exclusives….I just cant do it.

  • whatinthewolrd

    Still don’t want that VCR with no good games, or JRPGs

  • TrannyMagic

    YAY :) good news. Now I can purchase for K.I. and project spark definitely. I like how everyone has just jumped the issue to the cost being an extra 100$ though since they no longer have the 24 hour check in or used games to yak about lol….. I guess once you find something you dislike, you’ll find any other reason to pick up and go with it to make you feel better. Sad really.

  • TrevHead

    Good news but I still not buying one as I bought my 360 for XBLA, arcade games and Japanese ports like Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden and but the Xbox has become a console for dude bros with only dude bros MP games that have ppl playing them.

    Imo the best thing MS could do is to introduce crossplay with last gen, PS4 and PC so niche games can reach that critical mass MP population.

  • junjoontea

    As much as I would like to jump on this whole xbox hate bandwagon, I feel like the jokes are a bit too much now. :

  • Randgriz

    Hypderdimension Neptunia better make a whole game around this drama

    • revenent hell

      SO great>< … Thought I was in the wrong thred for a minute though…

      • Randgriz

        Vert’s New Older Cousin – announcing shes in cahoots with a DRM state as a potential enemy only to flip flop halfway during the game and you all team up to defeat Arfoire and Pirachu again!

        • revenent hell

          This is so derailing but yeah, I could totally play that!

          • Not derailing, this whole MS thing is a joke and the games are all about the jokes ^^ it’s perfect fodder for the cannon :O!

    • vileBrenman

      OMG YESSSSSSSS I so hope the new hyperdimension has a ps4 and xbone goddess!

  • LOL

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    You forgot to mention that they cut some pretty cool features. The cloud gaming thing where you could install your games to your system and then share your license with friends or family, or be able to play it regardless of it being your system or not was pretty nice. I’m not an Xbox Gamer personally, but that was where MS was showing progression, which PS4 didn’t.

    • Jake Joe

      I’m pretty sure more people could live without that feature if it means they could borrow or rent games.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        I wouldn’t be surprised if most people most people didn’t give a fuck about not being able to do so.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Well this is good news… although I’ve told people how the X1 did the online checks and game sharing and they were horrified (they don’t follow game news). I suppose it’s too late to tell them now… I’m graduating tomorrow lol.
    I’m glad it’s region free too. Crimson Dragon and danmaku games… I can smell them already.

  • This is funny, it’s like they expected people to be excited about them adding all this functions they’re now removing. Still, no reason to get a XBOX One over a PS4, while in graphics and power they’re probably the same, the price isn’t, and PS4 has way more exclusives. Also, adding region free to the xbox sounds strange… I thought the xbox wasn poorly recognized in Japan and America usually gets games before Europe.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Actually people were excited about those features and now there isn’t really much pushing gamers to get either console.

      • mirumu

        There definitely were some who were interested in the game sharing, and not having to bother with discs. They do seem to have been the minority however.

      • I don’t think people were excited about don’t be able to sell games and have to check the console each day…

  • Fitting title for such a development. Good thing MS finally woke up.

  • Warboss Aohd

    well……probably meanz i will eventually pick one up, but still gonna get PS4 an’ maybe da Wii-U first.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    the fact that they can’t make up their mind means they can’t be trusted. If they’re willing to back down from what they said so quickly than they have some CO’s that should be fired. It doesn’t change anything.

  • idrawrobots

    I would have liked the option to play games without the disk.

    • Jake Joe

      How would they limit your from doing multiple times on different consoles without an Online check?

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    I still can’t trust Microsoft though and also i prefer to wait anyway in case of another RROD.
    But that’s a step in a good direction, i have gone from i won’t buy to i will see how it go in the future

  • Sakurazaki

    From what I’ve seen so far (not everything), with the improvements/additions in the social and media integration from both consoles – even PS4’s Share and XBone’s Twitch integration – both consoles appear really similar in functionality. Not any noticeable 1-ups from either of them.

    What makes next gen so annoying is that it’s going to come down to exclusives even more.

    Am I missing anything?

    • Hollowkoopa

      This new gen is going to be very similar to last gen.

    • Aoshi00

      Lol, I love Don so much :)..

      Anyway, what a relief.. dunno why everyone’s still being so negative about this. At least MS listened to what the fans and consumers want, better than Wii U and 3DS staying region locked right?

      Now my pre-order stays for both systems.. both XBox One / PS4 have no DRM and are region-free. Really perfect :) even though the daily online check and DRM weren’t really that big a deal for me to begin w/, but region free is the most important. at least I don’t need to get a system for both regions, no room to put them.

      Xbox 180 indeed, better than XBone :P..

      Point is it’s never too late to listen and give the customers what they want. Some people had suggested MS to do a 180 before, I’m glad this is coming true. You realize mistakes are made, don’t be stubborn and correct them.

      • yo1234

        Except that they didn’t do it for the consumers. They’re not doing it out of feeling they made a mistake. They did it because the x box one would have failed if they hadn’t. It wasn’t a personal or moral decision but a business one. Don’t give them too much credit. And yes, i’m aware that sony was influenced to not enforce a used games policy from a business standpoint as well.

        • Aoshi00

          Business or kindness, , they’ve listened to the negative feedback and backlash and come to their senses. MS probably anticipated Sony would’ve done the same thing, but Sony didn’t. So before it’s too late, MS backtracked and said “OK, it was not a good decision and we know that our consumers don’t like it, so scratch that, let’s start again”.

          They probably would have done fine even w/o changing their ways, I personally would’ve bought it for the exclusives, just wouldn’t like it as much as the 360. Just like Nintendo still stuck w/ friend codes, no account, and region lock all these years. Now at least MS is on equal footing w/ PS4 again, w/ Wii U being last gen really. Whatever the reason (of course this is a business too, big business), I’m grateful they change things around. The point is they didn’t need to do that really just like Nintendo if they are stubborn. So I have to give it to them.

          Personally, DRM and daily online check suck, I don’t like it, but ultimately they really don’t affect me too much. If my internet’s down probably due to outage from storm, I think game is my last concern. I don’t buy used or lend to people either. What gives me joy is it’s going to be region free, because I import a lot for all the systems, I had to get a Jpn 3DS for Layton & Gyakuten Saiban 5.

          • yo1234

            Well the thing i don’t like is that they’re trying to make it sound as if they actually care. Which they don’t. they only cared about the loss of sales and not unhappy fans. I would have appreciated the news more if they hadn’t tried to make it sound like that. I bet fanboys and gullible people, who don’t realize that they are more interested in money like most businesses, are overjoyed with microsofts “kind treatment”. Meanwhile microsofts pissed that they couldn’t have their way.

          • Aoshi00

            you know that for Sony, Nintendo, or MS, business always come first right, they’re not charities. They do care about customers, unsatisfied and disgruntled customers mean lost sales. Why do they say “customers are kings” even if customers are jerks and are wrong, and if you’re not a “paying” customer, why would anyone give a hoot about you. Chances are MS announced all those things thinking Sony would do the same. Now all the facts are laid out they’re changing the wrong decisions.

            I’m just trying to be positive here, I like competition and hate console war, why do people want one console to succeed and the other to fail so badly. Again, for “whatever” reason, region-free could only be a good thing, better than Wii U/3DS’s region locked right? I alrdy have a Wii U and 2 3DSes (actually 3, w/ a XL), and was going to pre-order both PS4 & XB1, but now I would feel much better doing so knowing I could easily import if need be.

            I’m not sure who you are referring to as gullible. Is DRM/internet check/region-locked or no DRM/region-free better? I import a lot so region free is heck of a lot more convenient than getting systems from 2 regions. w/ PS3 & 2 360s still hooked up, frankly I’m running out of room & outlets.

            And MS could’ve stuck to their initial decisions, just like PS3’s $600 initial price tag. Sony made a lot of bad decisions this gen too. and MS just had a messy start, but at least they’re changing it before it’s too late, and that’s good for everyone. Actually I didn’t expect this change this late in the game, so I’m pleasantly surprised and commend this.

            And if Sony actually “cared”, they wouldn’t restrict the one account per Vita either.. makes it a pain to access Jpn DLCs (which I can’t since I only play w/ my US acct, and don’t have 2 memory card or want to reset everytime). hope the PS4 is not like that.

          • yo1234

            That’s why i put, “like most businesses”. I wasn’t saying only microsoft. In my first comment i also said that sony was influenced from a business standpoint too. So i don’t see why you’re calling me out on that. What i don’t like from microsoft is how they’re phrasing their change. I agree with you on the console wars part though. I don’t really see why people want other consoles to fail either. The only thing that will change if sony or microsoft died that is that there would be less exclusives. I still don’t like the way microsoft handled this decision but whatever.
            The most idiotic part is that people think owning one system over another makes them superior somehow. Or as if they had a part in its development.
            Edit: I’m sorry but your comments are way too long so i only read half way through and your last “paragraph”. I realize that’s a rude thing to do while have a discussion but it’s too much lol.

          • Aoshi00

            I just like the fact that fans’ feedback are heard and at the end do matter (just like Operation Rainfall) and now a bad decision is reversed before it’s too late, which is good for everybody. Kind of crazy companies get instantaneous feedback w/ 24/7 news cycle. I just find it sad that people still find negative things to say about this positive change.

            Well, it’s most PS fanboys though, the MS hate just permeates the comment section in every article, and so many thumbs up.. as long as each system has great games, I would get it, simple as that.. just glad XB1 would be region locked, even when the WiiU/3DS aren’t (I did import a Jpn Wii as well).. so at the end, yes I’m grateful MS is doing a 180 on their unnecessarily cumbersome and inconvenient restrictions.

            MS realized they made a stupid and grave mistake and pissed off the fans, nobody’s naive to believe otherwise. But they also got the guts to call a time-out, so you gotta give them credit for that. and now I would be a much happier customer. I mean how else do you want MS to say it, it sounds pretty much like “we f’ed up” to me..

          • yo1234

            Well the same can be said about MS fanboys. I just tend to ignore fanboys in general. Saves me from having headaches. F***** up in a business sort of way. But eh. Companies are companies. As long as sony still gets plenty of games and i get japanese games, it’s all good.

      • As much as I shouldn’t be bothered by it, they are still onboard with NSA which makes it a major NO for me.

        • Aoshi00

          hey man, if the UK & US gov’t are out to get us, guess there’s not much we could do about it.. look thru my text or tap my phone calls.. I don’t like it, but oh well.. I thought it’s alrdy come to that after the Patriot Act, I didn’t think of it as anything new.. I don’t want to get all political, actually I’m not that bothered by it, just don’t be hypocritical and lecture other countries when one’s doing the same and more.

          Region-free’s always good though..if the region lock could be lifted for the Wii U…

      • Herok♞

        The thing is region locking isn’t a big deal with 95% of the purchasers of the Wiiu and 3DS while the X1 had things that screwed over everyone.

        • Aoshi00

          I suppose so.. I don’t know what % of people import here, I assume quite a few since this site covers imports.. I had to get 2 Wiis & 2 3DSes (+1 X/L) to play imports, so it’s quite an inconvenience, also friend codes, no account based, 3DS being first region locked handheld, etc. They’re not even doing anything to change that.

          Again, I didn’t like the idea of DRM or daily internet check, but realistically those things really don’t affect me at all. Are we using internet to comment here now? Don’t we use wi-fi w/ our phones every single day. I know not everyone has internet say the military, but for me if i don’t, it would be when I have relocated or an outage during a storm, and in that case I won’t have power to game anyway. And I always buy games new and don’t lend/borrow/rent. For me personally, region-free is important because it alrdy doubles the system’s value as I don’t need to get an extra one.

          I’m just saying MS’s getting a lot of hate though (which they do deserve after E3), no matter what they do. Now they are smart to fix this, so no complaints here, I very much welcome these changes.

          • Herok♞

            Well I would count as one of the importers because I own a few games from outside my region and I a say the region locking is annoying but not game changer which is why I am just ok with it being locked since 99% of my games come from the region I am in. I understand what you mean but my internet isn’t always the best so I understand all the hate for the DRM

          • Guest

            How can you not be bothered by strangers invading your privacy?

          • Aoshi00

            But it’s the US federal gov’t lol :) well, bothered or not, can’t do nothing about it (even before the whole NSA thing, I know they’ve been doing it, anything goes since 9/11).. If big bro wants to snoop go ahead.. I’m not that paranoid and not doing anything on the sofa :P Kidding aside, glad all the restrictions are lifted and then some (region-free). Both systems would have great games. Guess I would be doing the same, getting FF15 in Eng on the XB1 & importing the Jpn ver on PS4.. the DRM almost pushed me getting multiplatform on PS4..

          • yo1234

            I actually agree with this. I’m not doing anything illegal. And i’d rather be safe than have some more privacy. But that’s a different topic all together.

  • French

    I’ve never wanted a console to fail so much so as the Xbox One…it goes beyond the DRM. Just the way they treat their customers.

  • Ardus

    Some moments in the gaming community are never fully forgotten.
    Rather then the DRM that microsoft were trying to push i think more people will remember how they caved in so completely.

    They burned alot of bridges and lost alot of trust with this and it gonna take alot of work to build that back up.

    abit like what happened with the PS3 when it first launched.

    • Testsubject909

      I’ll remember it all, personally.

      • malek86

        Mind you, I could say the same about the PS3’s botched launch. Like how they told people to get two jobs to buy a console, or how it could run 1080p at 120fps and stuff. If Sony eventually managed to make itself forgiven to the point that people now cheer for them instead of mocking them endlessly, perhaps with time Microsoft can too.

        Not forgetting (nobody should, not even for the PS3), but if the conditions ever arise, I don’t see a reason not to forgive.

        • Testsubject909

          With time. Which is why I err on caution. Can Microsoft turn things around, or will they just revert and slowly go back towards their initial goals?

  • Mirai

    Even if they have done a 180 it still doesn’t change the fact that they tried to make those policies real.

  • Okay, I’ll say this: Congratulations Microsoft, for at least trying to change things. It’s good you stopped it with this DRM stuff, and it’ll help you.

    But that was only one of my issues with the system, and not even the most major one.

    My major ones are not only the /attitude/ they presented towards consumers (that people who want backwards compatibility are backwards, that the people who’d be affected by internet limitations are those in weird situations, like living in a nuclear submarine, that the alternative should be to play the 360, the twitter fiasco about always-online, ect.), but also the fact that the Kinect still feels invasive and needlessly pushed.

    You can’t really reverse the attitude they’ve presented at this point. Some people will forget, sure, but I’m going to keep it rather clear in my mind how they had decided to treat people before doing a 180.

    And while they claim you can turn off the features of the Kinect, it’s still a highly integrated piece of equipment that will need to listen to you regardless, and as much as they try to deny it, it’s data mining abilities, especially as you use their much touted TV features, including potential achievements associated with watching television that the Kinect would be watching you to do, and any type of government interest in it… It’s not something I want to support, or even let near my house.

    Again, it’s good they reversed their position on this. But it’s not meeting all the way.

    EDIT: Oh, and as a note, since the system still will need the first-time check, it will still probably only be released in the 21 countries they had announced in the first place, though without these standards they might be able to get them to those countries faster now.

    • Testsubject909


      Never Forget…

      I have nothing against those who forgive. But I always say. Never Forget.

      • Yamaneko22


        The North will never forget :)

    • neocatzon

      The damage is already done, but it’s good MS has done this. Hope they can stand back to the ground for healthy competition with Sony.
      It’s kinda sad family sharing revised, it’s one of the good point that needs to be pushed before.

      Stil, will the 21 countries at launch change too?

      • Sadly, the family sharing was only possible due to the required installations of games, and they seem to be reversing on that with the requirement of having the disk in the tray.

        That’s what we’d have to wait to find out, really, with the 21 countries.

  • TheCrimsonSpeed

    While this is good for those who are interested in the Xbox One exclusives, it almost feels like a ‘too little, too late’ kind of situation.

    Let me elaborate. Even with this 180, which honestly should have been the way it started, they still have almost two months worth of arrogance, assholery (is that even a word? *shrugs* is now), bad press and, most importantly, an angered consumer base’s loss of trust still hanging around, as well as just their attitude towards their customers being utter garbage. Those things don’t (and most definitely SHOULDN’T) just be thrown to the wind because they decided NOT to be dicks (probably due to their pre-order numbers in comparison to Sony’s). They insulted a large number of their potential consumers with zero regard, at the time, for the outcome. That shouldn’t be forgotten.

    I think this is certainly a step in the right direction, but it’s far from fixing all the damage they’ve caused. As far as I’m personally concerned, the damage has been done. What little consumer trust I had in them sailed away on a cruise ship to Antarctica, hit by an iceberg and never to be seen again.

    That said though, I’m in the boat (me and my boat analogies haha) where even though I would never even think of owning an Xbox One, I’d never want it to fail. The game industry thrives off competition. Say what you will about the 360 (believe me, I’ve had my fair share of problems with it), but it forced Sony to really step up their game after the rather poor PS3 launch. Competition is good. So I hope for the industry’s sake that Microsoft step up their game now. They have a lot of trust that needs rebuilding, and it’s going to take more effort then I think they realize to get it back. These changes were just part of the problem. Now they need to fix the entirety of it.

    As for me though, PS4, Wii U (which I currently own), and a decent gaming PC are still going to be plenty for the next few years~

    • yo1234

      TBH, i hope microsoft recovers enough to stay in the game. Mostly because it’s an American company and theoretically should have american jobs. Unless they moved overseas without my knowledge. As an American, i hope they stay in the game.

  • Donatetimo

    Microsoft: ”DRM is the future!”
    Sony: ”No, it’s not.”
    (Microsoft sales dept.) “Here are our current pre-order numbers”
    Microsoft: ”DRM is NOT the future!”

    get back in the game microsoft,stay true to your vision.

    • Godmars

      You forgot Jimmy Fallon.

  • badmoogle

    It still has kinect (which i don’t want),it still is 100$ more expensive than PS4,it still has lower specs than PS4 and the fact still remains that MS tried to treat me like an idiot.

    So no MS too little too late.Xbox go home.

  • edomon007

    this console war between xbox and ps just got interesting. I hope both next-gen consoles do extremely well.

  • l777l

    Yes, because they were nearly forced to. Their intentions haven’t changed. They’ll revert as soon as the resistance wanes. – So, they didn’t change out of respect for consumer rights, they changed because of consumer force. There’s nothing moral about this. They tried to go as far as they could, ever since the always-online rumor, and have now noticed that they could not go far.

  • Göran Isacson

    Well. That was unexpected.

    I have no idea what this will mean for MS though, if this means they break any of the old contracts with developers who signed on for this, if the machine gets delayed due to needing reverse-engineering, or… WHAT exactly will happen here. Is it all a charade? Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy?

  • Holy_Angel_Kamineko

    As someone who owned all three consoles last gen, this is great news! Very pleased with their decision! I was impressed with what Microsoft and Nintendo showed at E3/Nintendo Direct.Sony on the other hand not so much regarding new and/or exclusive games. Although The Order 1886 looked pretty cool. Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, and especially Titanfall all look like really promising titles and are a real coup for being console exclusive to Xbox One. Microsoft could introduce a subsidize option like they did with 360 to make it cheaper than the PS4. Regardless, it’s a good day to be a gamer no matter what your console of choice may be.

    • I’m pretty much in the same train with owning all three last gen console. At the moment I mainly play on my Xbox 360 which is a surprise considering I go on a site filled with sony fans. Anyway I’m still on the fence about buying an Xbox One because of two reason, they are still anti-consumer even if they removed the DRM and the other issue of the mandatory Kinect. All I can say is the damage is done and they can’t easily fix their customer relationship by turning off one thing.

      • Holy_Angel_Kamineko

        I am on the fence as well mainly because of the mandatory Kinect. But I can’t deny there are a bunch of games that look very interesting to me that are exclusively for Xbox One. I’m glad to meet another person who owns all three consoles. Sorry if this sounds weird but thanks for the reply, I was kind of nervous since I usually never post in articles on any site due to some bad experiences in the past.

        • mirumu

          I’m sorry to hear that. People get carried away with comments sometimes. I’m another owner of all three last gen consoles, and feel much the same way as you and Kaishou. If they sold an Xbox One without Kinect at a cheaper price I think I’d be more interested. As it is I’ll play wait and see.

          I’d be very surprised if Microsoft doesn’t offer a subsidised version in the future though much like you suggested in your original post.

  • kool_cid414

    Even with this change I don’t think it will help as much as they hope it will. It’s hard to bandage and kiss a boo boo if your the one who sliced the hand open with a knife of drm. I’ll admit I had no intention of getting the console in the first place, I’ve never been a fan of 98% of their games anyway and honestly the problems that arose just gave me a soapbox to stand on but like I said earlier, those who were hurt by this initially might not be so quick to jump on the xlap for fear of another xbone blunder. Region free is nice though.

  • But can it do a 360? =P

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    It’s a shame they already lost a load of preorders due to their poor decisions. Heck, what if they make a reverse 180 and go back to having the worst console of all time? And what about the obligatory Kinect?

    • I do hope they make that optional else I’m sticking with my PS4 until they make a bundle without the kinect…oh wait that’s never.

    • J_Joestar

      the fact that they can make such drastic changes so easily doesn’t really build confidence, if it is so easy to change at this late in where everything is pretty much finalized, it wouldn’t be surprising if they could easily reverse it with a system update later on.

  • ragingmerifes

    I was only going to buy it to get hipster credit (since I’d be the only one), but now, I don’t even care anymore.
    My 8th generation will be 3DS, PS4, PC, Wii U and Vita.
    And Ouya, because screw you, Microsoft.

    • ragingmerifes

      And by PC, I mean Linux. Screw you, Microsoft.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I’m not affected by this as I won’t be getting an Xbone anyway.

  • Testsubject909

    Might as well. Relevant and interesting to listen to.

    • Mordina

      That guy is awesome :3

    • ShadowDivz

      Also, lol at that anal sex metaphor.

  • KnifeAndFork

    lol so now the XBox 360 is not necessary huh Don Mattrick? *eats Doritos and sips some Mountain Dew*

  • Maia Kasoya

    Alright, now wanna do another 171°?

  • Isaac Newton

    Looks like teens are now celebrating.

  • Keima88

    Hmm I think green heart/vert will aprove of this :).

    • Damarius Wingfield

      Yes, yes! The goddess of Leanbox would approve of this!

  • 1Fella

    Still buying a WiiU & PS4.

  • Stranger On The Road

    Now make the “3 Xbones eventuality on the cloud” to be optional and you got yourself a deal :-)

    For people like me who don’t have a fast internet connection at home, the cloud computing is not an option that we can handle. If it is required then it is a deal breaker; if it is optional then we can live without it :-)

  • nonamekeyblade

    for my country,xbox one is a useless brick.TQ ps4

  • Scallion

    Regardless of how they behaved initially, this is a really GOOD THING. A really powerful electronics manufacturer bent to the will of consumers before they even launched their console, and changed their entire rights management approach. That sets an excellent precedent.

  • Gekokujou

    I’ll be honest, based on the fact that the PS3 were lacking in exclusives and killer apps this current generation I was this close to jumping on the XBox train for the new generation, but after the bad PR it’s been giving (and with the PS4 giving us what we want from them), PS4 has my vote.

    However, I’m still willing to give XBone a chance if they can show me the biggest comeback of the decade.

  • Tiredman

    They chose to dig their grave, and I personally plan to let them keep lying in it. I still don’t want a camera / microphone in my house that can’t be turned off….and yes, it can be turned off but it still takes commands so it is not really off.

    With Microsoft’s recently leaked involvement with PRISM, and their extremely crappy work on Windows 8 and cracking down to control everything, I have lost all trust in them. If they can make these changes with a day one patch on the Xbox one, then they can easily reinstate these changes with another patch a year or 2 into the consoles life time. And even if they don’t, they have completely lost me as a xbox fan. Xbox 360 was my first console this generation, it was my first, and will be my last, Microsoft tech product.

  • $36487238

    Wow. They really listened and changed eh?

    Hmmmm…. Still going for the PS4. I’m not going to go bananas on those who want the Xbox One. I’ll respect their decision on that.

    But who knows? I might get the Xbox One if they have something interesting to hook me in. ‘Till then, I’d like to stream PS3 games, enjoy 1 free PS4 game a month and other cool features via PS+, and go Remote Play via VITA :D

  • Rock Volnutt

    So imagine if a murderer walks up to you, puts a gun to your temple, with his finger on the trigger, and says “I’m going to kill you”. You ask him not to. But then at the last second he doesn’t. Clearly this man listens to people, and you should befriend him and trust him, right? This whole Xbox One thing was probably set up from the beginning to be as draconian as possible, and then Microsoft would change things back to normal and convince people that they listen to their fans. The sad part is there are morons who will fall for this.

    • Mr_SP

      That seems too complicated for Microsoft.

  • xxx128
  • Yamaneko22

    Still too expensive, weaker than PS4 and has a mandatory spy device Kinect. Besides, after all what they were planning to implement, I don’t trust M$ more than ever. The damage has been done.
    Sony and Nintendo is how I will play.

    btw There’s so many problems with XBone, that I even forgot to add that it will only be a useless brick in my area. LOL Thanks for nothing M$

    • ShadowDivz

      Yeah. They turned their backs on their beliefs, that’s as low as you can go.

  • XiaomuArisu

    too little too late
    You lost Xone

  • Dear Microsoft/Xbox One: Oh praise be to you great one for finally relenting after a hailstorm of protest since your unveiling for ALLOWING us mere mortals to continue to do with our video games what we’ve been able to do since 1985 (i.e. buying/selling/trading the games we bought and paid for as well as play our games offline for longer than 24hrs at a time) even though Sony was going to allow us to continue to do so from the start. Once again, thank you all powerful as MERCIFUL Microsoft/Xbox One for bestowing upon us our given rights that we’ve been utilizing since 1985!! Praise be to you powerful one…. Eat shit.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    *Talks fast than slows down* Yes and Hell no!

  • Yan Zhao

    They listened to all their canceled and lack of pre-orders I see. Smart move that even a kid can figure out. Too bad the damage has been done.

    And lol region free. Would’ve been nice if the 360 had that so I can play Cave shooters. What exclusive will Xbox One have that I care about from Japan? Probably none since nobody is gona support it there.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    PS One, PS2, PSP and PS3 now. Satisfied costumer since 1995. Obvious choice is obvious. ^^

    • XiaomuArisu

      Its only does everything!XD

  • mike dickson

    so microsoft is copying ps4 thats just sad but sadly no body is going to buy this 500 $ VCR microsoft go home your drunk

    • revenent hell

      Oh people will buy it. Even the fanboys of Microsoft that cried out about the problems XBoxOne had will buy it now.
      Simply because they got there way

      • mike dickson

        true that and i taught this years was the year the fan wars ended but in the end if everyones happy the games will sell with a lack of complaints imo

        • revenent hell

          Just because they gave in doesn’t mean I think they should earn funds for it. Pretty much their statements are rude, they imply gamers are lazy and wrong for not wanting XBoxOne’s version of the future of gaming and even though I own almost every system I wont support this one.
          There is still so much wrong with it that nothing can make it right

          • mike dickson

            well you raise a great point there micro$oft just wants to put there ideals on people i will not be getting the xbox one because of this revarsel idea they are way to greedy as a company i mean come on they still have pc yet there doing this also they don’t care about the fans

  • CirnoLakes

    Oh my goodness.

    Hey, at least they’re learning from their mistakes. It’s a little late to take back a lot of the damage that’s already been done to the XBOX brand. But better late than never.

    At least now I’ve gone from “there’s no way I’d ever buy an XBOX One no matter how good of exclusives the system got to”, “well, maybe if there’s a whole bunch of titles I HAD to buy an XBOX One for, I might consider it.”

    I bought an XBOX 360 to play Tales of Vesperia. And I still need it to play the English version of that game. I also like it for playing Cave shooters. I’m actually quite fond of my XBOX 360. I have a white model with a Deathsmiles front plate. In a world dominated by black electronics, it is nice to see some light and some colour. In fact I kind of want to get my hands on a white or pink model of PlayStation 3.

    Anyway, at least the XBOX One is no longer the scariest console I ever saw. I’m still not getting one anytime soon. I’m going to be getting the PlayStation 4 immediately. But I likely have several years to think about the XBOX One. I am hoping to never be tempted by one still.

    • revenent hell

      Unless its a game you are just inherently fixated upon and cant wait to play it,give it time. Most console exclusives eventually end up on other systems after a while so there’s no need to rush in to buying it.

      • CirnoLakes

        Unless you’re talking about the PlayStation 4, that’s what I basically just said about the XBOX One.

        I’m going to still avoid buying an XBOX One. I’m buying a PlayStation 4 with the hopes that most titles that don’t come out for the PC will be available on the PlayStation 4 or Wii U.

        Pretty much the gist of my entire post was that I’m going to “give it time”. Again, unless you’re referring to the PlayStation 4. In which case, sorry. I’m not going to bother to wait much on the PlayStation 4 and I’m just going to go ahead and buy one.

        • revenent hell

          Reading the post it came across a little differently to me . Not that I thought you were supporting it or anything.
          Probably because ive read just far to much stuff about the XBoxOne’s ” exclusive” games and peoples reactions…
          Of course there are quite a few system specific games and if one of them is “your” favorite/cant live without game, I do get buying the console but for the majority it just feels like that’s just an easy excuse to use to not look in to the device more and compare them because people don’t want to change their “fandom”

  • Heath Bunch

    So, the whole family sharing plan was just a glorified demo system…the rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper…

    • revenent hell

      Well it seems legit to me ONLY because they did remove the family plan.
      They cant implement this with a real and valid Disc that you don’t download the game to th e hard drive with

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