Hideo Kojima Plans To Take On The World With Metal Gear Solid V

By Sato . June 20, 2013 . 11:20am

Hideo Kojima talked to Famitsu in a recent interview about Metal Gear Solid V’s open-world and online features, after an eventful week at E3 2013. In the interview, he also spoke of his intent on taking on the rest of the world with Metal Gear Solid V and shared his thoughts on Western reactions of his latest announcement for the game.


Famitsu started the talks by asking Kojima to share his thoughts and reasons behind his recent global announcement of a “AAA” title.


“Well, a part of me likes to express myself in such a way, but video games are a form of media that rely on technology,” says Kojima. “Games continue to grow horizontally, but in order to evolve in a vertical direction, they need to climb one step at a time, and it isn’t easy to jump two steps at once. In other words, if they don’t pursue the most they can, it’s a tough road ahead.”


Kojima then added that social games cannot be overlooked in this regard, and that Metal Gear Solid V will have a next-generation social aspect to it.


In a recent web radio show, Kojima talked about the possibility of a multi-tablet implementation for Metal Gear Solid V, which could be part of his plans for next-generation social features. Kojima pointed out how the Metal Gear Solid series evolved after each title, as he has implemented new ideas for each installment, which he believes were vertical steps for the franchise in their own ways.


As for Metal Gear Solid V, Kojima believes that it is important for a game’s appearance and its impact to be heavy whenever a title is announced. For this reason, Kojima Productions put effort into the game’s visuals and making it into an open-world title. Kojima would also like to emphasize that Metal Gear Solid V is a core game on its own, but once you get to try it out for yourself, there will also be a next-generation social world, that utilizes cloud features, waiting for you.


Metal Gear Solid V will be available for current and next-gen consoles. Additionally, it will also have tablet features mixed in. Kojima believes that we live in an era of cloud services, and there isn’t a need to be restricted in particular platforms, which is another reason they’re going with the PC-based Fox Engine.


The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been one of the most successful Japanese developed series that has shared most of its success in the West. Famitsu asks whether Metal Gear Solid V is currently being developed with the thought of further expanding in the West in mind.


Kojima replies, “Our intent is to develop something that can please players on a global scale, so we’re not thinking about anything like that. However, Metal Gear sells the most in the United States. The largest market is also the United States, and they’re home to the world’s largest game show in E3. Naturally, we’d like to compete and win against the world’s best, there. Metal Gear Solid V’s ‘V’ also stands for ‘Victory,’ which also means that we’d like to win in a global scale, once again.”


The trailer that was shown at E3 this year, was a huge hit among Westerners, which Kojima shared his thoughts on as well. Says Kojima:


“In the past 15 years, hardware has continued to evolve, but I don’t think the substance of games have evolved as much. In a sense, I’d like to take a step forward. But If I go too far, I may not be able to sell as much in Japan (laughs). Not only the graphics, but I want to increase the quality within the games themselves.”


Finally, here’s a message from Kojima to the fans looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V:


Metal Gear Solid V will indeed be challenging the rest of the world. In order to win this fight, we’ll be needing all of your support. Please look forward to the world of a next-generation social service that will utilize the cloud.”

Metal Gear Solid V is currently in development for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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  • AuraGuyChris

    “Metal Gear Solid V will indeed be challenging the rest of the world. In order to win this fight, we’ll be needing all of your support. Please look forward to the world of a next-generation social service that will utilize the cloud.”
    …Wait, the world is evil in his eyes and he wants us to live in the sky?

  • badmoogle

    “In the past 15 years, hardware has continued to evolve, but I don’t think the substance of games have evolved as much. In a sense, I’d like to take a step forward. But If I go too far, I may not be able to sell as much in Japan (laughs).”

    What does he mean by that?

    • gerald

      Games look much better, more realistic, and mature, but that’s all on the surface and most games are still pretty shallow when you get past how mature they look. Not that that’s always bad.

      The thing about Japan is referring to how little appetite there is for extreme violence and dark subject matter in games.

      • badmoogle

        I understood the first half of his comment it was just the stuff about Japan i didn’t understand.He seems to imply that if he takes a step forward and improves the game’s substance (not just the graphics) Japanese fans will not like it…which seems absurd to me.

        • AndyLC

          “Our intent is to develop something that can please players on a global scale”

          was the line he said before that statement. Basically he’s saying that he’s aiming for the global audience, but he’s not going to marginalize Japan in the process.

        • KnifeAndFork

          Japanese overall like lighthearted games with Anime presentation. Gritty Hollywoodesque Cinematic photo realism isn’t something they really go for. That’s a Western thing

          • badmoogle

            But he’s talking about gameplay not graphics.

      • LynxAmali

        Really? Violence and subject matter can appear light hearted at first glance but get pretty deep once you look at it. *coughInfiniteSpacecough* Story is pretty dark at the core but gives off a light hearted atmosphere.

      • AndyLC

        That applies to books, movies, any media.

    • Dominic Hunter

      He means to say that if the game is too “advanced” or different from what his Japanese fanbase has grown used to, he won’t be able to appeal to them effectively.

      Harsh version: Japanese gamers (en masse) don’t like big changes or innovations in their games.

      • badmoogle

        “Harsh version: Japanese gamers (en masse) don’t like big changes or innovations in their games.”

        Well i’m not so sure about that.The biggest innovations in terms of gameplay come from Japanese developers and usually their home market is very important to them.

      • drproton

        I’d extend that to every market. Western AAA seems to suffer from as much homogenization as any.

        Fortunately, the market is large enough in North America that indies can achieve huge success even while innovating.

    • Nitraion

      Simple means japan doesn’t really like a big change…
      look at their type game like musou or visual novel wise…

      • KnifeAndFork

        yeah game design wise many of them are still stuck in the 90’s

    • AndyLC

      Kojima is directly competing against the western developers who toot about “EVOLVING THE INDUSTRY” and “MAKING ART”. Kojima knows that western developers like to marginalize Japanese ones, so he is pretty much taking them head on, to beat them at their own game.

    • FlamingFirewire

      I think Kojima also might be taking a jab at how Japanese society is usually very slow to change when it comes to social norms and acceptable behaviour when it comes to the perceptions people have of Japan around the world.

      • badmoogle

        But he’s talking about improving the gameplay (“the substance of games”)…it’s like saying i’m offering you a new improved version of a Toyota car model,for the same price of the previous model,and you still don’t want it.:p

        I think if those changes really improve the gameplay then everyone will like it regardless of region.

  • Bob Obb

    Social features, tablets… Ugh. And why do I get the feeling there’s going to be micro-transactions? That stuff better be completely optional. I don’t want to see a single one of these immersion breaking features in the campaign.

    • Ninastars

      I feel like it’s more that he’s wanting to build MGSV into a very complete experience full of replayability and variety through these features. Like one of the external thing was the horse-racing thing he talked about.

      It’s actually pretty cool. This way MGSV not only includes the core game but it also includes the new Metal Gear Online as well as all these smaller sub-games created by the users. It just means there’s going to be a ton of content that’s very diverse in nature.

  • Richard N

    So you’re finally gonna do Z.O.E 3 after this one right?

    • MrTyrant

      An open world Z.O.E.?

      • Lιβεr LεγιΣ

        Orgh…..Nerdgasm…..why have you done that?

      • AndyLC

        Zone Of NeverEnders

      • Solomon_Kano

        All that… space lol.

        • MrTyrant

          Traveling from spacial station/colonies to earth and going to mars or other planets? yes please.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’d be sick.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Sadly, Konami basically cancelled it. I think the main issues involved the framerate and the series’ popularity.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Cancelled over framerate? No. Put on hold because ZOE HD didn’t sell? Yes.

  • DS23

    This time you’ll need even more scissors! 61!

  • XiaomuArisu

    Yay for me!

  • Dominic Hunter

    “In the past 15 years, hardware has continued to evolve, but I don’t think the substance of games have evolved as much”

    I assume he’s either referring to predominantly Japanese games or super-mainstream AAA games, because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a great deal of evolution in games over the last decade, even.

    • AndyLC

      He’s pretty much making a rebuttal to the western developers who are constasntly tooting their horns about ‘my gaem is art!!’ or always shouting “WE GOTTA MATURE INTO HALLYWUD”, those developers tend to scorn Japanese titles.

      Kojima is pretty much calling their bluff.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Kojima cannot take on The World… Muda Da
    Not sure if this vs the world thing is even a big challenge. MGS is praised pretty much everywhere it’s released. I remember Kojima’s Keynote a few years back at one of the GDCs. It was pretty cool and I don’t think he ever holds back when creating a game… I suppose he’s saying he wants to make an influence on developers and publishers to increase the quality of their games. There are a lot of games nowadays that of course are good and fun but do they really push the boundaries? I noticed numbered installments in some series not make noticeable jumps in terms of gameplay and content. Maybe that’s what he wants to change?

    • z_merquise

      I think that’s what exactly Kojima meant.

      And yes, I think it would be pretty easy for Metal Gear to compete with other big, established franchise simply because it’s freakin’ Metal Gear.

      What I would really like to see is Kojima to work on an original IP instead. I think that would be a real challenge if he is really intent on being at the top of the game industry.

    • Chee Yang

      I always think about the keynote he did a few years back everytime I read an article about Kojima.

  • scratchbach

    I will fight for you, Kojima..

  • Tom

    It’s unbelievable how I don’t give a f*ck about social features and cloud gaming. I want an authentic Kojima-MGS game, nothing more. I don’t wish to race horses or pursue time with outer. I want to enjoy the game. It’s like a ritual, it’s really personal. It’s just the game and me.

    If Kojima wants to favor western gamers he shouldn’t have dropped David Hayter in the first place…

    • Brandon001

      Tom, its going to be okay, MGS V will be fantastic.

    • AndyLC

      >>I want an authentic Kojima-MGS game, nothing more.

      This is the Kojima that turned memory cards and rumble controllers into psychic powers

      This is the Kojima that turned internal clocks into bosses dying of old age.

      This is the Kojima who is now looking at mobile platforms. He is a man who adapts in playful ways, it’ll be fun.

      • Nightmare637

        I’m kinda scared after reading this. lol

        • AndyLC

          >>You’re playing MGSV on the couch
          >>Your phone rings, you pick it up
          >>You hear a strange, yet familiar voice:

          “do you rike it?”

          >>you hang up in panic
          >>a cardboard box is now in your living room.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I would run out of my house lol.

          • Anime10121

            The exclamation mark appearing over my head would make me curious to see what’s underneath.


          • Solomon_Kano

            Nah, man. That’s the prelude to some mean CQC. Or a tranq dart — and that’s only if he’s playing non-lethal! No chances lol.

          • Anime10121

            Hey, Ill set the alarm to ALERT!!! At least my death will not be in vain, I’m taking out (well at least my alarm company when they get there 5 hours later) the guy in the box with me!

          • Solomon_Kano

            Unless you live and get Fulton’d out to chill in Outer Heaven’s brig lol.

          • Anime10121

            Yeah, would nice! But i thinks me size would literally crush outer heaven and everyone in it.

          • Solomon_Kano

            You’re a Metal Gear!?

          • Syn

            lol, this just got my Internet for the day, well deserved my friend.

      • Tom

        That’s all true and was fun. But the internal clock, memory card and rumble feature was all inside my console from the beginning. I don’t have a smart phone, nor tablet, I’m not registered on any of the social networks. That’s what makes me worried because I don’t want any of these to be part of the game, I might feel I’m missing out something because of them.

  • Brandon001

    The visionary.
    The legend.

    • I’ll just leave this here…

      • Brandon001

        lmao, i like that, no but, i give him respect for a lot, opinions opinions though.

      • KnifeAndFork

        okay thats cool but he’s not easy on the eyes

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    When I read the title for a second I imagined Kojima conquering the world.

    • ShadowDivz

      And i will be right beside him.

    • AndyLC

      Fighting the world,

      Not for nation
      Not for ideals
      Not for love

      But for Revenge. I feel like Kojima is really pouring his heart into this title.

      • Utku Savaş

        Revenge for what? The praise for him? The success?

    • Anthony Cobb

      Creepy Agent York Morgan is creepy

  • SirRichard

    There’s adding new features with each instalment, and then there’s adding every single feature known to man, which he honestly seems to be aiming for with 5.

    I’m glad for it, the industry needs its visionaries and someone needs to show how it’s done.

    • AndyLC

      I think it’ll sync nicely with PS4’s “share” button

      Kojima’s probably noted that games like CoD have a shitlooaaaad of millions of youtube hits, because people share their experiences with one another.

  • AndyLC

    ““Metal Gear Solid V will indeed be challenging the rest of the world. In order to win this fight, we’ll be needing all of your support.”


  • Solomon_Kano

    With all the stuff Kojima’s adding to MGSV, this might be the biggest leap in structure I’ve seen any series make between entries since we jumped from pixels to polygons.

    In the face of so many series being unwilling to change, Kojima continues to push MGS into new territory. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Ni

    “In the past 15 years, hardware has continued to evolve, but I don’t think the substance of games have evolved as much.”

    I concur. Both West and Japan had been stucked with the re-use of the same themes and gameplay mechanics of the mid to the end of the PS2 generation, the only diference is that the graphics are better.

  • Big Boss

    kojima FTW.

  • Sebastian Holm Nielsen

    I still don’t get how the game’s gonna fit on a Xbox 360 disc – wasn’t that the issue with MGS4? Anyway… why buy it on current-gen just before next-gen begins? :D

  • Link Slayer

    O how I’m so pumped

  • Utku Savaş

    A cool epiphany has just hit me: What if Ground Zeroes will be released for current gen consoles and The Phantom Pain is for next gen? Remember the last time you see an MGS game goes cross-gen? Me neither.

  • Patrick Rosencrans

    Eat your heart out halo!

  • Nicholas Perry

    Fuck Social. Other people ruin my experience. I don’t need no cloud junk outside of Metal Gear Online.

    Kojima is just looking like a big tool right now. Following trends instead of doing something unique.

    And it’s certainly showing that he’s trying to cater to the west with Open World and less cutscenes. (And getting rid of hayter for some big name hollywood actor when the Japanese get to keep Akio Otsuka. Though given BB’s voice had to change at some point it would’ve been fucking nice to see hayter in Ground Zeroes at least since it takes place RIGHT AFTER PEACE WALKER. It makes no sense someone’s voice would change like that so suddenly)

    I really don’t give a crap about it competing with generic Western game with no personality 7, or other popular western stuff. I want something that is uniquely Metal Gear and uniquely Japanese. And that’s all I care about.

    Capcom showed plenty enough this generation what happens when you try to westernize your games.

    Not to mention, he and konami totally half assed ZOE HD (that runs worse than the original) and outsourced it after lying to our faces that they were doing it themselves. Then it sells poorly and they cancel ZOE 3 and blame poor sales of ZOE HD.


  • Bashar QN

    u my hero kojima

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