Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Shows The Power Of Luigi’s Imagination

By Spencer . June 20, 2013 . 2:20pm

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is AlphaDream’s fourth RPG, and this game is all about Luigi’s dreamy powers. When you’re inside one of Luigi’s dreams, the game plays like a 2D sidescroller. Pressing A makes Mario jump and pressing B makes Luigi jump so the controls are quite different from New Super Mario Bros.


The part I played had the platforming part on the top screen and Luigi sleeping on the bottom screen. Soon enough, I reached a point where Mario and Luigi couldn’t go any further because the next platforms were too high. That’s where Dreamy Luigi comes in handy. He can use his imagination to take over objects like a column that transforms with Luigi’s face and a bush moustache.


You can pull Luigi’s moustache on the bottom screen to grab Mario and fling him to higher ground. Later in the level, Luigi uses his Luiginary powers to make dozens of tiny Luigis. Mario rides a stack of Luigi clones to scare a small army of monsters and he the Luigi tower is also heavy enough to break ground so the duo can move forward.


Dreamy Luigi also powers up Mario during Mario & Luigi: Dream Team’s battles. AlphaDream uses a similar battle system where you can inflict extra damage by hitting A during an attack animation. If you press the button at the right time, you can make a wave of Dreamy Luigi’s shake the ground during Mario’s hammer attack or make Luigi stomp on an enemy. Another demo had a Kaiju fight where a Godzilla-sized Luigi fought a gigantic robot. I held the 3DS like a book and swiped the screen to make Luigi attack.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team like the other Mario RPG games puts an emphasis on humor and the parts I played had clever jokes. The demo has a lot of text and if that’s any indication to go by there may be even more text in Dream Team than other portable RPGs.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is slated for release on August 11 in North America and in July for the rest of the world.

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  • pedrron

    This and SMT IV are my most anticipated games! Great year for the 3DS!

  • So far I’m getting Project X Zone next week, then SMT IV next month and finally M&L DT in August. I’m excite!

    • mojack411

      Exact same agenda here. And Pikmin 3 in August too?! Nintendo is gonna make me go bankrupt!

  • Auvers

    Really hope they fix the battle system, they probably won’t.

    • fix it? The battle systems is engaging and fine as far as I know what could be the problem?

      • Auvers

        You only basically get a small selection of attacks and they are all basically the same thing. You pick the one you’re most comfortable with and you just repeat it over and over again until the fights over, one attack. That’s just not how an RPG should be to me, Paper Mario certainly isn’t like that. In the first game for boss fights you basically rely on Bros. moves for Boss fights, you get 8 bros. moves 4 for each bros and 2 of those 8 being optional. they all basically do the same thing, I can’t say if they do the same amount of damage since it’s been years since I played it. Then we’ve got Partners in Time which got rid of the Bros. moves for items but the items don’t really work much differently, you atleast have a variety of attacks but it’s basically just picking the one you like the best and using it. In Paper Mario you get the opportunity to strategize with partners and with badges which can give you different types of attacks and items as well. Different attacks and different items have different types of status effects and do different varying damage.

        • I have to agree with this, but also a lot of the time it feels like “discover new bro move/item, use it until you get the next one.”

          • Auvers

            yeah, that too. Alot of the time I’d just pick the next one and use it, I kept plenty of Shell items around though cause those were the ones I was most comfortable with.

  • Göran Isacson

    Oh man, even in his dreams Luigi is still propping up Mario… though I AM looking forward to the Godzilla-sized Luigi battles. Those sound like they could be massive amounts of baller.

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