Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Is Confirmed For Japan, Europe, And South America

By Spencer . June 20, 2013 . 11:31pm

Saint Seiya is going back into the fighting game genre with Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers. Oh, and Namco Bandai already confirmed plans to release Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers outside of Japan. The game will also be avaialble in Europe and South America this fall.


OK, so Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers may not be available in North America, but it will be localized into English. The Dynasty Warriors-like Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle was also released in PAL territories, but not in North America.

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  • Go2hell66

    what an odd mix of regions to release in

    • AndyLC

      Not really, those are all the places Saint Seiya became popular.

      Especially in the 80’s, the US was the last place to get a lot of Japanese shows.

    • Marcelo Gouvea

      It was the same thing with Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle. Saint Seiya is *big* in South America (probably one of the only, if not *the* only, anime/manga that manages to make a profit to this day).

      I still didn’t expect it to be released around here (South America), though. That would mean the previous game sold well. A Playstation 3 game, officially released, post-PS3 hacking, sold *well* in *South America*? Cue the flying pigs…

    • Zharkiel

      Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac never really took off in the states. It was/still is something huge in Mexico, Brazil, Italy and France.

    • Aoshi00

      Like AndyLC said, Saint Seiya was actually immensely popular in many parts of the world, Asia, South America, & Europe during its run, it just never caught on in North America, like soccer.

      I’m glad this game is for the original and not Omega. Sanctuary Battle was a pretty good game, would import this as well. Hope they would have a good and long story mode for Poseidon and Hades (Sorento & Kanon were DLCs before), and see the 7 Sea Generals. Sanctuary was great, but it’s been down to death in all the past games.. Better yet, include Asgard even if its anime original…

      What’s w/ the New Cloth for the Sanctuary arc, I hope old Cloth is available too. And they’re showing Ikki beating on Shun lol.. he would never lay a finger on him :)

      Like many, I was sad to see the old voice cast gone, but the new VAs are settling in their roles pretty well after so long.. the new animation like the beginning of 2nd OP Soldier Dream is pretty cool :)

      • Renaldi Saputra

        true that.. Soccer anime like Captain Tsubasa was very popular in Europe, Asia, and South America..
        That’s why soccer games now like Inazuma Eleven weren’t released in NA

        • Aoshi00

          yeah, Saint Seiya and Captain Tsubasa were my childhood, growing up in Hong Kong.. I found out later that Saint Seiya was actually popular in mainland China as well, so it was big pretty much everywhere except the US..

          My friend from Brazil was also a huge fan of Seiya. Even before the Hades OVAs were made, it was a French animator who did two short movies for the fans giving us hope.. his art actually more closely resembles the style of Araki Shingo/Himeno Michi..

          Here in the US people are more familiar w/ the more recent spinoffs Lost Canvas or Omega than the original Knights of the Zodiac (which was dubbed badly in Eng w/o the epic Yokoyama Seiji soundtrack), so it’s not surprising it won’t be released in the US, since most people have not heard of it and won’t buy it..

          I kinda lost my passion for soccer though after living in the US for so long.. my friend’s probably excited the next World Cup would be hosted by Brazil :)

          • Renaldi Saputra

            Chinese ppl usually know a lot of rare series that had never aired in US or underrated one like SMT Devil Children, Legendz, Digimon X Evolution, Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go a.k.a. Tamiya, and many more..

            even most of the series above had become popular in there and their fanbase are still exist until now..

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, because virtually all anime are aired in HK or Taiwan.. but back then not as much in mainland China in the 80s, yet Seiya was one of them, famous even to people who don’t watch anime.

            Before Let’s & Go, the Mini-4WD craze actually started w/ Dash Yonkurou. I spent so much modifying those model cars getting motors, wings, bumpers, tires, stickers, etc lol.. Cyber Formula was great too..


          • Renaldi Saputra

            here in Indonesia, we also got some of those rare series too but not as much as in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Korea..
            oh, DashYonkurou, I’ve ever heard that..
            well, but in here, the craze of Mini-4WD was when Let’s & Go series started airing..
            too bad western ppl especially in North America didn’t know at all about Mini-4WD it seems.. (except South America)

            that was good old times..

    • Minos

      Saint Seiya’s USA’s oficial dub was beyond terrible, that hurted the populatity on that area.

      I mean, the thing has a lot of blood, so they colored it yellow and called it “Sweat”, Hyoga spoke like a surfer, the leyendary OST was changed to lame Rock and Metal, etc.

      • Go2hell66

        yea watched the whole thing, kinda liked it though :p

  • Mr_SP

    *Is* it a fighting game? I know it says it is, but… Isn’t this using the same resources as Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle?

    • Solomon_Kano

      The trailer makes it pretty clear that it’s a fighting game, I felt.

      And by resources do you mean assets? It wouldn’t be particularly difficult to take Sanctuary Battle’s character models and use them in a fighting game.

      That said, no, the game isn’t reusing Sanctuary Battle’s assets. Compare the above trailer to:

      • Mr_SP

        Yes, I meant their models. Animations were identical as far as I could tell, as well. The HUD isn’t even being shown, so there’s no way to compare there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were just the 1vs1 segments of Sanctuary Battle expanded into a full game. The various Roads were the least interesting part of the game, after all.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Well, unless they’ve slapped a cel-shaded filter on top of the Sanctuary Battle models, Brave Soldiers also has a different art style. So I don’t think they’re reusing the same assets, though it’d certainly make sense if they did. Nice and cost effective.

          • Mr_SP

            That’s pretty much what cel-shading is. It’s not a matter of polygons (though it has been used as an excuse to do so), it’s a renderer. It’s about as complicated as recolouring the characters, but in a slightly different way. Wikipedia can give you a general understanding of how it works, but the major point is that they don’t need to remake their character models or animations, which is much, much more time consuming. They *might* need to tweak their graphics engine to support it, but that’s all.

            Of course, they have to add in a bunch of new Saints, so it’s not as if there’s no work to be done, but everyone in Sanctuary Battle can just be copied over, and that’s not an insignificant number.

            As for the “pretty clear that it’s a fighting game” part, the thing is that unless the game is now restricted to a Tekken-like 2.5D battlefield, it’s not showing anything that Sanctuary Battle didn’t do. Even the attacks: the Pegasus Ryuseiken shown is exactly the same as the Big Bang Pegasus Ryuseiken from Sanctuary Battle (see 5min into the video you posted), except for the lack of changed scenery. There isn’t enough normal attacks for me to judge if it’s now a proper fighting game or not. Heck, it might be a Naruto-like fighting game… Which is basically how the fights against Saints worked in Sanctuary Battle anyway.

  • AnimusVox

    *lives in North America*
    Oh….ok :’c

    • You can import from South America. LOL.

      • AnimusVox

        Lol good point. Sometimes I forget that PS3 is region free (usually). Good thing I know a decent amount of Spanish, but I’ll probably import the European version.
        Thank you :> *hope reignited*

    • Eliézer Dos Santos

      Mexico is in North America

  • OkamiKing

    Well Phoenix Ikki is already confirmed, and Leo is a given. I’m good to go

  • SoundMatch

    YAY another SS game! I’m just waiting on a full musou type game of the entire series. (If they can get asgard in I would love it). Damn I would pay $600(HKD) for that game. My wallet is getting screwed in the ass these days. I’m so happy.

    • Zharkiel

      Some Asgard reps would be cool, doubt they’d get their whole arc since it was mostly filler (even if said filler was the best goddamned filler in shonen anime history). A musou game in Hades? Yes please!

      • SoundMatch

        Just imagine having to build all 5 bronze saints from santcuary to hades. Lvl99 may not even be enough.

  • pimpalicious

    Hopefully it comes to NA but if not I’ll probably import it from EU.

  • Romancer Ecclesia

    waitwaitwait… SOUTH america??! D:

    • IshimaruKaito

      lol RIGHT!!

      • There’s zillions of Saint Seiya fans in Brazil.

        • The-Beast

          You could say it’s as popular as or maybe even more than Dragon Ball here.

        • Romancer Ecclesia

          That’s good to hear… that the global anime fanbase will grow beyond merely North America! :D

        • Ni

          And i’m one of them :p

          • R.I.P. TV Manchete. ^_^

          • Ni

            Saint Seiya, Detonator Orgun, Shurato, Jiban, JIraya, Changeman, Yu Yu hakusho…urotsukidoji :p
            So much good tokusatsus and animes that probably never will see the light of the day again here. ):

    • Eliézer Dos Santos

      Saint Seiya is a HUGE sucess in Brazil, it’s a classic like none other anime here.

      Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle came here too.

    • Raharu95

      IKR XP

    • DFH9

      LOL You must be 8 years old son. I’m actually surprised they are releasing this game outside of South America, spain and France. The fanbase there is huge.

    • Learii

      ya I know but the game won’t come USA because saint seiya never and never come to usa before

  • Demeanor

    How will this play? 1-on-1? Musou? Please PLEASE make the battle system at least a touch more complex/technical, I weep when fighters are too simplistic T_T Wow, Hades in, nice!

    • Eliézer Dos Santos

      It looks basically a re-skined Naruto fighting game. Even some movements looks the same.

    • British_Otaku

      It looks like Storm and based on that I would say you would have to wait for another game… Though it is only the first PV, maybe the mechanics will be closer to the likes of Budokai or Clash of Ninja.

  • Astraye

    I’m so disappointed, i was expecting another game…

  • Enma_Kozato

    Ah, yes. Time to import like I did with Sanctuary Battle.

  • Virevolte

    The battle system looks like Naruto, no ?

    • Yeah i was thinking the same thing….

  • TheExile285

    A DD release would be better than nothing but I guess I can import it :/

  • ChiffonCake

    Oh, South America, huh? That’s unexpected, but cool. I’m sure a lot of fans over here will be happy.

  • Raharu95

    I approve of thid. South America needs more official localizations~

  • Musashi234

    Wait what?!?!?! South America!!!!!! Lol thats a First heh well good thing the ps3 is Import Friendly.

  • Penguin

    well at least the ps3 is not region locked.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    so they said South America..
    it means that the game will be in Spanish and Potuguese for that region?

    • unblockedgiant

      Voices in English and Spanish and Portuguese subs.

  • Carlos Escalante

    Technically, it WAS released in Nort America. It got an official release in Mexico, which is part of NA. But most “americans” tend to forget that.

    • British_Otaku

      More importantly, the PS3 is region free and if it was Mexico would have the same region as all of the Americas.

    • Brion Valkerion

      No it actually was released in “Americas” as well. It was just on Nickelodeon and none of the episodes were in the right order, and the show came on at a stupid time, with no promotion. Think they made it about 5 episodes in before cancelling it.

      They pretty much pulled the same stupid edits from One Piece, Naruto, DBZ, and Yu Gi Oh ect. Another reason why it failed so hard here.

  • Sergio Briceño

    A new SS in HD must be the best news today…

    “…and South America.” It’s like, I don’t even care whatever else happens today.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    I’m surprised with Morita voicing Seiya.Furuya had already returned to voice him in Omega but I guess Morita does a better job voicing teenager Seiya

    • Aoshi00

      Omega is a spinoff, so Furuya reprising as the older Seiya is more of a cameo.. and now we have the 2nd gen VAs for the 5 bronze saints..

      Furuya actually didn’t want to voice Seiya for the rest of the Hades because his fellow cast members were discarded by Kurumada, to show solidarity.

      Morita is not bad, he was Ryuuji in Ring ni Kakero after all.. at first I thought the new Shiryuu and Hyouga sounded too much like each other.. I still would take the original cast anyday, but the original actors are indeed getting older day by day (and Shiryuu’s not even around anymore).. it was a pity Horikawa Ryu did not get to voice Shun’s Hades.. still the late Hades OVAs lost a lot of impact (and fans’ support) w/o the original cast and was much weaker. But as the newer games keep using the new cast, it doesn’t sound that jarring anymore..

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        Actually Furuya keeps voicing Seiya until now. He is in several episodes.

        • Aoshi00

          I know, I mean only in Omega as a spinoff series, but not in the Hades OVAs or games based on the canon story, which have moved on using the 2nd generation cast completely. It would sound jarring to hear Furuya being the original Seiya w/ the rest using a different cast.

          I’m surprised he came back to reprise as the older Seiya even in a spinoff, since Saori/Athena is neither voiced by Han Keiko or 2nd gen Orikasa Fumiko, instead by Nakagawa Shouko, which I thought was horrible since she’s a singer..

          Hades was made too late and partially ruined by not using the original cast, which fans had hoped for over a decade..

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            The one who got an official replacement is Shiryu. His actor is one the successor of the one who died. Still, I think Morita does a better job voicing hotheadedteen Seiya while Furuya does a better job voicing wise adult Seiya (fair to say Furuya is quite older)

          • Aoshi00

            All 5 Bronze Saints (Furuya Tohru, Suzuoki Hirotaka, Hashimoto Kouichi, Horikawa Ryo, & Hori Hideyuki) were officially replaced by younger VAs after the Hades Sanctuary OVA (of course Shiryu’s VA sadly passed away), in the subsequent drama CDs, Hades Meikai/Elysium OVAs, and games. I don’t know if they made cameos in Omega.

            The new Shiryu by Sakurai Takahiro (Cloud of FF7) amd new Ikki by Konishi Katsuyuki weren’t bad. Furuya had voiced many young heroes in his prime (Amuro of Gundam, Kyousuke of Kimagure Orange Road, etc). Morita was a good Ryuuji in RinKake, but Ichigo from Bleach as Seiya took a lot of getting used to (I hated it at first). That’s the whole reason for the cast change because Kurumada thought the original cast was too old, which really wasn’t the case. But it completely alienated long time fans of the original series, who had petitioned to not make this change at the time, so the DVD sales suffered. It can’t be helped since Hades OVA was made almost 20 years after the TV series ended. The veteran seiyuu still sounded more unique though. If you listen to Vegeta now in the new DBZ games, his voice really sounds coarse when he yells, he was a much better Shun than the new one.

  • > South America


  • Jesse Torres

    Saint seiya is huge in south america, but come on, at least release a handfull in the u.s or a downloadable version of it.

  • Jesse Torres

    I noticed they took the same mechanics from the naruto storm series, like the dash and the substitution.

  • Chaos-Mafioso

    I’m not a big fan of saint seiya, but here i’m hoping this is released in Latin Spanish and Brasilian Portuguese.

    Seriously, I live in Chile and i’m tired of all the “spanish dub/localization” BS. Their spanish is nothing like ours, it’s almost another language altogether, so much that i prefer games in english than in spanish (perhaps the reason why when it comes to games our region is mainly NTSC and not PAL).

  • Aztec

    So now Mexico is part of South America? If you want to include everything except Canada and the US just call us “Latin America” and call it a day. No one will get pissed by calling us all that which is better than calling us all “South America”.

    Also, for some reason, “americans” tend to forget Mexico is geographically part of North America. Hell, the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was signed by Canada, USA, and Mexico.

    Also a quick google search for “North America” yielded me this:

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