Super Robot Taisen: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice Pulls Out Its Laser Guns

By Spencer . June 20, 2013 . 11:25pm

Namco Bandai released a new clip of Super Robot Taisen: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice with Remia in her mech. Termium Buster go!


Super Robot Taisen: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice is slated for release on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on August 22.

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  • Brion Valkerion

    ugh why did every Japanese publisher decide to release everything they have been working on in Aug. Hate skipping stuff given how quick things are considered success or failures but damn there is a thing called a budget!

  • Since it’s a Super Robot Taisen OG game, its localization is getting fought for by Operation Hotblood and Operation OG (Petiton). Personally, it’s better that the very first Masou Kishin games come to the west, UNLESS MK3 has an event library, just as OGs2.

    If it has an event library of previous events, then I guess that MK3’s localization is as possible as OGs2, and OGs2 for the PS3 is the most likely SRW OG game of getting a localization.

  • Brimfyre

    I just got into SWR: OG, but am slowly realizing what a mistake it will be as I have added yet another franchise to my list that will never see the West.

    It really sucks with the OG games because they are so perfect for localization without all the cross over series.

    • Tre W

      The main problem there is that there would still be a lot of text to translate. Then they would have to opt between licensing the Japanese vocal track or spending the money for a full-fledged dub.

      And that’s a lot of money and effort to spend for a game that likely would struggle to reach 100,000 units in the West on a good day, sadly.

      • Maybe, but we can’t give up. We can’t just accept that this is how things are supposed to be and just go with it. If we truly desire a franchise like this getting a localization, we have to convince Namco Bandai, that we – nay, that the west wants SRW OG games.
        Even if the chances are slim, we need to let our voices be heard. The Rainfalls roared, the Project X Zone’ers roared, and we Hotblooders shall roar as well.

    • I know the chances are slim, but we have to unite and let our voice being heard nonetheless. If nobody speaks out, nothing will happen, so we just have to give it our all and let Namco Bandai hear our voice “West wants SRW OG”.
      And yes, there is a voice for SRW OG games. Aside of Operation Hotblood’s usual activity, there has been a #JRPGvita Twittering action going on, and “Masou Kishin” was one of the games that got the most mentions, the others were FF Type-0, the Tales games and Valkyria Chronicles.

  • MrTyrant

    Wasn’t a mech similar to this used by another guy. The one from La gias that appear in OG 2nd? this masou seems to be a variation.

    Still the girl and her theme seems cool.

    • Mugen555

      If im not wrong, she’s Zash sister with unit named Galgardia.
      Her VA is Mayaa Sakamoto

      • MrTyrant

        Mayaa Sakamoto!? man, I wished she would have voiced a main female character for another SRW installement but with her serious tone instead.

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