Dead Rising 3 Has A Surreal Fight With A Psychopath Deluded By Video Games

By Spencer . June 24, 2013 . 3:00pm

deadrisingb Siliconera exclusively revealed details about Dead Rising 3 a year and a half before Microsoft unveiled the game as an Xbox One exclusive. We posted concept art of the main character, revealed he was a mechanic, and that the game takes place in Los Perdidos. We have a lot more to tell you about Dead Rising 3 from documents we received from an inside source.


Dead Rising 3 will have psychopaths to fight and most of these boss-like battles are with humans that went insane during the zombie outbreak.


One of the psychopaths is an Asian immigrant who moved to Los Perdidos dreaming of a better life. “Shifu” (that’s his codename) has been working a low paying job for a family that doesn’t respect him and his only refuge is a Zen garden that he grooms everyday. During the zombie outbreak, Shifu continues to maintain his garden and kills anyone that steps inside the temple. Of course, Nick stumbles inside and sees Shifu holding a staff and meditating over a mound of corpses. He leaves Nick alone until Nick trips on one of the garden’s rocks and knocks it out of place. Shifu fights Rick using something that looks like a Guan Dao.


Another psychopath is a female professional wrestler and bodybuilder. Nick runs into Jerry at a gym who is lifting weights and upset that her competition was canceled due to the zombie outbreak. Jerry looks more masculine than feminine and Nick thinks she is a he which ticks Jerry off. She throws weights at Nick and uses various grappling moves in battle.


Players will also fight a motorcycle gang leader (pictured). Unlike the other psychopaths, the motorcycle leader welcomes the zombie outbreak because this brought the anarchy he has always dreamed of. The biker leader has a custom motorcycle with a steamroller front wheel and various human remains attached as a war trophies.


The most interesting psychopath that we know about is a spoiled adult living off a trust fund who plays video games all day. Trent has been hiding out in his mansion completely oblivious to reality when Nick comes in to rescue him. Trent who is lying in a pool of empty chip bags and mountain dew tells Nick to blow off because he needs to finish a level first. Nick tries to reason with Trent, but he’s so deluded he talks about headshots in the game and whines about how a pizza delivery man hasn’t arrived.


Dead Rising 3 is slated for release later this year as an Xbox One launch title.

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  • Godmars

    Sounds like talk that they too out the odd humor were a bit premature.

  • Pockystix

    sure it’s games he’s into?

    he seems more like he can’t get beyond Thunderdome

    • Those are two different characters. Trent isn’t the Bike Leader.

      • Pockystix

        I’ve been duped!

  • Sergio Briceño

    Ever since Far Cry 3 I’m Loving psychopath enemies :)

    • AkuLord3

      …well that’s late when there’s been those before that game …

      • Sergio Briceño

        Yeah but I kind of specially like him.

      • Warboss Aohd

        Vaas woz special.

  • AkuLord3

    “Nick who is lying in a pool of empty chip bags and mountain dew tells Nick to blow off because he needs to finish a level first.”

    Think you mean Trent~ and yeah this seems very similar…is he playing CoD on his Xbox One while getting EXP boost from the Mountain Dew and Chips…that are probably Doritos. I wanna say they’re having fun but at themselves? *shrugs*

    • I believe Microsoft, Doritos and Mountain Dew teamed up to endorse that apparent “stealth insult” of a character Archetype. If the guy is playing either a CoD, a clone of said title, or some retro/modern Activision-like game, then that would probably cement the image. I will also expect Trent to also have a beard growing through his neck. Because, you know, there aren’t enough stereotypes here.

    • Yeah you’re right that was about Trent, Thanks for the correction!

    • scarlett mchale

      just as Rose said I can’t believe that a mother can make $5354 in four weeks on the internet. did you read this page w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  • KnifeAndFork

    “Trent who is lying in a pool of empty chip bags and mountain dew”

    omg do it Capcom….render him as Geoff lol

  • Aoshi00

    I really like the Dead Rising games, especially the psychopath bosses like gun crazed hillbillies, clown, butcher, but was not good w/ the time limit.. Case Zero was easier because it was short.. As they say, when the world goes down the crapper, it’s the living that you should be afraid of..

    The Walking Dead, State of Decay, and the Last of Us are all great zombie games (haven’t seen World War Z yet), looks like DR3 should be good too.. and they haven’t introduced hot female chars yet like Jessie or Rebecca Chang :)

  • Solomon_Kano

    Best thing to come out of MS’ conference. I’m looking forward to this greatly.

  • GibbRS

    This news gives me hope. When I heard DR3 would be more serious in nature, I was afraid we wouldn’t have this type of stuff in the game anymore. Yay for bizarre psychopaths. Now we just need news of Nick being able to dress up as a magical girl and ride a tricycle through town.

  • Skode

    They didnt confirm these pschyo boss battles so this is the news i need… it was one of the most appealing console exclusives and i liked the darker tone but no Dead Rising game would be complete without these battles vs complete fruitloops. Its hard to be original i guess when youve already featuring nutjob clowns juggling chainsaws but i like some of these ideas… even if they sound familiar to some weve already seen in the series already.

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