Final Fantasy XV Will Be Considered For Any Hardware That Uses DirectX 11

By Ishaan . June 25, 2013 . 10:40pm

In the second part of his internal E3 interview with Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura voices a few of his thoughts on the latter game. Nomura’s revelations of Final Fantasy XV aren’t as interesting as on Kingdom Hearts, but below is the video, in case you want to watch. The FF talk begins a little after the halfway mark.



Here are a few interesting tidbits from the talk with Nomura:


  • As previously reported, discussions regarding renaming Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV began early on, and the final decision was made a couple of years ago.


  • There isn’t much of a turn-based style to the game, but there is a Command system as well. The game won’t be an “action-only” game. It needs to have the taste of Final Fantasy.


  • Imagine what it would feel like if Final Fantasy were to become an action game.


  • Noctis can battle by himself, but will be able to cooperate with other players/characters. The teamplay will also be connected to the game’s story. (Note: Whether this refers to multiplayer or AI-controlled team players is unknown, although Nomura has mentioned the possibility of multiplayer)


  • Noctis can’t actually defy gravity as it may seem to appear in the trailer; he can teleport himself into the air. The idea is to create a balance between realism and fantastical game actions.


  • Final Fantasy XV is being created at a quality higher than next-gen consoles are capable of, and the game is being ported down to consoles capable of running DirectX 11. Nomura specifically says that Square Enix will consider releasing the game for other hardware capable of running DirectX 11 as well. We’re going to assume that a PC release for FFXV is a very serious possibility.


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • epy

    I hope there’s some female “party” members. Also hope they don’t make them DLC. Speaking of DLC, I really hope they rethink the way they make DLC since FFXIII-2. Do it the Tales way or something.

    • Tiredman

      Same, I literally hated the fact that they made Gilgamesh dlc and butchered his music in the process.

    • Sam

      Tales is an awesome series epy, but I hope that they add a few female characters as well. I have read that FFXV will most likely have other installments so it is very possible that there will be playable female characters. Tales of Xillia coming soon :)

      • CirnoLakes

        I think that everyone who loves Japanese RPGs should be keeping up with Tales nowadays. They don’t fail to impress.

        Then again, I’m known to have this insane love of Tales in general.

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          I’ve yet to be dissapointed at a Tales game. The worst one I played was Phantasia and even that one was amazing.

          Also… they literally look like playable anime, something that Toki To Towa couldn’t figure out.

    • LightGenx

      The closest thing we’ll get to a female party member is Prompto.

    • Herok♞

      I personally felt there was nothing wrong with the DLC they didn’t leave anything out the stuff, it was just extra fights and costumes really

    • LightningFarron19

      Actually, they said Story based DLC did not go very well (negatively) so in Lightning Returns, they just said “costume based DLC will be used since it was extremely positive”

      XIII-2’s DLC was used as an experiment to see what DLC fans responded most positively to.

    • Daniel Sheridan

      Im sure Stella will be a party member eventually.

      • Vash bane

        im also hoping the dragoon knight :D
        but sadly looks like she will be a boss

        • Daniel Sheridan

          What about the black haired woman with the hazel eyes that is shown in that promotional image with all the character’s portraits side by side?

  • Spider-Man

    “Final Fantasy XV is being created at a quality higher than next-gen consoles are capable of, and the game is being ported down to consoles capable of running DirectX 11.”

    Since the footage we saw at E3, will they be leading with the PS4 followed by Xbone, then maybe PC? I don’t mind multiplatform as long as quality doesn’t suffer like XIII did.

    • They are not leading on PS4. It sounds like they’re developing in a PC DirectX environment, and porting down to consoles, just like most western developers and Capcom do.

      • landlock

        Which I’m assuming is why quite a few western games were PC/XB360 and missed out the PS3 because it was to different to develop for.

        • Well, in the opening years of this gen, that’s certainly why a lot of multiplatform games ran worse on PS3.

      • CirnoLakes

        Ah Capcom, that’s one thing I’ve liked about them. They’re one of the Japanese companies that has always stood at least somewhat behind the PC.

        I just wish they’d make things right with Mega Man.

  • It really is starting to look more and more like this generation belongs to PC, rather than any of the consoles. At this rate, I really don’t see myself investing in either a PS4 or Xbox One, since it looks like a PC + Wii U combination will cover the vast majority of the console games market.

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      That’s if you listen to the big heads over at EA, Squeenix, Blizzard etc. Small and niche Japanese studios will still develop for next-gen consoles. Besides, you only get consoles for their exclusives.

      • Sure, but I don’t mind missing out on a couple of games here and there if I still get to play the vast majority of everything else that looks cool. Even between a PC and Wii U, I doubt I’d have the time to play all the games I wanted.

        • mirumu

          It does look like you’d cover virtually everything from the big publishers that way, and if you can keep all your gaming time occupied then more power to you I guess. I like my niche titles too much to do the same.

          • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love my niche games. Visual novels are my favourite genre to this day, and I don’t think that will ever change. But I think when people talk about niche games in the comments, they’re referring to things from Gust or NIS or Compile Heart.

            Personally, I’m okay with missing out on those games if it means I still get to keep up with Japanese developers like Atlus (mostly on 3DS), Square (showing interest in PC), From Software (already on PC), Platinum (already on Wii U), Capcom (already on PC and Wii U/3DS), Treasure (mostly Nintendo-exclusive) etc.

            I guess I’ve just lost tolerance for a lot of things over the last few years, too. Like, at one point, I loved every game Suda made. Now? I think he needs to take a serious look at how he produces his games and address the style-over-substance issue they consistently have. It’s one thing for Flower, Sun and Rain to be sloppy, since that’s an adventure game and runs entirely on story; but it’s a different matter entirely when his action games tend not to be that impressive.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Don’t forget many of Sega PC output have also been great nowadays.^_^ Total Wars is coming out.^_^

          • brian

            What about Falcom?

          • Falcom have PC roots. I think we’ll probably start to see more and more from them come over to the PC side, especially now that the new consoles are based on x86 architecture.

          • mirumu

            I think we’re largely on the same page actually. Visual novels can be niche, but they’re also commonly on the PC (or handhelds) so I don’t think you’ll be missing much there.

            Gust, NIS and Compile Heart are the kinds of companies I was thinking of as niche too, although that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. I’d extend it to cover at least the likes of Aksys, Falcom and Tecmo-Koei. Probably a bunch of others too.

            Personally I’d say I enjoy the output of those companies as a whole better than that of Capcom, SquareEnix and Activision these days. That’s purely my personal taste though. I find AAA is getting a bit samey and don’t trust it’s sustainable.

            Even Atlus I’m not really too sure. They do seem 3DS focused right now, but they were also showing interest in HD games too. Would they go PC? Would they go Wii U unless it’s sales really pick up? I guess they could stick to 360/PS3 for now, but I think the ease of development on PS4/XB1 could be attractive to many developers in their position. It’s not like developers have to prove themselves on the 360 or PS3 first. If the PS4/XB1 are as easy to develop for as it seems support for the 360 and PS3 could dwindle quite quickly.

            I do see the Wii U’s viability in the west as being a potential wildcard too. I’m sure it’ll do okay in Japan and the US eventually, but in the less Nintendo-friendly markets I’m not so sure. This could have flow on effects to third party platform choices too. A number of major retail chains here in New Zealand are already just giving up and clearing their Wii U stock. You could pick up one here for the equivalent of US$115 right now, and even then they’re moving really slowly. In publishing terms we’re typically bundled in with Europe and tend to follow the same trends so I wonder what the Wii U situation is in Europe right now? I don’t envy the situation publishers face trying to sell games for the platform here.

          • Oh, Wii U’s third-party situation is in the gutter. I don’t think there’s any feasible way to turn it around at this point. That said, as long as Nintendo keep collaborating with external developers on things like TW101 and Bayo 2 and SMT X FE, I’ll be more than happy to own a Wii U. I don’t care “where” the games come from—just that they’re there. :P

          • You’d want a Wii U for the first party anyway. I definitely didn’t buy one for the third parties. The X Project from Monolith, Monster Hunter and the SMT x FE are my top picks right now.

          • CirnoLakes

            I guess you are. And I guess that’s fine. I still need my Cave shooters. And my Shin Megami Tensei/Persona games. And my Tales(of) games. And my Disgaea games. And my Atelier games. And ect.

            Which means I most likely need to own a PlayStation 4. Even if I don’t want one that badly otherwise.

            The interesting thing about how generations have gone by is how impressive the hardware itself seems rather than just the exclusive software. The Nintendo NES? HAD TO HAVE IT. No way did I want to put with with Dos to play every little game when I could just pop in a cartridge. SNES? Had to have it. Windows 3 was nice but it wasn’t that great. PlayStation? Windows 95 was okay but I wanted a PlayStation, too. PlayStation 2? That has a DVD player and a CD player and plays great games! I don’t know how to build a gaming PC, so I’m going to go with the PlayStation 2. PlayStation 3? Eh, it’s sort of okay, I guess. Exclusive games and a Blu-Ray player, hooray!

            PlayStation 4? Eh…. if I have to. I do want to play Japanese video games. Console just don’t seem that special anymore in comparison to PCs.

          • I’d follow Atlus to the ends of the earth! Just… most of their support has been on 3DS so far, and I already own that system, so I’m covered. And I’m sure Persona 5 will be on current gen as well, so I doubt I need to worry too much about buying a PS4 or XB1 to play that.

          • Its weird that they have taken so long to announce Persona 5. Are you sure they will release it for PS3 and not PS4? I mean their latest persona undertaking was on PS Vita. Atlus could pull a SE FFXV move.

      • Strid

        “Small and niche Japanese studios will still develop for next-gen consoles.”

        That has yet to be seen [for this coming gen], it’s too early. As it stands, developing for the next Playstation and Xbox is almost exactly like making a PC game. If Sony and MS stay their usual course, it’d probably be in a lot of smaller studio’s best interest to just make a PC game and not bother with a port. This is exactly why Sony is allowing self publishing [among other things], to keep the little guys on board.

        I don’t think we’ll see more PC exclusives than usual, what I’m getting at is unless Sony or MS button a game up for themselves, it’s pretty likely it’ll get a PC release as well. Things are going to change this next generation, big time in this regard.

        • CirnoLakes

          Yeah, there’s a lot of shifting in the industry. Outside of the Wii U, all of this generation’s console titles are coming out for x86 architecture hardware. And many of them appear to also be coming out for the DirectX API.

          Console exclusivity is being attacked from all sides. The handheld market, too. Really, the traditional game market, is being attacked from all sides.

          On the one hand, Power is being phased out and x86 and ARM have taken over. Sony and anyone else but Nintendo have failed at the handheld market. Even they have moved to ARM. And even Nintendo are feeling pressure from the “mobile” industry. Consoles are using things like x86 and DirectX, which is extremely new, especially the x86 part. And the PC seems more popular than ever before, console genres like the MMORPG were just emerging with the PlayStation 2’s generation. Steam didn’t exist, neither did Minecraft, Touhou wasn’t mainstream, either.

          Now, the doujin PC gaming industry is huge. MMORPGs are huge. Online gaming is huge. Minecraft is huge. Touhou is practically a national icon. Consoles are now basically just PCs. And handhelds are now basically just cellphones without cell phone plans(or in some cases, they are, with things like the PSPGo, and the Vita having cell phone plans optional). We’re also at a point in the industry where powerful PCs are cheap and people are no longer all that wowed by new graphics. New graphics used to sell systems. Anymore, however, there’s a “do we really need new systems?” sentiment widespread. That has never happened before. People went nuts over how much “better looking” PlayStation 2 games were over the PlayStation. Now? That’s all gone. Most people are pretty happy with their old systems despite how outdated they are in comparison to PCs.

          The gaming industry has never been in a situation like this before. And I think it is very plausible to see a huge movement to multiplatform development and release.

      • CirnoLakes

        “Small and niche Japanese studios”

        You mean medium sized. There’s a gigantic and booming doujin industry in Japan right now that is PC exclusive. Japanese conventions are literally dominated by Touhou.

        There is a vibrant doujin industry in Japan that isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it seems stronger than ever. There was a lot of rockiness moving from the PC-98 glory days onward. But the doujin industry is the strongest it has ever been now since the PC-98 days. In fact, probably much stronger. The PC-98 folks may have had things like Snatcher or Brandish. And old school classic Visual Novels.

        But the new school doujin industry has titles like Touhou Project, must more popular than it ever was on the PC-98, Umineko no Naku Koro ni(07th Expansion is still going strong), Recettear, and lots and lots of others. Recettear sold over 100,000 copies just through the Carpe Fulgur localization.

        I wouldn’t call the smaller console developers to be truly “small”. More like medium sized.

        There’s an interesting thing about indie development in Japan. In that there’s a huge rift between the doujin industry in the big industries in Japan. There’s a lot of articles on the internet talking about this with the anime fandom. There’s a lot of separation between official and “doujin” distribution. At least in the West indie has been really shaking things up for a long time. But I feel that’s more of a recent thing in Japan. And there seems to be less shades of grey. In fact, a part of the stigma major Japanese developers have with the PC, is that it’s that system for low quality indie works. And thus don’t want to be on it. And there’s this idea, more than in the West, that if you’re developing for the console, you’ve “made it”. Again, it seems like a much bigger jump from indie to major in Japan. And for a long time doujin culture and industry has been really small and really struggling. If I understand things correctly, at least.

        But the doujin industry is starting to get really, really strong. Stronger than it ever was before. Doujin developers are making a lot of money off the PC and mobile markets right now. And are finally starting to shake up the major publishers and developers for the first time in a long time. Touhou is already one of the most successful franchises in Japan.

        I think the reason you tend to see cutesy niche games for the PC, out of the doujin industry, but not as much on consoles. While some really major, high budget, Western looking Japanese games also get PC releases, but not similar, niche Japanese games from medium sized developers is because of this cultural divide. Big games like Street Fighter aren’t going to ever be mistaken for Doujin, and also a lot of games like these come out for PC for similar reasons to the XBOX 360, appeal to the Western audience. Those niche games from Japan on consoles have already carved out a niche console market that is largely taken by the doujinshi industry on the PC. There isn’t much to distinguish something like Atelier Rorona from Recettear on the PC. And I think that’s a part of why you see the two extremes. Gust can grab the people who would have bought Recettear on the PC, on consoles.

        Anyway, that’s a complicated matter. But looking at Japan, they seem more medium than small, just by nature of being on consoles.

        Anyway, that could change, if the industry for such things becomes brighter. Right now I’m sure they don’t do it because it seems like a safe bet to stay where they are. Making lower budget games for consoles rather than competing with the dojin industry. However, if the doujin and big budget Japanese industry get big enough in Japan, more smaller companies may try their hand with the PC.

        Compile once developed for the PC but abandoned it because they felt they had a better niche on consoles, I’m sure. But now are looking back at the PC, and Ghostlight have been tasked to porting Agarest War to the PC. The game will also be available in the Japanese language in Japan. So this isn’t just a Western port. Interest in this platform is increasing from all sections of the Japanese industry. The major, “AAA” industry, the folks who have “just made it” to the console world, and of course, as always, the doujin/indie folks who have always been on the PC side.

    • I JUST bought a Wii U for the same reason. XD
      Glad I’m not the only one

      • Tiredman

        I am heading the same way, Wii U this holiday season, 3DS in August, and probably a PS4 the holiday after this one, with a PC for the games I want to play that aren’t on Wii U in the interim. I am going for the PS4 onlybecause of the rpg games for it, like Disgaeas, Agarest Wars, and yeah, even though I dislike almost everything having to do with FF XIII, I am skeptically optimistic for XV. I am incredibly tired of AAA games and all the drama that accompanies it, and I think a indie friendly Wii U, with games like Secret of Mana and Earthbound on the online store, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, and loads of indie games on Kickstarter adding Wii U stretch goals, not ps4 or xbox one…. The Wii U has an interesting future ahead of it.

    • puchinri

      I’m pretty much going Wii U and 3DS, but will inevitably get a better PC and look for titles on there too. There’s a lot of indie stuff I’m looking forward to on the Wii U (really hoping A Hat in Time makes it to Wii U!), and I’m too invested in the 3DS as it is with more to come. The PS4 kind of sounds nice, but depending on how the gen goes, I may actually go without a Sony console in my home for once (but maybe I’ll get a Sony PC and pretend it’s the same~).

    • Duc PC-QB

      What about exclusive ? You dont care any of them ?
      Also Japanese dev wont make any of them for PC thou

      • Symbol de Au

        I know I don’t.

      • I do care about exclusives. That’s why I’ll need a Wii U to complement the PC. Because it’ll have the largest library of actual exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else.

        • Mithfalath

          Agree. But The Order is really drawing out my attention…

    • Good luck playing Japanese games on PC. Maybe FFXV will be on PC but not this year and maybe not in the next one.

    • Lubulos

      I agree. At this rate, you’ll just need a PC and Wii U, since MGSV is coming to PC as well.

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        Not confirmed

        • Lubulos

          Didn’t Kojima himself said that it will come in the future? Of course they can’t announce it now, no one would buy next gen consoles.

          • Shady Shariest

            They might go with games being on consoles for a while, and published later on PC, especially as M$ and Sony have made big sounds of this… (̶A̶n̶d̶ ̶K̶o̶j̶i̶m̶a̶-̶c̶u̶l̶t̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶s̶a̶c̶r̶i̶f̶i̶c̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶v̶i̶r̶g̶i̶n̶s̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶g̶i̶f̶t̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶ ̶n̶e̶w̶ ̶M̶G̶S̶)̶

            Edit: “Might appear” “Not a priority” he saiz:

          • Lubulos

            Exactly, in fact this is already happening with Castlevania LoD and MG Rising coming to PC. Publishers will not announce their games for PC, but they will still release it later. The best that M$ and $ony can get is timed exclusivity at this point.

          • Shady Shariest

            It makes sense, and i hope that they release on some all ready existing platforms like Desura, Gog or Steam (add more if you wish! :’) )
            I would pay my kidney to see certain games on Pc :P

    • Brimfyre

      I’m moving more towards that direction as well, but I really think I’ll have to wait a year or so to see where most JRPGs are headed. If Persona 5 is on PC that will pretty much be the tipping point.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        Just wanted to say holy crap this is probably the longest thread for one comment…

      • CirnoLakes

        I’ve been spending a surprising amount of time on the PlayStation 3 lately thanks to some of the titles it has been getting and is getting in the near future. I’m absolutely dying to play Tales of Xillia, PC gamer or no.

        As much as I’d like to simply not have to buy a PlayStation 4 and survive on the PC, the PC getting Tales games would be nothing short of a miracle. I don’t think that the Namco is all that interested in putting their new games on something other than the PlayStation 4 once they’re done with the PlayStation 3(which will be for a while, from the looks of it, they may be one of the last developers keeping the PlayStation 3 alive), so I’ll need to own one.

        As it stands, I only buy console versions of games right now if no PC version of the game exists. If Persona 5 came out for the PC, I’d still buy a PlayStation 4. But I definitely wouldn’t bother buying a console version of the game. Unless maybe there were some limited edition console extras like a picture book.

    • Shady Shariest

      As long as NIS stays on PS…I will have to get one :/

      • CirnoLakes

        For me, there’s too many things I would assume will stay console exclusive to count. Just a few of them being Nippon Ichi games, Bandai Namco games(especially the very Japanese ones like Tales, Namco Bandai is admittedly started looking seriously at the PC for the first time in ever), Atlus games, Cave games, Tecmo Koei games, and Nintendo, obviously.

        • Tales said they plan to stay on the PS3 though. So you probably won’t see any tales games til late in the cycle of the PS4.

          • CirnoLakes

            Indeed that. It seems like Bandai Namco are going to be a company releasing some of the very last games for the PlayStation 3.

            I wonder how long it will actually take them to move past the PlayStation 3. It sounds like a long time, from what they’ve said.

        • Shady Shariest

          Eh, i actually bought PS3 mainly just so i could play NIS’s games…Disgaea 4, thus far…

          Bandai Namco was a pretty solid example, worth of applauding *Clap Clap* they have some PC-games, all western… And i agree in traditional Jap. publishers and developers staying firmly on the consoles…

          Not that there is anything bad in it, i just don’t see any interesting big games on PC that i can on consoles :/

          All though making games for new consoles is exactly like making games for pc… I still have slight optimistic feelings of sometimes seeing a Disgaea on PC :3 Ever so slight :3 About the size of Axel’s ego inverted :3

    • Isaac Newton

      So now the main question is now….
      AMD or Intel? NVIDIA or AMD LOL….
      Wars after Wars LOL

      and the Ultimate battle
      Pirates vs DRM vs Physical Copy…
      PC is still the most Chaotic warzone.

      • Jake Joe

        Should be easy, AMD for Video Card since both PS4 and Xbox1 are using them. Then Just Go With Intel since they are still King of CPU.

        • CirnoLakes

          If you want a more console price range item, AMD cards are definitely the better buy. And I typically prefer to buy AMD GPUs myself.

          However, in the enthusiast range, anything around $500, nVidia is a better buy. The GTX 700 series is worth looking into, right now.

      • CirnoLakes

        Right now it is fairly well established that these companies have carved out different markets.

        AMD isn’t finding itself in a financial position to push the transistors like Intel. And is taking a “slow and steady” route with die shrinks. And is focusing on the APU and GPU market. Intel and ARM are the only two companies pushing their money toward die shrinks as of lately.

        Which isn’t all that bad except for how it keeps Intel prices more steady than they ought to be for consumers. AMD has been able to grab both Microsoft’s XBOX and Sony’s PlayStation 4 with its aggressive work towards cheap but powerful APUs.

        While, like how Intel is more expensive, but has the enthusiast CPU market locked down(i.e., more powerful than even more gamers need), nVidia has the enthusiast GPU and mobile market locked down for the time being. AMD hasn’t really tried to get into the mobile market like nVidia has. And AMD is doing well, but struggling against nVidias enthusiast GPUs. The HD 8000 series is coming out soon, but it is going to have steep competition against the GTX 780. Which is like a much more affordable GeForce Titan.

        AMD is the more consumer affordable market. Though if you can afford it, Intel and nVidia are often more powerful. If you have a console price range, AMD and sometimes Intel are the better purchase to make.

        • malek86

          I don’t really see a reason to choose Nvidia unless you specifically want 3D or you are aiming for a super-expensive dual GPU card, in which cases Nvidia has better support and performance. In everything else, Nvidia and AMD cards are pretty much the same in price/performance ratio, but AMD gives you some huge bundles of games for your purchase.

          It’s just too bad that they can’t be arsed to make a decent CPU anymore. Their new APUs will likely be a niche product again, because laptop builders prefer Intel, and laptops are kinda slowing down in sales a lot anyway. AMD really chose the worst moment to start focusing on the notebooks business.

          • CirnoLakes

            Nvidia has the best single cards on the market right now. The AMD HD 8000 series hasn’t come out yet. And GTX 780 is pretty much the best thing in its price range right now. Whether it stays that way or not, depends on how much of an improvement the HD 8000 series is over the HD 7000 series.

            Nvidia is also more innovative, overall. Much like Intel. However, unlike Intel, you pay a pretty large price premium for hardware, especially at lower levels. While at even some of the lower price ranges, Intel is still a better buy for CPUs than AMD. With GPUs, Nvidia is only preferable to AMD if you’re going for the best of the best. And especially if you’re going for a single GPU solution.

            The GTX 780 is a very tempting CPU right now for anyone looking at very high end range. Especially those not planning to wait for the HD 8000 series. The GTX 780 is better than the HD 8000 series in anything. With the exception of the HD 7990. But the HD 7990 is a big, heavy, power consuming card.

            So basically, we’re on the same page about the “super expensive” part. For almost every user, including much of the medium-high range, AMD is leagues better in terms of price to performance. I always buy and recommend AMD GPUs. So in fact I wouldn’t say that I think that AMD and Nvidia are equal except in the high end. AMD is notably better in price to performance than Nvidia. With Nvidia products, unless you find a particularly nice deal, you’re paying a premium.

            Actually, AMD is kind of underrated on the CPU side right now. They don’t have anywhere near as good of high end CPUs as Intel. But pretty much anything on Newegg right now from them is cheap and gaming capable.

            Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs are definitely the way to go right now though, I think, for the average user. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the HD 8000 series turns out. Depending on good it is, I’ll be buying an HD 8970 or a GTX 780. Not that I need to upgrade, I just want to see what I can do with a Haswell system.

    • CirnoLakes

      I’ll be getting a PlayStation 4, personally. Just because there’s still likely to be a lot of consoles exclusives from Japanese developers. A lot of Japanese companies are going to be slow to consider the PC. I think that it will happen, but it’s a slow process and market trend to be hitting Japan. And in the meantime I’ll be needing a PlayStation 4 to play all of the Japanese games that I’ll want to play.

      That being said, I really like the pickup of Japanese developers embracing the PC in recent year. I hope this is a trend that continues to grow.

      Aside from Steam doing great things for PC gaming in the West and ease of availability of PC games. I feel like there’s an inevitability in the PC becoming popular at this point. Kind of like how many are claiming mobile a market inevitability. Dedicated devices of any kind are getting less and less important. And graphical innovations are becoming less and less impressive. PCs and tablets are both multi-purpose devices. And most people nowadays are still impressed by games as good looking as Wii titles. Which is bad for consoles because low end computers have been more powerful than the Wii for a long, long time.

      Some people claim that the PC is less popular than ever. But the exact opposite is true. 50 million Steam users is unprecedented. And while the MMORPG market may be on a decline, it is still very healthy. And lots of other major PC games have arose like Minecraft. The fact of the matter is that consoles have lost a major advantage that they used to have. And PCs have gained a market advantage that they never had before. And that’s the fact that new console hardware just doesn’t impress people as much as it used to. In which low end PCs are quickly catching up to gaming devices in capability for what the average gamer wants. If a cheap PC can handle the things that most people want a gaming console to do, most people will go for a PC, instead.

      This is why consoles are desperately trying to find other gimmicks, because the console industry realizes they can’t compete by simply having a more powerful system anymore.

      • I end up having every console eventually. But I love new tech so I’ll be buying a PS4 as well. Already bough the 3ds and the Wii U recently for Monster Hunter. Also bought the Vita at launch. Buying the PS4 at launch. All that would be left would be the Xbox One but only a good exclusive would convince me to get it.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Translation to me: We’ll release it on PS4 first, then PC and Xbone. Or “Our engine is so advanced that “next-gen” consoles can’t handle it, so we’ll release it 14 years after its first announcement! Please be excited!”

    • How in god’s name did you infer that? Why would they release it first on PS4 and omit XB1 if they announced the game as a mutiplatform title in the first place?

    • I like how the 14 year rant is in quotes…
      Are you qouting yourself?

      • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

        No, I forgot the quotes on the first statement, and I’m too lazy to edit it.

  • Strid

    “Final Fantasy XV is being created at a quality higher than
    next-gen consoles are capable of, and the game is being ported down to
    consoles capable of running DirectX 11.”

    Ohhoho, the group of “people” that love to talk about how the next gen consoles will be on par with PCs are going to love this.

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      Which is they’re not.

    • Now now. Dont anger the media experience gods.

  • karasuKumo

    I wonder if they’d get more money to keep it console exclusive opposed to the profit from a PC release. I’m sure many people will buy consoles for this title alone (again in some cases, I bought a PS3 for Versus),

  • puchinri

    DirectX 11 and what is similar without being Microsoft owned they mean, right? ono

    I wonder if any of those points above have changed since the initial trailer and info.

    • mirumu

      With the DirectX 11 stuff, we really just don’t know right now. Windows and the Xbox One will both have genuine Microsoft Direct X implementations of course. As to the PS4, based on the information we know for sure right now it’s GPU definitely has DirectX 11 capable hardware, and the PS4’s shader language was intentionally designed to be very similar to the equivalent piece of DirectX.

      Most of what makes DirectX 11 special is in the shader language so this could well be what SquareEnix is referring to when they say “hardware capable of running DirectX 11”.

      Whether the PS4 actually has a full DirectX implementation in software is anyone’s guess, but based on my understanding of how DirectX works and on the information about the PS4’s operating system that leaked yesterday, my money is on “no”.

      • puchinri

        That’s what’s bothering me. It feels weird to say such a thing (I was going to say icky, I don’t know why). I feel like it’s an odd bias or there’s some knowledge lacking to just say “capable of running DirectX 11,” with no clarification.

        • mirumu

          Hehe, funnily enough I have the same reaction.

          At the end of the day OpenGL is used far more widely than DirectX. Not only has it long been the preferred API for Sony and Nintendo consoles, but also MacOS, Linux, Java, Android, Blackberry and the iPhone. It’s also preferred for CAD work even on Windows.

          As a combined group that’s a lot more devices overall, and today I think it’s much easier to find an OpenGL developer than a DirectX one.

          • CirnoLakes

            OpenGL is amazing. I wish everyone would use it.

            Though, I haven’t been aware that Sony or Nintendo use it. I could have sworn they used an entirely different API for their consoles than either DirectX or OpenGL.

            I definitely prefer OpenGL. And is an advantage over the gaming market that Microsoft has that I don’t approve of.

          • mirumu

            Nintendo has used OpenGL since at least the Gamecube, and Sony since at least the PS2.

            OpenGL’s only real problem as far as I’m aware is that because it’s used by so many companies it takes longer to standardise. It’s design by committee. New features end up being added as extensions, and don’t get added to the main standard until much later.

            It’s much easier for Microsoft to implement new features in DirectX. They don’t have to consult anyone else, they just do it.

          • puchinri

            I was thinking the same. I’m pretty sure OpenGL is a better resource to reference (but I guess he’s talking powerwise, but even then).

            Agreed on that~. Well, I guess we’ll wait and see how this plays out? (Hoping they go over that statement in the future though.)

      • PlayLife

        PS4 will have to run their games on Open GL since Direct X is a thing from Microsoft, but the end result is pretty much the same.

        • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

          All the hardware in the PS4 and X1 is from AMD, so really they’re already PC’s in that regard. There shouldn’t be any issues with having or running Direct X 11 on either system.

          • PlayLife

            I know very well that both systems can handle Direct X 11 since they are based on same arquitecture of normal PC’s and have GPU’s capable of that, but PS4 will not run their games on that, Direct X is an API that belongs to Microsoft so Sony’s PS4 either runs their games on Open GL or their own API.

          • mirumu

            Not quite. You can’t copyright an API so Sony could legally just clone that part of DirectX if they wanted. They could not legally clone the DirectX runtime however so unless they’ve licensed that from Microsoft it wouldn’t be a 100% match.

        • mirumu

          There’s been a lot of articles lately with vague quotes from Sony suggesting the PS4 actually has DirectX and quite a few commenters believe it to be true as well. That’s really why I brought it up. Based on the evidence so far I agree with you.

  • XypherCode

    Can’t wait for this and KH3. I’ll be buying both for PS4. But I still feel bad for guys who only has a Wii U. The system supports DX11 but maybe just not to the extent Nomura wants. If it ever comes to Wii U, (graphical fidelity aside) depending on how they’ll use the controller then I might buy the game on that.

    • malek86

      Wii U doesn’t support DirectX 11, or at least, not perfectly. It’s GPU is a DX10.1 derivate. Now I’m sure that Nintendo must have added some functions to make it anyway, but that would be a pain to implement. In short, and considering also how the Wii U is now the only platform to use PowerPC instead of x86, I would expect less ports than ever before.

  • Maybe FFXV will be available on Wii U? (Capable of DirectX 11)

    • mirumu

      The Wii U’s GPU is really a DirectX 10.1 part based on the AMD’s Radeon 4xxx family. The main features DirectX 11 added were tessellation and compute shaders, both of which the Wii U’s GPU does actually have, but I can only assume the implementation is not compliant with the DirectX 11 standard that came along later.

      When asked about the possibility of Kingdom Hearts III on Wii U before Nomura actually brought up how they would only bring the game to “DirectX 11 capable hardware”.

  • Chiupon

    “Noctis can battle by himself, but will be able to cooperate with other players/characters. ” does that mean noctis is the only one playable??? It seems like a contradictory statement to previous claims about the party…

    it’s gonna be annoying if you can play as the others, but only in some multiplayer mode e__e

  • Kai2591

    PC release please! yeah!

  • SpectralRaiden

    I’m still curious about Stella and that female Dragoon we saw in the TGS2010 trailer.

  • Shady Shariest

    PC, pc,pc,pc,pc,pc,pc,pc

  • natchu96

    The closest FF-ish action system I can imagine is what Type-0 had . . . still had that bar going and all.

    Really, the current FF battle systems are real-time enough you just have to add movement to them and you can have a working ARPG

  • Eilanzer


    • CirnoLakes

      In my case, this means “finally Japanese RPGs are starting to reach the PC and Square Enix is taking notice of the PC again.”

  • DarthSithZero

    Direct X11? For me that word comes with PC

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Oh, yes! Multiplayer, please! :D

  • CirnoLakes

    ANY hardware that uses DirectX? That means PC.

    Hooray, that means more Japanese RPGs are coming to the PC. This is another step in the right direction to the PC having a nice, large Japanese RPG library.

    I hope that other companies will take notice.

  • James Enk

    i don’t play a lot of multiplats but there are some i like to play unfortunately my pc is starting to show it’s age, the WiiU is not getting much multiplats and ps4 will be too expensive for me so i will be missing on a lot of games at lest for 2-3 years

  • Masa

    game looks stunning already on the consoles, imagine it on a high end pc.
    So excited for this game, i hope i’m not let down again like with FFXIII.

    • MrRobbyM

      The footage shown wasn’t on consoles

  • Søren Moskjær Lauridsen

    Sooo no PS4 then?

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    PC confirmed

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Couch co-op like Tales would be great. My friends and I were just playing Graces F together the other day. Good times.
    Might wait for PC if its going to be so much prettier though.

  • My question is, what’s stopping them from making a Wii U version of FF15 and KH3 without the DQ11 features? Speaking on behalf of Wii U owners; we just want the games, we don’t care if they don’t look as good, they’re bound to look gorgeous either way, it’s how you use the platform, but we just want the games period. :(

    • mirumu

      Nothing is really stopping them, but it would require quite more effort and probably would cost more than the other platforms.

      They’d have to rewrite or cut back all their shader code. They’d have to spend extra time tuning the game for the Wii U’s PowerPC CPU since it doesn’t use x86 like everything else. They might also run into problems with the smaller amount of memory. There’s probably more stuff too.

      The return probably wouldn’t be high enough to justify the extra costs of the port.

  • Neophoton

    They’ve pretty much confirmed a PC release at this point.

  • I think I’ll probably do the same thing next gen that I did with the PS3 this gen. Wait several years for the price to come down and also wait to see what platforms all of these games actually end up on. It looks like exclusives are pretty much a dying breed next gen and it really doesn’t help that a lot of the multiplatform games aren’t even games I’m interested in in the first place.

    I bought a Wii U recently and had a 3DS for a year and I find they’re more than satisfying for me, especially because I don’t buy games every week or so. I also have plenty of PS2 games to keep me busy.

    And I don’t know what it is, but FFXV just isn’t that exciting to me. I think I lost my hype after being forced to wait so long for new information. You can only wait so long for something before you just stop caring about it.

  • Blonde, James Blonde

    I hope it doesn’t make to PC. PC gamers never shut up about how their PC is so much better than consoles,which i will admit is true since it’s upgradable.
    but they just bash the hell out of all consoles for no reason. Sort of a “I GOTZ DAH MONEYZ FOR EXPENSIV PCS AND YOU ALL SUCK” kinda thing. Let’s keep this puppy console exclusive so THEY can suck it.

  • ragingmerifes

    Since my PC would never run it, I guess I’ll just get a PS4.

    • CirnoLakes

      Not to be pushy, but if you’re ever interested in the computer, just ask.

      It wouldn’t be that expensive. Especially since there’s a good chance you already have several of the parts necessary to play it.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    co-op ftw

  • eilegz

    master race edition coming optimized for nvidia TITAN

    • CirnoLakes

      I know that’s a joke. But I’m amused at how much press the Titan has gotten. Especially since the GTX 780 is nearly as powerful for gaming, and much cheaper.

      For some reason the Titan has become particularly popular to the point that even many non-PC gamers have heard of the card. I assume because it pops up in discussions where PCs are compared to systems like the PlayStation 4. Where PC gamers prove that PCs are still way ahead of consoles.

      Console gamers also like cheap products and mentioning the Titan only makes PC gaming look really expensive. Personally, I’ve switched to mentioning the GTX 780 more often in such discussions because of the price point.

      I certainly say, a GTX 780 or a GeForce Titan would play Final Fantasy XV well above what the PlayStation 4 would. Both in resolution and general settings. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if even just a single GTX 780 were capable of playing Final Fantasy XV in 4k, rather than just 1080p like will be expected of the PlayStation 4. If not one card, definitely two.

      If the HD 8000 series doesn’t deliver, I’m going to be looking into a GTX 780. Though more for Final Fantasy XIV than Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV would be a nice addition to test the card, though.

      By the way, for anyone out there reading this, you don’t need anything like a GTX 780 to play Final Fantasy XV. In fact the GTX 780 plays even the most demanding of games in well above 1080p. I already have several computers that can run Final Fantasy XV. I’m just curious and a PC parts hobbyist.

      • Stian Kleppe

        When it comes to the GTX Titan, I think it’s about the time of release for the card. There was absolutely no competition around it. And the first competition it met was from Nvidia them self some 3 months before the GTX 780 was released, and still the Titan was a some percentages stronger then the 780. For the Titan to be matched by their competitors, you’ll have to jump a full 8 months forward for the 290x to compete with it, where they they both performed equal, where the Titan won some, and the 290x won some, a full 8 months later. And it’s all been in a time when a lot of gamer’s seem to have migrated to PC from consoles.

  • Vash bane

    wow the graphics already beast and its even better on pc?
    seems im gonna have to go with the latter don’t have a godly pc lol

  • WhyWai

    “being created at a quality higher than next-gen consoles, and the game is being ported down to consoles”

    no wonder the game took forever to make. waste of resources….

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