If You’ve Been Waiting To Play One Of Cave’s Shooters On PS3 Take A Look At This

By Spencer . June 25, 2013 . 2:48pm

Instead of releasing Ketsui themselves, Cave licensed the game to 5pb. You may remember 5pb as the company behind Phantom Breaker or visual novels like Steins;Gate. Ketsui is one of their few shooters with Xbox 360 exclusive Bullet Soul being another.



Ketsui: Severing the Bonds of Hell Extra is on its way to PS3. This version has the console-only X-mode and a port of the arcade game on one disc. The limited edition package includes a Superplay video on Blu-ray. Ketsui will be available on July 25 in Japan.

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  • WyattEpp

    My feelings on modern Cave are generally mixed, but I honestly hope it does well because I’d love to see more STG escape the 360 and find a larger audience. (Shooting Love would rock all of my socks forever.)

    • neo_firenze

      What do you consider “modern” Cave? Since Ketsui was a 2003 arcade release that just took a loooong time to get any console port ;)

      To me, Ketsui feels more old-school Cave. Not really much in the way of gimmicks, just the relatively straightforward scoring system (kill stuff from closer to get bigger points) and classic Cave shot/laser/bomb system.

    • Josephl64

      not too familiar with modern Cave…what’s wrong with it?

  • Oniros

    Ladies and Gentlemen, CAVE on the PS3!
    *clap clap clap clap*

  • Man THAT is an intense trailer! Kinda wish I had a second PS3 just to stick it in permanently. Limited Edition coming my way!!!

    • TrevHead

      5PB should make a special edition that comes with a miniture shrine and dancing virgins :D

  • ChiffonCake

    Yaaaay! Cave on PS3!

    Let’s hope that their other stuff, such as ESPgaluda 2 or Deathsmiles, makes it over too!

    • TrevHead

      I guess the ball is in PS3 owners court as If the money is there CAVE would probably port the rest in a heartbeat.

      • Hold on guys. This PS3 port is all thanks to 5pb. If anything, Bullet Soul would be next. CAVE have neither time nor resources for such ports (plus they probably wouldn’t be very good at it).

      • Mantiskilla

        Cave had already stated years ago that the reason they didn’t make their games for PS3 was b/c the 360 dev kits were WAY cheaper, and the transition from PCB to 360 was far more accurate than the PS3 since they would have had to almost rebuild the game from scratch. Not easy to do when they are a small, niche company in the 1st place. I think they also stated something about Microsoft actually reaching out to them while Sony acted kinda arrogant and just figured that since they were a Japanese dev that they would put there stuff on there regardless. Oops on Sony’s behalf for sure. Especially for shoot em up fans in Japan who had to suddenly invest in a not so popular (and well niche) console

        • TrevHead

          Yeah I’m fully aware of the situation since it’s usually me who is telling PS3 owners whats what.

          It was more of a “yeah so the PS3 is finally getting a CAVE game, now it’s up to PS3 owners to prove us 360 shmup fans wrong and make Ketsui a hit.”

          Personally I’m sceptical that many ppl outside the usual 360 shmup fanbase will put their money where their mouth is. Most folk willing to import a shmup at full RRP probably already have a western 360 and can’t play the region locked 360 version.

          I would love to be proved wrong however as more ppl playing STG is always a good thing

  • TrevHead

    Yay Region Free Ketsui!

  • FetusZero

    Got my copy pre-ordered a little while ago. Come to me, Ketsui!

  • Aquarius

    Impressions on trailer:

    80% of the time thinking how I would get destroyed on the first wave.
    10% of the time thinking how silly I was for saying Sine Mora was difficult.
    5% Maybe I can get good enough to pass the first level…
    5% …Yeah right, silly brain.

    I could never get into Cave’s shmups bullet hell fest, no matter how hard I tried.

  • Go2hell66

    port the 360 games plzzzzz

  • Zonder88

    About damn time Cave release a game on the PS3. I never understood why they only release for the 360, when most of these games dont come out of Japan, and the 360 is dead there.

    Now please port Akai Katana, all the DoDonpachis, Espgaluda2 e.t.c to PS3 as well.

    • Julien_N

      Why so few CAVE ports on the PS3 in a nutshell :
      -PS3 dev kits are expensive, compared to 360’s, and CAVE is not exactly a multi-million dollar company.
      -Microsoft supported CAVE and other niche game producers while Sony was, at the beginning ot the PS3’s lifespan, unfavorable to 2D retail games.
      -The dev architecture of the 360 makes it easier to port arcade games.

      And if we have a PS3 Ketsui port, it is mostly thanks to 5pb’s involvment in the 360 version. In other words, there will probably be no AK, DDP DFK or Galuda 2 PS3 ports. Maybe Bullet Soul (not by CAVE) but that’s it. As for DDP DOJ Extra, there might be a few legal issues about the source code if I remember, but I am not entirely sure about that.

  • now we need on PC

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