Fairy Fencer F’s Battle System Puts An Emphasis On Tension

By Spencer . June 27, 2013 . 2:50pm

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Fairy Fencer F from Compile Heart uses Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory’s battle system as a base and builds upon it. Fights still take place in a 3D field and the speed parameter determines the turn order.


When you defeat enemies or take damage, the tension meter rises. That’s the pink gauge above the character portraits for Fang and Tiara. Characters deal more damage when tension is high. If tension is low your defense power drops. Compile Heart teases that, if your tension reaches a certain value, another effect happens.


Enemies have HP bars over their heads so you see which enemy you should focus fire on. After battle, you earn experience points like any other RPG and characters can level up. However, leveling up only increases stats. If you want to learn skills or spells, you have to use your Fury—a special weapon Fencers use. Characters can also learn Weapon Combos and gain WP (weapon points) after battle to strengthen weapons.


Fairy Fencer F will be available on September 19 in Japan.


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  • WyattEpp

    It’s nice to see Compile Heart is incrementally adding more depth to their systems; they’ve come a long way.

    (Would it kill them to release larger screenshots, though?)

    • brian

      That could be a bad thing, since Idea Factory seems to add a lot of complicated unneeded stuff into their neverland games.

      • Rocsas

        I´ll worry when their games start getting to Sting level of depth and unusualness…
        Not that it is a bad thing I actually enjoy playing those “look normal but actually has complicated mechanics” kind of games

        • RoxasTheUnknown1

          Good example: Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare.
          Bad: Gungnir. Jeez I wanted that one to be normal. xD Sides this is C.H not I.F. They’ve toned down on overly complex for the sake of overly complex.

          • Landale

            Compile Heart is Idea Factory, or rather part of it. But yes they’ve toned down the amount of complexity for the sake of complexity lately.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            I know I.F is the parent but lets take Agarest or Cross Edge. Those started as I.F titles and were overly complex to the max. xD Since I.F stepped back, things have gotten simple.

          • echokanon

            I still liked Gungnir though. It didnt seem to have done wrong anything to me gameplay wise

        • pekikuubik

          Nah, IF clearly can’t reach Sting’s level. If they could, they wouldn’t have partnered with Sting for Super Sting. :P

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    Looking good! Like the P3/P4 Hp/Mp display. xD Hopefully stuff like Tension carries over into the next major Neptune title.

    • Landale

      Judging by the look of the screenshots and what’s said here, since I can’t actually read the stuff, the mechanics for the Furies seems like an expansion on Agarest 1 and 0’s equipment setups. That said, given their tendency to carry over and modify things from one game and series to the next, it’s safe to say this mechanic will be seen again, though not necessarily in a Neptunia.


      • RoxasTheUnknown1

        I meant tension but as far furies go. I could kinda do without that. In Agarest it was a hassle in the long run. Not bad but it could be fun. Tension reminds of the emotion window from the MM BN 4-6 games which is awesome. ^-^

        • Landale

          I really need to pay attention to how I’m modifying my posts as I reply, Initially had mention of the Tension aspect, seem to have cut it completely while going on about what seemed more interesting. Anyway, as I intended to also say; Tension seems, at the moment, to be little different than what we’ve already seen in Neptunia Victory, though tied to stats rather than extra moves, the “other effect at certain values” is almost certainly the super attacks.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            Im just stuck thinking emotion window. xD Sounds JUST like it but in gauge form. As far as fury goes, C.H has relied much less on tedium lately so it’s gotta be much better than say Agarest 1….*shiver* So Im happy.

          • Landale

            I’m stuck thinking of Trinity Universe when I see mentions of Tension Gauge and see Fang. I actually kinda want Fang to share Lucius’s actors just because of that; finally get to not be mocked for having a “Tension Gauge”.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            I remember that haha! That would be cool! They both have the hair too.

  • SoundMatch

    Please localize! I need this game, even if it is only eng subs, thats good enough for me.

    • Dude, seriously? Way to early for this post lol.

    • NISA has lots of games to choose from, knowing them they’d rather go with something that’s already popular than release something new but we never know

  • Sentsuizan_93

    This battle system seems interesting. I’m definitely gonna keep a close eye on this. Now I want to see it in action.

  • Magnumsally

    I have high hopes for this one

  • As someone who hated the hyperdimension neptunia titles gotta admit this title is looking more interesting, wonder if this tension gauge will be a type of limit break

    • Landale

      Given IF/CH’s tendency to tie those types of skills to a resource that enables other effects, it’s very safe to say that it will.

  • This sounds like a really cool and more intuitive battle system. I can’t help but wonder what that other effect is that happens when the Tension Gauge reaches a “certain value”, and also how cool the specials might be of all the characters. Using speed to determine turn order, and how skills are learned are also to my liking. Fairy Fencer F is shaping out to be one of my most looked forward to games in the future =^_^=

    • If I remember correctly the tension bar is also used for special moves ^ ^


    and still no gameplay. and in GAMEPLAY i mean TRAILER… dunno why i am falling for it everytime since most if not all compa games i played flopped hard.

    • Well we’ve seen still screen shots of gameplay and a skill video for Tiara

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      None their games flopped besides Mugen Souls. They were a pretty horrible company up until they made Neptune but they’ve definitely been growing. Can’t blame you for being wary though, given their history. Though since it’s built off Nep V’s battle system, that’s a huge plus right there.

    • DesmaX

      Or even some screenshots without super zoom (That’s only there to hide the bad graphics)

  • Why do I sense dejavu

  • KnifeAndFork

    I still would have liked this a whole lot better if they used Amano’s art style since his name was part of the games initial marketing promotion.

    NOT his abstract Final Fantasy/Vampire Hunter D art style, but his 70’s Tatsunoko days art style (Speed Racer, Yatterman, Gatchaman, Hurricane Polymar)



    • When I initially heard people’s complaints about Amano not doing the work (and let me make this clear, I love this guy’s artwork) I thought that they were kind of nuts for wanting full 3D games to be done in his FF and Vampire Hunter D style (great for still images, just not sure how they’d turn out in 3D). However, seeing the Tatsunoko imagery, I can say that I would have definitely loved to see a game in that style. Maybe someday… Maybe someday…

      • Suzaku


        If you want to see how his iconic stuff looks in 3D.

        Of course, that would require a lot of post-production and special shaders so it’s probably not suitable for game development yet.

    • DyLaN

      Will those older art style sell though? I can live with it, but I can see some ppl might not like the older art style. Remember their target is Japan….

      To me, as long as the art doesn’t look like Umineko/Higurashi old sprites or gave me eye cancer I’d take it.

      Your 2nd link is not working btw.

  • Sim

    I can’t wait for this game i already pre-ordered the limited edition ^-^

  • Vash bane

    interesting I like where this is going

  • Sardorim

    Their weapons remind me of Keyblades…

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