Director Nomura Talks Similarities Between Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts

By Sato . June 28, 2013 . 12:00pm

We recently got a look at a couple internal interviews conducted by Square Enix, where director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be considered for hardware that uses DirectX 11 and how they had to recreate graphics after losing the data for the original Kingdom Hearts.


In a new Famitsu interview, Nomura shares new information regarding Final Fantasy XV, along with some comparisons to the Kingdom Hearts series.


In Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay trailer from E3, we got a good look at the action portion of the game, that showed Noctis warping around while using different weapons to take on Iron Giants and a Behemoth. According to Nomura, the scene was that of a very high leveled Noctis, who makes use of various weapons and his warping ability. In the early stages of the game, it won’t be quite the same.


Famitsu points out that the trailer seems to show a lot of cooperative actions between Noctis and his allies. They also mention how some people may be concerned about whether these actions will make the gameplay a little too complicated to control.


“The starting point will have a sense of control that is similar to that of Kingdom Hearts’ ‘easy and refreshing action,’ so it won’t be difficult,” says Nomura. “Most of it will come pretty naturally to you. We’re currently testing out different operational methods with each hardware. Regarding allies, in addition to cooperative attacks, there will also be situational actions, which will be part of various scenarios in battles.”


In Final Fantasy XV, you’ll get to ride on Behemoths and pull off other extravagant actions against enemies. Nomura also mentions that the free-run aspect doesn’t only apply to the map, but also monsters. For example, you’ll also get to climb onto monsters and aim for specific parts of their bodies.


Nomura reiterates, “There’s a battle where Leviathan is causing a waterspout. There’s a scene that shows a fight inside the tornado while jumping between the debris of collapsed buildings. I believe that boss fights will feature such particular flashy situations.”


Speaking of sea monsters, Nomura also revealed some information regarding the nation that appears to have an abundant supply of water. According to Nomura, the nation of Accordo (pictured above) is heavily inspired by the city of Venice, Italy. Nomura visited Venice visited back in 2004 and 2005. In addition to Accordo, Lucis, Solheim and Tenebrae are the four great nations that were originally entrusted to protect the four crystals. However, the Kingdom of Lucis remains to be the only one that’s been able to protect it up until now. There will also be several cities and towns in the world of Final Fantasy XV.


Some fans have been curious about the bottom-left part of the screen that appears to indicate a variety of weapons. According to Nomura, it was originally set in a way where weapons would automatically switch according to the combo structures. This has since then been changed, allowing players to have the option to select their own weapons at all times. In regards to other commands and gauges, Nomura will be revealing more in the near future.


We’ve seen the speed that Noctis is capable of in the gameplay trailer from E3. Nomura, who says they’re focusing greatly on the sense of speed, compares it to the Kingdom Hearts series in that players can get a grasp of the character’s movements, but a person who is simply watching might not understand what’s going on.


The two upcoming titles may have some similarities, but they’re not quite the same, according to Nomura. Famitsu asks about the difference they have planned between Final Fantasy XV compared to Kingdom Hearts.



“While Final Fantasy XV focuses on the realistic side of things, Kingdom Hearts is more about the ‘bold action,’” says Nomura in regards to the comparison. “In short, it’s about having movements that wouldn’t be possible, but making it look real instead of unnatural. In a way, it connects it to Kingdom Hearts’ fresh characteristics.”


Famitsu also expressed their curiosity toward the two characters who appear to be villains (pictured above). One is an older man with white hair and sharp eyes, while the other appears to be a peculiar redhead.


“These two are are hostile characters who are against Noctis, and there will be plenty of other villains” says Nomura. “The red-haired character is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, so we decided to give him red hair. Mr. Fujiwara voiced the roles of Reno from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Axel from the Kingdom Hearts series, so we decided to go with red hair to keep the same flow.”


Finally, Famitsu points out that there appears to be an overwhelming amount of male characters. Nomura jokingly responds, “At the end of the trailer in the part with the aligned faces, there’s one new female character… Okay, it’s full of guys (laughs).”


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Magnumsally

    I am still concerned about “too much” Action but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now

  • Patrick Leo

    Seriously, this game will be the climax of my gaming life

  • ToshiChan

    “At the end of the trailer in the part with the aligned faces, there’s one
    new female character… Okay, it’s full of guys (laughs).”

    I can see a feminist friend complaining about this to me really soon.

    • Suicunesol

      I’m sure there are just as many girls relishing the concentration of hot men.

      In fact, a part of me wonders if SE did this on purpose to appeal to that particular crowd. (Otome?)

      • ToshiChan

        Well if they did it seems to be working.

        Also I was right, because she considered writing an article on it for Kotaku.

    • l777l

      Tell her to go read a bunch of romance novels.

  • Asap Nina

    is anyone gonna buy this game on xbox one and what makes square thinks that this JRPG is going to sell on xbox that goes for KH3 as well

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      It will sell. The exact amount may (or may not) be lower than on other platforms, but there will be people who will buy it. If it doesn’t make its money back from porting it to Xbox1, that’s Microsoft’s and SE’s problem.

      • Asap Nina

        Judging from final fantasy XIII sales ps 3 sold three times amount sold on the Xbox and most jrpg fan has ps3 aren’t stretching themselves too far with their current situation they are in, this is going to be tomb raider all over again too much expectations thinking like it is going to sell like hot cakes .

        • Anime10121

          But the fact of the matter is, regardless of how much more the PS3 version sold, it still sold a solid amount on 360, MORE than enough to cover the simple costs of porting it. I mean, I’m getting it for PS4 as I’m more a Sonytendo kinda guy, but there will be some Xbone owners who want this game guaranteed.

    • Aoshi00

      Well, if it’s on both systems more people would get to play it.. I pre-ordered the US ver for Xbox One, and would be importing the Jpn ver on PS4.. actually I could do it either way since both systems are region-free now :) If I’m playing the game twice, might as well get both cheevos and trophies for it..

      Fujiwara Keiji’s voice was the only one I recognized, always sounds cool.. he was a good Reno in Advent Children :)

      I don’t think 15 being an action game would have any problem being a main FF though, as long as it has all the major elements down.. I thought the Last Story was very FF-esque too even though it was an action/turn based command game because of setting and atmosphere, Uematsu music too.. well, Advent Children did have over the top camera movements w/ the fights :)

  • Raoni Marques

    Look at that friggin’ Leviathan! OMG
    Can’t wait to teleport and slash the hell out of all the bad guys!

  • Freya2012

    Similar? huh…

    • RichyGaming


    • AuraGuyChris


    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Sora: Where is my III?!
      Noctis: Where is my only game?!
      Square: Please be excited.

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        Lightning : my game comes out first

        • Bobby Jennings


        • Jordan Luk

          Tidus: your game is coming out after i have re-told my story in HD graphics =D
          Yuna: Me too your game is going to come out after everyone has replayed me and Tidus’s sto-….oh what the hell you guys dont like the one where i tell my story anyways. You guys only like the battle system. T_T

      • LightningFarron19

        *E3 2013 comes around*
        Sora: Never mind! ^_^
        Noctis: Thank you! ^_^
        Lightning: Heh, I guess you can say 13 IS Square’s lucky number.

        Fans: we will never doubt you again Square Enix!

    • Anime10121

      Nomura should sue himself for plagiarism :P

      But honestly, for those who dont know, Nomura said he did that image of Noctis as kinda a homage to his Kingdom Hearts series.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Haha, similar definitely xD

    • deadMastershiro

      Same pose but noctis looks way cool in the pic.

  • ChiffonCake

    Hell yeah. Kingdom Hearts had enjoyable gameplay, so I’m cool with this.

  • artemisthemp

    I really looking forward to playing FFXV :)
    Hope there will be some theme to be earn. Platinum better not be the only theme.

  • MasterScrub

    I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that the redhead gets voiced by Quinton Flynn over here.

    • Göran Isacson

      True dat. They HAVE to keep the tradition going, after all!

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Looking forward to seeing more gameplay for this, and hopefully soon. It’s an interesting new(er) direction for the series and I’d like it to be a huge success for SE.

    …Though, I do hope it’s not the end of future turn-based or strategy FF (or FF spin-off) games.

  • Masa

    trying not to get too hyped for the game as its years away from coming out but, i can’t help it, SO FREAKING HYPED!!!

  • Nanaki

    Absolutely excited for the future of the series.
    It was one I grew up with, and it looks like the element of story-telling that drew me in, in the first place, is still there and strong too.

  • Ryan

    To much Action? WTF? That’s what FF NEEDS as of now! We have had to many games based on Emo kids with abandonment issues and parenting problems. That’s what makes Final Fantasy a FF game; So….. to keep with the same flow of a game we Need ACTION to cover all the rest of the Issues. Turn based gaming is fun in all, But Turn Based in this game would just look stupid Especially after he has had 7 years since we have seen anything.

  • Sardorim

    I have a feeling Yaoi Fan Girls will love this FF the most… Boy Band leads only, no girls allowed… Eh?

    • AkuLord3

      Even if there were girls, its not going stop them

  • Ethan_Twain

    So FF XV is kinda similar in gameplay to Kingdom Hearts… how do we feel about that? It’s certainly a bounce in the opposite direction of FF XIII’s Paradigm Shift battle that was incredibly fun, but took 20 hours to be taught to the player fully. Kingdom Hearts isn’t without it’s additional layers mind, but it’s definitely on the more simplistic side of Action RPGs. Indeed, there seems to be a focused intent to ever simplify the franchise with even the scant bit of resource management there was with MP having been dropped. Now it’s just attacking dudes and letting your abilities run off cooldown.

    I guess this was to be expected though? Final Fantasy is nothing if not reactive to fans. FF X was knocked for being too linear and lacking the overworld map. The next game was FF XI which was kinda the opposite of that by nature of the genre.

    But people wanted single player again, so FF XII was all the scale and exploration people missed from FF X, but in single player! Exactly what was ordered. Alas, FF XII’s story was all understated character dynamics and political maneuverings across a giant continent. Players balked. This storytelling, though ambitious, had more in common with game of thrones than anything other Final Fantasy games had done.

    So what we got next was exactly what was asked for. FF XIII, a game that put all the anime melodrama right back into the franchise right after FF XII had finished removing it. And it was immediately followed up by FF XIII-2, a game that could not have more nakedly pursued the ambition of “FF XIII except with all the changes people asked for on internet message boards”. But FF XIII-2 was still tethered to that complex combat system from FF XIII, and that combat system remained the greatest barrier to entry. There’s a reason FF XIII took 20 hours before opening it’s mechanics up for the player completely… it’s a tough system to grasp!

    So what’s our next single player Final Fantasy? It’s mechanics are based on Kingdom Hearts, perhaps the easiest game to play Square-Enix has released these past years. Whatever other faults, FF XV will not have the intimidating barrier to entry that the XIII games have had. That’s how Final Fantasy works, each entry is a reaction to prior entries.

    Wanna take bets on what the reaction to XV will be? My money is on people complaining that there isn’t enough depth to combat/enough opportunity to manipulate stats as in the grand JRPG tradition. And the reaction will be to finally remake FF VII, because the materia system is pretty much the antithesis of simple mashy Action RPG combat.

    • Ethan_Twain

      Also possible: People object to the unchecked Nomura style with the outfits and leather and boy band cast and rambling about light and darkness. Square-Enix reacts by remaking FF XII now with HD graphics, a day/night cycle, additional content, and no more loading breaks within areas.

      (Disclaimer: This is not actually possible. Which is unbelievably tragic.)

    • ShinGundam

      Most of traditional ARPG from Japan are simple anyway, or did you forget stuff like bump system and grinding to beat a boss? I like ARPGs especially 8bit/16bit and few of more modern one but i can’t even say they are complex games when basic strategy involve gear progression most of time.

      In my opinion, most if not all Square games are simple mechanically not just KH but FF series too, to point we have a game where you babysitting the AI to do the whole homework. Guess what? I will take KH gameplay over (no genre) games like XII/XIII.

      I am not sure what are you expecting from FF game when basic strategy is very simple like in every game, you don’t need to learn mechanics to beat the game unless picking the best skill/gear or triggering a weakness state needs a huge effort.

    • Suicunesol

      Forget to mention XIII-3. :P We’ll get that before XV, AND it already simplifies the combat system.

      • Ethan_Twain

        I skipped that because it isn’t out and I haven’t really kept up with the news. But it’s nice to hear that it fits with my narrative :)

    • l777l

      “Wanna take bets on what the reaction to XV will be? My money is on people complaining that there isn’t enough depth to combat/enough opportunity to manipulate stats as in the grand JRPG tradition. And the reaction will be to finally remake FF VII, because the materia system is pretty much the antithesis of simple mashy Action RPG combat.”
      And it took only eight (+) FF games to get there.

      • Eilanzer

        Good that you know…Now try to teach to SE this /o/

    • Richard N

      Say what you will about XIII, it had a great battle system that really put an interesting twist on everything. But hey, change is bad according to most fan reactions.

      • AndyLC

        I’m looking forward to how XIII-3 refines the system

    • Spicydicey

      Great anlaysis! As for your expected complaint of FF15, I think that would be a valid complaint. After all, we don’t want to see a dumbing down of the customisation options available in FF7 etc.

    • Anime10121

      I can agree wholeheartedly for the most part, but the secret battles from Kingdom Hearts (ESPECIALLY No Heart from BBS FM)show that depth and strategy CAN be a part of the system if need be. The Kingdom Hearts games are simple, more because of the audience that the game is made for, rather than because they are inept at creating a battle system full of depth and strategy.

  • Sim

    Aaaaah my dream of a FF full of pretty men is coming true <3
    Stella is still lovely though.

  • l777l

    I liked Stella. Years ago, when the game was revealed. A story without a number of interesting women usually lacks something very nice — interesting women. Hopefully this won’t be the case here. The various FF XIIIs certainly had way too much Lightning. Terrible.

    • Firekitty

      I’d prefer they kept the female characters minimal, just because the story is meant to focus on the relationships between Noctis and his buddies. Unless the writers can be trusted to write a female character as ‘close to’ a hero without being a love interest (which they never can), adding a female to the mix would just shake that dynamic up and inevitably redirect the story to be about the romance.

      Though I wouldn’t mind if they were self-aware enough to use this as a plot-point. Since Stella appears to be an antagonist, but also has history with Noctis, it would be interesting if she were to come between Noctis and his friends and force him to really figure out his priorities.

      • l777l

        That all makes sense. The nature of male friendships contained within a group and without a female friend are different. Realistically, there is always a degree of sexual tension between heterosexual people. That tension as an aspect of this web of relationships can be fascinating itself; however it alters the dynamics that would otherwise be there.

        I like your suggestion, in your second paragraph. The relationship with a woman tends to make stories and characters more complex. It adds at least one more dimension to men. With complexity comes conflict, and vice versa. Stella being an antagonist and simultaneously someone Noctis cares for makes it more apparent.
        That being said, all of this could end up shallow and generic. I’d like to see something more contemplative. The first trailers were most promising. The more action came into play, the less hope I have for Versus.

        • Firekitty

          I’d really only be happy with that plotline if they ultimately chose their friends or duty over the romance, though. ‘love conquers all’ is such an over-done plot device.

          Years ago I saw an anime where the prince and princess of warring countries were in love, but were forced to carry on the war even after their parents’ deaths. It’s not my favorite movie or anything, but it’s really stuck with me because of how beautifully tragic and shocking it was.

          I dunno, Versus was always destined to be an action game; I feel like it’s getting a lot of flack for that, suddenly, just because it’s a ‘main game’ now.

          Personally, I trust Nomura’s taste and design sense, though it’s perfectly fair if you don’t. I just know from his track record that he’s unlikely to produce something I won’t find something about to love.

          • l777l

            I understand how you feel about this. I think it’s about believable sacrifice, destroying something valuable to protect something valuable.
            I would not mind a protagonist who chooses a woman over his friends and country. What makes this a tired story is perhaps that the losses are not – that the sacrifice – is not made convincing. By the way, Aerith was willing to sacrifice herself, was willing to sacrifice what she could have had with Cloud. She may have done it because she loved Cloud. And both Cloud and Tifa sacrificed things for each other. Love wrought destruction and conquered there, I’m inclined to believe. What matters is that the cruelty and sacrifice that lie in love are realized and conveyed — better than in Romeo and Juliet.

          • Kamille

            but is not just Nomura! Tabata and Takeshi are part of the team too. The 3 of them are the very best game developers that Square has to offer right now and they all are working on the same game, so you can bet it will be epic as hell.

      • Kamille

        Stella is supposed to be Noctis’ main love interest but she’s an enemy!

        • LightZero

          Actually Noctis and Stella have nothing romantic between them as stated by Nomura. But this was said a few years ago. Of course Nomura could change his mind. Their relationship is different and is built more around friendship.

      • AndyLC

        >>Unless the writers can be trusted to write a female character as ‘close to’ a hero without being a love interest (which they never can)

        Final Fantasy XIII, none of the playable female characters are anyone’s love interest (not counting Fang X ____ doujinshi)

        • Firekitty

          Yeah, but Lightning was the protagonist (i.e, the hero), so the rules are a bit different. In the case of a female hero, you rarely, if ever see any serious romance unless the media is specifically intended for a primarily female audience.

          Something about how guys find it hard enough to play as a woman, let alone have their PoV character be *attracted to a man*, ew!

          • AndyLC

            Valkyrie Profile then, the protagonist’s love interest is a key part of her backstory.

    • LightningFarron19

      Problems with this statement:

      1. You don’t even know who Stella is, what she’s like or if she’s “likable” as you say! How can you say Stella is “an interesting character” when she hasn’t even had any real lines in the trailers nor any knowledge of backstory or personality of said character? You’re like those fanboys that think that FF15 black haired chick (We call her “Hime-Cut”) is a good character when they don’t even know her name! You can’t just say “Oh I know the entirety of the character now from seeing a few trailers!”

      2. Lightning was in FF13, but in 13-2 she was featured for only 15 minutes. In FF13, she was the main focus of the story for the first 20 hours and then became part of the group when they got into the vestige (next 20 hours). In FF13-2, the writers pull a “MGS2 Kojima bait and switch” and replace Lightning with Serah. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII with be the FIRST game in the trilogy that will star Lightning and only Lightning as the main playable character for the entire course of the game.

      3. Why is Lightning “terrible”? Her character development has been praised over and over, she’s Japan #1 FF female character as of March 2013 and she is physically attractive. Right now, Stella has none of this because she hasn’t even been featured yet! Hell, she actually suprised me with her development as well. Want to know when the last time I actually liked a female character that much? Tifa Lockhart, FF7. SIX GAMES worth of females, and I have not been impressed with one until Lightning. Hell, even before Tifa, Celes and Terra were my faves as well. That’s how stingy I am with characters I like: Terra, Celes, Tifa and Lightning. That’s pretty damn exclusive in my mind.

      • l777l

        Either you got struck by Lightning or played with a power outlet. Reign in your emotions.

        Character design, the (facial) display of emotions, her way of moving, choice in clothes, the choice of actions, and the conflict she finds herself in tell much about her character. These things, to a considerable degree, are known of Stella (as she was years ago).
        You may want to look up the accuracy of first impressions when people are evaluated in real life. It’s very high.

        Lightning undeniably is the main character of XIII, and of XIII-3. She’s a dull, and generic character. I find her personality unremarkable. She does not excel. She is boring. (Much like the rest of XIII’s cast and its story.)

        • LightningFarron19

          Lightning’s basis is that of Cloud Strife and her personality leans much more towards Squall Leonhart’s. She has the “overprotective mother” relationship with Serah and has a well justified hatred of the renagade Snow and the corrupted government that took everything away from her. She makes it so that people have to carry their own weight (like Hope). Over time, she learns how to lead (something she had trouble with in the fireworks flashback when her higher up said she should apply for a job rank like his) and realizes that she too can make mistakes.

          Stella’s character design and clothes fit ONLY because the game is “A Fantasy based on Reality”. Lightning’s clothes and character designs fit because her game takes place in a “Future Sci-Fi Fantasy”. For Stella, what emotions has she emoted? The trailers have only shown a little bit of Stella and they don’t say much.

          Stella hasn’t displayed any form of emotion, she hasn’t had any screen time to show decision making or actions, and we don’t even know if the conflict she’s in is something that Stella wants to be in or not. The story could turn out that Stella, long ago, betrayed Noctis and has been playing on his emotions since then. Stella could turn out to be a terrible bad guy as much as she could turn out to be a sweet good guy. There are too many variables right now to know who Stella’s character is yet.

          You should wait judgement on Stella until the game is out.

          • l777l

            Comparing her to Cloud is an interesting choice and not without relevance. Yet, Cloud’s conflicts are much more pronounced and interwoven. He greatly profits, as character, from the web that connects him to Sephiroth, to Aerith, to Zack, and to Tifa. Being embedded in the conflicts of Shinra and their planet helps as well. If any thing, Lightning is a reduced version of Cloud. And she lacks the web of his relationships.

            As for Stella, there is the scene in the gallery, and the moment in which shes faces Noctis on the street. I did perceive an emotional structure in these.

            That being said, Stella is an unknown factor, now. The statement that there will be only few or no traditional cutscenes and the amount of time that has passed are aspects that cast doubt on the nature of the entire project. I once expected it to have considerable substance. I don’t, at this point.
            My judgement of who Stella was in the past is nuanced. Currently, it is one of potential. Some things about it are preliminary, but not the thoughts of her potential.

            As for the ladies’ clothes, I took time into account. Some aspects of style are tethered. And understanding style is ultimately based in present knowledge of style. That means a firm basis. One understands the style of bygone and fantastical realms, as well as that of future eras against the background and on the ground of current sensibilities and knowledge. Thus it is possible to understand both: what Stella’s and what Lightning’ clothes stand for, and to compare that. Lightning’s clothes do lack class.

          • LightningFarron19

            With Cloud, I was not comparing what happened to him to Lightning. I was just comparing the fact that they were soldiers who left their positions due to someone they deeply care for (Zack/Serah) being taken away from them. That is what I meant by “Basis of Cloud Strife”

            >As for Stella, there is the scene in the gallery, and the moment in which shes faces Noctis on the street. I did perceive an emotional structure in these.

            Yeah, but that isn’t enough information to go on. We don’t know her past, how she (Fully) interacts with Noctis and his “bro” friends, what she thinks about her family, her hopes, her dreams, her goals, her mannerisms, what she thinks her country and this war, etc.

            There is also the fact that Stella could be less interesting than you and me thought and it could turn out that “Hime-Cut” (the black haired girl from the E3 trailer) could be the MUCH more interesting character than Stella.

            Another thing is that Soilder clothing ISN’T suppose to be “classy”. Oliveir Armstrong, Sully (Fe: Awakening), Motoko Kusanagi, Lightning Farron, etc don’t go for “classy” wear. They have more important things to deal with than looking “good” like their job as soldiers or of some military background.

            For me, I’m sticking with the 4 female characters I love and know: Terra, Celes, Tifa and Lightning. I do not judge nor push for female characters I do not know of yet until I have played the game.

          • l777l

            The basis you see as common between Cloud and Lightning is minimal. By the way, Shinra hunted Cloud and Zack. Losing Zack is not the reason for why Cloud left.

            I refer back to what I said about first impressions. There’s an essence to people, something that tends to reliably show. I acknowledge some uncertainties, nonetheless.

            It doesn’t matter what a soldier is “supposed to be”. It matters what a person who is a soldier decides to be. Lightning could have worn different clothes. Compare what she wears to Sephiroth’s choice. Or compare it to Stella’s clothes, the ones she has on when fighting Noctis.

            Your preferences are yours. I’m not against that. Irrespective of this, it makes sense to “support” characters with potential. Especially when characters rarely do have such specific potential.

  • Kitestwinblades

    “-allowing players to have the option to select their own weapons at all times”
    YES!!! That should make things REALLY interesting, especially with magic thrown in. If I can drop Firagas after all of that reflecting and warping, my day is made. Death from above!

    • l777l

      Give him grey hair and there’s the next DMC reboot.

  • HerosLight

    The description of boss fights sounds like it will be amazing/epic.

  • Mnstrzero00

    I love final fantasy but I’m not a big fan of Nomura. He has too much control it seems- the characters actually resemble him. The Beatles were great because they were a combination of different minds and taste and they keep one another in check. Ff has Nomura’s tacky sense of style all over it now.

    • Jeff O’Connor

      It’s down to Nomura versus Toriyama this past few years, really, and I’m no Toriyama fan. Nomura hasn’t ever steered me too much in the wrong direction with the Final Fantasy series.

      Besides, Kazushige Nojima is penning the script and he’s a far better scribe than, again, Toriyama. And Jun Aku-something-or-other (sorry >_>) is handling event direction — and that dude’s from FFVII, Vagrant Story, FFXII, et al. It’s going to flow pretty smoothly and there’ll be lots of subtle character expressions and such judging by FFXII’s tendencies. Good direction, good characterization and good use of hardware all rolled into one.

      Plus, hell, judging by the E3 trailer, the script even seems pretty solid. That’s a huge deal to me and none of the FFXIII games have delivered.

      At its core, this is essentially a Toriyama-bashing post, I admit. But I really don’t care for his team and the more I hear about FFXV’s team, the happier I am. I’d say give it a chance.

      • Ethan_Twain

        I struggle to differentiate between Square Enix’s talent these days. It all just seems like Nomura style. But you apparently have a much firmer grasp on who’s who in that company, and your post gives me some small cause for optimism.

        Though, I mean, Nomura is still the Kingdom Hearts guy. There’s no way the script is gonna be THAT good.

        • Anime10121

          But thats his point, Nomura’s not writing the script! He never has, he outlines a plot and has a clear cut story in his head that he wants to tell, but the actual script/dialogue is handled by a completely different person. There have been 4 different Kingdom Hearts Scenario writers, and Nojima has been accredited to the better written titles; the first one and Chain of Memories, although, he was a part of the group that wrote II to so…

          • Ethan_Twain

            Hey, you’re right! Chain of Memories IS probably the best written Kingdom Hearts game! And 1 was pretty inoffensive in it’s own way. You give me hope.

      • LightningFarron19

        You do realize that the writer of the FF13 series is Daisuke Watanabe, while Motomu Toriyama is the director right?

        Toriyama mearly penned what the first 8 chapters of FF13 would be (very rough draft) and Daisuke Watanabe is the one that did the majority of the writing work. Toriyama just gave Daisuke the bones of the structure and it was up to Daisuke to fill in the rest because it’s HIS job.

        “In March 2006, when the structural part of the narrative started to come together, lead scenario writer Daisuke Watanabe joined the team. Toriyama showed him a rough outline of what he had written for the first eight chapters. This had determined cornerstones such as important scenes and when the party members were separated or reunited. He told Watanabe what he wanted to express with the scenario and asked him to flesh out the story and to correct how everything would connect.For example, Toriyama had decided on a scene in which Snow and Hope would reconcile. Watanabe had to think about how this reconciliation should play out and then proceeded with writing the scenario that way. To emphasize what the story tried to express, Watanabe adjusted the personalities given to each character. For example, he felt that the party should not have a “reliable and calm leader type” at the beginning of the story to more accurately show the confusion and unease after the protagonists’ transformation into l’Cie. Toriyama described the despair of the characters and the many points at which they are seemingly cornered as one of the storytelling challenges. He mentioned the scene where Sazh tries to commit suicide as one such example: Although Toriyama felt it was “almost a little too dark”, he wanted to include something like it in the game. In contrast, he said that lighthearted elements such as Sazh’s Chocobo chick helped maintain a good balance”

    • $1484028

      how has Nomura had too much control over the series?

      Nomura’s really only had control over a couple side-games (and no, Dirge of Cerberus wasn’t one of them, contrary to popular belief. that was Kitase’s game) all of which have probably been better received than most of the recent main numbered entries.

      for some reason people act like Nomura’s been the guy at the head of the series since Sakaguchi left, when really the main series has been Kitase & Toriyama’s ship to steer that entire period.

      if you have problems with the series, its their problem; not the guy who pretty much draws up a few character designs, then goes off to do other projects he actually has control of (KH, Dissidia, etc)

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha ha, Nomura even admits it’s a sausage party. And all the girls are impossibly smooth-skinned whereas all the guys have at least SOME level of grime in their skin like scars, whiskers, pockmarks etc… wonder if there’s really only gonna be two prominent ladies or if they at least keep to the FF tradition of three prominent female characters and just haven’t revealed the last one…

    That teleportation isn’t available at the start makes me wonder just how much we’re going to grow in the game, and if it will feel warranted. I mean, teleportation seems to be a MAJOR part of Noctis powerset, the kind of stuff that seems so integral to game play that it’ll either be a big deal that he gains the power, or it will happen so soon he might as well have had it all along. Or maybe he does, but he can’t pull off unlimited teleport-chain combos until he’s leveled up a bit? We’ll have to see: and I’m still wondering if the big huge boss-fights against Leviathan and such will have Uncharted esque “corridor obstacle courses” that you either succeed or fail and reset from an earlier point in, or if we’ll actually get to control every aspect of the fight, without being railroaded into a set route.

    Though I guess that it’s nice they gave us the ability to switch weapons, so maybe we’ll be the ones in control this time around… who knows?

    • Solomon_Kano

      In an interview with Dengeki Nomura notes that there’s a female knight we’ll see later. So there’s the 3.

      • Göran Isacson

        Unless the knight is the dark haired lady we’ve seen in the promo pictures… or did he specifically state that we have NOT seen the female knight in question?

        • Anime10121

          He did, the female knight is a new character.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, he specifically said we haven’t seen the knight yet.

          • Göran Isacson

            Gotcha, thanks for the answer!

          • Solomon_Kano

            No prob, man.

    • Andar

      As far as growth of character ability and changes to gameplay, while they’re avoiding this comparison, for me it makes sense to think of Kingdom Hearts. A number of the abilities you end up abusing by end-game were gradually acquired, like double/high jumping and gliding, and a lot of your combo skills. But it’s because you gradually accrue them that the player is able to make use of them, rather than having all of the options dumped on you at once, and having to sift through the mess to see what does what.

      • Göran Isacson

        I would like to see that kind of growth- the way Kingdom Hearts step by step had you unlock high jump and then glide was very well done back then. Here’s hoping we get just that!

  • rurin

    I was totally thinking of Axel before I read the red-hair part…

  • vileBrenman

    So I take it when this game comes to America the red hair character will be voiced by Quinton Flynn.

    • Firekitty

      Not really crazy about Flynn, but I hope so, for the sake of the in-joke.

      This can be Nomura’s own personal ‘Cid’. Every FF needs a Cid; every Nomura game needs a red-head voiced by Fujiwara Keiji/Quinton Flynn.

  • Istillduno

    See, I don’t mind the game being a sausage party, and the combat sounds interesting, but I do have a bit of a problem with the guy’s character designs.

    Seriously, utterly forgettable boyband alert, where are the distinguishing features, where is any creativeness with the costumes?

    I know it’s trying to be modern and all but still, would it really hurt to even see a little colour in the protagonists’ wardrobes, a distinctive pattern perhaps.

    The problem isn’t pretty boys, the problem is pretty boys who look generic as ****.

    • Firekitty

      While I wouldn’t mind a little more color, I think it’s kinda cool that they seem to have put a lot of effort into making the characters facial features very distinctive, rather than taking the comparatively easy road of ‘well, this guy is going to be the one in red, that one will be blue’ etc.

      • l777l

        Their clothes do look rather similar. It remains to be seen how their personalities fare. Alas, they mostly appear to be teenagers.

        • Firekitty

          They look more early to mid twenties to me. If Cor is 42, I’d expect the four ‘kids’ to be between 20 and 27, with Prompto being the youngest and Gladio being the oldest.

          • l777l

            Your math may be right. However, materially, they don’t seem mature enough, at this point.

    • Jake Summer

      Fantasy based on reality. “Characters look generic.” Mission accomplished.

  • Yamaneko22

    FFXIII No towns
    FFXV No women


    • Firekitty

      I’m okay with this. FFXIII was full of awesome female characters, but sadly lacking in male eye-candy. Now Nomura’s making FFXV to give the ladies what we want.

      • l777l

        I didn’t want any of the XIIIs, and a Versus without great women is not something that inspires great hope. Have some mercy, you ladies.

        • Firekitty

          I think you may be out of luck, dude. Nomura has something of a history of creating games chock full of man-candy and light on the ladies.

          Man knows what the fujoshi want.

          • l777l

            Been out of luck for a while. The last remarkable woman, in my view, was Edea. Not that men fared much better. Vincent had a few things speaking for him.

      • MrBalzac

        And here I thought what the ladies wanted was empowered, non sexualized, playable female characters. Eyecandy is all well and good, but aren’t you worried about the lack of representation? Because that’s been an issue lately.

        • Fiora

          People want that too, I think, but Final Fantasy’s never really been a great series for that… FF XIII was kind of a big exception. When I think of great female leads my mind usually gets drawn to Tales or Atelier or the like.

          Of course, I’d love Nomura forever if he gave us a wonderful female lead to go with his parade of bishies, but like *that’s* going to ever happen, unfortunately… so we’ll take what we can get, right?

    • Andar

      FFX No World Map
      FFXI No Offline Play
      FFXII No Story
      FFXIII No Towns
      FFXIV No Players
      FFXV No Women

      Mainly just to be funny, but I suppose the lesson here is that people always find something lacking

      • kool_cid414

        You forgot to add FFCommunity No Appeasing

      • Ethan_Twain

        Is that really the perception of FF XII? That it lacked significant narrative component? I’ve never been 100% on why that one’s such a black sheep – is that it?

        • Solomon_Kano

          No. Croix was being funny.

          • Jake Summer

            It’s funny because it’s true

          • Kamille

            yeah, the story was just boring political mumbo-jumbo and irrelevant main characters like Vaan and Penelo. The game would have been soooo much better without Vaan and Penelo that is not even funny, it’s actually very sad because they were forced on the director of the game by Square because they thought that old people like Basch don’t sell games.

          • Andar

            First I’ve heard of that, though I’ll be honest, I thought Balthier and Basch were the best developed characters, personally.

          • Ethan_Twain

            Well apparently Square Enix wasn’t wrong. Originally the story was ALL “political mumbo-jumbo” and Square Enix brass said “Nope. Our audience does not want this. Give us teenage protagonists who can be impulsive and fall in love over the course of the game. Like every other JRPG.”

            Your casual dismissal of the actual plot of the game (which remained essentially untouched, which is why it doesn’t have anything to do with Vaan and Penelo) shows that Square Enix brass was right. High concept political machinations and the Final Fantasy audience do not mix.

            I doubt we will ever see anything beyond anime hero journeys to save the world again :(

          • ShinGundam

            How about no? If XII is about politics, gaining power and influence then Vayne should have been the protagonist. No, XII is about dungeon crawling for ancient artefacts, farming, love and friendship in the end.

          • Ethan_Twain

            Now see, this is something people struggle with. Just because the player controls one group of characters in a game does not mean that the story is about those characters. The story of FF XII revolves to an unprecedented degree around characters who have little to do with the playable avatars. The themes and ideas that are explored through these characters and their arcs are not invalidated because the player swings somebody else’s sword between cutscenes.

            Now it is a fair complaint to say that many of the most interesting arcs in FF XII have nothing to do with the party, so maybe a FF VI style perspective switching type of storytelling would have fit the story better. I think that’s probably a true statement. But saying that the character(s) under the players control define the story of a game to the exclusion of any other narrative content? That just doesn’t make any sense.

          • Pekola

            Which creates dissonance between gameplay and story. Worsened by the expansive nature of the game.

            It was…peculiar to put it lightly. The story would have probably had more cohesion if Vayne had playable segments or if he was an anti-hero main character ect.

          • Ethan_Twain

            My dream FF XII remake not only has playable Vayne sections but an awful lot of Larsa, Gabranth, and Vossler solo content. And maybe even break up the party some too. Ashe/Basch/Vossler go do something relating to Dalmasca while Penelo/Vaan deal with a storyline in Rabanstre with all their street rat friends that get forgotten after hour five (and they came back as important playable characters in Revenant Wings even). And the sky is the limit for stuff to do with Balthier/Fran tracking down Draklor Laboratory leads. Each of these characters has their own arcs and goals that generally have little to nothing to do with the other party members.

            So I’ll totally agree that the style of storytelling FF XII went with didn’t ideally suit the story it was telling. However, I feel like it is a story of considerable merit if considered in isolation.

        • Anime10121

          It’s not that it didnt have a story per se, its more that it’s plot was VERY basic and not really expanded upon, at least in the sense that most FF games tend to HAMMER plot/character info at you at every corner.

      • LightningFarron19

        FF12: Star Wars: Final Fantasy editon
        FF13: Bohdum, Nautilus, Palumpolum, Oerba, Paadra, Eden. You’re welcome
        FF15: we don’t know if all the characters you can play with are just male. There are still two females that you can play right now and Nomura has said there are more characters to come.

        • Andar

          Maybe I should have used a disclaimer, but it’s more about highlighting the community’s complaints that surface with the past several games, rather than my personal opinion.

          Though, depending on interpretation, some of these are still pretty true.

        • Sylveria


          “FF13: Bohdum, Nautilus, Palumpolum, Oerba, Paadra, Eden. You’re welcome”

          Seriously? There’s reaching, then there’s this.

          Tell me, what differentiates those “towns” from the other one-way hallways in FF13? I guess the non-interactive NPCs, the non-interactive buildings, and the lack of enemy encounters. Well, maybe not the later since half of those “towns” where also monster-filled hallways to, just in an urban setting. If you’ll call those towns, Academia in FF13-2 must have blown your mind right out of your head.

  • Kai2591

    No females???
    lol joking joking.

    But that is my minor gripe about this game though. A total sausage-fest of a game can be a bit sad for a guy :(

    But damn those graphics are INSANE.

    • Anime10121

      Nomura’s said there will be more main characters (including girls) revealed at a later time.

      • Kai2591

        Good to know ;)

  • Space_Ghost

    I’m more excited for this than I ever was for XIII, not saying that it was a bad game, or series of games. It just seems like the story and characters in XV are more impressive.

    • LightZero

      I feel the same way. FFXV even back when it was Versus XIII always appealed to me more. Although I still enjoyed the FFXIII games.

  • Vash bane

    I must didn’t watch the trailer fully… there was a new female character at the end?

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Can’t wait…this will be my first Final Fantasy game ever!

  • NimbusStev

    Over the past few years I’ve been very cynical about this game and SquareEnix in general. For once though, I’m finally starting to get legitimately excited that FF15 could actually capture the magic of the FFs of old. Everything I’m hearing about this game makes it sound great.

    I hope this newfound optimism doesn’t come back to hurt me. x_x

  • Clifford Michael

    Final Fantasy: Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Michael Brooks

    KH II is my favorite video game ever made so FF XV just feels like a great pass time until KH III comes out. FF XV will definitely be a game to remember. Best of luck Nomura.

  • KrazyBean

    …I’m so hard for this game.

    • Earthjolly

      10 months later. Are you still hard?

      • KrazyBean


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