Now For A More Uplifting Visual Novel, A Love Story About Soaring To The Sky

By Spencer . July 1, 2013 . 2:52am

If My Heart Has Wings from MoeNovel starts with a somber note. Aoi Minase returns back to his hometown Kazegaura after an accident during a cycling race. Aoi doesn’t know what to do since his dreams have been shattered until he meets a girl in a wheelchair. Kotori Hanabe dreams to fly and the two of them set out to use a glider from the Keifuu Academy Soaring Club to fly through the Morning Glory cloud that floats overhead.


Of course, there’s more to If My Heart Has Wings than reviving a school club. The game has a couple of different girls Aoi can fall in love with like Ageha Himegi who he had a crush on before he left town. If My Heart Has Wings went through the trouble of being rated by the ESRB so there are scenes that were cut from the original Japanese release. It’s a story driven game at heart and Active Gaming Media, the team that original localized Demon’s Souls, worked on it.


A demo of If My Heart Has Wings is available here. Manga Gamer, J-List, and Rice Digtal are selling the game now.



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  • malek86

    Mmh, that’s too bad, if they removed the HCG scenes, I guess we won’t get any Sticky White Stuff. #DemonsSouls

  • No wonder why I liked the music so much. It’s sung by Haruka =^_^=

    If My Heart Had Wings though…….. I’d be dead lol =P

    • Virevolte

      …and gross. ^^”

    • XiaomuArisu

      Or a Soul Sacrifice MonsterXD

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I don’t care for the adult scenes if the story and characters are interesting. Believe it or not, that is the reason I play VN for. But if they altered the conversations too much and removed some of the normal scenes, then there is a slight problem…

    • Pepe Maglutac

      They didn’t go that far, thankfully

    • MrTyrant

      They cut a lot of things. They censored sexual jokes, pantsu, kiss or hug scenes too and they altered a major storyline about a main heroine just because she had h-scenes as the actual plot.

      This is not like those all-ages port from pc to portables or consoles, most of those story you could remove H scenes without altering anything.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Woah, that means it’s butchered to hell. They really wanted to remove any sign of normal romance it seems. Thanks for the heads up man, now I really don’t want to bother with it. ^^

        • MrTyrant

          And the translation is quite bad too. It looks like those bad fans-translation when in reality its something official.

      • Pepe Maglutac

        I’m playing it right now and I still see sexual jokes

  • 324234

    Doesn’t censorship alienate the entire VN market? I wouldn’t bother with it. Booo.

    • DyLaN

      It depends. If its the sex scenes tht have no importance to the plot, I say it helps to expand the market since there are ppl who might be interested in VN but scared away by the porn scenes. Also it helps to dispel the belief tht all VN=porn game.

      If they are rewriting the entire plot to fit the desired market then its another matter. And I don’t think tht happened in this VN.

      • What doesn’t sit well with me is just that though: Everyone’s making it sound like they censored more than just the 18+ scenes. I haven’t seen any proof for / against this yet, but that’s what’s making me really wary about this particular release.

        • Raze

          Not only they took out the ero scenes…They even took some other explicit content(i.e kissing maybe ? or bath scene if there is?) and rewrote some stuff…Like jokes and lines that are inappropriate

          At least that’s my friend told me…

          • kyrt

            not only did they remove the sex scenes but they rewrote scenes with kissing or hugging or any hint of sexual content regardless of it being explicit or not. They essentially made a mature title about love but took out some major aspects to show that it is a story about love. They entirely cut and censored aspects of this game and worse despite being a digital title only the DRM for this game is a real pain. If this does well this company (who is partnered with a visual novel company in Japan that only does H-games) will continue to release games censored/cut and will continue to butcher potentially great titles…It does not sit well with me when a company removes content simply to get a better ESRB rating…they got E for everyone and if this were as it should be even without the actual sex scenes the game should have gotten an M or T at very least…what they’ve done is a travesty to this genre. I implore people to ignore this title as it will simply cause more censorship.

      • mirumu

        From my perspective if they want to promote the non-porn market and dispel the belief that all VNs are porn then they should make some good non-porn VNs.

        Taking an existing game and changing it into something else is always going to alienate people, and justifiably so.

      • supervamp

        Actually if they wanted they could have just i don’t know translated a visual novel that was already all ages. Why they choose to censor i have no idea but there are plenty of good all ages vns that need translating

  • Jesse

    And cue complaining about the lack of H-scenes in it.

    I bought it already, and I could care less about that sort of thing.

    • biskmater

      Its more about the principle of the thing for me, Jast and Mangagamer
      go out of their way to remind us how they have not altered their games in any significant way, in this case they are acting like Carl Macek, and whatever you may think of him, he certainly alienated more than a fair number of fans. Of course, I am pervert, and am angry that my H-scenes got cut out.

      • XiaomuArisu

        Its not a bad thing to be a perv.
        Just saying.
        And dont forget the bad translation etc.

        • biskmater

          I want to say that, but it is hard to say without owning the thing, which I have no intention to buy until certain “revisions” are made.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Let’s not go completely down the principle route. JAST/PP has seen its fair share of blowups over ‘adjustments’ and localization decisions. MG had the ef situation and have not taken steps to go back and clean up most of their own bad translations. Their earliest works mind you, just like this is MoeNovels first time hitting out of the box.

        • biskmater

          true, the problem is it is also MoeNovel first time hitting at all, so that could make or break them, and as for MG, have you seen the blog on tick tack? they had to rebuild the game from scratch and make it as nearly identical as possible if that is not effort I don’t know what is.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The community allowed MG to recover from a translation of Suika which makes a nice little eroge almost unplayable.

            Yes, but that also shows that some of these games are really coded poorly. Peach Princess had to do things like that with Little My Maid, the one where you switched between the sisters as MCs and that early ero-RPG they did. Once a contract to publish is signed and money spent, that effort might also be just business.

            And then part of me wishes that the time and money taken to redo a Shuffle fan disk had gone to relaunching and remarketing KaraShoujo or bringing more of that series over.

          • biskmater

            Is there a reason you refer to Peach Princess specifically? As I see it they are just another branch of Jast itself. And as far as KaraShoujo goes, the sequel came out only a few months ago and if Dengeki stryker taught me anything, MG isn’t lightning fast at picking up games, though they ARE much faster than Jast at getting them ready for release.
            Also, last I checked Shuffle! was their best selling series, so of course they would want to cash in on that.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Peach Princess was traditionally the name most used with their ero-games stateside. JAST being the larger umbrella. Their first discussion boards used the PP banner, old habits die hard.

            KnS just needs more love, and a different focus for how it is presented. It would not surprise me if one of the reasons MoeNovel changed so much here is that the perception outside the fandom remains these games are all nukiges and various types of rapefests.

            A story-centric eroge with more care put into the H-side might just find more traction. Which is in fact what Pulltop normally does, but perhaps it just wasn’t felt business safe to go ‘all out’ right from the start.

          • biskmater

            Ahh, I mostly found them through J-List, which led me to JAST, which led me to PP occasionally. But I might pick up KnS given you seem attached to it, as far as things go, Fate/Stay Night, would have been perfect for those cuts (and since I heard Nasu, cannot write good sex to save his own life…) heck porting the all-ages version would have been a smart move. Then again, that would have been a huge undertaking. Either way, I shall wait and see with MoeNovel.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Do a search for Kara No Shoujo on the site. Spencer and Ishaan thought enough of the title to cover it — breaking our no ero rule. The background is unique and the tale very powerful.

            Wait and see is fine, I have yet to pick up Heart had Wings myself. I just will always remind folks to look at the reasons something happened, rather than instantly getting overly angry (you didn’t) because something happened.

          • biskmater

            I referenced Macek in the first comment, I know this stuff happens for a reason, someone made the conscious, tactical decision to edit this game in such a way, maybe they wanted a bigger audience than usual, (though I highly doubt this game is such a game changer as to merit such hopes, still, you never know.) break stereotypes (though I feel using a title that was NOT an eroge to begin with, would have been smarter.)

            But that does not mean, I like it, and staying quiet at this moment seems like a foolish thing to do, and yes, i have send messages, tweets, and other such half-assed attempts at expressing my opinion, to this company.

          • ChiffonCake

            I’ll also reccomend KnS. It’s a really good story (though I haven’t finished it yet :E), but be warned that there’s quite some guro there.

            Hmm, but now I wonder how a version of KnS without the h-scenes would work… they were already really out of the place in the story anyway.

          • biskmater

            I played through some of Guilty_The Sin, if the game has shock value, I am game as long as it is good.

    • Lynx

      I won’t be complaining about H-scenes.

      I will be complaining about how they’ve cut out kissing scenes. It’s a romance game, for crying out loud.

      • XiaomuArisu

        Why would they cut kissing?
        Arent those scenes the”Aww they really love each other”scenes?
        Why take them out?

    • Di_Elle

      And cue justifying your purchase with “I don’t care about H scenes, and neither should you!” It’s censorship. No matter how you spin it, it’s wrong. It would be one thing if this were marketed as an all-ages version, or ported to a console, but it’s not. It’s just another example of the localization company dipping its fingers into places they don’t belong; this is Pulltop’s game, NOT MoeNovel’s. If they don’t respect that, then why should anyone respect them?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Please read the original post.

        “I bought it already, and I could care less about that sort of thing.”

        Don’t turn that into “I don’t care about H scenes, and neither should you!” just because their opinions and choices are not yours. The initial line is nothing more than ‘break out the popcorn, etc’.

        And regarding this being Pulltop’s game, every bit of evidence out there is that they are involved in the process. No one is disrespecting Pulltop if the choices are in part their own.

      • You speak as if cutting the risque content was forcibly decided without the original company’s consent.

    • QueuedDisappointment

      They cut more than just H-scenes, and in one of the routes the sex was actually relevant to the story. Cutting out any notion of it ruined part of the story, even with the rewrites.

      Combine that with the horrid translation job to begin with, and yeah, I’d say the complaints are pretty justified.

  • ChiffonCake

    Oh hey, this is good to hear… I guess? I’ve been interested in Konosora for a while, so the news of the english release was great, but hearing that Moenovel would censor the story and that the translation is terrible… eehhhh.

    I also feel like people who are against the censorship are being misunderstood. I’m not against that because I want the h-scenes more than anything – hell, for all that I know the story could be better off without them. I’m against it because it’s /censorship/.

  • kyrt

    Do not support this company they are a mockery of a visual novel fan and care nothing more about profit going as far as censoring not just the adult content but even the romantic scenes, removing and mature humor and simply making this less than it should be. This should not be the standard for visual novels and I implore you ignore this title as it is full of censorship and moenovel have a maid a proclamation that all of their titles after this will be censored accordingly in order to get a wider audience….if you disagree with censorship then do not buy this.

    • XiaomuArisu

      ! thought only the Sexscenes were removed.
      But why Romanticscenes?What do you exactly mean with romantic?
      Kissing?Dates?Holding Hands?

      • kyrt

        for any kissing scenes they edited them so that all you see is a silhouette of the backs of their head. As opposed to the front…anything with lips touching was altered in this way…it doesn’t even look like they are kissing. They took out most of the more mature jokes and half of the romantic scenes now sound like poorly translated slapstick humor. The game loses a lot with these edits and I think they even got rid of a scene where the characters are hugging…honestly not a good adaptation at all and it shouldn’t be supported. In order to get the E for everyone rating they had to cut a lot of content even outside of the sex scenes.

        • Pepe Maglutac

          I dunno man I am playing it right now and I am still seeing mature jokes

        • XiaomuArisu

          Thats just stupid.
          Sounds like they took a big bite from the story and only give us the sloopy seconds

        • Zoozbuh

          Oh wow, is this for REAL? I had no idea they had to censor it that much. At first, reading these comments, I was getting annoyed at how people on this site were acting, but now I totally understand it o_O

    • I wasn’t going to buy this ANYWAY but I am getting a free copy lol

  • MrTyrant

    About the fans-patche i think it’s interesting, yet I think it would be more like a fans-retranslation than an actual patch to add something back, like kelohmello said on his post. The translation is bad but the game not only censored h-scenes but most of the romantic scenes too like hugs or kisses or even sexual jokes making the VA’s re-voiced some scenes to fit something that should never had happened.

    It’s quite hilarious, everything.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Guys calling it now. Discuss the game, discuss the concerns, but please let’s not continue to call for the fan-translation here.

      And please, if the translation is bad, at least give us some idea of places where you noted the original being far different from the English release. I know the demo read poorly edited and very non-native translator in places. But even MG final releases have those and so does Peach Princess

    • Juan AndrĂ©s Valencia

      Wait… they removed hugs and kisses? So… it’s as explicit as a tame 1940’s romance film? That’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s like the BBFC censoring I Spit On Your Grave and allowing Baisei-Moi to get an uncut rele…


  • artemisthemp

    Anyone know, which scenes was cut from If My Heart Has Wings?

    • Guest

      *edit (brainfarted a bit)

  • mirumu

    The practise of switching a game from ero to non ero games is fairly common in Japan, but the English language VN market is different to Japan’s, and the evidence suggests this kind of change doesn’t fly. It’s just viewed as censorship, and no matter how they try to claim otherwise, it is.

    If they want to sell non ero games then that’s what they should be making to begin with. Marketing them the same way as ero titles and having them available at the same places as ero titles is not going to work. The value proposition of VNs in this market are completely different too. Many simply don’t see them as games, and the amount they are willing to spend on a game is in line with this.

    In my personal view if companies want to grow the all-ages English language VN audience then the best path is through original games with at least some level of additional gameplay beyond the basics. Indie developers like Hanako Games and Winter Wolves have been showing what a good all ages English language VN can be like, but they don’t really have the resources to grow the market on their own.

    I think it’s also fair to say that a quality translation is essential for any non-English game to break into the mainstream English language arena. H-game enthusiasts may reluctantly put up with a poor translation, but the wider market will not.

  • Zak Ledward

    I still say they could’ve just picked up an originally all-ages game and just brought it stateside. I know the chances are nearly 0% but Clannad and Little Busters from KEY are REALLY GREAT VNs that have NO SEXUAL CONTENT (unless you’re playing LBeX) and still have strong storylines. All I’m trying to get across is, why take the time to butcher up a perfectly good nakige when you could just find one without the H and just translate/localize that. Sounds like a lot less work and stress to me.

    But then again, this could all be part of Japan’s master plan to destroy the chances of VN/Eroge coming to the US so fans stop crying to companies online.

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