Why Rina Has Goggles In Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

By Laura . July 4, 2013 . 2:30pm

In Digimon World Re:Digitize, the game allows you to view a summary of previous game events and separates them into chapters. In Decode, this figure has increased to twice the original number. The events chosen were those that the director and producer felt would appeal to Digimon fans as well as those they felt balanced the main scenario out. They stated that one of the challenges that they faced was incorporating the popular X-Antibody and Demon Lord storylines into the game while staying true to the previous material that already exists.


These arcs were introduced into the game such that the game transitioned seamlessly from one arc to the next. For example, the end of the Vitium arc opens directly into the Demon Lords arc. As such, changes were made to the main scenario (the entirety of the PSP game) starting from the prologue, and enormous changes were made to the opening to give a different “atmosphere” to the game.


Creator preference was also involved. The producer wanted to balance out the original arc, which was about the battle against the Vitium, a non-Digimon entity, so he and the director chose to write about a battle between Digimon. This resulted in the Demon Lords arc.


Another change they wanted to make even in the PSP game (but couldn’t fit it in) was the Infinity Mountain dungeon, which appears in the X-Antibody arc. In general, there are no proper “dungeons” in Digimon World Re:Digitize—only fields. However, in Decode, Infinity Mountain was recreated to have a completely different playing style and remade into a dungeon with a different playing style to make it more fun for players. Instead of a simple 3×3 randomly generated map, proper maps were created, complete with traps.


The game’s producer was especially enthusiastic in the interviews he participated in, about including the good ol’ pitfall trap, although he mentions there are some traps added purely for humor as well. (Digimon Adventure episode 24 comes to mind for some reason.)


Infinity Mountain is also 100 levels. The dungeon was created so that, while it would be challenging, it wouldn’t be impossible to clear for most people so long as they put in some effort. Save points also appear periodically throughout the levels.


To make the going easier, you’re given the option to retrieve Digimon whose data you’ve stored in the Digitorage before they died. This means that you can use favorite Digimon you’ve previously raised (but have since died) in Infinity Mountain to accompany you on your journey.


Because of the different playing style, the creators also took the opportunity to introduce another feature that doesn’t appear outside of Infinity Dungeon. In Digimon World, Digimon always appear around the same size after a certain point because of game (or screen) limitations, despite some Digimon, like MugenDramon, being enormous. However, in Infinity Mountain, the Digimon were made to appear as large as they did in the anime. (It is unclear if this refers only to enemy Digimon or also partner Digimon.)


Also, the creators felt that the effects of the irregularities in the Digital World in the Real World weren’t clearly shown. Because the events obviously aren’t in the Digital World, there was no way they could write these in. As such, they decided to use a different perspective. To explain the events in the Real World, they had the new character, Rina Shinomiya, comment on events in the real world and explain what’s going on starting from the start of the game.


Unlike the protagonist, who blazes through the Digital World, Rina was more “the second protagonist who watches over the events from the human world.” This is why, as per tradition, she wears goggles like the majority of the previous franchise protagonists.


In addition to extra events, the number of Digimon was also greatly increased to 162 Digimon that you can raise. This explosion of new Digimon numbers was partially decided by a vote by fans. One of the most popular suggestions were “Digimon that had appeared in the anime,” and V-mon was a special favorite. Another popular suggestion was “Digimon that had appeared in the first Digimon World game,” and this led to the inclusion of Tyrannomon, among others.


Tyrannomon, especially, received favorable treatment. He’s been a fan favorite ever since the liquid crystal times, even appearing on some of the covers, but he hasn’t been featured much since. This time, the creators finally created a set final form to Tyrannomon while discussing with Digimon designer Kenji Watanabe, creator of the original Digimon such as Devimon, and this resulted in RustTyrannomon.


Another Digimon to receive a new form in Decode is Ogremon, who was made very popular from the anime. However, because he was so popular in Adult form, no Ultimate form was ever created for him before this. His new final form is called Titamon.


Adding so many new Digimon was one of the harder aspects of creating the Digimon World game, note both the director and producer. According to the producer, in a usual RPG, if you have approximately 50 enemy monsters, you can make a working RPG. If you use recolors, you can have further variation. However, with Digimon, every single Digimon has their own personality and shape, so their design, their poses, and their actions would all be different. Even among the Human Digimon, their body shapes are different, so every last one would have to be created separately.


As such, dividing the time and budget was difficult. The producer stated that he wanted to increase the richness of the Digimon’s actions, such as creating unique eating motions, increasing the number of battle attack motions, etc., but this would decrease the number of Digimon that could appear, so he decided against it.


Source: Famitsu and Dengeki Online interviews.

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    Ugh seriously namco bandai what do I have to do to get this game localised? Cant we start a writen contract thingy on the internet that pledges you to buy the game when it comes out? I will buy 2 copies so that can I play it with my little bro.

    Btw that little text about ogremon got me teared up. I suddely rememberd ogremon from the anime serie and the first digimon world game.
    I can still remember the stomping sounds that ogremon makes when he is patrolling the city and something about toiletpaper.
    Aah the sweet memories… I am so happy that ogremon gets more love!

    • doubleO7

      Watch Digimon Fusion when it premieres in english on Nickelodeon this fall. If anything will push NB to bring this game over, it’ll be the new TV show being a big success. If it does well, they’ll probably try to cash in on that success with a new game release.

      • Keima88

        I am from the Netherlands so… I gues I am putting my hopes that American children got good taste and will like digimon fusion (^^;).

        • doubleO7

          Ah, well that poses a bit of a problem doesn’t it?
          Some kids watch stomach the dumbest crap on TV here, but hopefully they’ll recognize a good cartoon when they see one. C’mon kids, were counting on you!

  • Leon_Tekashi

    All protags must have goggles in Digimon! It’s a norm!

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        XD Every series has a thing that heroes needs. Everyone who does not know some variation of Demon fang is not a hero on the tales series X3

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          …Azure Edge is not apart of the Demon Fang Family.

          • Raharu95

            It just so happens that Yuri can’t really be considered a Hero XP He is the main protagonist but he is more of an Anti-hero, thought more towards the Hero side. Flynn, on the other hand, does have Demon Fang.

      • Chiupon

        let’s pretend they don’t exist shall we???
        (I mean i don’t know anyone who watched after Frontier so yeah the pretend game is now)

        • SilentMC

          *raises hand* I did, I exist :(

          • GaiunxWolfenX

            so did i, and i really liked savers :-P

          • SilentMC

            While I felt Savers had it’s faults it got really good around the episode 20 mark of the series, so I do like it too :P

          • Renaldi Saputra

            me too, I approve Savers.. at least it’s better than Frontier.. I gave a 8/10 score for it

          • SilentMC

            Aww I loved Frontier as well (despite the story mainly focusing on Takuya and Koji and some pacing issues) :( They were all pretty good

          • Renaldi Saputra

            I like frontier, however the plot was pretty simple and we rarely have time to spend with the characters.. luckily we have Cd drama for this.. thus I gave a 7/10 score for it

          • SilentMC

            Oh? A CD drama? What’s it about? I don’t think I’ve heard of this before

          • Renaldi Saputra

            The title is: Things I Want To Tell You

            go to digitalscratch.pmsinfirm.org
            they have the english translation of it.. I don’t have the link for the audio, since it’s very hard to find

            FYI: Digimon had some CD Drama for each season (adventure-frontier only)
            some of those CD Drama are sequel of the series like Digimon Tamers: Message In the Packet

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        • Renaldi Saputra

          you all forgot C’mon digimon manga..
          the MC also didn’t wear goggle

        • Exkaiser

          Savers is pretty decent, though, and [what I watched of] Xros Wars was pretty legit.

      • MiniTaurus
        • Renaldi Saputra

          need 8 chosen children to beat down a VenomVamdemon
          Masaru: “bitch, please.. I only need one punch to beat down 3 VenomVamdemon simultaneously”

    • Steven Higgins

      Only leaders get to have goggles! Rina has no right to them (Marcus doesn’t count because technically Richard Sampson was the leader of DATS and he had sunglasses). But Rina is cool and she has a Veemon and gets extra points for using the oft-ignored Veedramon version so I’ll let it slide.

      Also I’m getting tired of hearing about “why the director did this” or “why this is like that”. I don’t care how it’s more like a sequel or why Rina has goggles. I just want to know if and when WE’RE getting it. Tell me that and I’ll gladly listen to all the behind the scenes stuff you want.

      • Chiupon

        If I remember correctly, from some screens and whatnot, Rina is also playable as a protagonist for the extra scenario they added in — She might not lead a whole team of people like the other protagonist, but she’s definitely her own leader.

      • JustThisOne

        xD The article just explained that though! She’s the goggles ambassador of the human world, basically.

    • JustThisOne

      I didn’t even notice this tradition until this article mentioned it! Man, I’m some kind of slow. :>

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Masaru: “well, fuck you all..”

  • Kristoffer Brandberg

    I wonder if Xseed would be interested in localizing this game…?

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      I doubt they could since its Namco Bandai…

      • ocaritna

        Solatorobo was localized by XSeed in US. There’s hope !

  • Matt V

    is it weird that I’m a bit more interested in this game than X and Y?

    • Renaldi Saputra

      no, you’re not weird at all
      bcos pokemon is too mainstream

  • Daobs_

    Anyone knows Namco Bandai’s japanese email address?

    Let’s fill it with requests to localize this. And the NA and EU ones as well.

  • Christopher Nunes

    I wish I knew of this voting thing! But I’m glad to see that Dorumon is finally obtainable as I wanted him the most!

    I really hope Namco Bandai of US decides to localizes this.

  • abysswalker

    In the 4th picture she looks a lot like the female designs from Devil Survivor (Haru, Yuzu) Is that from one of the most recent series? The last digimon I watched was the 3rd series

    • SilentMC

      Nah she’s one of the original characters created for this game by Suzuhito Yasuda (artist of Devil Survivor 1 and 2)

  • “Why does she have goggles?”

    (Puts on shades)

    Because she’s just that cool.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      bcos boys with goggles are too mainstream
      give her goggle, bitch loves goggle

    • Would a “Yeaah” be inappropriate here…?

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    so basically a complete vamp from the first game…… now I see what ppl are talking about I want this one too but sadly no 3ds :(

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    I hope this game come in English ╥﹏╥

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    If only it was a console game, then they could all have those different animations they talked about XD

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    I totally hope this get localized.

    Now, speaking of the training and stuff. DW:R was super easy to train ’em to 999 in all stats, even 3 days before they died.
    And with that implementation of stat boosters and stuff, does that mean they are now harder to grind?

    What if the digimon got already to 999 and also has the extra orange numbers, is that boost nulled, or does it stack and break past the 999 limit?

    Also, love to see Infinity Mountain back, it would totally rock if they went extra mile and machinedramon was the last fight. :P

    Also it’s good the digimon storage will have more use aside of the tournaments, which were honestly quite easy save for a few.

    • Your questions will be answered with time… ;D

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    The goggles, they do nothing.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Masaru approves this

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    This sounds so amazing, I think I’ll cry if we never see this game…

  • Renaldi Saputra

    hey Bamco, how about making an anime adaptation of Re:digitize?
    it would be cool if the next digimon anime is not an original series but a game adaptation

    • SilentMC

      I’d rather they do an original story that takes place in the same Re:Digitize universe

      • Renaldi Saputra

        yep, an original story with same characters and universe that take around 50 episodes

  • Localization plz!

  • Please… localize this!

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