Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Coming To PS3 And Vita In Spring 2014

By Spencer . July 9, 2013 . 12:48am

image Sega is continuing the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd. The game was revealed in this week’s video game magazine round up. The concept for Project Diva F 2nd is the Project Diva you know so far and the Project Diva afterwards. Sega promises more depth and evolution in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd.


Songs "Colorful X Melody," "Romeo and Cinderella," and "Akatsuki Arrival" have been confirmed to be in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd. The game will also have modules created by Kuuma and Nezuki.


Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd is slated for release in spring 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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  • http://jpoplove.eu/ jpoplove

    Very good news. I’ll preorder Vita version as soon as it will be available.

  • b4lmung

    Oh Yehhhhhh!

  • Chrystofax

    Well course am getting this, since I’ve gotten all the other PSP/VIta Versions

    • http://Youtube.com/Dyjuan1 Rising Overlord

      Same here I can’t wait for the ps3 version next month on the psn. YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • transferstudentx

    i wait for the localization i really hope the first one sales helps to localize this on ps3 and vita this time

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, Since we are getting f, I’m sure f 2nd will be localized, If it sells well

  • Highasthesky

    I hope this game gets localized..

  • Raze


    Thanks Sega

    I’ll definitely getting this…

  • http://momentsreprieve.com/index/ Aushria

    So those three songs imply that we’ll have a whole slew of returners and a bunch of new songs, along with Diva F’s selection. I’m pretty sure the old songs will far outweigh the new, especially with a name like that.

    I honestly expect this to be Project Diva 2nd, Extend, and F shoved into one. Also using F’s systems and style as the basis.

    Pessimism aside…I’ll get it, I just hope they make scratch notes more responsive on the Vita and the for the Star notes on PS3 to be more sensitive to your flicks of the analog sticks.

    Star/Scratch notes are my only pet peeve with Diva F, and I would much rather have the “Hold” notes from Arcade over them.

    • Erikdayo

      I wish they’d release the arcade version for consoles. Or at least have an arcade mode in Project DIVA F 2nd. I would absolutely buy a special arcade controller for that. Especially if it’s like the new arcade game w/ the slide bar. Slide bar seems a lot more fun than the swipes. I have the PDF arcade controller right now, but honestly, the mini controller from Hori is more fun to navigate.

      I’d also say it’d be nice if they added in holds like the arcade version. The holds being on separate shapes would be great. And if they just in general added two- four button presses into the game that weren’t just like right and circle or up and triangle, that would be awesome.

  • ギャビン

    PS3 is going to have a lot of games I’m going to want to play beyond what I thought it would. With that said, I hope they get cracking on a PS4 version.

  • HassanJamal

    Thats cool. What bout a new VC? Please Sega, you know we want it!

  • Altin

    If they just announce Yuzuki Yukari – I will buy this instantly.

    • AkuLord3

      And IA…DO IT SEGA!!!

      • Kevadu

        I would *love* to see IA in a game like this, but keep in mind that she and Yuzuki aren’t by Crypton so that’s pretty unlikely. Though they did put Gumi in Mirai…though not with that many songs. And Gumi is still the most popular non-Crypton Vocaloid (though IA is certainly up and coming). The focus of these games has always been the Crypton Vocaloids and I imagine that whatever deal Sega has with Crypton is going to keep it that way.

  • benhofb

    Hmm. How did the US version of Project Diva F do? I really hope it did well enough to justify a localization of this one for both the PS3 and Vita… Sad me and my “no PS3″ issues…

    • AkuLord3

      Ummm bro, its not out yet, got to wait a bit until we decide that. Though who knows, Sega knows there’s a good number fan base now that will buy it and “probably” do well so we’ll have to wait and see

      • benhofb

        Oh crap… Well, color me uninformed. I hope it does well! These games and Vocaloids in general have quite an interesting niche here in the states, so hopefully there will be a big enough fan base for the game do do well!

  • Patrick McAleer

    Yes!!! I love Akatsuki Arrival, can’t freaking wait for this!!!!!!

    I hope it comes out at the same time for both systems.

  • Erikdayo

    Can’t wait! :)

  • SoundMatch

    Gimme them Vocaloid games! I”LL TAKE ON ALL OF YOU!

  • Guest

    P diva, danganronpa, demon gaze, and curry XD

    • Kevadu

      Localization? This is news about Japan. The game is being announced for the first time.

  • http://ryuz4ki57inenglish.wordpress.com/ Thomas FROEHLICHER

    YES YES FU*** YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruu

    Please let this be 60fps this time like the dreamy theater games!

  • artemisthemp

    So this will be localization, if Project Diva does well in the West?

  • Demeanor

    Waaaaahhhh!!! Waaaahhhh!!! (uncontrolled_fangirling) a remake of Romeo to Cinderellaaaaa!!!

    Ok, ok, wishlist, wishlist…

    - competitive mode where players can clash for better scores/longest combos etc.

    - improved search features for edit data: search by song name, filter only completed songs, mandatory links to the mp3 files, not just 3 slots available

    - RIP=RELEASE PLAYABLE! And also Ai Dee, Kusari no Shoujo, Yuuhizaka and so many more songgggs I want…

  • Aristides

    I really would love a Vita localization T_T, too bad they’re not localizing the first one for Vita *sob* *sob*

    • artemisthemp

      Sadly doubt they will, unless Vita pick up steam with sales

      • Aristides

        I guess I’ll have to Import -_- I really wish I could read Japanese though. At least PD games are very import friendly.

  • Kamuii

    hmm.. 2 songs that already in PSP… :/ what a disappointed, no offense just saying.. Why not the other songs (For example Wave, Sarishinohara, Whats Color, Mind Scientist, Hitorinbo Envy, Circus Monster, Aku no musume series, etc)? Sorry for my bad english

    And I hope there’s another vocaloid like Yuzuki Yukari, Gakupo, and the others. It will be awesome

  • Steven Johnson

    Well That was fast… XD

  • anthy

    Ah! So excited! :-)

    Wishlist idea that I’m totally stealing from alexwordstheater (and which Sega will never see since I doubt they care about a Westerner’s opinion, but hey, still fun to write this):

    1) Western release, please! Assuming that Project Diva F sells well enough in the West, anyway. And please tell us far enough in advance that people can make a proper decision as to whether they want to import or wait. (Simultaneous release in Japan and the West would be awesome, but I’m thinking that probably won’t happen.)

    Also, personally I’d love toggleable English-translated subtitles on the PVs.

    2) Not too many songs from older versions of Project Diva! Two out of three of the songs announced are repeats so far. Though I know people’ll want their favorites, I want new songs, too! Like, I’d love it if at least 2/3 of the songs were new to Project Diva. There are so many other songs out there. Please, Sega?

    If we have to have repeats, I would love it if any repeats have brand-new stages / new storylines to the PVs.
    And If they can port things from Project Diva Arcade, I really want Deep Sea City Underground.

    3) Song wishlist: it will be a crime and a shame if Ai Dee, Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!, and World Domination How-To aren’t on this one. A CRIME

    Also: other new-to-Project-Diva Kagamine songs in general (especially: Proof of Life; Anti-Chlorobenzene; Magic Mirror; Alluring Secret, Black Vow; anything by Nem or Jesus-P or Mothy; any good rock songs with Rin? I’m out of the loop), Toeto and Secret (sung by Luka…how has Toeto not happened yet, did I miss it), ANYTHING by T.Komine-san (especially The Path To Eternal Happiness or The Happiness and Peace of Mind Commitee), Eight-Hundred (with Miku), a new Sasakure-UK song (preferably Twee Box Puppet Show, but anything really), a new Dixie Flatline song (was that one Miku/Luka song done by them?), a new Wowaka song, at least one or two good new Kaito songs. As many duets or multi-singer songs as they can fit.

    At least one impossibly hard song on the same scale as Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku, and a couple more really hard ones.

    Super unlikely to happen, but Alice Human Sacrifice; Kagome, Kagome; Bad End Night; Dark Woods Circus; Synchronicity; or any huge ansemble vocaloid story-based song would be great. Especially a creepy one.

    New stuff that I haven’t even heard of but that’s fabulous anyway.

    Also: Reboot. I know it has Samune Zimi in it, but… Do it anyway, Sega. Make people cry.

    4) More songs from vocaloids other than Miku! Miku’s adorable, but she has the lion’s share right now. Would be nice to get more of…just about anyone else.

    5) Modules: I want Future Style Len. (Hey, we got Future Style Rin last time. Should be possible, right?)

    I kind of doubt it’ll ever happen, but I’d also love to see a module for IA.

    OK, I’m done. If even 1/4 of the stuff above actually happens, I’ll be thrilled.

    • Demeanor

      Wow, you’re a bit of a gold mine of content to check out, in my ignorance I know about 5% of the things you mentioned ^ ^

      I would definitely die for a remake of Magnet (with proper butterfly headphones this time!) and Hoshikuzu Utopia, some “gimu nan desu! Gimu desu yo!” and moar Luka songs like Akahitoha, Black Gold (curse you, PDA… XD), Meiteki Cybernetics, Dancer in the Dark, and lots more. Well, they sure have quite a pool to choose from, I wonder what *Hatsune Miku English* will bring to the table!

      AndIalsowantSFA2Miki!!! XD

  • Tyler Beale

    Dammit, I misread the article title thinking it would be coming to the US on PS Vita in Spring 14, less than a year after the PS3 version would be out.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Nice. I wonder if they’ll release simultaneously or if they’ll stagger it like last time?

    Staggering it allowed them to get a good chunk of sales on Vita and then an even better amount on PS3, but I wonder if people wouldn’t just pick one or the other if they launch the same day? I don’t know if these were global stats or just for the US, but I remember Tretton sharing that some crazy percentage of Vita owners also had PS3s, so I’d imagine that’d impact how this performs across both platforms if it launches on the same day.

  • EdzoIV

    wow this got me more excited than it should have haha

  • animaster

    Exact release date: Spring 2014 –> March 9th, 2014

  • Light Soul

    If there isn’t any plans for a localization then I’ll be importing this. I hope the first one does well so this can get localized.

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