Dragon’s Dogma Quest No Longer Exclusive To Vita, It’s Coming To iOS First

By Spencer . July 11, 2013 . 12:48am

dragonsdoCapcom first announced Dragon’s Dogma Quest as a PlayStation Vita game. While the game has several returning characters, Dragon’s Dogma Quest is a different kind of game. First, it’s a 2D RPG and second it uses a free-to-play business model.


Before Dragon’s Dogma Quest adventures to Vita, it will be available for iOS. Capcom announced Dragon’s Dogma Quest will be on iOS in a few days while the Vita version is slated for fall.

Dragon’s Dogma Quest has new classes and monsters made for the free to play game. Check out the Cyclops, Lamia, and Behemoth below.


dragonsdo-01 dragonsdo-02 dragonsdo-03 dragonsdo-06 dragonsdo-07 dragonsdo-08 dragonsdo-09 dragonsdo-10

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  • jujubee88

    Capcom with the impeccable VITA support!


  • melvin2898

    iOS > all

  • Pockystix

    I hope some of these monsters show up for the Sequel~

    Anyone else wish there was a beastmaster class?

  • looks lame

  • Altin

    Amount of F*cks given: 0

  • Katboy

    this is terrible…i hate the direction where game devs are going with all this mobile nonsense; I wonder will this play better on an iOS device than the Vita?

    • The game went multi-plat, so why the hate? A large userbase and you think that they wouldn’t want to penetrate that?

      The day devs abandon all systems bar mobile, then you should worry. Otherwise, it nots harming anyone.

      • Katboy

        I hope you read my comment properly…no hate there; just disappointment; I wouldn’t mind if it went to PCs, Consoles or the 3DS…sorry but I don’t prefer games on my phone.

        • I did read it, and I’m saying, “Why the hate for one of the platforms being mobile?” If the game is still coming to a platform you want it to, why’d you care if it appears on another that you don’t like.

          First and foremost, they’re a business and will ensure that they maximise their profits on any given project by making decisions they feel will work best, for them.

          • Katboy

            you said multiplat implying other platforms.. ;)

            ..thing is its on mobile phones. if they wanted to sell shitloads as a business they could have gone to the 3DS..

          • I know what I said, and I’m implying that the mobile phone is another platform, may not be a first choice many gamers but still a platform nonetheless.

            Being on the 3DS doesn’t guarantee “shitloads” of sales, just increases the potential number of sales, that’s it.

      • Antonio C. R. Murray

        Look. Real simple to understand. When a platform loses an exclusives it means that it’s one less reason to buy and/or retain that platform. The game may not be YOUR reason but is someone else’s.

        Don’t you at least think that it’s odd that a game like this WOULD’NT be announced for iOS first with its larger install base? Anyone with common can tell you that Capcom is playing Politics As Usual with Sony and the Vita i.e. no RE Revelations.

        Whenever I read “every game multiplatform” garbage, what it really means is that “as long its on the platform that I already decided to buy or have, I’m straight”. In other words, just a words of a broke ass muthafucka just trying to save money. See PS3.

        • Whoa! Are you trying to put words in my mouth?!

          Where have I told Katboy to, “put or shut up” or something along those lines? Nowhere. Just stating nothing has been lost.

          I’m just saying that, the Vita may of lost exclusivity, but it is still coming to the system. Where’s the loss?

          Don’t make assumptions about someone you never met! How do you know what I have? What’s this got to do with the PS3 anyway? See Vita.

          You seriously need to take a chill pill.

    • Altin

      Does it really matter? It’s a freaking card game. And no, this is not me hating on it, just because it is a card game – I dislike it for the fact that it gets a release on handheld powerhouse that should at least be capable of playing the original counterpart at sub-par quality. It’s just the same thing as with Tokyo Jungle. If I want to play games designed for Smartphones, I will get a smartphone.

      • Katboy

        yeah that Tokyo Jungle was crushingly disappointing

  • Hidayat246

    if capcom does not want to support the vita then it should they not announce it for the vita since the beginning

    • It’s still on Vita, just not exclusive any more.

  • so people are complaining more that its on IoS rather then it looks like crap, alright then. Doesnt look at all like a dragon’s dogma game though

    • jujubee88

      It’s a crappy situation all around. Capcom should feel bad about the whole thing.

  • tubers

    Nintendo was mad for the hair of VITA support.

    Slapped Capcom behinds the scenes.

    “Okay. Fine! It’s an iOS game as well!” – C

    “Good..” – N

  • My exact reaction to when I saw this article: “*sigh* really?”

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