Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Game Coming To 3DS This Winter

By Spencer . July 16, 2013 . 2:12am

imageKonami is developing a Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal video game for Nintendo 3DS, according to a scan from Jump.


The game’s full name is Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival and it’s a card battling game. Jump reports Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival has over 5,500 cards and more than 40 playable characters.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival is slated for release in winter 2013.

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  • anthony apduhan

    P.S. Thanks for posting a picture of Yuma I appreciate it.

  • Smooosh

    Don’t know anything about the “new” show, but I’ve been waiting for another YGO game for a while now. Played a bit of YGOPro, but I prefer my YGO on a handheld. :)

    • I agree on the point of preferring the games. I tried Dueling Network for a while to fill up the gap, but it didn’t work. Too many people using the best/most meta decks they can, no real way to test things out when it comes to using any other types of decks, people who like to quit out when things aren’t going well, or even some who don’t understand how the game is played… And it gets tiring dueling from the same few friends you have, as well!

      I really prefer the games for testing and figuring out cards, as a result. No sour feelings from it, then.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Finally. I had been keep thinking when will we had Yu-Gi-oH Goodness on 3DS here.^_^

  • DrakeClawfang

    How about a Yugioh Abridged game, can we get that?

    • Sardorim

      Would be better than Zexal by far. So disappointed with Zexal after how awesome 5Ds was even if 5Ds had a cruddy ending.

      • natchu96

        The JP ending wasn’t too bad . . . eh, it wasn’t too good either but I thought it was okay.

        I really need to find time to finish GX in Japanese, now that you mention it. Heard that last season was pretty amazing.

        • Sardorim

          Bad due to no real closure and how they did nothing with Aki and Yusei even though they built it up for most of the series.

          America never got the last season of GX. It was good but like 5DS it suffered from no closure for the main cast with Jaden vanishing to go on a journey with the cat to never be heard or seen again.

    • God no.

      If you want that, ask Martin/LittleKuriboh himself if he’d want to make a game.

    • Spirit Macardi

      LK actually said that if he did make a Yu-Gi-Oh game it’d essentially be a dating sim, since all the card games would be cut out x3

  • shadowind

    Hopefully it’ll be a World Championship game for next year.

  • transferstudentx

    i miss the gx tag force games

    • Beta

      Same :/ Hopefully this one would be a bit like those :)

  • riceisnice

    If there’s flashy animations, I might give this a try. My favorite card was Gigobyte! <3

  • Raze

    Anyone who watched Zexal..
    Is there any new kind of special summon in it?

    • sakusakusakura_nyo

      Yeah, you can set certain monster cards on top of other monster cards now.

    • Argama

      There’s these new Black Cards that you put on top of the monsters~
      It’s called XYZ Summon~

      I don’t like em though, They feel weak, I still love Syncho Summons~

      • Raze

        I see…Then…It’s just that?
        XYZ is featured in TF6…So at least I know about it….

        Yeah…Synchro is the best…

        • refrain

          There are Chaos XYZ change and rank up magic though.

          • Raze

            Chaos XYZ and Rank up?
            What does it do?
            To summon another type of XYZ with godly special effect?

          • They’re still just regular Xyz Monsters, but their printed requirements are crazy. You’re expected to Xyz Summon them using their special mechanics.

            For two of them, Number C39: Utopia Ray and Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss, you just “overlay” them over their base forms. For the other Number C and CXyz monsters, though, you need the effect of a “Rank-Up-Magic” Spell Card.

            And yes, these Chaos forms tend to be much more powerful than their base forms.

      • refrain

        Weak? XYZ is really broken…

        • I can give that XYZ was pretty weak /when it first came out/, but recent ones are definitely a lot better. Hope/Utopia’s actually a staple mainstay right now in most decks, I believe, cause it’s an easy rank 4 with no limitations and a good ATK power (2500).

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Woot woot finally konami reveals its trap card. Need to start flooding their USA sides email box with requests for it.

    Over 5500 cards,let us hope for no slowdown issues like previous entries.

  • Repede91

    Do you “Believe in Nexus?”

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Yeah lets get Zexal crap out of the way and get to a new series.

    • Sardorim

      I agree fully, a new series that’s serious like Yugioh and 5Ds was with a slightly older cast would be grand.

      • Wow, serious?

        You really gotta look at the recent episodes. Those’ve been great on the serious scale.

    • refrain

      I don’t know. Zexal’s getting good in the new season. The earlier season are really bad but now It’s good.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        I’d rather just wait it out. I watched Zexal directly after marathoning the glorious 5D’s and I was just in shock at how bad it was. I did hear that it gets better but I couldn’t take it passed season 2.

        • refrain

          You can skip ss1, really. Just try ss2. No problem.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Eh, no Tag Force 7?

  • Shadowman

    This information has obliterated me.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Awesome news! It’s time to duel!!!

  • melvin2898

    Oh my god. I’ve been waiting forever. Finally.

  • refrain

    And I thought they wouldn’t make any more yu-gi-oh! game. Good news!

  • VolticWind

    Go away Zexal. No one likes you. I mean seriously. The only good cards that come out during the Zexal series are not from the new Zexal booster packs, but from the new non-series related Structure Decks like Dragons Collide. Can you guess why? Cause there are not stupid XYZ monsters at all in the Structure Decks.

    XYZ monsters take what made Synchro monsters cool and makes it into something no one wanted, cards with a set limit depending on the number of monsters used to summon it.

    Then there the actual anime series, which sucks ass, doesn’t deserve to be compared to even GX. The main character sucks because he can’t duel himself out of a paper bag for the longest time only able to duel well after about half the first season and he still relied more on his Yami Yugi ripoff, Astral, to win. His friends and enemies suck. The plot sucks cause it basically a Mcguffin hunt. After 5D’s I wanted something more along the lines of a pseudo-GX version of it, but what we got was infinitely worse.

    • Raltrios

      “Only good cards” he says…

    • Speak for yourself. Anyone who says that Zexal isn’t good at this point didn’t bother to keep up with it.

    • ZEXAL is awesome once it gets past “LOL Yuma is dumb” and “OMG interdimensional war.” The Number hunt, while still important, takes a back seat once the machinations of the Barians come to light. Especially Vector.

      • refrain

        Vector is one of the best villian in yu-gi-oh! franchise

  • ElAbuelo69


  • Beta


  • You actually dunno how happy I am for this. I’ve been waiting so long for a new gameeeee. I tended to use the games to get an idea of what cards actually existed and how they worked so I’ve been very out of the loop.

    I agree with the sentiments of missing the Tag Force games. Those were stellar. … But I disagree with sentiments that Zexal’s bad. It’s been pretty awesome recently and has been rather solid for a Yu-Gi-Oh series, especially in the recent arcs as the Barians have been introduced. I’d really go so far as to say that it’s better written than 5D’s, which fell flat after the Dark Signer arc.

    It’s all to opinion, but something tells me people who look down on the series didn’t look at it again past the first few episodes (which, yes, were terrible comparatively to 5D’s starting episodes. I will not blame anyone if they skip episodes 5 and 6, which while a character introduction episode, introduces the most annoying cast member who, thankfully, only appears in bit points. You generally understand things though even without those two.)

    • kuma483

      I myself am somewhat happy about this. While I’m definitely not a hardcore fan, I certainly enjoy the series, having watched at least one episode of every anime series they’ve made along with having a bit of a card collection (but that’s secretly hidden away). I’ve also never played a YGO game, so hopefully this will be a fun experience. I’ll just keep this in the back of my mind while I wait for things like trailers, screenshots and the release date.

      Anyway, I really need to get back to watching Zexal as a lot of people including you are saying it’s been great lately. Guess I know which anime marathon I’ll be watching this weekend. Also, who’s the most annoying character? Is it Flip (or whatever his name is)?

      • Yeah, that’s his dub name. His original is Tokunosuke and he’s… Pretty annoying. His irritable factors thankfully go down after his two focus episodes, though.

        • kuma483

          The one thing I kinda hate about him is how he tried to trick Yuma. But he eventually got what he asked for. Isn’t revenge sweet? He got slightly more tolerable after that but he is pretty annoying at first.

          • Pretty much. I started to try to watch episode 5 and couldn’t get past the opening scene, and I’m generally. Really tolerating of a lot of things when it comes to series.

            Again, I would not blame anyone if they skip those episodes. The only things they establish is that Yuma gets Baby Tiragon as a result, and Tokunosuke is introduced. That’s about it.

            After that though, the series starts a pretty steady uphill point, and people generally agree that Shark’s second dueling episodes (10 onwards) are where it hits a good point for the start.

          • refrain

            You know what’s great about the new season? No more Yuma’s useless friends, more Shark, Rio and Kaito. The Barian gang, VECTOR!. Also, Yuma fighting on his own without Astral

          • Vector is just.

            /Vector./ I really gotta say, he’s probably one of my favorite antagonistic characters in recent series, really ever since Dark Bakura.

            People really gotta watch through all of Zexal II so far to truly appreciate his level.

          • Tonton Ramos

            Me too I first like him when he was masquerading as Rei Shingetsu I like Rei but when he is revealed to be Vector all along I really like him even more I’m still gonna miss Rei though.

          • ah man you shouldn’t have spoiled that. That’s like one of the best parts to find out for those who haven’t seen it yet. :(

  • Oh, FINALLY a YGO 3DS game. My handheld TCG itch has gone unscratched for far too long.

  • luckgandor

    The fact that it’s Zexal is irrelevant. The 5500+ cards is what excites me. I really hope they made AI thinking faster and the game less laggy overall though. I’d also like to see this game go the DLC route for new booster packs.

    • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

      i agree with the DLC packs but only as a mean for keeping the game up to date, not if they have some boosters already in the cartridge and have to pay to unlock them

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    Haven’t watched or played Yugioh in like 7 years did they finally add Yugi back?

    • No. Considering the new series take place long after DM would be, chronologically.

  • Herok♞

    Personally I like Zexal the most after the original Yugioh, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • Just Tim

    So, is it gonna be scouters or promo cards as pre-order bonuses?

  • J_Joestar

    so, any idea on when the game is coming out…. IN AMERICA?

    • Bigabu Beaze

      It has to be lawlocalized first.

  • Finally this.

    From the sounds of things, it’ll be adapting the first series of ZEXAL. Which actually gets pretty good. (It’s ZEXAL II where things start getting really crazy, though.)

    I just hope there’s no voice acting in it, though…Yuma’s dub voice is pain.

    • I doubt that they’d be getting the English actors regardless for the localized version, if it has voice acting. For some reason that seems to be a dodgy area for Konami (like with the Tag Force games having extensive voice acting in Japan, but nothing in the West).

      • I’ll call that a bonus.

        I wonder what promo cards it’ll come with? A Number seems unlikely, since all of the Numbers that featured in that arc have already been released IRL.

        • That’s a good question really, I think we’ll have to wait to see what they come up with in terms of that.

  • refrain

    I hope this game has voice acting. I love it when Kaito summon his Galaxy eyes. It would be great if it has his animation throwing the spear too.

  • Learii

    make tag force 7 for ps vita please

  • mike dickson

    one word for this GAY

    • Bigabu Beaze

      You sound like my older brother.

      • mike dickson

        i am your older brother :D

  • wasad

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for a Zexal game so I can get a hang of the game and all the cards, even though I haven’t bought cards since the GX days.

  • Slickyslacker

    I don’t care if they’ve dropped World Championship and Tag Force, I’m just glad they’ve continued producing games. It hardly matters what the products are called, as long as were still receiving them. I own all of the WC titles (but not Tag Force), as well as the “spin-off” titles (Capsule Monster Colosseum, Tag Force GX, Nightmare Troubadour), and I’m glad to see the game series finally continue, because playing the game in real life is pointless.

  • YouGusta

    Finally, I will get the 3DS.

  • with 3D we are getting closer to the full yugioh experience, dark magician girl in 3D!!

  • celery

    Over 40 playable characters oh my gosh I want

    • British_Otaku

      What difference do multiple characters make in a card game I must ask? Perhaps if it was a kart racer, we get to see the characters for extended amounts of time, for other racers like F-Zero we get to hear their voice, get unique vehicles and so on.

      The cards and their use seems to be the most important thing, though I last played a Yugioh game on the GBA… What do I know?

      • Actually, /playable/ denotes a different connotation in terms of this game.

        Potentially, this might actually be more like the Tag Force games, where you followed a specific character’s storyline as their partner, and it resulted in different things.

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