Diablo III On Consoles Is Kind Of Like A Modern Version Of Gauntlet

By Spencer . July 19, 2013 . 1:26am


Blizzard is bringing Diablo III to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this September with a PS4 port slated for 2014. I got to play a bit of the PlayStation 3 version as the Barbarian when I met up with Sony at Comic-Con.


While Diablo III was designed for PC, the controls naturally fit the PS3 controller. The analog stick moves the character and skills can be assigned you can assign six skills to the face buttons. The Barbarian’s default attack was mapped to X, Ancient Spear was linked to triangle, and Leap was set to square. I could easily combo these attacks by pressing triangle to pull enemies close with Ancient Spear, follow up with Leap to stun them, and then mash X to finish them off. Basically, Diablo III feels like a hack and slash dungeon crawler. Another plus is how responsive dodging is. Your character rolls whichever way you move the right analog stick similar to God of War.




Perhaps, the defining feature of Diablo III for PS3 is couch co-op. Four players can fight the forces of Hell together.  The game dishes out a constant wave of enemies that essentially makes it a modern Gauntlet.


A representative from Blizzard explained enemies have been altered to come in waves, but I didn’t notice much of a difference as I trudged through the second act. If you played the PC version, Diablo III won’t surprise you. It’s a straight port optimized for a controller with local cooperative play‚Ķ and just on PlayStation 3 armor inspired from Journey. That’s one of the special items Blizzard made for the PS3 version.


Diablo III comes out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 3.

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  • Katboy

    I wasnt a fan of Guantlet tho… :-/

    • Guest

      Were you old enough to remember visiting an arcade that had a Gauntlet Machine?

      Blue Wizard needs food!

      • Katboy

        lool..sadly no arcades for me here xD..Seriously tho, I was born in the mid 80s and live in the 3rd world – Africa to be exact – and there were hardly ANY arcades with Guantlet on them…mostly were light gun and fighting games. I think I was fortunate/privileged enough to have played Guantlet on the Gameboy, NES and Megadrive..also tried the one on the GBA..dunno something about killing things repeatedly don’t gel with me :D

  • Kalis Konig

    I loved gauntlet. Legends and dark legacy were two of the many games that brought me, my bro, sis, and cousins closer together. Buying this to support couch co-op alone. I miss the days in gaming when people didn’t pretend couch co-op was a hindrance and dated concept. Would have been cool to see this on my wii u though. That thing is the central hub for couch co-op play.

  • Testsubject909

    Rather than Gauntlet, it actually makes me think of Champions.

    That is to say. Champions of Norrath and Champions Return to Arms.

    For it to make me think of Gauntlet, it’d need to be based on timed power-ups and lack any sort of permanent form of equipment. Basically more of an Arcade game.

    But yeah. Definitely more like a modern day Champions game.

    Even the mention of large waves of enemies makes me think Champions when speaking about Diablo 3.

    • Letiumtide

      Yeah I was going to say the same thing, that calling it a Gauntlet game is very incorrect.

      Because it appears to be more of a snowblind-style game, such as Champions or Dark Alliance. Of course, Champions kind of moved on in spirit to Untold Legends, of which the PS3 one is complete trash but the PSP ones (especially the first) really feel like it in spirit.

  • m r

    Why anyone would pay full price for this when GTA V comes out a mere week or so later is beyond me. Everyone is going to be playing GTA V.

    Diablo 3 is a Cash grab port by a sellout company more concerned with making money for activision than producing quality games. Bobby Koticks gotta make his 8,000,000 somewhere.

    Adds 0 content and worse graphics than PC version while costing double the price. This game is going to pricedrop like crazy!!! Within 2 weeks it’ll drop substantially. And nobody will be buying it because we’ll all be playing GTA so it’ll pricedrop even more. Then blackfriday and ps4 come around and it pricedrops EVEN MORE!

    Controls and graphics already laughed at by IGN. And I mean you can pay them to fix up their review, but their honest reactions to the demo were priceless.

    Don’t waste your money my friends. $60 is a ripoff

    • Letiumtide

      I find your assumptions that everybody will be playing GTA V and therefore this is worthless is bizarre. Not that I care about Diablo III in the slightest, I don’t.

      But I won’t be playing either, and since there isn’t a genre overlap I don’t see why one would affect the others sales.

      Again, I understand your reasoning for not caring for Diablo III, I certainly think that it’s trash, but you don’t need to make it out like GTA V is the reason.

      • Time Sage

        A game like GTA holds no interest for me. I don’t care much for games set in a real world setting.

    • Ferofax

      Assuming everybody likes GTA. *makes funny faces*

  • ddh819

    been looking for a modern version of gauntlet

  • Learii

    does that mean basic attack will set on any button too?

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