Sega’s Project 575 Is A Vocaloid-esque App And A PS Vita Rhythm Game

By Sunjun . July 21, 2013 . 11:00am

After a month of teaser videos, Sega finally revealed the identity of their mysterious Project 575 on July 18. The project consists of an iOS app and PS Vita game.



The iOS app, titled Song Composer 575, will include a voice synthesizing software similar to Vocaloid. There will be two available voices based on the previously revealed characters, Azuki Masaoka and Matcha Kobayashi. Once you create a song, you can share it or collaborate with other users. To promote the app, Sega has already distributed it to popular Vocaloid composers.


The app also lets you interact with the girls, watching them dance and dressing them up in different clothes, and taking augmented reality photos of them. Song Composer 575 will be released on July 26. As a bonus, people who preregister for the game will receive a waitress costume for Azuki and Matcha.




The PS Vita game, titled Song Builder 575, is a rhythm/puzzle game in which you read lyrics to a song as it plays, and you must pick syllables to fill in blanks. Thanks to the Vocaloid engine, the girls will sing whatever syllable you choose, letting you customize the lyrics.


Song Builder 575 will be released in 2014 and come loaded with the highest rated user-generated songs made with the iOS app. The game will also be available to play at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.


Along with the iOS app and Vita game, Sega is working with other companies to create a manga, T-shirts, iPhone cases, and other goods.



Azuki is an energetic girl who sometimes acts without thinking, and Matcha is a calm girl who likes to act arrogant and draw fan comics. They are both designed by Hiro Kanzaki, who also designed the characters of the novel/anime series My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute. Azuki is voiced by Yuka Otsubo, whereas Matcha is voiced by Ayaka Ohashi.


Screenshot - 2013_07_20 , 21_57_23 Screenshot - 2013_07_20 , 21_56_47


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  • Smooosh

    …The iOS app sounds better than the vita-game. ._.

    • Kevadu

      The iOS app was the real star of this announcement for sure. Details of the game are still pretty vague and it’s not supposed to be out until sometime in 2014…

      • Duc PC-QB

        both are cool

    • supervamp

      I don’t know that sounds pretty awesome they’ll sing what ever you give them, that sounds like a neat idea

  • Hollowkoopa

    Sega sure does love their Vocaloid.

  • Demeanor

    Everything looks awesome but… I’m a bit confused. I mean, a competitor for Vocaloid? Seriously? They have this kind of software? But the voices we’ve heard in the previous video were extremely natural, I assume they were the two VAs singing, so they were kinda… “cheating”? Also, a music creation software for iOS, is this going to work? Does the iPhone have the muscle to handle something like this, traditionally on PC? And the choice for rhythm game mechanics does not make this title very import-friendly… Art is nice, I was expecting Azuki to be more… pink, and I didn’t think Maccha would be this cute (ops, dat choice of words XD… and she’s got Disgaea-worthy hair accessories to boot XD). My two cents :P

    • Kevadu

      It *is* Vocaloid, not a competitor. See my other post.

      As for the VAs singing, yeah thats exactly what they did. And all the dialogue too, obviously (Vocaloid is pretty bad at speaking normally…). At their announcement Sega even had a mini concert with the two VAs (not Vocaloid) singing a couple songs. There are videos of it on NND, but they don’t seem to have put them on their youtube channel.

      It was definitely deceptive, and that’s why I was previously convinced that this project wasn’t Vocaloid related. Guess I was wrong about that.

      Still, Sega seems to be pushing specific characters more than is typically done in the Vocaloid world. Most Vocaloids are pretty much blank slates and it’s up to the community to figure out what to do with them. Sega has given this characters backstories and personalities. Not only that, they’re taking more of a guiding role in the song compositions, having daily themes, etc. to challenge producers with. We’ll have to see how that works out…

      • Demeanor

        Thanks for your answer! I too am curious about how this’ll turn out, I don’t think they’ll manage to dethrone the Vocaloid community with this alternative, it’s just too big (I keep thinking about a new arcade mp fps series trying to tackle CoD), maybe it will secure a smaller, dedicated fanbase, but I have no idea how big it could get or how long it could last. Yes, we’ll just wait and see… also, I don’t think a localization in the near future is very likely under these conditions, Vocaloids are only recently and very cautiously being introduced to the western world.

    • PoweredByHentai

      What Sega is trying to do here is go off on their own franchise based off of the Vocaloid software instead of paying for ALL of the Vocaloid royalties and licenses. So even though they are using the same Yamaha Vocaloid synthesizer engine, it looks like they are trying to avoid paying Crypton Future Media for licensing rights to Vocaloid characters like Hatsune Miku or Megurine Luka and the Kagamine twins and whatnot.

      It also sounds like Sega intends to create its own music publishing service separate from what Crypton Future Media offers and potentially separate from the service that Sony Music Japan offers.

      • DS23

        Yeah, Sega wants ALL the Project Diva money for themselves and this is an attempt at that. Smart of them to have the blanks filled in personality wise for the characters.

      • Demeanor

        Mmm I have no problem with this as long as it doesn’t have any negative impact on the main Project Diva series, that I love to no end. Thnx for clarifying!

        • PoweredByHentai

          This might affect future Project Diva games because you now have conflict of interest between Sega and Crypton.

  • Erikdayo

    Welp, sounds interesting but because of how the gameplay on the Vita seems like it will work, I will not be playing it. Was hoping for a straightforward rhythm game. I can’t read Japanese to really ‘play’ this one. :(

    • Wappuli

      I was hoping for more “normal” rhythm game too.
      Well if you really want to play this, then atleast on this video the lyrics you need to read were always in hiragana and learning those shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

  • Kevadu

    It’s not “similar to Vocaloid”. It *is* Vocaloid. Or at least based on it. From the video, “歌声合成技術「VOCALOID」の採用によって”, which translates to “By adopting the voice synthesis technology ‘Vocaloid’.”

    This is a big deal. I’ve never heard of an iOS port of the Vocaloid engine before. Sega also seems to be pushing how easy it is to make songs with this…it will be interesting to see if that’s really true. There’s a lot of nuance to composing with Vocaloid. Sega has made their own editor here so maybe they have some tricks of their sleeves…

    • PoweredByHentai

      No, it sounds like they are using the same Vocaloid engine. Difference is, the engine itself is different from the Character Profiles/Packs (Miku, Luna, Rin/Len, Meiko, Kaito) which are what Crypton Future Media sells.

      So it sounds more like Sega is trying to create its own “Vocaloid” franchise/brand without the original “Vocaloid” mascots/characters.

      • Kevadu

        Who said anything about the characters?

        Vocaloid *is* the engine. That’s what “Vocaloid” means.

        And there are lots of companies making products based on Vocaloid, not just Crypton and Sega.

        • PoweredByHentai

          Yes, except that “Vocaloid” to the public equates to Hatsune Miku and company and that there is the problem that Sega is stirring with this.

          Those who are familiar with the software will understand the difference but a large part of the fanbase don’t really care to know the difference.

          • Fefen Ardiansyah

            vocaloid is the name of the program……..

    • galaco

      Basically everything you’re saying except for the iOS port, there have been ports before with VY1, VY2, and Aoki Lapis.

      @PoweredByHentai It doesn’t matter what the fandom equates VOCALOID too, the engine is the engine and there are multiple variations to it. There’s VOCALOID (the first one), where MEIKO and KAITO are used. There’s VOCALOID2 and Miku, Luka, and Rin/Len are used. There’s VOCALOID3 where KAITO V3 is used. Each of these engines processes the sound better than the last one mentioned. There are a couple of more engines, the ones that use iVOCALOID (and iOS app for VOCALOID) and NetVOCALOID (has a present melody where you input the lyrics, sort of like these girls but I don’t think they’re running on NetVOCALOID).

  • Chiupon

    A cellphone game people actually want

    (I kind of need this omg)

    • almostautumn

      Keep up with Gree man; Japan has downright phenomenal cell-phone games. Mobile has fully been accepted as a core gaming device, and developers/publishers have really maximized on it there.

      • Chiupon

        I was implying that everytime there’s news about a cellphone game the entire site goes into an uproar; I know for a fact that there are plenty of decent cell phone games out there. It’s just the general tone of this comments section is WAY different from what it’s usually like when a mobile game is announced.

    • supervamp

      Where have you been there have been plenty of cellphone games that people actually want since 2011 in america

  • xXDGFXx

    Is the character designer the same artist of the LN of OreImo?

    EDIT: Yay! it is.

    • benhofb

      That’s what I keep thinking! The green one makes me think of Ayase…

      • DyLaN

        I find it amusing tht she looks like Saten in her character art but her 3D model resembles Ayase.

    • ChiffonCake

      I’m pretty sure of it. Can’t mistake that style.

      • PoweredByHentai

        You guys need to read the article.

        • ChiffonCake

          Whoops. That’s what I get for skimming over it.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I don’t blame you, but seriously, sometimes what you want to know is right in front of you.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Read the article.

    • Frii

      and he is happened to be a Vocaloid song producer too, known as HanasoumenP (HSP)

  • puchinri

    Watching the PSVita vid made me think of PreCure (the ED songs). Clearly, if Toei must give us rhythm games, they should make them in this kind of style (and make sure Bamco puts more effort into them).

    Given how cute the designs are and how well they marketed it so far (well, those PV were cute), I’m pretty interested in this. I’m also quite curious about how it’ll do and how it’ll be used by people.

    • supervamp

      otori singing a song would be so cute

  • Sold!

  • supervamp

    A non confusing way to make a vocaloid song? Awesome

  • Antixono

    Too bad,I don’t have a vita,ah well.

  • supervamp

    So are they using synthesis voices are they using the vocaloid system to act like a voice bank for the natural voices of the actresses?

  • Andrew A

    Damn, I wish the composer game was for the Vita…

  • Just Tim

    Who did the artwork for the promos of Project 575?

    • TheExile285

      “They are both designed by Hiro Kanzaki, who also designed the characters of the novel/anime series My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute.”

  • Šonić TubNcha Vwj

    M rythme game cant be this cute!

  • Altin

    Okay, question time:

    Azuki or Matcha?

    Matcha for me.

    • DyLaN

      I would like have a green tea cake with red bean fillings… Wait wrong subject XD


    • porkiewpyne

      A wise sage once said…..

      “Why not both?”

  • DyLaN

    The girls name are Red Bean and Green Tea lol.

    • It just so happens that I like both of those lol =P

      • DyLaN

        Green tea + red bean = tasty cake :P

  • British_Otaku

    How many rhythm/singing game series or franchises do SEGA have now?

    This one will probably have legs (thanks to iOS) though unlike Space Channel 5 and Samba De Amigo which seem to be cameo bait.

    I’ll get to finishing Rhythm Thief, then have a look at their older stuff…

  • When this news first broke, I found myself asking some questions concerning the Vita game. I see now that the iOS app answers my questions but only leads to me asking a new one. Why doesn’t SEGA combine the iOS app with the Vita game? Actually making songs for others to use in the Rythmn/puzzle game would be amazing. Needing a separate device for that is kind of…lame =/ Not to say they shouldn’t release the iOS app (they totally should) but I don’t see a reason for the game to not have the functionality of the app as well.

    Everything else about the push sounds pretty good. They really should have done this awhile back though, SEGA’s moving pretty slow in that regard.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    575 sounds veeeeery similar to [email protected]

  • WyattEpp
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