Capcom’s Plan Is To Make Every Character In Ultra Street Fighter IV A Threat

By Spencer . July 26, 2013 . 1:30pm


Most of the discussion about Ultra Street Fighter IV has been about the enigmatic fifth character; however, Capcom are also putting effort into rebalancing the fighting game and we asked how they are going about that process.


“Our philosophy this time around has been to make everybody a threat,” said Matt Dahlgren, fighting game manager at Capcom. We don’t want to say these characters are the best in the game and nerf them—that isn’t fair to the players that put a lot of time and effort in learning those tactics. The super powerful characters will have slight modifications, but our real intent is to take the lesser used characters and make them an equal threat as the top tier characters.”


I followed up and asked which characters will be more of a threat in Ultra Street Fighter IV.


“T-Hawk was considered [one of the] bottom five in the game. Some of the requests were to make him faster and give him more tools so he didn’t necessarily have to rely on his command throw,” explained Peter Rosas, Assistant Battle Director on Ultra Street Fighter IV. “We gave people what they were requesting in terms of giving him more focus cancel options, giving him stronger attacks, and things like that. All in an effort to give him a better fighting chance against characters you usually see at the end of a fighting tournament in the top eight.”


Capcom listened to suggestions from fans when rebalancing Street Fighter IV. There was a priority in addressing feedback that was requested more often, but not all feedback could be used.


“What we found was sometimes there was a mob mentality where some guy would request something radical and then everybody would jump in on that and that would make the character a little too strong, so we couldn’t go with those. Things that did made sense that people latched on to such as make Ken walk faster so he has a difference between him and Ryu. Because he’s supposed to have more flair, more speed, more kicks, and things like that. We took that in account. Ken walks faster and his Ultra 1 does a little more damage so it is more of a threat because if you get hit with it now, nobody cares, but they will care in the future,” detailed Rosas.


Rosas continued, “For Cammy, people wanted to nerf her Cannon Spike, but in doing that we would take away the flair of the character, so we couldn’t do that. We did reduce other things that gave her momentum like the heavy attacks that gave her stun and the damage on that because those are instrumental in her combos so she will have to work a little harder to get the same effect she gets now.”


“Another common theme has been unblockables and we are looking at a way of addressing that as well,” Dahlgren chimed in.


Meanwhile, on the new characters front, why were Rolento, Poison, Hugo, and Elena added to Ultra Street Fighter IV instead of other characters from the series?


“When we did open up for suggestions a lot of fans did request to have the characters from Street Fighter X Tekken into Ultra Street Fighter IV. That was one of the big deciding factors as to why they are making an appearance,” said Dahlgren.


“As for the new character, this is a character that I don’t think is on anyone’s radar. It was just something R&D was really passionate about and wanted to put in the game.”


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  • Guest

    “As for the new character, this is a character that I don’t think is on anyone’s radar.”

    Kenji Inafune for Ultra Street Fighter IV confirmed.

    • His Ultra? Turning into a Giant Mecha and creating a Macross Missile Massacre, for almost 69% of the opponents health at half the ultra gauge.

  • Judgephoenix

    So basically buffing everyone no more nerfs. Sounds like what people were asking for since the 1st patch?

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Making every character a threat in their own way? Interesting… Should be a more balanced update this time around. Also, the wait for the 5th character’s reveal is agonizing. I can’t exactly wrap my head around who it could be…

  • XypherCode

    “It was just something R&D was really passionate about and wanted to put in the game.”

    Mega Man :)

    • AverageGamers

      They said this character’s never been in a fighting game before, so Megaman is ruled out because he’s in the Versus games.

      • XypherCode

        Lol I’m just kidding bro. :D

      • Lynx

        Geo/Omega-Xis/Ryusei hasn’t.

        EXE was in that Onimushua game, alongside Zero.

        • Time Sage

          What about Vullnutt? Huh huh? Was he in a fighting game (WHAT GAMES IS HE IN)

          • Elliot Roman

            tatsunoko vs capcom

          • Hines Green III

            He was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

          • Lynx

            Original is in Smash.

            Aile/Vent/Grey/Ashe haven’t been in a fighter either.

          • zaidandzhadow

            nor Axl, Protoman or Bass

      • Christopher Nunes

        However that applies to the Mega Man that HAVE appeared in fighting games… so far only Mega Man X, Star Force Mega Man, and the ZX Mega Men have never been in a fighting game before.

        So it’s possible, but “not on anyone’s radar” makes this questionable but the “I don’t think” before it makes me wonder if the guy is reading the comments about it carefully.

      • Kelohmello

        Actually they said this character has never been in a Street Fighter game before. They never said anything about other fighting games.

        • Ty Austin

          No, they made a statement shortly after, this character will be making his/her fighting game debut.

    • Chee Yang

      I still think this new character is from the SF series. Imagine Gouken fighting a robot name Mega Man whom is supposedly hunting down Mavericks. Odd.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    They should take the Accent Core approach: Everyone is broken, so it’s balanced!

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I thought that was Hokuto no Ken?

      • No. In Hokuto no Ken, everyone is volatile.

        • KnifeAndFork

          Why cant that game come to PSN damnit

      • Ty Austin

        Nah, Hokuto no Ken has it’s top tier characters as well.

  • Leonard Norwood Jr.

    hmm. My only choice is to look and see for myself how threatening they are in game. This move to make another SF4 is not surprising, but I truly hope this is the last one before they move on to SF5, even if on new gen.

  • KyoyaHibari

    I call BS; Capcom hasn’t given any serious buffs to Dan, so why make him a threat now? (Not that I care anymore lol).

    • anarchy_panty

      No one is prepared for the Dan match up! He’s always a threat. ;)

    • Kaitsu

      Dan is technically already damn powerful as is. People keep underestimating his DP. Which is hilarious.

    • Jonathan Tse

      going from Vanilla > Super > AE > 2012, Dan has improved. and guys like Ixiom are putting in work with Dan at tournaments.

    • Kid Kuma

      Dan tatsu is a huge threat, it has incredible block stun and can combo into his ultra if the opponent gets hit by a short version. Dans by far no Akuma, but he’s so under used he’s a threat just by being picked since no one knows the match up.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      But isn’t Dan supposed to be the weakest character? Look at all his techniques.

  • Voltech44

    “T-Hawk was considered [one of the] bottom five in the game. Some of the requests were to make him faster and give him more tools so he didn’t necessarily have to rely on his command throw.”

    T. Hawk, your day is coming soon, my friend. Here’s hoping that whatever they change for him lets him get the respect he deserves. And other low-tier characters, too, I guess. They all deserve respect, and I’m glad the devs are — hopefully — taking a good, hard look at them.

    To paraphrase Seth Killian, it sounds like there are going to be “some fireworks.” Perhaps some hawk-shaped fireworks…that’d be swell.

  • Just Tim

    Good. It’s nice to know that by making every single character a threat, it makes the game more unpredictable.

  • XaviIniesta

    The only change I’m confused about as of now is that they gave Cammy the ability to do instant Cannon Strike again. I understand the mentality behind not wanting to nerf it due to not changing the way she plays. But to buff it like that already changes her gameplay options, and they didn’t address exactly how they were thinking here. Lowering the damage and stun is one thing, but she’s already considered one of the absolute strongest in the game, and those nerfs alone wouldn’t have come as a complete surprise as it stands now. I like that they balance things out with buffs, but I’d like to hear their thoughts behind this change, or rather whatever other changes they gave her to see the whole picture.

  • xxx128

    All they do is shuffling tiers around. A fighting game with that many diverse characters will never be truly balanced. And it doesn’t have to be. Devilotte de DeathSatan IX would be cool concept as firth character, since its actually 3 characters you could get to fight with at the same time.

    • Skode

      In fairness they balanace of the game is perhaps the best of any fighter out there now. The attention theyve given the game in the past has really shown they know how to do balance updates well even if there will be the odd exception (El Fuerte gets nerfed all the time for no valid reason) but if you look at how viable the likes of Hakan is now compared to when he first came out you can see this update is kinda needed to keep the game fresh, arguably as much as the new characters.

      So many different characters were used in the last 16 of Evo so we dont need to see anything drastic but it would be nice to actually see people using the likes of T.Hawk, Dhalsim, Dan, El Fuerte and my main Dudley in tournaments especially when the least used characters whilst indeed low tier they are also some of the more unique and fun to watch characters

      • petran79

        I wish they’d have adopted that opinion when they released AE 2012. Because at that time they intentionally wanted to exist a gap between strong and weak characters.

        • Skode

          The problem was and they admitted they made the twins intentionally top tier because it was never meant to be released on the consoles. Fans threw a fit and low and behold they ended up releasing it for us before again fans threw a fit when said top tier characters were faithfully ported as such – this time at least theyve planned it for japanese arcads and home consoles both from the offset so balance ideally will be better but we shall just have to wait and see because you never know with new characters… especially ones the playerbase will had zero experience with for feedback.

  • Uso Ewin

    Even Dan?

  • CrisSpiegel

    5th character… Not from any fighting game… No one’s radar… R&D…

    Could it be? DAN’S FATHER!! He’s alive!!

  • Yan Zhao

    If the 5th character isnt on anyone’s radar, that at least confirms that its a character that already exists, and not a completely new original character. So its an existing Capcom character after all…

  • KnifeAndFork

    I know who it is!

    It’s Anderson Silva

    • Ty Austin

      Yeah, I wonder if it will be his ultra or super that causes him to act like an idiot and throw the match? ;)

  • MSJ

    lol, this needs to happen…

  • This game feels old

    • zaidandzhadow

      even when it was released as SFIV

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