Mizuki May Be The Only Person In Exstetra Who Willingly Kisses You

By Sunjun . July 26, 2013 . 11:00am


Exstetra is an RPG developed by Unchained Blades developer Furyu in which you play as Ryoma, a boy who can give people special powers by kissing them.


In this video, we get to see Mizuki Hoshino, a soft-spoken girl from Ryoma’s class. She practices archery in school, so naturally, her weapon as a Prisma Knight is a bow and arrow. Compared to the two Prisma Knights who were revealed earlier, Mizuki seems almost eager to kiss Ryoma.


Exstetra is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on November 7.

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  • MrSirFeatherFang

    And… maybe willingly do more for you~ :D
    For some reason I didn’t know this was gonna be on the 3DS. Maybe Xseed will pick this up as a download title.

    • Highasthesky

      If it only makes it here through download i’d prefer it be on the VITA. I don’t want to have to pay for the same game twice if something should happen to my 3DS.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        True, although I say download because that’s what Xseed did with Unchained Blades. I am very hesitant on my download purchases with any company.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Thank you, people seem to have it twisted in the head.

          I only download games to preserve my system. but I dont have to worry about that so much with cartridge based ones

        • TheExile285

          XSEED did that with UC on both PSP & 3DS so hopefully we get both versions for this.

      • biskmater

        Eh, as long as you don’t horse around with a 3DS, I think it should be fine, seeing as I got mine on day one, and is still kicking aplenty.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Even if you break it anyway you should be fine.

          Loosing it means problems
          getting it stolen means needing a police report

          • biskmater

            That would stem from carelessness, and I am pretty much fused to the thing, so it is not an issue for me. But working at a grocery store, I have seen everything people leave behind… I can’t really deny the possibility.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Indeed, loosing your 3DS is really like loosing a basket carrying all your game cartridges, which is something I actually do ( I put all my games in a case, which if it falls and my games go scattering everywhere I may not be able to find them, I lost my copy of TWEWY like that)

            Hell I even went on a rollercoaster once and I had to clutch my 3DS to my chest to make sure I didnt loose it.

          • biskmater

            Don’t they have lockers for that? Unless Six Flags is the only one who thought of such considerations.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            I dont think a back water hick place like Dollywood has enough forward thinking for lockers.

            I dont trust them anyway after the long due process I witnessed in Universal Studios California’s lockers. Took forever to get them open.

            Anyway streetpass.

          • s07195

            Getting streetpasses at the speed of a rollercoaster. XD

  • Mizuki huh? she’s all mine princess of the wood toads

  • biskmater

    Am I the only one who really liked the way they did the blushing in this?

  • Lemon

    I like the music they used. Perfectly suits her, considering Mizuki’s soft-spoken demeanour. I must say her first few lines completely threw me off though, because I couldn’t believe she was being voiced by Hikasa Yoko, one of my favorite VAs. She sounded different from how she usually sounds to me in her other works (e.g. Kirigiri from Danganronpa). Makes me admire her talents as a VA even more though.

    I may be bias, but I already know who my favorite heroine will be already, heh.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    I feel like getting my brother a purple 3DS right now …

    In other news Im loving the 3D models in this game

  • supervamp

    I like a lot of feminist who will cry about this

    • I don’t see how, or why. The last time I checked girls and boys kissing was an okay thing.

    • puchinri

      Why? What do feminists have to do with anything? Cry tears of happiness that there’s a guy in the group? That the tsundere is an idol?

      As a feminist, I’m not sure why I should be crying. Excited, yeah, but it’s nothing special enough to cry over. Yet. (When I see a character I really like the design of though? I may shed a small tear~.)

      • supervamp

        No it’s more of the main character surprise kissing a lot of the characters, that sort of thing gets a no no from a lot of anime and game feminist reviewers

        • puchinri

          Is he surprise kissing people? I haven’t seen a surprise one yet. (And if he were, that’d be understandable since forcing a kiss on someone is kind of grody behavior, lol.)

          • supervamp

            Well this says she’s the only one that willingly kisses you meaning the main character plants one on the other characters without their consent which usually gets a no go from feminist

          • puchinri

            Which was bad wording, haha. I don’t know why it was put like that.

            So far, it seems both of the gals in the party okayed the kiss, and I thought the guy did, but I can’t remember for sure.

            Although, that should get a no go from anyone, feminist or no. ^u^;

  • brian

    Xseed (or anyone else I guess) should localize this.

  • Who do I have to kiss to get this localized?

  • TheExile285

    Waifu material confirmed.

    I still like the drill hair tsundere more~

  • puchinri

    I saw the title and thought, “I think you mean eager to kiss, maybe?”
    And, lo and behold~. Ryoma isn’t really forcing the kisses on anyone, so everyone is willing at some point (even if they’re obstinate about it).

    At times, the art in the game looks a little flat, but it still looks quite interesting, and I’m eager to see more.

  • $7573679

    That’s it, I am buying a vita and will start getting this stuff from Japan!

  • Definetly using her if this comes out in America :3

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