Simon Blackquill Symbolizes The “Dark Age Of Law” In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

By Sato . July 26, 2013 . 12:30pm


Capcom’s latest Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies character introduction video features the rival prosecutor Simon Blackquill. While his appearances show nothing short of evil, he’s actually close friends with Bobby Fulbright, who is all about justice.



Blackquill will be appearing in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies as a rival prosecutor, who is actually serving a sentence for murder. He symbolizes the “dark age of law,” which is actually the theme of the game, so he’ll fit in perfectly and is expected to play a big role.


According to scenario director Takeshi Yamazaki, the concept behind his designs came from the idea of wanting to make an evil prosecutor, so they ended up with the prisoner/prosecutor Blackquill, the mysterious character who is in a rather contradictory position due to certain circumstances.


He’s said to be a very tough opponent in court, as he studied psychology and uses it as part of his psychological warfare against the defendants. He finds ways to put his opponents in disadvantageous positions, through the power of his words and manipulation, which will bring great struggles to the players.



Additionally, he has a companion hawk named Taka, who’ll actively be participating in court next to Blackquill, which Yamazaki believes will be quite amusing.


Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies  will be released this fall in the West on Nintendo 3DS.

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  • HershelLousyton

    PLEASE give us a release date, so I know how much longer I’m going to have to spend in anticipation.

  • Pockystix

    that picture of Athena lol

    • Voltech44

      To be fair, that’s probably the face a lot of people would make if they were getting hassled by a hawk in a courtroom.

      …This game is going to be amazing.

  • Final Aura

    Cool looking character he reminds me of Setsuna from Last Blade

  • Freud_Hater

    Stop TALKING about the game and just give us a release date and a price! We’re all gonna buy it, it’s kay, you don’t need to sell anything!!

  • Bur

    This is the character that I might have trouble warming up to. Dark characters meant to represent the darkness of the dark just… don’t do it for me. But maybe he’ll have an awesome character arc and animations and dialogue (like pretty much everyone does in AA) and everything will be aces!

  • Ty Arnold

    The most interesting thing about him, to me, is his expertise in psychology. I’m hoping that they can do some really unique things with that.

  • AverageGamers

    Aaah…. wacky prosecutors, you simply can’t hate them…

  • Strain42

    Can I just say that I LOOOOVE the “rival” characters. Not always the characters themselves, but just the very concept of it. I love how each game basically introduced a whole new rival. Miles, Franziska, Godot, Gavin, Lang, Judge Lady McBoobs, and now Blackquill.

    • Aoshi00

      Judge Lady McBoobs lol.. Yeah, Mikagami Hakari was a formidable opponent for Edgeworth in Investigations 2, It’s a pity it wasn’t released here at all.. I hope it would after AA5 gets some good sales, fans deserve some closure for the Edgeworth story.

      I love how Simon Blackquill (very cool name btw) sics his hawk at everyone, the funny faces when they get attacked lol.. Taka is not a bad name, but wonder why they don’t just call him Silver (Gin) like in Jpn.. pray I would get my copy tmw (well I got a little taste of it from the demo alrdy at least :) still can’t wait, been anticipating 5 forever after 4, vs Layton, MvC3, etc..

      • lozffvii

        I think Taka is a pun on ‘Attacker’.
        We’d probably have to know Blackquill’s Japanese name to understand the name ‘Gin’ (‘Silver’).

        • Aoshi00

          Taka is actually the Jpn word for hawk.. since Simon is not Jpn in the US ver, I guess that’s OK, maybe Capcom thinks the audience would think the hawk is cool having a Jpn name, just thought it would be easier if they would use Silver directly..

          And Blackqill’s Jpn name is Yuugami Jin, Jin means Speed and Yuugami is like evening + god. I like his black & white motif, even the hawk wears a scarf :) Maybe Jin & Gin sound like partners..

  • WingsOfEternity

    Clearly this guy is Godot tier

  • Guilherme Matheus Silva

    I think I’ll hate Taka since it prevents Apollo from using his bracelet ‘-‘

  • JunHoward

    Gotta give him cred, Simon looks pretty cool, but no one can stand up to Godot and his coffee!!

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