Award Winning Visual Novel Fruits of Grisaia Gets PS Vita Port

By Sunjun . July 28, 2013 . 11:00am

The developers Front Wing and Prototype have released the opening theme of the upcoming PS Vita port of their award-winning dating sim The Fruit of Grisaia. Originally released for the PC in 2011, the game won the Gold Award in the 2011 Moe Awards and went on to spawn two sequels, a PSP port, and an anime series that is currently in production.

The opening movie features the song Shuumatsu no Fractal (The Finishing Fractal), performed by Faylan.



The story takes place in Mihama Academy, a prestigious school separated from the outside world by a huge wall. The only students are a group of five girls who each harbor a dark past, until a boy named Yuuji Kazami becomes the first boy to enroll in the school and discover the prison/orchard that lies beneath its facade.

Yuuji Kazami


The gloomy protagonist of the game. His parents and sister died when he was a child.


Yumiko Sakaki


A beautiful girl who distrusts other people and hates socializing.


Amane Suou


An older sister figure who looks after the other students. She seems level-headed, but she’s an airhead who sometimes plays childish pranks.


Michiru Matsushima


A cheerful, stubborn girl who died her hair with bleach and regularly practices acting like a tsundere.


Makina Irisu


A shy girl who looks and talks like a child and never wears matching socks.


Sachi Komine


A diligent and modest girl who dresses like a maid and works as the class chairman.


The Fruit of Grisaia will be released for the PlayStation Vita on August 8.


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  • Go2hell66

    why’s the mc always got to be gloomy, so what if your parents and sister died,geez suck it up man

    • Michael Connell

      Exactly, M. Bison killed his father and you don’t hear him crying about it, lol


        it was just tuesday for him

    • Really? I think it’s a nice change of pace. most VN’s mc always the happy, normal, typical boring kind of guy lol

    • biskmater

      There is a little more it than that.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      ehh? I think that’s unusual for harem VN/Anime MC seriously..
      they usually had the innocent-looking face (actually they’re pervs), or maybe a clearly perverted ones.. and yeah, they’re always boring for me..

      also it’s said that the main heroine “hates socializing”..
      hmm that’s also unusual for main heroine to be lonely wolf I think..

  • riceisnice

    “Award Winning Visual Novel”

    I’m sure the imaginary girls who are interested in you had nothing to do with it.

    • It’s the “moe awards”, so obviously horny underage cartoon girls are merely a prerequisite.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Come on. You drive down this road every VN thread — move on or let’s find more to discuss.

        • If more VNs weren’t about doe-eyed little girls modeled into convenient otaku fetish archetypes clambering over the avatar’s pouty antisocial cartoon dick, I would have less material to work with.

          Also I might actually be interested in VNs.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            That actually says more than you usually comment on this topic — and is not THAT different compared to my own thoughts above. It actually gives something folks can talk on — although still with a bit too much hyperbole. And is in fact a BIG reason VNs have not broken through here. These tropes turn away more than just you.

            Steins;Gate is coming although I will admit the other two in the series do tread too close to the tropes. It is why I want folks to know about the KaraNoShoujo’s of the world and Ever 17. There are even dating/sexing the girls games worth the time. Demonbane’s MC is quite a different beast — even with all the tropes Al Azif broadcasts :).

          • Rest assured that if Siliconera covers a VN that isn’t plastered with the same fetishistic, hyper-sexualized, sentimentalist tripe as practically every one I’ve seen, I won’t be mocking it for having those qualities. I don’t have anything against VNs in and of themselves, but unfortunately all of the ones I see covered here seem to share the same unappealing qualities, which leads me to believe that that is the standard model for the genre. Which is deserving of mockery.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Do a site search for KaraNoShoujo it was discussed extensively and we did articles on the sister game announcements as well as Steins. We have covered some of MGs all ages releases, I have been freely discussing the genre here since I started.

            As noted, this game is not simply what it ‘looks like’ — neither was My Heart Had Wings. KnS is actually the only game with pure adult elements in the version covered we have done a news piece about.

            Again, it isn’t what your feelings are that brought my original post…it is that you share your feelings the same way every time. We know how you feel on the subject.

          • Odin

            We get it, you hate the standard tropes used. But who once for a second said that any of this was marketed towards non-Japanese?

            And then you wonder why most VN developers in Japan aren’t exactly keen on exposure outside the country.

            I could definitely say the same about western forms of multimedia, but I’m not because they equally have their fair share of interesting storytelling. How about next time you don’t mock stylistic differences but actually take a look at the stories before you judge?

            Learn not to have biases in this case, because a story doesn’t need any Japanese elements to make it a good one.

          • biskmater

            well, aren’t you just sooo jaded, It must be so cool to have closed off your mind to everything you come across. But instead of mocking you further I am going to point you somewhere useful.;fil=tagspoil-2;o=d;s=rating that is esentially every visual novel in descending order of ratings, if you find nothing in say, twenty or thirty titles, then honestly, I don’t think Visual Novels are for you, or anything Japanese for that matter. Oh right do be careful a lot of those are also eroge, just in the case you are too afraid cartoon porn.
            And that little critique of yours? it has been spewed out so many times it might as well be its own cliche.

          • ShadowDivz

            “it may as well be its on cliche”
            lol, irony.

          • biskmater

            Sadly some people love the otaku-bait excuse, it is justified, but ultimately it just serves the purpose of covering those who have no interest in exploring new things. I am not so stuck up that I won’t admit to liking a well-done cliche.

          • ShadowDivz

            You don’t have to explain it to me dude.
            I just find it ironic that him talking about overdone cliches is delivered with a cliched excuse.(one we have heard 1000times.)

          • people always complain about the tropes used in japanese media. But
            if you ask me western or any other region media have it’s own tropes and
            they also overused it. If you actually look closely without any bias, you can see many mc
            for western media are similar to each other. And also it’s kinda impossible to “always” create a unique characters that have never been made before.

      • Really loving how all the people whose jimmies were rustled by my comments are trying to make it out like an attack on moe-moe otaku bait is an attack on all of Japanese culture. Try again, guys.

        • Odin

          Who said anything about all Japanese culture? You’d be surprised to know this, but the anime and manga culture is niche, even in Japan. Most people have lives beyond it, just so you know.

          I’m not talking about the old who grew up liking the classic anime of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I’m talking about the “hyper-sexualized” genre statement you used.

        • supervamp

          Honestly this isn’t even worth debating if you’ve actually looked up visual novels instead of typing “Hentai game” into google to go troll the forums they are on.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      even though I agree with you, maybe we shouldn’t talk about this here..

    • biskmater

      news flash, that happens in every single romance Visual novel, so odds are this imaginary girls had something good going for them.

  • Leon_Tekashi

    I have a feeling that NISA will pick this up eventually.

    Edit: whoops, I meant Arcsys My bad. ^_^;

    • chibidw

      You’re probably thinking of Aksys – Hakuoki, Sweet Fuse, (the awful) Mimana, Record of Agarest War, etc.

      NISA hasn’t localized a game with any real romantic subplot since Ar Tonelico.

      • KuroNathan

        I miss ar tonelico…

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Mana Khemia did the dating/relationship style better, IMO. You were actually out doing things with the other characters, not trapped in some VR psych machine.

          • KuroNathan

            Some one dislikes Ar Tonelico, a downvote for each of us.

            Well I liked the psychological aspects of the dive machine things and the whole ITS SYMBOOOOLIIIIIIC parts. Whether or not you find that as lazy writing (telling not showing) is up to you but I enjoyed every level.

            Full disclosure, I only played AT 2 and absolutely loved it. I also played Mana Khemia 1 and that was pretty good too.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Someone has way too much time on their hands — remember when everyone gets a downvote WE ALL ARE LOVED.

          • Kevadu

            You should play AT1, too. It’s a solid game, though perhaps a bit more cliche than the second one. I would pass on the third one, though…

          • chibidw

            They still almost completely gloss romantic undertones in that game, which is why I didn’t mention it. Muppy’s ending had more romance than most of the other character paths.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Anna’s had more than a little, even considering her age. Jess/Philiomele was already established as your childhood friend and we know those can never turn romantic :P. The cat girl was your combat buddy.

          • chibidw

            Yeah but we’re talking about what actually happens in the game, not “what can happen because of X backstory”. In terms of actual game content, there wasn’t a whole lot more than any other NISA game.

          • KuroNathan

            what are you talking about, Disgaea has several angels of love :P

          • supervamp

            I loved mana khemai but i thought the dive system was instantly more fun then the random quest you did with character plus half of them don’t even feel like youll fall in love with the character.

    • DesmaX

      NISA doesn’t do VN’s

      • TheExile285

        Daganronpa Happy Trigger Havok

        I think he meant Aksys though.

        • DesmaX

          heh, to be honest, I was surprised they picked that up. Not the type of game they do.

          But, hey, the Virtue Last Reward games are apparently popular enough in the west, and DR is like a mix between it and Phoenix Wright, so it’s a smart pick anyway.

          These kind of VN’s, on the other hand…

          • TheExile285

            Well Aksys has been localizing otomes recently so I wouldn’t be surprised if they this up, lol.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Hey they’ve got to be fair to all their audience! If the fan girls are given the opportunity to date Inafune, give guys the chance to decide whether or not they want to give bleach blonde twintailed tsun tsun wannabes the time of day!

          • TheExile285


          • supervamp

            Lol danganronpa got picked up because of the gameplay aspects so your only half right, they are more likely to pick up a vn with a heavy gameplay influences then one that’s just straight vn.

  • Lord Búho

    Localization please?

  • M’iau M’iaut

    I know enough about this one to know it really is more than a paint by numbers harem VN, just wish it didn’t look so much like a paint by numbers harem VN.

    • Lynx

      Reminds me of my exposure to Muv Luv.

      Went in absolutely blind, thinking it was a typical harem story.
      Then Unlimited happened.

  • ZekeFreek

    I want this for some reason… Although Ill be confused because Yuuji was just in Snow Sakura, so how did he…?

  • Lucius

    I can’t help to think that this article was written because the English patch for the PC version was released a few days ago…

    • mojack411

      I was just thinking this too lol. I had never heard of the game but the article got me interested. Looked around expecting there not even to be a partial patch out but lo’ and behold, the full English patch just came out yesterday, in fact.

      • This article is a cover up *hint*hint*

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Same here haha. I actually just started it. So far it’s pretty good. ^^

    • Natat

      This was exactly what I was thinking too lol…

    • Kevin Lor

      Thank you for the info MUAHAHAHAHA!

  • Silver Citizen

    I started playing through the PC fan translation yesterday. Haven’t gotten too far because SMTIV is distracting me.

    • MrTyrant

      THE SAME SITUATION!! the novel is GREAT!

  • TheExile285

    Award winning huh? Damn, now I want it >_>


    it’s the last day of my vacation…and a game that got my attention just happen to pop up >:

  • Elvick

    This is a VN I could definitely see myself picking up. Come on Aksys!

  • MrTyrant

    The main character is great, he is like Sousuke from FMP (the military obsessed guy) + being a pervert who like teasing girls. Some of the very funny moments are him trolling them with some joke or harsh training.

    The females are very funny too. Michiru is retarted to an extreme point lol

  • Spider-Man


  • Dam that’s awesome, Moe Awards

  • Andrew H.

    I just want to know what is the point of these games? Its just VN and has no actual game play. And since it has PC release why bother with the vita version? Sorry I don’t want to bash VN’s.. but I’d like them to have at least some game play mechanics and not just read text with pictures :U

    • ChiffonCake

      You might as well ask that about books, movies, comics, or anything else that doesn’t have gameplay either.

      • Andrew H.

        You can’t compare a book with VN… VN are visual while in books you have your brain to imagine.

        • ChiffonCake

          …yeah no. VNs still don’t have the level of detail that, say, movies have, as the most visuals that you usually have in them are still sprites of the characters and such. There’s still plenty of room for imagination while reading one.

          Also, that has nothing to do with what I said.

        • But that’s the point of Vn, it’s is categorized as a game, but the main point and focus is the story. As for the gameplay it is just a simple click, choose option lol

    • brian

      Not all stories can implement gameplay very well, and if they do it feels tacked on.
      Like for example, a lot of VNs have “action” sequences but they happen too rarely for it to be implemented as gameplay.
      If they did do that, with a lot of games it may end up being 95% reading and 5% action.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      you didn’t understand gaming style in Japan, so that you could easily assuming like that..
      remember that gaming style in the West and East are completely different..

    • amagidyne

      I suppose it’s true that they’re not really “games”. The completely non-interactive VNs are basically illustrated ebooks with voice acting and music. That clearly appeals to people for the same reason books do.

      Personally I haven’t found one I don’t hate. Seems a little extreme to dismiss the genre itself, though. I’d probably read a VN by a writer I like.

    • Personally, I don’t see VNs as “games,” for the reason you mentioned. Also, wouldn’t say I ” play” them. I’ve always preferred “reading.”

      • supervamp

        Are you kidding? They are games it’s silly to think something isn’t a game just because theres no moving around or punching.
        Visual novels come in a wide variety of styles and some can be very high tech, it can never be akin to just reading other wise there’d be no point to the”Visual” in the name.

        • Can you list a few titles so I can expand my perception?
          I’ve been dabbling in VNs since 2007 and, while only experienced a dozen titles or so, most of them are about 95.9% text. I wouldn’t say just following a route the “gameplay” part.
          And don’t get me wrong. I understand VNs share a part of the same, let’s say, “culture” as games, but I still few and experience them very differently.

          • supervamp

            A few titles?
            If your argument is that you need to have movement or some kind of battle for it to be a game why would i give you any titles, i can give you vns with gameplay elements but your not gonna think otherwise about vns without any gameplay.

            I was talking about how the visual aspects vary from vn to vn they can still have a lot of dialogue but they can’t be placed in the same level as books because it really is like a mix between manga and anime.

      • Andrew H.

        Yep to each their own I guess. I’m not here to bash on a specific style of game. And now seems a lot are so defensive as if I made enemies. VN style for me are games like Neptune series or even Disgaea work for me on the other hand. Even the Agarest series.

  • DyLaN

    Is it me or the downvote troller got really active recently?

    Akio Watanabe is doing the design…. Tht explain the Hitagi hair I saw in the OP XD

    Will check it out.

  • ShadowDivz

    Seriously, that’s one hell of feat.
    There are BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of visual novels and this specific one won an award.
    Im not even into romance, but that is an impressive feat.

  • jujubee88

    “the game won the Gold Award in the 2011 Moe Awards”

    Soul Sacrifice is looking like a front runner for 2013 :D

  • I could have sworn that I read a Siliconera article about the Vita port ages ago. I must be going mad!

  • X_Bacon

    “their award-winning dating sim”

    You know, “visual novel” and “dating sim” are NOT the same thing…

    • supervamp

      This is a dating sim though since you are going after a set target

      • X_Bacon

        Not really, it has no sim features. It’s a dating sim as much as Mass Effect is, for example

        You wouldn’t say Ace Combat is a flight sim just because it has planes in it.

        • supervamp

          If you mean theres no stat raising and thats what turns it off from being a dating sim your very wrong.
          Dating sims don’t need things like that for them to be dating sims if this was just a straight forward vn that didn’t have you going after different chicks and romancing them then it would be just a straight vn.

          • X_Bacon

            “If you mean theres no stat raising and thats what turns it off from being a dating sim your very wrong.”
            But that’s exactly what defines it.
            By your definition, Tsukihime, Clannad, Kara no Shoujo, Majikoi, and pretty much any VN that has romance in it, would be dating sims.

            I suggest you take a look at these:
            …and then look at the ones tagged as dating sims. I hope you’ll notice the difference.

            I also suggest you read this one, for further clarification about mechanics:

          • supervamp

            Kara no shoujo doesn’t have routes based on characters and yes clannad is a dating sim, any time theres set routes for characters and you are romantically going after them it’s a dating sim.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The dividing line between dating sim and VN really isn’t there in a stateside definition — perhaps because we have seen so few of the stat raisers. Different places, different meanings.

            It’s like when sims and VNs are placed under an ‘adventure game’ moniker in Japan. Where in the US those are Telltale games and the like.

          • UmikazeVN

            Maybe there wasn’t a distinction between VN and dating sim 5 years ago, but there’s definitely one now. Nobody uses the term “dating sim” anymore unless they’re talking about an actual sim (and those have become extremely rare.) Every English language site I frequent uses the term “Visual Novel”.

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