The Witch and the Hundred Knights Gets A Casual Mode For Wimps

By Sunjun . July 30, 2013 . 4:25pm

003 (3) Just five days after it was released in Japan, Nippon Ichi Software has released a patch for their newest game, The Witch and the Hundred Knights.


The patch adds a Casual Mode in which enemies have lower stats and the player receives less damage.


If you’re a sissy and the Normal Mode is too tough for you, you can switch to Casual Mode by talking to Kakarima the street lamp.


002 (3)

The Witch and the Hundred Knights was released on July 25 in Japan and is NIS’s most ambitious action-RPG yet, in which you equip five items at once and use a variety of techniques such as slowing down time and summoning soldiers. You can see a video of the massively in-depth game here.


NIS America announced an English release for the game before it was delayed for almost a year, but they have not given a date yet.


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  • Landale

    Were the “Wimps” and “Sissy” remarks really necessary?

    • Altin

      I would have loved to read somewhere:

      “wat r u, casul?”

    • Crevox

      If it was in the source or referred to as such in game I can understand, but otherwise this is kinda just out of line.

      • Landale

        That’s why I ask. If it’s in the game, fine. Annoying, but fine. If it’s not, the article isn’t “kinda just out of line”, it’s completely uncalled for and technically a violation of the site’s rules in the first place. “Let people enjoy the things they enjoy, and don’t ruin their fun with negativity.”
        It’s not like they’re toning down the existing settings, they’re adding in a new one. No point in being a dick about them offering an option to people who can’t, or don’t want to, put up with a difficult game.

        • Altin

          Not playing Devil’s Advocate or so, but this seems just to be a little joke on the Author’s end. I sometimes write some news articles as well and adding a little incentive of humour never killed anyone – just saying.

          • Landale

            Humor is one thing. Violating the site’s rules by openly ridiculing the people this additional setting is for is quite another.

          • Altin

            You really remind of one of these feminists that take a light-hearted joke in a very wrong way. I doubt that anyone but you felt any kind of offense by reading this article. Not to mention that there is something terribly wrong with someone that takes offense by something someone wrote on the internet. I might recommend the movie Cyberbu//y for you.

          • Landale

            You assume I’m offended by the “joke”. I’m not. I’m annoyed that someone who was allowed to put up an article on this site was also allowed to ignore the rules of the site.
            What’s the point of the rules if the people who should be enforcing them don’t even follow them?

          • Altin

            “Breaking News: Journalists who write articles can make mistakes; newfound race of the homo sapiens has been found to be wrong at least once in their life.”

            Just take it easy and dont get too winded up over this. You say that you don’t take this as any kind of offense, yet you persist in arguing at how much of a rule vialotion this seems to be. Quite contradictive if you ask me.

          • Landale

            I said I’m annoyed not insulted. Didn’t say anything about offense. Insults and annoyances are both offenses, but of different sorts. Though, at this point that statement is no longer completely accurate. I’m annoyed by Sunjun’s insulting behavior, I’m insulted by the fact that you people would actually condone that behavior because “he’s joking!”.

          • Altin

            What do you want us to do? Write about 20 posts how a mere news article managed to get us winded up for more than 30 minutes?
            We take it as a joke and even not as a joke because we know that this is not supposed to be taken seriously – I am not calling the CIA or NSA for this guy having hurt my feelings.

            I really like Phantasy Star and love fans who play these games, but really? You are way too damn sensitive about this.

          • Landale

            What the hell does Phantasy Star have to do with any of this?

          • Altin

            Got a little personal over here because I couldn’t imagine that someone as touchy as you could be a fan of such a great series.

            But yeah, it has nothing to do with this – such as this whole comment section has nothing to do with the news or the game it is referring to.

        • Zeik56

          Lighten up, it’s pretty clear it’s not meant to be an actual insult.

          • Landale

            Intended to be insulting or not is irrelevant, it’s insulting, and going off and calling someone a wimp or a sissy for wanting or using a lower difficulty setting is a pretty good way to get the mods here to at least tell you to back off. When that’s the case, the people making the articles for the site should damn well be able to follow the guidelines.

          • Zeik56

            I’m starting to feel this site is becoming way too sensitive to minor issues. I don’t condone hateful insults, but we don’t need to get up in arms over a little playful ribbing. There’s clearly no malice there, it’s not even worth your time to feel insulted.

          • Landale

            I don’t feel insulted. I do however know an insult when I see one. I rarely see this sort of childish behavior when higher difficulties get added, it’s only when something simpler comes along, without even touching the harder content, that people feel the need to give shit to people who want to do things with less frustration. You never see “Oh hey, we’re adding a higher difficulty level. Because, you know, that razor blade coated stick up your ass just isn’t quite enough for you masochists!”

          • Muffum

            Considering the great big stink you’re raising about this, and the fact that you feel obligated to call out an apparent double standard in regards to difficulty patches, I find it hard to believe you don’t feel insulted. Especially considering you call it out as “I know an insult when I see one,” when it’s pretty clearly intended to be a joke.

            You cite the rule about not ruining other people’s fun with negativity, but in what way is this negative? Because of some playful ribbing? It all just seems like an overreaction.

          • Landale

            Annoyed is what I feel, not insulted. There is a difference.
            What makes you assume it’s playful ribbing? Seriously. What? I have not once EVER seen someone honestly just joking around about mocking people who use lower difficulty settings. So, please, do fill me in on where this magical “I’m fucking with you guys” memo is that makes this all ok?

          • Muffum

            What makes you assume it’s malicious? Because other people you’re only vaguely referencing are rude to those who prefer lower difficulties, Sunjun must be doing the same? You’re using vague anecdotal evidence to prove a point. I could do the same and say that this is the first time I’ve seen people mocked for wanting a lower difficulty, while I’ve seen people mocked for wanting higher ones all the time.

            And I’m compelled to agree with Zeik’s point above about becoming oversensitive to minor issues. Does a joke NEED a disclaimer that says “THIS IS A JOKE”? If it did have that, wouldn’t it kind of ruin the humor value?

          • Landale

            Referring to people as wimps and sissies is, by default, a malicious act. There’s nothing indicating that it’s not. It’s not clear that it’s not intended to be malicious.
            And, again, his position puts him in a spot where he should be held to a higher standard. If he wants to crack a joke that can be seen as a violation of the rules, he should damn well make sure it’s crystal clear that it’s a joke or go do it somewhere where it’s expected to be a joke, no matter how poor the taste.

          • Muffum

            I’d say it’s clear in how he says it. I feel that, had he truly intended it to be insulting, malicious, or in any way his actual opinion, he would have dwelled on it more. After all, it’s not as if Siliconera writers have never speculated or posted their opinion on something before. Instead, it’s just a quick comment, and then it’s gone.
            If it is truly so ambiguous, though, then the worst you can say about it that it’s a social faux pas. Nothing to truly get so worked up over.
            And why the comment about “no matter how poor the taste”? That gives the implication that it’s truly and deeply insulting. No offense intended, but if someone feels insulted by someone making a snide remark about the difficulty they play on in video games, they need to rethink their priorities.

          • Zeik56

            I feel like you’re projecting some personal insecurities here. I know there are plenty of people out there who like to give shit to people who like to play on easy difficulties, and I can understand that being frustrating, but you’ve got to recognize the difference between someone actually intending to insult you and someone joking around. The latter does not merit taking personally.

            It’s like when people make jokes about “gamers” or “nerds” or whatever. It’s generally pretty easily to tell when someone is being asshole and when someone is just joking around. I don’t see any reason to take offense to the latter, even if it’s a dumb joke.

          • Landale

            I’ll ask you the same thing I asked Muffum then. Where the fuck is the “I’m just fucking with you guys” bit to this? Where? There’s nothing there indicating that this was simple humor, and given his position on this site he should damn well be able to make it crystal fucking clear if he’s just playing around. It’s not. It’s insulting, and it’s annoying that his behavior is being excused.

          • Nightmare637

            whoa dude chill out, your the only one freaking out about this if you haven’t noticed.

            its not that big of a deal.

          • Landale

            If I’m freaking out, it’s more so over the fact that we actually have people willing to defend insults as jokes. Insults from someone who should be held to a higher standard than most of the people on this site given his position.

          • Zeik56

            It seems everyone has to walk on eggshells these days because every little thing is somehow offensive to someone. There are plenty of things in the world that are offensive and are worth being offended about, but there’s a point where you should take a step back and realize when something is not actually worth getting worked up over. I consider this one of those times.

          • anarchy_panty

            I’ve seen a lot of self-righteous crusades on the internet in my day, but this is one of the weirder ones. Congrats, dude.

          • Altin

            What do you want him to do? Cut off his hands or some shit? Really, people like you are the reason why we have some ignorant and stupid sh*t like cyber-bullying laws. Dear god, this is the internet – the moment you feel offended or see something as insulting, you really just lost it.

            It’s really the same thing that anarchy_panty is saying: This is some of the dumbest stuff to get your gears grinded about. Go and drink some freaking tea man.

          • Zeik56

            There are plenty of things on the Internet to be offended about. I think it’s silly to suggest that just because it’s the Internet anything goes. This just isn’t among them.

          • Altin

            I never said that anything goes – just feeling offended by words that are not aimed directly at you is something I cannot fathom. Did this article offend your religion, your political view or anything fundamental? I highly doubt so. What we have here is a simple conflict of someone taking something, just as you said, in such an extreme way that this argument loses its whole point, let alone the intended reference to the game itself.

          • Landale

            From Sunjun, I want an explanation or a removal of the rule violations. From the people I’ve been talking with here, I want you to not speak for him.
            I’m not the type of person who causes insane laws, if you pay attention at the start of this I’ve only asked for an explanation, and pointed out that if there’s no explanation for it it’s a violation of the site’s own rules. The bulk of my irritation here comes from you people leaping to the defense of someone who hasn’t even bothered to speak up on why they said what they did. If you guys want to talk about self-righteous crusades, look at yourselves. You’re going insane because I expect that someone in a position that Sunjun has would either follow the rules in place or explain why there’s a deviation.

          • Altin

            Okay, you lost me. I can’t take you serious with this. You might as well ask him to get publicly executed just because one single User feels that he needs an explanation as to why a mere comment can cause such an uproar inside of someone.

            Please dont ever visit the page I write news for. We dont want the CIA to knock on our door just because we made a reference to something.

            Maybe as another advice from me: You might want to avoid several places of the Internet, such as the internet as a whole.

          • Landale

            I fail to see how expecting that someone in his position follows the rules or explains why he ignores them jumps to public executions. You’re really not helping the whole “EusisLandale’s the insane one here” thing you guys seem to be pushing.

          • Altin

            We dont really push anything whatsoever. We are not making infinite replies to people that dont take this news as offensive as you do.

            And why I refer to this almost as public execution is simple: Because even those happen because of stupid reasons, just like this whole ordeal. And I furtherly start to feel ashamed that I am responding to this too.

          • Landale

            Don’t need to push anything, true, but you guys do seem to be pushing it anyway. Accusing me of self-righteous crusades, being the type to cause stupid laws, implying repeatedly that I wish harm on this guy, comparing my expectations of following the rules to public executions. You didn’t just jump off a slippery slope with that logic; You stripped down, oiled yourself up, and went bolting down that slope.

          • Altin

            “From Sunjun, I want an explanation or a removal of the rule violations. From the people I’ve been talking with here, I want you to not speak for him.”

            Just read this out loud to yourself and think whether I am the one who is the bad. Just look at your last sentence – if this doesn’t spell out dictatorship to you, I dont know what does. Just as you are entitled to find this article offensive, so am I entitled to not see it seriously and state why I think you shouldn’t make a big fuzz over this. I dont know as I am not American, but you guys call this the First Amendment.

            I slipped nowhere – just as you mentioned: You started out by asking for a simple explanation and look where you are now. You are going insane over words and we go “insane” over you going insane on given situation – do you figure out that we have a pattern here?

            Since I am kind, you might want to look at this (Viewer Discretion may be advised for you):

          • Landale

            I read it out loud. I don’t see either of us as bad there. I also don’t see dictatorship. I see the expectation that someone in a higher position be held to a higher standard, and I see annoyance at people trying to cover for this guy not meeting not only higher standards but the standards we have to follow in the first place.
            By the way. I am LOVING this. So far I’m apparently a man who wants a dictatorship who wants insane laws and death penalties and physical mutilations for disobeying rules. Seriously, THIS is comedy.

          • Fandango

            You don’t want the guy to be held to higher standards you want the guy to be held to your standards.

          • deadMastershiro

            Be careful what you say somebody went to jail saying the things you said in the last 2 sentences.

          • Kevin Schwarz

            And that shows how idiotic can people be sometimes. Back on the matter, I think the tittle to this article is offensive. Change it, as I am not the only person who thinks that way, I am sure.

          • anarchy_panty

            I just don’t understand your crusade, man. This really isn’t something worth getting so worked up about. If person A calls you or someone else a sissy/wimp/baby/casual/whatthefuckever for playing on Easy mode, you just call him an asshole and move on with your life.

          • Landale

            It’s not a crusade. That’s the thing. It’s just an expectation that someone working for this site can at the very least explain why they chose to ignore the rules, if not actually follow the rules. If I followed your expectations of how to handle the article I’d have suggested that Sunjun go find a way to satisfy some likely non-existent masochism and told all of you to go blow yourselves. That shit doesn’t work.

            Now, what I don’t understand is why you guys don’t understand this.

          • anarchy_panty

            You’ve spent the better part of two hours arguing with strangers on the internet over perceived rule violations. I’m not entirely sure where the line between an airing of grievances and righteous crusade is, but I’m pretty sure you’ve crossed it somewhere in the last two hours.

            And why are you so hung up on your interpretation of the rules? You think Sunjun broke the rules by posting malicious and hurtful comments. I think he was just engaging in some light-hearted ribbing, the kind you find in any close group of friends. Until he steps in and says something, arguing with me or anyone else is completely pointless.

            So how about we all stop being offended on the internet and go play some video games or something?

          • Landale

            Strangers. Friends. These terms are not compatible. If we are strangers, light-hearted ribbing is not something that should be done. If we are friends, we should not be surprised when one expects the other to not cross certain lines in certain settings and simply requests an explanation as to why that line got crossed.
            If you are so concerned about being offended on the internet, and consider my actions to be based solely on offenses, why is it that you not only stepped in to a matter that did not involve you but felt the need to persist?

          • PreyMantis

            That’s the problem– you can’t call him that because you’ll get kicked out. The writer is being a hypocrite by not abiding by the rule they put out. It’s unfair.

          • Zeik56

            Context. Maybe he should have been more clear just to avoid issues like this, but that’s different than this actually being insulting.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Your concerns have been noted and I will certainly see that they are passed on to Ishaan. I will however ask that we ALL do try and move on — all involved have said their peace.

    • WingsOfEternity

      I would say its acceptable considering its a game made by NIS who is pretty much known for making games catered to the more hardcore gamers. Other games, maybe not.

      • Landale

        And as I said, if he’s just quoting NIS on the terms, fine. If he’s not though, no it’s not acceptable. It’s openly ridiculing people over an additional setting. And NIS games are typically fairly simple and hardly difficult during the main game, the hardcore element rarely comes into play until you’re doing postgame stuff.

    • It’s not just you. As soon as I read “sissy” I looked up to the author name section and sure enough it was somebody new. Siliconera can do better than this.

  • Hinataharem

    This article gave me a good laugh.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the game itself taunts you for playing casual mode (and it should). lol

    • DesmaX

      Not really. No difference, and you can swap between Normal and Casual the many times you want

      • Ereek

        Eh, it’s not like NIS hasn’t done this before.

        Hello Prinny 2 baby mode.

        I wouldn’t be surprised, either.

  • DesmaX

    Hopefully, that means the game is hard. Reminds me of what happened to Catherine.

    • Josephl64

      only thing I found hard is keeping track of the number on the top left corner since it goes down with time regardless of what you’re doing and will eventually kill you…I just explore way too much and don’t pay attention

    • The problems that people were running into is that they didn’t pay attention in the beginning during the tutorial. It’s not that it’s hard, it’s just setup so that you need to think about what you’re doing.

      For example, if you’re just auto-piloting and try to play the Doen forest without using Power Fortress facet and a few magic maces, you’re going to die. Period.

      I’m guessing the casual mode removes a lot of the micro management you have to do with your weapon selection and facet switching.

      • DesmaX

        Hm… Can you change that in the field? Or only before you go into stages?

        • Absolutely. Facet and Weapon management are the two major gameplay mechanics.

          Facet: Changes passives and skills, essentially a new class. You have to create your Facet set at Metalica’s place before you go to the field, but facet switch can be done freely inside your selected set while in the field.

          Weapons: You have 5 weapon slots. As you push your square attack button you cycle through your weapons. Pausing for a moment will reset your chain back to weapon 1. You can freely arrange/equip weapons at anytime (even hot-keyed using the right D-pad) as long as you aren’t actually swinging a weapon. Different enemies will have resistance/invulnerabilities that you have to work around.

          There is a part in an early field where you come across a gate with a red square on the ground and a large, slow golem guarding it. I couldn’t damage him and spent like 10 minutes like an idiot trying to get him to walk onto the gate or something. Finally I realized I probably needed to use a hammer, switched my weapon slots and put a hammer in slot 1, and bam, he died and drops an item to activate the gate.

          It’s a fun mechanic. Feels a LITTLE too micromanagement at times but it’s interesting.

          • DesmaX

            Oh, that’s pretty neat. While I do like hard games, I like to be manage to get past the hard parts with the resourses I have. I find annoying when, in other games, I have to load a save before a certain boss battle because I didn’t equip a certain item (Or, when I didn’t grind enough)

      • xXDGFXx

        Are we still talking about Catherine?

        • Naw, I was talking about Witch and Hundred Knights

          • xXDGFXx

            Good because I sure as hell don’t remember magic maces in Catherine.

  • Josephl64

    correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the street lamp name read “Kakarima”? Anyways i didn’t feel like the wimps and sissy remarks were justified. Sure many of us won’t use it, but no reason to downplay others that might need more of a helping hand

  • Oh, good. I actually like doing the easier modes first when playing a game for the first time, and then moving onto the harder levels when I have a good grip on what I’m doing. There can be a lot of cases where you don’t realize things until you get into the game, or even until you get /hours/ into the game.

    Heck, usually with RPGs for me, I tend to play the game for a bit and end up restarting with the knowledge I got, allowing me to have a better footing in it. There’s nothing wrong with doing things a bit easier to start!

    • AnimusVox

      What are ya a sissy pants?
      Edit: I was just kidding, by the way.

      • I somewhat realized that once I realized that you were actually one of the ones who voted me up, but considering the stink up above, it was in bad taste at the time.

        No hard feelings, though. I don’t mind some ribbing when it’s a bit more properly timed, and I’m glad you clarified the point of you kidding about it.

    • I like easy mode for a story run but I always go normal first.

      • I think it really all comes down to preference on where to start. Of course I’d start on anything that it gives me, easy, normal, hard, ect. XD What’s important is the game’s own balance in terms of those difficulty levels, after all.

        Though yes, easy might be best for story runs at least. I like the evolution of difficulty myself. Maybe that’s why I like Ouendan so much as an example of a game with multiple difficulties. You start out easy and then by the end you’re using super difficult cheer girls with no circle timers.

  • WyattEpp


    • xXDGFXx

      I want the sourrrcceee

      • Guest

        Touhou characters replacing the girls in “Pay Back” by Jun Nitta

        • xXDGFXx

          yaaa- *googles*


      • Testsubject909

        Here. Have some Overdrive.

        It’s in there. Trust me.

  • The patch also jacked up the “Select” and “Cancel” buttons. Pre-patch you had the typical O = 決定/Yes/Select and X = キャンセル/Cancel setup for JPN games.

    Now it’s “System default”. So Menus are X to select on your NA PS3, but dialogs are still “O” to advance, and “X” for fast forward. Confusing.

    • Josephl64

      this explains…so much

  • AnimusVox

    When I read he title I was like ‘Huh this doesn’t seem like something Ishaan or Spence would write’.

    On that note I don’t think adding a ‘casual’ mode is a bad thing, in fact I welcome it.

    • Testsubject909

      This might be wrong of me but… I kinda wish there were some people parodying the PC master race going around saying “Casual Master Race yo!”

      • AnimusVox

        You’re right, there’s not enough of that.

  • Helepythia

    Hey. The only reason why I put things on the easiest setting is because I like slaughtering things with ease. Badasses should be impervious to mere NPCs; not die in a couple of hits.



    easy mode for me is when I just want to see the story and problaby when i do this type of thing i’ll never touch the game again.
    I tend to start with normal (sometimes i start playing on hard)

  • Sim

    Who cares if you play on easy or higher, really it doesn’t matter if you want a challenge play on a higher difficulty and if you just want to enjoy the story play on normal or easy lol.

  • equalequation

    ………….we are above playground egging like ‘A plays like a girl’ or ‘B plays like a wimp’ now, aren’t we?

    That said, I don’t take offense at this, but tiny insults like this one don’t really help to create a positive atmosphere for gamers of all types, which I feel is one of the less-than-stellar part of gaming culture as a whole. But then again, books also have literature snobs who judge people on whether they’ve read the Ulysses, so.

    • Testsubject909

      Smack talk exists in a variety of competitive events or areas where one can put themselves in a mentality of competing against others involved in the same activity to show their superior skills. It is by it’s very nature unsportsmanlike and harmful but can also be seen as playful banter, it really depends on the context just as it would anything that one would find to be anything-ist such as sexist, racist, fascist or the likes, or just simply insulting.

      And there are snobs for just about anything that exists.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    *Gets up from throne*….HEAR YE, HEAR YE! WHO’ETH HEAR IS NOT A SISSY SAY I!

  • OkamiKing

    Seventy seven comments and not a single Catherine reference……… Huh.

  • You guys are overreacting. As some of you already suspect, NIS makes funny references to people weeping uncontrollably and we reflected that in our own way. Honestly guys, sometimes I feel like you need to chill out and have a little faith.

    • Josephl64

      btw thanks for editing the lamp’s name :)

      • No problem. Thanks for pointing it out. I should’ve caught that sooner while proofing.

  • Some of the comments here gave me cancer. It’s a mode. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it lol

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Given this, this raises the question: How hard is this game? Is it Catherine hard? Or genuinely hard?
    Also, it’s just a difficulty level everyone. It’s okay to use or not use it. It’s just a patch to give people the option of playing the game how they want to. Calm down.

  • lorelai4cuties

    Thats great ..i play on easy or normal never played in hard mode coz i play games for fun not to get myself frustrated

    • Testsubject909

      Fair enough. I enjoy playing hard mode for the challenge and I find it quite entertaining and enjoyable.

      Though considering my backlog, there’s quite a few games I should be playing on the easier difficulty to breeze through rapidly and get them over with.

      I swear I’ll never catch up to my backlog.

  • ivanchu77

    All this drama for saying words like “wimp” or “sissy”?

    You guys get offended so easily

    • Testsubject909

      Heh. A gamer’s pride.

  • ChiffonCake

    This reminds me of that Prinny game.

    • Testsubject909

      At this point it might be more accurate to say “Those Prinny Games”

  • KingRuff

    I didn’t know we still lived in the 80s. If someone called me a sissy or wimp now, I would laugh in their face. I mean kids don’t even take offense to that anymore, so why are a bunch of adults/teens complaining? Then again I don’t ever play games on easy mode, so none of this affects me anyway.

    • Testsubject909

      Oh. I do believe kids still take offense to those insults.

      Really it’s just a matter of whether or not they’re being insulted in general. No matter what the insult is used. And they’re kids. They typically haven’t gained a thick enough skin to just ignore insults or go beyond them.

  • Testsubject909

    I can just imagine this…

    *Someone gets ready to switch to an easier difficulty*

    *Goes for the hardest difficulty there is*

  • GibbRS

    Am I losing my mind or did they swap the Confirm and Cancel buttons in this latest patch? I was playing the game Monday night and I think (O) was confirm and (X) was cancel. Now it seems reversed after the patch. I also seem to have issues where the game will skip entire pieces of dialog when I hit the next button. It feels like the patch added bugs rather than fixing stuff. :/

    Also, the patch was 650 MB or so, that’s pretty extensive for less than a week after the game released.

    • ChiffonCake

      Someone mentioned below that X and O were changed to be the same as the system default.

      • GibbRS

        Ah, thanks for the response. I scanned the comments for anybody mentioning the swapped buttons, but couldn’t find anyone talking about it.

        What’s odd is it switched the confirm buttons for menus, but the “next” and “skip” buttons during conversations are still backwards.

  • Barrit

    Well.. it’s clear who plays in easy mode. geez.

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