In Conception II, Your Child Can Grow Up To Be A Singer Or A Mercenary

By Sunjun . July 31, 2013 . 1:00pm

Screenshot - 2013_07_27 , 23_50_52 Conception II is an RPG with dating sim elements that lets you make Star Children who are born to fight monsters. Like in a normal RPG, these Star Children come in thirty different classes, such as swordsmen, magicians, thieves, and gamblers(!).


Now, Famitsu has revealed some more classes that are new to this sequel.


Dark Knight

l_51ef7d8959cb6 Screenshot - 2013_07_27 , 23_49_16

The Dark Knight relinquishes all feelings of love and affection in order to become a powerful warrior. The Dark Knight is as solid as the Paladin, further empowered by an aggressive nature that allows no room for mistakes.



l_51ef7d8a2a6fe Screenshot - 2013_07_27 , 23_43_31

Endowed with a heavenly voice, the Diva is a girls-only class that supports her other party members with her vocal skills.



l_51ef7d8a5816f Screenshot - 2013_07_27 , 23_49_40

The Mercenary is a boy-only class and an adept warrior who manipulates his sword skills to destroy enemies without fail.


To fight enemies in Conception II, you must form three teams of three Star Children. When you put certain classes in a team, they can combine forces to execute a special team skill.



For example, when you have a Diva and a Minstrel in the same team, they can join their musical prowesses perform the skill Lucky March, which restores HP and increases the luck of their allies.



The Dark Knight and Mercenary can execute the team skill Guard Chain which simultaneously delivers a powerful blow, creates a defensive barrier, and increases the Over Chain Gauge, which speeds up all of your teams’ moves when it’s filled.



Conception II will be released for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS on August 22. A demo is available now for the Vita, whereas the 3DS will receive one on August 8.



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  • SlickRoach

    After seeing actual screens of this game and learning about the combat I’m pretty intrigued. Not sure what the chances are of it coming to NA though…

    • ddh819

      pretty sure the chances are low

      • Kevadu

        Better than the first game, at least, since it’s not stuck on the PSP anymore…

        • Doctor Nebula

          The only problem would be trying to start people off with the second game, unless they change the story to make it seem like nothing occurred in the past.

          • They could always localize the first game and see how well it sells, like how they’re doing it with Dangaronppa (or however that’s spelled).

          • Kevadu

            Well, no, Danganronpa got a Vita port anyway, which is what’s being localized. They aren’t bothering with the PSP version. There’s no version of the first Conception for anything but PSP.

          • Well, I don’t really know how popular is Conception games are since I myself just knew about them a couple of months ago but if people want it I’m sure the idea of porting the first game for the PS Vita and localizing that isn’t that crazy to think of.

          • Kevadu

            That’s not how it works. Most localization companies don’t touch the code. They don’t even have programmers on staff. They just produce a script which they send to the original developer.

            I port would have to come from the original developer, not Aksys/Xseed/NISA/whoever. And I’m sure they have higher priority projects right now, like finishing Conception II…

          • I didn’t meant a soon release and I’m sure Conception II is mostly finished, the release date is on August 22 after all.

  • RichyGaming

    Why the hell does Mercenary look so sick, dood?

  • Not really feeling the Dark Knight, but I love the Diva and Mercenary =^_^=

  • Ixbran

    the fact that Diva is a female only class kinda upsets me. as a male who loves to sing, knowing that “singing” is considered a “Girls only” ability in games really irritates me.

  • Can I just say, each kid’s character class in this game seems to be even more adorable than the last?

  • lozffvii

    If I was the father, I wouldn’t be letting my daughter show off her navel quite so shamelessly. Apart from that the Diva is utterly adorable.

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