• NintendoPSX

    I want this Pikmin game but I’m so bad at Pikmin 2 and haven’t beaten that. I’m so conflicted over if I’ll actually beat and/or enjoy Pikmin 3 if I pick it up.

    • Elem187

      You will enjoy it.. Pikmin 3 is my first Pikmin game… I’m blown away. :)
      I don’t think I’ll get sick of it.. the mission mode is just pure addiction. I can’t stop playing it.

    • Robgoro

      Pikmin 2 had some notoriously hard dungeons, but Pikmin 3 finds an excellent middle ground between the first and the second games. It’s a perfect game to enter the series by and a perfect one to finish it off.

  • Namuro

    I was mind-blown when I played the first Pikmin game. The graphics, the atmosphere, the world settings, the overall mood. The game left such a huge impression on me, and it remains one of my good gaming memories. Unfortunately, I missed out on the second Pikmin, for whatever reasons I cannot recall now, but I won’t miss the third one for sure!

    I’m ready to have my mind blown again!

  • mojack411

    I could not believe how good the game looked either. To me, this is the first Nintendo first-party game to really showcase its graphics on the WiiU so far. In my opinion, Super Mario games don’t really benefit a whole lot from HD. One of my favorite things to do is to set a course for a captain, the switch on the camera app and just look around while he’s walking. This is what really makes you realize the immensity of the world. The environments are so incredibly crisp and detailed. Nintendo may be inexperienced with HD graphics, but man did they nail it with this one. The delays were well worth the wait.

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