Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Scholars Can Summon Fairy Pets

By Ishaan . August 5, 2013 . 2:50pm

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Scholars can summon pets, too. Well, “pets,” rather, since they’re actually fairies. Square Enix shared images of two of these fairies, Eos and Selene, on the game’s official blog this week:


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  • KuroNathan

    Now if they flew up to the monsters when i target them that’d be even cooler.

  • harmonyworld

    dem shoes!

  • Longsun_Zhao


    • Anime10121
    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      My exact same thoughts. Although they would probably fill the chat window instead of annoying you with their voices which isn’t that bad (Just look at the global chat in TERA).

      • Strid

        You mean global chat in most any MMORPG with a U.S. based server.

        • Jeremy Barnes

          You mean global chat in most any mmorpg with a server

          • Strid

            Nah, I mean exactly what I said. I’ve never seen such a cesspool of crap in Japan and Korean games – I can’t speak for European based games though.

    • Nooooo! *crawls into a corner*

      • Longsun_Zhao

        Lalafells <3

        • :D Yeees! Fell inlove with the cuteness and never looked back haha.

  • Damn. I’m a Dragoon at heart, but I also want a fairy lol

    • NewestType

      Once a dragoon, always a dragoon! Or at least til lvl 10…

      • Lolz. Lancer/Dragoon all the way, but that doesn’t mean I won’t lvl other classes as well =^_^=

        • NewestType

          Yea same here lol. I’m glad we can borrow abilities from other classes.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop hating the Scholar’s AF. They look so silly.

    I think it’s the hat.

  • Brandonmkii

    Hnnnnnnnnngh faeries.

  • Waaaaant! Guess I’ll be working towards Scholar.

  • Alestaos

    I want the fairy xD Since going arcanist anyway i got a tough first choice…Scholar or Summoner. And i wonder if the fairies depend on race or just different forms for different things like the SMN and ARCN with their pets..carby > all but the fairys come close xD

    Also do like the fact they reminded me of Zelda xD

  • AndyLC

    Summoner gets the avatars of Ifrit, Shiva, Garuda, Titan, and Ramuh
    Scholar gets fairies

    • Zeik56

      I think it’s better to look at as whether you prefer the idea of healing with a summon or healing with standard cure spells, since the Scholar is the only other healing class in the game besides Conjurer/White Mage.

      • Scholar falls under the same class as Summoner so there will be a bit of utility between the two. Jobs, currently, require a particular item in order to be counted as said job.

        • Zeik56

          Yeah, I know. I’m just pointing out that they serve different purposes, so it’s not really about which one has the cooler summons.

  • Charles

    No mini skirt for the girls uniform? Aww.

  • Draparde

    I can’t wait to get my fairy!

  • Kuzon

    rockin that outfit with my fairies on my roegadyn dude >:D

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