Goa Magara Would Eat Us If We Didn’t Post These Monster Hunter 4 Screens

By Spencer . August 12, 2013 . 11:04pm


Goa Magara is the terror that flaps in Monster Hunter 4’s night. This dragon-like monster spews explosive breath blasts and can grab hunters. How do you escape? Mash buttons, of course.


Keep an eye on Goa Magara’s scales because when those change from blue to purple it shows a rise in the monster’s perception. For more about Goa Magara and its attacks read this.


goamagara02 goamagara29 goamagara28 goamagara27 goamagara26 goamagara25 goamagara24 goamagara23 goamagara22 goamagara21 goamagara20 goamagara19 goamagara18 goamagara17 goamagara16 goamagara15 goamagara14 goamagara13 goamagara12 goamagara11 goamagara10 goamagara09 goamagara08 goamagara07 goamagara06 goamagara05 goamagara04 goamagara03

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  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Does Goa Magara fight Giant Centipedes in this game?

  • epndkempot

    Goa Magara would eat Capcom staff if they didn’t localize Monster Hunter 4 for NA & EU

  • Pockystix

    I REALLY wanna see it’s charge axe

  • konsama

    It’s gonna be a pain to see the game out next month and not having the chance to play it for surely a year at least. -_-

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    My body is going to be eaten by Goa Magara if Capcom does not localized the game here.

    ……….Capcom you would not want one of your biggest supporter to be dead right?……Rightttt?T_T

  • Notquitesure?

    I’m not a monster hunter, but is this supposed to be the bosses of bosses thing for this game?

    • Lucas Martinez

      Is the flagship monster of this new chapter. Like the Rathalos in the original, Tigrex in Freedom 2 of PsP and Lagiacrus in Tri of Wii

    • flagship monster, basically he is the one who represents the game and who the game revolves around but usually there are stronger monsters, Gao looks fierce though

      • Notquitesure?

        Cool thanks

  • J_Joestar

    We need a Giant Goa Magara event titled Acnologia.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Fairy Tail fan detected XD

  • Ferchenko

    So this is like an older brother to Nargacuga? It looks pretty similar.

    • ν•˜μ„Έμš”

      By the sounds of things, Narga ain’t got shit on this muthahumpa.

    • Ferofax

      Six limbs. More like an Elder dragon, if you go by those limbs. Four legs and two wings.

  • Awww i want a gao pet id hug him and pet him and feed him everyday! ( as long as he doesnt eat me or send his armies of undead after me)

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