Persona Director Teases Atlus 25th Anniversary Titles And More

By Sato . August 13, 2013 . 5:30pm

The Persona series has grown quite a bit from its beginnings as a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Since then, we’ve seen it become a pillar of support for Atlus, not just with games but with anime adaptations, a fighting game spin-off and live stage plays. In a recent blog post, Persona team director and producer Katsura Hashino shared a little message of appreciation for fans on the series’ official blog.


Hello, this is the Persona team’s Hashino.


The live music event is finally going to be held at the Nippon Budokan (one of Japan’s most iconic venues,) so please allow me to share a brief message of gratitude on behalf of the developers, for the fans who’ve been supporting us.


Before we realized it, it (Persona) had become a series that is the topic of many people out there. From television anime adaptations, live-action stage plays, and now a musical live event on the big stage. We are very blessed. Again, looking at it from the development side, it’s been almost 10 years (!) since the same team that was in charge of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga began work on Persona 3 in 2004. We’ve been able to make it this far because of the encouragement fans have given us. And we truly appreciate it.


Due to certain circumstances as of late, we really regret to have caused you to worry. Next year is the 25th anniversary of the Atlus brand, and there is some news we’d like to share; however, we ask if you can be patient just a little longer. The new titles we’ve yet to announce are all currently being developed zealously. The only issue at the moment is simply how we can further better these titles. While we have been spending our busy days tackling various issues as usual, we’re still doing our best to not lose focus.


Lately, it appears that the way games are valued has greatly diversified, but with the sentiments of those who love video games, and our feelings that go into the making of the games along with our accumulated know-how, as long as there are continued challenges and expectations, I believe that the future of gaming will be something great that is full of fun and stimulation. As part of a creator, it would bring me great pleasure to know that we are contributing to said value. And to those of you who are already part of the “pleasure” in our work, nothing brings me greater joy than that.


Atlus Persona Team,

Directer & Producer

Katsura Hashino


  • Jason

    In before “PERSONA 5! PERSONA 5! PERSONA 5!”

  • Cruxis

    Persona 5 confirmed.

    • OneOkami

      Hashino confirmed it back in 2011 IIRC.

    • Herok♞

      P5 has been confirmed for a long time even before Arena was released actually, plus they recently made the domain for Japan.

      • supervamp

        Yeah that’s wonderful now if they could stop announcing and releasing other things and give me my teaser site

        • JReca

          All Persona titles have been revealed within months of release. It will be fast.

          • supervamp

            Ohhh that’s nice, it’s good to know they don’t make a site untill it’s about to be released instead of letting people digest what’s coming first

    • Shane Guidaboni

      Hasn’t it been basically confirmed for a long time?

    • You mean that game we known that is in development for a few years now?

    • J_Joestar

      we just don’t know what it is coming out on yet.

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      nothing is confirmed unless mr director stops using “wait lil longer”

  • bloodiOS

    I really can’t think of anything else aside from Persona 5, given that a Shin Megami Tensei game was just released recently. Maybe a continuation for Golden Playhouse?

    • vileBrenman

      Yess more golden playhouse! I felt potential in Catherine to spawn a series for golden playhouse

  • dahuuuundge

    Persona 3 and 4 HD Collection. Because why make 5 when you can milk 3 and 4?

    • Bri-tastic

      Persona 3 FES on Vita, then Persona 4 Arena for Vita, and then Persona 4: The mobile social game, then Persona 3: Platinum on Vita with new social links, those all first.

      • Digoth

        I would love and purchase all of those.

        • Bri-tastic

          Yea… I would too XD

          • Ric Vazquez

            Same here

      • leingod

        I fully agree with all of that, except maybe for the two Persona 3s on Vita (one would suffice :P) and the mobile one.

      • Strain42

        I’m still expecting Arena to get its inevitable upgrade version, as many fighting games on today’s market do (including those by ArcSys, and many recent Atlus games have done this) that will probably just add one or two new characters who hopefully will have story modes (but might not)

        If that happens, I just hope Vita will be an option. Because if I am to re-purchase Arena for a small handful of new things, I’d like to at least say I’m paying for the option to play on the go.

        • Arc Systems generally don’t upgrade non-first party games. They’ll upgrade BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, but not other efforts like Hokuto no Ken, Sengoku Basara fighting game, or likely Persona.

      • ShadowDivz

        Your joking, but im willing to bet those would sell.

      • Katboy

        I would purchase all these gladly..well except for the social thing xD

    • D H

      Joke about it all you want, I’d love this. Nearly as much as I’d love an announcement of 5. I may of played these multiple times, and even on multiple systems, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are amazing games that released either late in the PS2’s life span (for 4, at least) or for relatively unpopular in the English world systems and may have not been played by a large selection of people.

      Plus, I’m still waiting for that version of P3 that includes both Female Main Character and FES.

    • Pockystix

      Persona 3 Portable with FES lol

    • Shane Guidaboni

      I would still buy Persona 3 HD :|

    • D-Rev

      Maybe a Persona 4 Rhythm game….
      Persona 4 Going for Gold Baybeh

  • Dagobert

    I always wanted a Persona 4 sequel where everyone is in Inaba again either going to college or working there and having to solve a new mystery.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Why did that sound like a Scooby Doo sequel?

      • Bri-tastic


      • Dagobert

        I just had to read my post like twice just to see what you were talking about and oh shit it did sound like that lol.

    • Malon

      I want Persona 4 characters back, I fell in love with Persona 4, I was so sad after watching the ending, I couldn’t believe I FINISHED it, that all that has been to be revealed have been revealed.
      Give me more Persona 4 !

      • KidArk

        The same could be said of persona three , I really loved that game and I feel the characters and story was a lot better and the concept was really amazing. To be fair they should just make p5 , I do have faith for p3 makes a vita release or something because they are making the persona 3 movie in December.

    • ShadowDivz

      I think we’ve had enough of Persona 4.

      • Lynx

        I just want my 1-4 crossover.
        Actually, Atlus…
        SMT/Persona crossover.
        Do it

        • kmantle

          Hey, if we are going to ask for miracles, then I want a crossover where I can kick Persona’s 4 MC ass with the King of Bel, then kick Bel’s ass with the Demonica user, then kick Demonica’s ass with the Demi-Fiend… THEN kick DemiFiend’s ass with Raidou

      • Demandred

        There is never an ‘enough’ of Persona 4.

      • Dagobert

        Ok not counting the anime, comic book or the damn stage play since non of them are games. You really only have one Persona 4 game since Golden was just a remake of it and the fighting game which is not even a sequel. Hell it has Persona 3 characters in it as well, it’s pretty much a spin off. So really you only have 1 Persona 4 game, it’s not like the milked the game where it has 10 sequels and prequels to it.

        • ShadowDivz

          …..That’s sarcasm right?

      • vileBrenman

        Agreed. I want new characters no more inaba kids. I like p4 but seriously i want new characters to love

        • ShadowDivz

          This guy gets it.

  • Chaos_Knight

    SMT x FE?

  • Pockystix

    y’know what would excite me more than the reveal?

    FeMC for P5

    • Warboss Aohd

      even more? Create da protagonist (the protagonist already is a blank slate, w4e might as well get to choose a their appearance, even if only in a few small ways.)

      • ShadowDivz

        Damn that would be SIIIICK. But no anime cutscens.

        Unless there is like 3~5 pre made MCs to choose from.

        • Warboss Aohd

          that would be acceptable.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Creating a character would be an awesome edition. Male and female choice at that. Any more awesome than that would be to have a Social Link ending. :3

    • ChiffonCake


    • ShadowDivz

      Im actually hoping they do have a FeMC.
      Im gonna name her Lilith. Nah, morrigan.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Then people would rage if you couldn’t go full yuri on S-Links. ^^’

        • ShadowDivz

          I know i would. xD

          • Crimson_Cloud

            I would join you then. XD

  • Jesse Torres

    Persona 5, that is all I need from you.

  • Domii

    Persona 5 ASAP please!

  • leingod

    I have a lot of appreciation for Persona. I even like it more than SMT (its parent series) nowadays. Hoping to see news about Persona 5 soon!

    I know some people would rather have a P4 follow up, but I’m sure Atlus will be able to create a cast just as unforgettable as P4’s for the fifth game.

    • Bri-tastic

      My concern is based on the P4A story and the success of Persona 4 that Persona 5 would be a continuation of the story. I hope to see an entirely new scenario with new characters, granted, I’m a whore for Persona, so I’ll buy whatever they release.

      • Steven Higgins

        When they confirmed that they are working on P5 two years ago, they stated that it would be a wholly independent story from 3 and 4. Don’t worry, if they want to continue it they’ll do what FF does and continue them as their own sub franchise, or in this case, a sub sub franchise

        • leingod

          That can be the case, since P4A points to the casts of P3 and P4 getting together again to maybe *spoilers*

          …save P3’s protagonist.

          • Ric Vazquez

            I want to see what that will lead to

    • Herok♞

      To late a more unforgettable cast has been made in Persona games already, the casts from P2:IS and EP, more the latter then the former, EP has adults dealing with the issues in the games and I find them to be more interesting and unforgettable then the inba crew where everyone is either ok or kinda meh

      • Solomon_Kano

        Apparently not to him.

      • kmantle

        Persona 4 was a dating sim/ highschool detective drama… with a talking ‘bear’ instead of a talking dog. It was fun, but very shallow and soft compared to the darker (and sometimes downright cruel) story of Persona 2.
        I would rather ask for the EP PSP release than a Persona 5

      • dam4rus

        Comparing the cast of Persona 2 to any RPG is actually pretty pointless, since it has the best cast in the genre. I played P4 first, then i realized the story is actually a lighter rethread of P2 (shadow selves, rumors coming true, etc.). So congrats, to P3/4 fan boys for down voting you… Even with the dated and unbearable gameplay I prefer P2 to P3/4.

      • Rothion

        Same here. P4’s characters are mostly rehashes of the same archetype of those on P3.

        I would actually ~forget~ them if Atlus wasn’t shoving P4 on our throats all the time.

        P2 as a whole is the pinnacle of the series. And the gameplay isn’t that bad. I’d rather have Demons to deal than… bland generic “Shadows” lol

  • Bigabu Beaze

    I want more Digital Devil Saga stuff!

    • Azzrem

      I’m ready for P5!! DDS can come after that

  • Titles: P4Golden for the PS3, Persona 5 for PS3, persona something for 3DS…hopefully.

    • I know this are “bear-y” old news, but when the 3ds was announced in E3 2010, atlus announced that they were working on 3 Shin Megami Tensei games for the system: DeSu overclocked, an untitled SMT (SMT4) and an untitled persona.

      This persona game is still in development or is already cancelled…

      • RisukuAozora

        Holy crap I forgot about that. Eh, probably a remake of P3? IDK…

      • Mitchell Hamann

        Don’t forget about Soul Hackers. That was also an SMT game for the 3DS.

      • xcornmuffinx

        They may have changed that. Originally Famitsu was listing an unnamed SMT game for the 3DS but now that is no longer listed. There is however still an unnamed SMT game for the Vita that is listed.

  • Alberto Maytorena

    HD collection for the PSN

  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    Wow! So more time to spend with waifus? Let’s go!

  • Solomon_Kano

    A new Raidou game would be pretty slick~

    If not, a new console SMT spin-off would be sweet.

    • AnimeGirlOfYourDreams


    • Rothion

      Agreed. I’m tired of Atlus shoving P4 down on our throats all the time. We get it, the casuals love it – but for YHVH’s sake, give us also new titles in the vast SMT Universe/spin-offs.

      Or if you’re going to release P5, don’t rehash everything from the latter game and casualize it even further, like P4 to P3.

      Persona post-P2 is literally the blandest spin-off series EVER of SMT. Give us more of Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner or even Devil Survivor. They’re all better – and on the roots with the original series (ie, having DEMONS).

  • Azzrem

    Hashino said the fan should be patient and wait a little longer.maybe they know the fan really want p5 that bad 0_0

  • SS4Nels

    I wouldn’t say no to Persona 4 on my PS3….

  • Alestaos

    So im guessing a Persona Arena port to Vita and Wii U. Persona 5 information, hopefully including a release date. As well as maybe 2nd half of the 2nd Persona for the West. Or atleast hopefully is EUers will get a release date for Shin IV (even though i know they dont handle translation but hopefully they could put a rocket up NIS to get it out. Since i think they have rights now). And maybe a Crossover game of the full Persona worlds like Kingdom Hearts for SE. Maybe even a Persona card game (on consoles and pcs)….that would be intresting. Just hoping no MMO’s the series is way to great to destroy like that.

    • Actually megami tensei got a mmo already

      • Alestaos

        Kinda meant Persona Bases MMO like one based on during orafter certain games.

    • Lynx

      What is Imagine? It’s actually not bad for an SMT mmo.

      • Alestaos

        Like i said in another reply i meant a MMO based around or on a Persona game like P3. And its happening during after or before, thats what i meant

  • Who’s ready for Persona 5… on their mobile phones and browsers??

    • JazzWithAttitude

      This is ATLUS not Square Enix

      • goldenlander

        And Capcom too (Breath of Fire 6).

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        Ending is DLC! *slaps himself* I mustn’t joke about that!

    • ShadowDivz


    • Malon

      JUST DON’T

    • Isaac Newton

      I’m ready…
      To check their P5’s website using my mobile phone’s browser.

    • Kami nii

      Man Just stop Persona 5 on iOS? it gonna be the end of the world if that happens!

    • amagidyne

      POGSONA 5

      • Does it make me an old man that I know what Pogs are?

        • J_Joestar


          that reminds me, i think i still have some at home somewhere deep in my closet… yet i’ve never played a single game of it.

  • 657rod

    Jack Bros 2 Confirmed

    • kmantle

      Ronde II confirmed

      • AJ

        Super Mario Bros. Super Devil Fighter Alpha Plus Plus Doublegood 3 confirmed.

  • Niyari

    “Lately, it appears that the way games are valued has greatly diversified”

    this kinda worries me. i hope they don’t hop on the mobile train..

  • I wouldnt care if its a 4th release, definitely want P3 (FES) for vita, with all it’s awesomeness

    • Mitchell Hamann

      I’d rather have a fleshed-out P3P, including The Answer, restoring the console-version navigation (at school, in the mall, etc), retaining P4’s AI system, and keeping Margaret’s Vision Quest.

      • Pretty much what i asked but without female MC

  • ChiffonCake

    P5 announcement at TGS?

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Atlus and Index aren’t on the list of exhibitors this year :(

    • J_Joestar

      watch it be announced on… Nintendo Direct!

      j/k j/k

      *prepares to be Neg’d into oblivion*

  • ShadowDivz

    Im looking forward to it Atlus.
    I really hope P5 has FeMC and i would definitely buy P4A for vita.

  • Testament

    Atlus your the best

  • Learii

    Persona 5 for vita confirmed

  • Lazulis

    Knowing it’s Atlus I can be excited…I’m loving SMT 4 & EO4

  • Asaoko

    What if Persona 5 takes as along as FFXV…

    • Then, it better be worth the wait! Just like FFVersusXV!

  • kmantle

    PLEASE, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment’s North America/ Europe release for PSP (even as a downloadable title)

  • Unlimax

    Darn I was eagerly looking for TGS .. Looks like they will delay the P5 announcement next year for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary !

    Hopefully early.. x3

  • Katboy

    Persona 5…

  • $61526767

    If it’s more Persona remakes or the actual persona 5.. i would be so happy to see one teaser or a short trailer for it.

  • SupaPhly

    …Half Life 3 confirmed

  • I am glad to hear they are going to be doing things for the 25th aniv, as well as that they’re still working and working hard on several games. I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Isaac Newton

    PS4 – S = P4 + 1 year = P5
    P5 on PS4 on confirmed trololololol

    Edit: They better put Kazuma Kaneko as the Demon Designer please(I’m a fan of Kaneko-san’s art)!!! I don’t want to see a Kamen Rider like demons in my Persona 5.

    • Ridho Siregar

      why not? they’re not demons, they are personae.

  • Suriel Cruz

    ‘Persona 5’ for you, I will scream of happiness!

  • Alexander Aubert

    nobody wants to know what happen next in persona 4 arena?

    • Neppygear

      I sure don’t. That story was a poorly-written, inconsequential mess. We see in P4G that its events affected jack shit, basically, so…

      • Mr_SP

        We see in P4G that nothing important has happened *yet*. P4G was just an expanded port of P4, and wasn’t necessarily going to drop hints for Persona 5, or Arena 2, or whatever. It may have consequences, but we don’t know what they are, yet. The only logical explanation for Persona 4 Arena is that Atlus plan to use Labrys and the Malevolent Entity later on. Or that Atlus like money, but I think I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

        • Neppygear

          I’ll give you that, but the poor writing still stands. So much padding. So, so much padding…

          • Mr_SP

            It is kinda repetitious. Sure, each story has it’s own unique content, but you only need to watch one or two of the post-Shadow Labrys parts. Blazblue itself was a bit better about that.

            Even so, if Labrys is ever going to appear again, it’s in Persona 5 or some P4Arena sequel, not Persona 4 Golden’s epilogue: she kinda screams “Party member”. And there’s no way that P4G was going to spoil Arena.

    • Rothion

      Nope. I don’t care for ANOTHER P4 MILKING. Let that shit die.

  • Kami nii

    This is it!! :)

  • goldenlander

    I hope new trailer for Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem crossover soon!

  • MrTyrant

    I want a new ip like Digital Devil Saga, I know these guys can do it if not then at least I want atlus to make another Devil Summoner. Of course I want Persona 5 like everybody else.

  • artemisthemp

    I really looking forward to hearing, what this 25th anniversary title is and which platform it’s for.

    Wasn’t Catherine a Anniversary title also?

  • GriffithOfTheHawk

    That’s not the words of a man afraid of the future. I guess he already know who is Atlus new owner :)
    Can’t wait to know on what Persona 5 is developed, hopefully anything except mobiles. Oh and enough of Persona port/remakes i can’t understand the people begging for another re-release of Persona 3. Time to move forward.

    • RisukuAozora

      I think we’re more or less expecting it. P4 the Animation came about and Golden and Arena were announced. DeSu2A came and we were given Break Record. I would like to see 5 too, but those games were good…

  • Ric Vazquez

    Persona 5 announcement soon please!

  • Yan Zhao

    I really hope P5 ties some of the lose end from the story mode in P4A. That giant cliffhanger is killing me, along with all the endings of the investigation team coming back together. I want to see MORE!

    I realize Persona games arent really related to each other. But I hope the build up from P4A at least will apply to wahtever core story P5 will have.

  • RisukuAozora

    25th anniversary huh? Maybe on some off-chance, they’ll remake SMT I & II again? Could bring about the possibility to finally play it overseas, like with Soul Hackers…


    Please not more P4 or P3.
    I hope that P5 go the college route and get a more dark story like P2.
    And now they can make a game with the option to choose between male MC and female MC with today hardware just fine.
    i would like to see a new main line SMT game on home consoles too…but i don’t see this happening again

    • J_Joestar

      Atlus is fairly careful with their cost to profit ratio, so a home console release is probably unlikely unless either Japan decides to wholly embrace home consoles or the rest of the world shows significant enough support of the series to make up for the higher development costs.
      Or also if their new owner is one of the hardware makers (Nintendo/Sony), then they would probably fund the project anyways.

  • Demeanor

    Persona 5 for PS3, and worthy of the name. Nau. :D
    Also, I sure wouldn’t mind a sequel to P4A with the whole P3 cast thrown in :P Gaaah dreams just come flocking… Catherine 2? New Digital Devil Saga? A NOCTURNE REMAKE ON PS3??? XD

    • Kyle McDaniel

      Nocturne is perfect already it doesn’t need a remake. The only thing we need is digital distribution for it.

  • BenderIsGreat

    How about a Persona-based action game starring Mitsuru, Aegis, or Labrys? Or a tactics game like Devil Survivor?

    I admit it, I want more Mitsuru. How could you not?

    • Rothion

      I’d rather have A NEW DEVIL SURVIVOR (or a new Majin Tensei) than a SRPG with Persona 3/4 characters – but oh well, the fanboys would buy it anyway.


      • BenderIsGreat

        Overall, I’m just in favor of more SMT-associated games, period.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Come on Persona 5, I need you! I’m not a graphic whore but imagining school setting and that glorious Catharine models just makes me shed a tear. :)

  • Please make an option for undub in the next persona!

    • Isaac Newton

      Russian Dub confirmed!

  • Kyle McDaniel

    “The Persona series has grown quite a bit from its beginnings as a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series.”

    to the point that it overshadows the series and most people aren’t even aware it’s a spinoff and not actually the main series.

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