Keiji Inafune’s Studio Comcept Has 2 New Games, One Is About A Phantom Thief

By Spencer . August 14, 2013 . 10:51pm

Comcept, the studio founded by Keiji Inafune, quietly released two games. Daphnia Puzzle: Simple, Cute Puzzle Game is cutesy matching game where you connect blocks that are the same color. Matching blocks releases food which makes different kinds of daphnia appear. Chaining blocks in combos or matching three or more blocks makes food appear that draws rare daphnia.


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Phantom Thief Niponski is a kanji puzzle game that has players open locks by cracking kanji codes. You play the game by moving reels to fix mismatched kanji. The game’s wacky story continues when you solve puzzles.


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Comcept’s two new games are available now for iOS and Android.

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  • Pockystix

    et tu Inafune?

  • Kaien

    Gimme Soul Sacrifice 2

  • British_Otaku

    Mobile… >_>

    I was hoping for something on the 3DS to sink my teeth into with a few of the themes from Rhythm Thief or Kaito Kid… >_>

  • leingod

    These guys are all falling for the mobile thing. What a shame.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Keiji Inafune is making me sad here.T_T Did not he mentioned that he wanted to something new and big without being limited by Capcom when he leave his company?T_T

    While he indeed have produced Soul Sacrifice, i am still waiting for his never coming Kaio here.T_T

    • Rytan

      We haven’t heard anything about Kaio in so long, I’m starting to wonder if it even exists anymore. ;_;

    • JustThisOne

      Maybe the rest of the company’s busy with Yaiba. There’s still hope yet! :<

  • kylehyde

    Me at the first glance of the header (I was scrolling fast): a note about Keiji Inafune, it will be Kaio related?

    Me when I read well the header: well maybe it mention something about future releases, maybe Kaio among them.

    Me after read the whole note: I guess Inafune is too busy playing candy crush that he doesn’t have time to make that vaporware thing called Kaio.

  • Aristides

    …I see lots of people complaining about Inafune working on mobile… cmon guys… not every single game made by a famous developer has to be a magnum opus. Sometimes developers need to blow off steam to ease burnout, working on small projects is important to keep your mind active and make a little cash for bigger games. Some times game deves just want to make something simple and fun once in a while -_-

  • GH56734

    The Phantom Thief game won’t be localized, that’s for sure :(
    (Even if they wanted, they can’t…)

  • Cutesy.

  • Cameron Ward

    what happened to that 3DS game he was making with pirates and such?

  • TruenoGT

    I don’t currently use Android or iOS… are the apps region specific? For example, could I purchase these games on the US app stores or are they Japan only?

  • Unknown

    Keiji Inafune has two studios Comcept and Intercept Ltd. Comcept deals with different kinds of entertainment, mobile, social, etc.

    Intercept ( ) is his main game studio, which probably doesn’t have much money to create games therefore is using Comcept’s profit to fund Intercept, at least that’s my guess. Also that’s why we have seen him make obscure cameo’s in games like Neptunia, and producing games like Yaiba.

    As for the game KAIO or King of Pirates, the game will release in 2013 in Japan, and probably worldwide in 2014.

  • Theob Vious Choice

    Ugh, mobile games.
    Unfortunately there is an actual audience for this shit, it’s like mobile gambling with zero substance. Instead of spending $200 on a slot machine to try to make multiples of that back, you’re spending $200 on the off chance you’ll get a “super rare card” which you can beat the millionth boss and maybe enter the scoreboards.

    This is Japan’s version of achievement whoring, except over there people will actually pay the equivalent of thousands of dollars for it; ensuring the market shift from massive, story-driven JRPGs to the equivalent of a substanceless, money-sucking, gambling version of Yu-Gi-Oh or Tetris. Japan had it right for a while, but this is about the first time I’ve truly been disappointed in a trend over there enough to compare it to the U.S.’s passion toward e-sports, achievement whoring and mindless killstreak farming.

    • DyLaN

      This isn’t even the typical card game…..

  • 60hz

    the puzzler has a different name: mijinko, downloading it now – i got no hate for free games! plus no one forces you to spend a dime! I do have hate for $60 games tho!

  • DyLaN

    =_= *sigh* is all I will say abt ppl reaction here.

    Both of them looks interesting. Sad tht there no way the 2nd one is even possible to come here cuz how do you localize kanji puzzle game…

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Mobile games, not games.

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