Namco Bandai Isn’t Skimping On Advertising Dark Souls II

By Spencer . August 14, 2013 . 3:49pm

Dark Souls II looks like it has a sizable marketing budget. Namco Bandai plastered Dark Souls II advertisments all over E3 and made a live action trailer to promote the game. I don’t think FromSoftware has ever gotten this much promotional support, so that’s great for  the Tokyo based developer.


FromSoftware worked a number of companies to bring their titles to the West. Agetec handled early games like Shadow Tower, Evergrace, and Armored Core. Activision picked up Lost Kingdoms and Sega partnered with FromSoftware release Armored Core 4 in the West plus to create Chromehounds.


For awhile it seemed like Ubisoft was FromSoftware’s main partner since they picked up Armored Core for Answer and Enchanted Arms. Then Atlus stepped in for Demon Souls and 3D Dot Game Heroes. Now, Namco Bandai is handling all of FromSoftware’s releases and they’re getting a well-deserved push.

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  • kazdamaz

    Really want gameplay and story trailers, but this ok.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I hope they dont spend 10 billion on marketing and then expect the game to sell absurd numbers.

    • Brion Valkerion

      This so much.

      Its great they realize how popular it was and want to advertise it… but please don’t over do it. It also kinda ruins the feel of the series imo.

    • urbanscholar

      amen. I don’t think they realize that the souls games are fueled by word of mouth from a “niche” fanbase they it spreads like a wildfire.

      All these ads will do is get folks not ready for this type of game bashing it.

    • Saintdante

      It’s Namco Bandai you’re talking about of course they’re going to do that!

    • Asura

      An entire Jimquisition episode was this topic.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Wait, Namco’s actually advertising something that isn’t Tekken or Soul Calibur?! This is… Unheard of!

    Normally they toss games out into the wild with no publicity at all, and then when the games fail to sell they act surprised.

    • Saintdante

      To be fair Namco Bandai only does that when we beg for a game. They try to sneak it under the radar so that they can tell everyone who asked for the game “See I told you it wouldn’t sell!”.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Dunno if that’s being fair… That actually sounds even more douchey for them x3;

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to Dark Souls II to frustrate the hell outta me…
    Dark Souls 1 is a great game!!!

  • Atmey

    Dark Souls’ Bartholomew trailer was awesome, hope they find some add awesome music too.

  • Domii

    It’s no surprise that Namco are providing as much marketing as possible to the sequel of one of the greatest games of all time.

  • Pockystix

    Now if only they could do the same for games like Tales of Xillia. . .

    but I digress, let’s hope they keep this franchise coming, and cross our fingers for that Demon’s Souls 2 rumors being true~

    2013, you hurt my wallet so good~

  • 16 seconds of bad ass Lol

  • Göran Isacson

    On the one hand, neat that a fairly “small-time” franchise is getting some decent PR. On the other hand, man that teaser didn’t say much about the game at all.

  • Ikki

    From Youtube : “This is not technically a Dark Souls II trailer at all. This is a teaser for a Man at Arms-type episode in which he produces some form of
    weapon/armor from the Dark Souls universe.”

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