This Dragon’s Crown Statue Probably Isn’t Safe For Work

By Spencer . August 15, 2013 . 12:43am

Dragon’s Crown appears to be a success for Atlus with over 200,000 units sold in Japan alone. Next year, Atlus and Fate/Stay Night figure maker Alphamax will make a figure of Dragon’s Crown’s most talked about character, the Sorceress.


dragonsc-01 dragonsc-10


The Sorceress figure is 1/8 scale and made of PVC. Since the statue is 23 cm tall, that makes the Sorceress roughly 6 ft tall. Amazon Japan’s product page says the figure is for guys 15 years and up.



dragonsc-09 dragonsc-08 dragonsc-07 dragonsc-06 dragonsc-05 dragonsc-04 dragonsc-03 dragonsc-02

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  • Pockystix

    I still get a chuckle at her walk animation

    seriously, talk about tongue in cheek

    • AndyLC

      It was like seeing the “shay lauren puts on pants” .gif for the first time all over again.

  • urbanscholar

    Not safe for work & probably not safe for your love life…

    unless you significant other is cool with it. Still ahahaha I love it

    • almostautumn

      I think my GF would prefer I own this than watch me play Precure All-Stars on the Wii again. That decision is one that I’m afraid I can never recover from :/

    • Fidelis

      or unless tfw no gf

  • Katboy

    love her

  • Andrew Arndt

    will be geting one for my office ;D im a inde game dev working on my first project currenty

    • Guest
      • I actually really want that archer one.

        • OneOkami

          I was just coming here to say I’d much prefer a model of the archer over the sorceress.

          • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

            my favorite is the Amazon, but yeah, i’d rather have the archer instead of sorceress

      • DS23

        me gusta

      • JNT

        Do want!

        Yes I’m one of those hundreds of elfs you get every day in your group.

        (Whithout excesive kicking though)

    • Warukyure

      Good Luck. Not only on just your game, but trying to get one of these because right now as it seems, the model isn’t shipping anymore ; ;

      • Andrew Arndt

        im sure ill find one and so and thank you ;D iti just keep me working harder on my game.

        • saltypiper

          Harder? Suuuuure….

    • AndyLC

      Hahah, I work in games in Beijing and my mates already got stuff like this around the office.

      The 100% female staffed HR actually bought a bunch of similar figures as a prize for a holiday party, hahah (a girl wound up winning it). The culture of your workplace varies with company to company and country to country.

  • reysol981

    Get to work on an elf figure, then we’ll talk

  • Abysswalker90

    Looks meh to me. Her chest looks even weirder than usual, and just sticks out too much for me to really appreciate the design. I’ll probably skip this one.

  • raulrain

    At least it´s faintful to the Design ;)

  • Notquitesure?

    I can’t understand why people made such a big deal about her design or any other dragons crown characters, there no less racy or rsique than any other anime/japgame/VN (plus there so unrealistic its hard to take seriously anyway). I don’t understand. Was that whole Jason Schreir from the standpoint of someone who primarily played western (maybe) innoffensive games

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Because they’re reminiscent of Murakami’s grotesque satirical works.

      Ps. Jason Schreier is Kotaku’s JRPG columnist, so he’s not somebody who only plays western games.

      My favorite games are JRPGs and have been since the late 80s. Dragon’s Crown’s art made the game a no-sell for me, even though I was interested in the gameplay.

      • DCBlackbird

        Those look like testes….. but whatever to each his/her own

    • Pinkemon

      I wouldn’t say the objectification of women is less of a problem if its everywhere. In fact, I’d say that makes it worse cause it could make people feel like its normal. Its fine if people disagree, but I think the people who do find it a problem are entitled to their opinion. Its a thing that’s been around for a long time and by now is really ingrained in society(Both western and eastern) and hard to change and the problem also seems to be harder to understand if you’ve never been the subject of sexual objectivication. (Also, in case someone’s gonna ask it, I feel like there’s a difference between the exaggerated males and females in this game because the women are made to appeal to men in a sexual way and the men are made as “ideals” for the male figure. If the warrior was equally objectified he’d be wearing only a breastplate and a metal thong and he’d be twerking across the battlefield. )


      • Notquitesure?

        I guess it is kinda hard for me understand, considering i’m young. I don’t like to think i take things too seriously, but do people generally have strongish views in regards to this? Thank you for relpy.

        • Pinkemon

          Well, it depends on the person. There’s also women out there who don’t mind the sorceress’ oversexualised design. I just wanted to help you understand why there’s people out there who find it offensive, just so you know.

          • Notquitesure?

            Thank you :)

          • supervamp

            No one says they aren’t entitled to it the problem is they act like it’s something more then just an opinion and that’s it’s a default opinion of every woman.

      • Rentekabond

        But the Sorceress isn’t twerking around the battlefield either. What Dragon’s Crown did you play? Also, why can’t women like Sorceress or Amazon be looked up to as “ideals” in the same way the Warrior or Dwarf are looked up to as “ideals”.

        • Pinkemon

          Someone on another forum explained it better than I can: “there is a massive difference
          between exaggerating muscles and exaggerating breasts. With huge
          muscles, one feels empowered, strong; with huge breasts, one feels
          objectified, dependent. If I had huge muscles I could punch things
          really hard, if I had huge breasts I… would have back pains and get
          harassed by men?
          The message with exaggerating these designs is not hey, look, these are funny characters!
          There is a sexist undertone, whether they like it or not, that an
          exaggerated man is even more powerful, while an exaggerated woman is still sexualized regardless of her strength.”

          Though, again, there might be women out there who would disagree with this and do think these also count as objectivication to show off idealized forms, but personally I don’t.

          • AndyLC

            Well, let’s take a look at male sexualization then. How about gay porn?

            Here’s a screenshot where two muscular men (the famous Billy Herrington in the white trunks) are engaged in very intense, muscley wrestling. As you can see, heavily muscular men performing feats of strength on one another is considered arousing to enough people that gay porn is dominated with gladiator/army/gym themes.

            If you youtube “Metal Gay Solid” you will be treated to a watergun fight between intensely muscular men in a junkyard.

          • AndyLC

            Now let’s take a look at the body of a male professional athlete, such as Fedor Emelianenko, considered the greatest mixed martial artists on the planet.

            Notice that he’s not mega ripped, he actually has a good amount of paunch on him and has a light coat of fur on his chest. He is also visibly balding.

            As you can see, he’s no Fabio, nor does he resemble a Dragon’s Crown fighter with long silver locks framing an unblemished, handsome face.

            Perfect ripped muscles are indeed a cosmetic element of male sexuality, and many men do put themselves in very strict diets to achieve the bodies that hollywood and videogames show them.

          • mockturtle

            I love you.

          • NewestType

            Was not aware MMA was considered pro. When I am subjugated to watching in the Best Buy break room, most of the guys just look like there doing any and everything.

          • supervamp

            So your saying the constant pressure for males to look good to be powerful and be a “man” isn’t a negative stereotype that can have profoundly and has bad impacts on guys life who can’t live up to that standard?

          • Guest

            Yeah, the suicide rate for men in America is FOUR TIMES HIGHER than for women. It’s attributed to the culture of ‘manliness’ that pressures males to act a certain way or be regarded as failures.


          • supervamp

            Ohhh please tell this to the guys who get told to be a “man” over and over again by every father figure in their life or the transgender or gay males who can’t quite live up to what people’s idea of what a male should be.
            Negative stereotypes go both ways they are not exclusive, to one gender, social class, race , nationality, ect.

          • Fidelis

            Dude, do you feel sad and inadequate when you watch Dragon Ball Z? This whole thing is ridiculous.

            Nobody’s telling women that they should look like the Amazon or Sorceress. That’s Barely even possible.That’s just the game’s artstyle. If they get jealous or feel belittled because of it, they just need to take anatomy classes.

            Also, the Amazon is nowhere near your average woman stereotype

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            You’re a star.

          • Rentekabond

            I feel like people are too quick to label anything that’s different between men and women as sexist. People look at the sorceress or, less often, the amazon and immediately think “Wow, way to objectify women you pig”, but I don’t think that’s fair.

            Even traditionally, men and women have had different ‘symbols’ of strength. Men, traditionally, have their muscles and raw physical strength, which is completely overblown by the Fighter and the Dwarf, whereas women, traditionally, have their nurturing and womanlyness as their symbols of strength, as they create life. The Sorceress is overblown in this way specifically for those reasons in the same way Fighter and Dwarf are (Wide hips are better for birthing children and big breasts are considered more effective at weening a child. I believe the latter was proven false, but it’s still symbolic). Then of course there’s the amazon, who’s given a tall and muscular build to accomodate what people consider an amazon to be; a strong, almost masculine woman. The only “realistic” and common body types are those of the Elf and the Wizard.

            Then there’s the matter of “Is the Sorceress/Amazon being objectified at all”. I know for a fact that in-game, no one treats them like anything other than an equal, so contextually they aren’t, meaning that this objectification only comes from outward. This is a problem that annoys me significantly more than having an overblown sexual design, as it seems that a lot of people can’t make up their minds on what they want in this regard. More often than not, I’ve seen people that claim that a woman should be able to dress or behave a certain way without being judged or insulted for it, yet these exact same people will say that they can’t/no one can respect such and such woman solely because she looks or dresses a certain way.

            This is slightly unrelated, but take the recent “controversy” over some of Lightning’s costumes for lightning returns. I’ve read many a comment that stated that they lost a bit of respect for Lightning because now she was dressing or acting slutty now, even though nothing about her core character changed other than a few of many different outfits. It’s completely inconsistent with what a lot of feminists/women’s rights activists seem to be trying to accomplish and it’s off-putting to me as someone who notices it.

            PS Why isn’t the ability to be sexy/sexual while being powerful not considered a valid source of strength and power? Sexual power/intimidation in the vain of someone like the Sorceress is something that takes time and effort and isn’t something that a lot of people, man or woman, can achieve in much the same way as Fighter and Dwarf’s impossible muscles, so why isn’t this simply a case of different but equal?

          • mockturtle

            This. Right here. Logical perfection.

          • NewestType

            Your second paragraph is part of the problem. It’s this tradition and the “symbols” outlined that eventually lead to stereotypes; like most women are nurturing. “Womanlyness” is another notion that would imply that, depending on the person, the woman should have specific traits or qualities. It would be as if someone created a game with multiple races of people but each character was bound by the stereotypes of the creator. This person is this race so they would be good at this. Or this person is this nationality so they would only wear clothes like this or that.
            Tradition and symbols are what keep people from being who they are without being scrutinized. It seems to be if you only expect a person to act a certain way, then it will be weird/offensive to you when they don’t.

          • Rentekabond

            I disagree. I feel that, like how Meta’s standardize the way game’s are played so that people without a perfect grasp of the game have something to cling to, the notions of manliness and womanliness help set a sort of even playing ground for men and women.

            I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t fit a lot of the traits that would be deemed manly. I never have and I probably never will. And that’s ok with me, because even though I don’t have a lot of manly traits, I’m still me. I definitely received scrutiny but that’s just a part of life. All my life I’ve been the guy that would rather watch Totally Spies or As Told By Ginger than watch sports and some people tried to make me feel bad about that. I didn’t. It was that simple.

            Everyone judges everyone for everything. It just seems like, quite honestly, a lot of people that try to get rid of things like societal norms or gender standards are people that can’t take criticism or want to impose their way of thinking on other people instead of taking responsibility for themselves when they stray from these norms.

            Also, for the nurturing bit, I wasn’t trying to say that most women are nurturing, just that physiologically, they’re designed to be. Breasts are designed to feed babies and wide hips are designed to ease childbirth. Having wide hips symbolizes that, regardless of whether you like children or not.

          • NewestType

            As far as societal norm and criticism, there is criticism that is valid and criticism that is biased or unfounded. I don’t believe its fair for someone to be criticized for being male or female or in your case for being who you are/were while growing up. I’m glad you weren’t affected by other’s who tried to make you feel bad. But that doesn’t mean that it should be the norm or they should just be expected to do it. It does really bother me when I go to certain areas of my city and people treat me as if I’m going to cause problems. Just because I don’t react to it doesn’t mean I think its ok. But to them, the norm for someone fitting my description is a trouble maker. Unfortunately for certain individuals the norm is what gives them leverage in justifying treating you differently in certain situations.
            On a less serious note, I have seen plenty of men with wide hips too :P Stephen Colbert is one of them >_<

          • Rentekabond

            Well, of course it isn’t fair. Life in general isn’t really fair. But arbitrarily trying to change social norms so that you (general you, not you specifically) don’t have to feel bad about things isn’t really fair to others either.

            I feel like if more people went about trying to change things by doing something productive, like creating characters or movies or shows or etc, rather than complaining about things they don’t like, we’d see change a lot faster. I hear more “You should stop”s than “I should try”s and that’s a bigger offense than someone taking their time and effort and putting their finances at risk to design characters the way they want. One of my personal goals is to see more black characters and women in pants (I personally think, overall, women in pants are far more attractive) and that’s one of my main motivations for working to get in the industry. What right do I have to tell such and such developer that they can’t have a woman who looks this way or that they have too many white characters if I’d get mad if they told me I couldn’t put a black character or something in a game? It works both ways.

            Stephen Colbert is best mother.

          • NewestType

            Point taken. I was just viewing it in terms of norms having a negative impact when it really can go both ways. I think prior history has shown that what people believe to be normal is not always fair, right or humane. Take segregation for instance. Segregation was considered the norm. People vocalized that it was wrong and segregation was taken away from people who supported it. Although it did not solve many racial tensions, it was a stepping stone and starting point to give others a chance to be viewed in the same respect as others (not saying that it solved any racial problems).

          • love it. so much of what i wanted to say is already in here.

          • Vyse_the_Stampede

            Whether it’s your personal taste or not, the truth is, both of them are sexualized (just get close to a group of women in a beach/swimming pool, and listen a little bit of their conversation). Yes, most women would probably focus more of their “sexualization” if you may, in the buttocks and on the lower body in general, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also appreciate the upper part. But I do agree, when you say that, regardless of strength, women tend to be sexualized, considerably more often than men (well, I guess the simple explanation would be that men are more open about their horniness).

            I don’t agree with the way he/she looks at things when he/she says that men get stronger with muscles, and women get harassed. I could also say the opposite, men with a lot of muscles tend to more often be harassed by other men that want to feel empowered, and as result they are more likely to be assaulted (and let’s not forget that more muscles does not equal more power or even endurance, only more maximum strength). I could also say that women with bigger breasts, considering today’s “sexualization” standards, and if she knows how to make use of her body, can provoke and control men more easily, and use more power than the single strongest man in the world has. The problem is that most women don’t know how to effectively do that (without getting things out of hand), or don’t want to do that (because of values)… I personally, for most of my life, would have felt disgusted with myself if I had to use my body to get what I want, need, or worse, deserve… but the more I get intertwined in today’s society the more I see that you need to choose whether to stick with your values, or find out how far you can go, and still not hate yourself. I’m not a woman, so I can’t exactly put myself in that position, but as a man, we also have to choose whether we depend on our own mental/physical merits, or if we use what we can, be it strength, intelligence, beauty, influence, money to influence/manipulate other people, and use their power as our own.

            Yes, objectivation of women is a serious problem, especially for women that want to be respected for who they are, and not for “what” they are. And I completely agree, every single person are entitled to their opinion. What I don’t agree is with the way that many people show their disapproval. For instance, in this specific case, I read a lot of opinions/comments around the internet (until I got tired of how meaningless all of the discussions were), and most people that didn’t like the way the characters in this game are portrayed were pretty much saying that “this” is what is wrong in today’s society, and they wanted to be changed, to never cross their “children” eyes and damage them, and if needed, to never be released. Well, this is, no matter how you look at it, censorship (yes, I know, not government imposed, but it’s still what it is, but with citizens trying to impose it). Society is not equal for both sexes, it never has been, and until these last decades everything was “acceptable”, well, for many women, it isn’t anymore, so yes, it needs to change, the question I guess is, how? This is just my opinion (as everything I wrote here really), but I would say it starts with education of our children. Unfortunately most parents today have children but don’t have the time/will to be with them and educate them of proper values, what happens? Hollywood teaches them, Musics teach them, Games teach them, Internet teach them, and yes, School teach them. But if there isn’t anyone home, that really loves them, to carefully build strong initial foundations, and to lately “correct” their assumptions of values when needed, and calm their worries and doubts… Society will teach them, and as we can see, Society has some serial “foundation” problems. This industry (as any other) is about business, is about money, they give people what they want, what they are willing to spend their money on, this game (music, movie, etc…) is not the problem, is a result of the problem’s influence on people over time, that molded their “tastes”, and got to the extremes we are seeing today (well these “extremes” have much to be said about too, but it’s way off-topic… in short, people are bored). Is this an immediate solution? No, it will take many many years for us to start seeing some changes (that is, even if every person wanted that change and had the time to care for their children… I don’t need to say that that is obviously not the case), and of course, Society is already structured in a way that most people have no time, making children easy targets to be “educated” in the ways of today’s consumerism. Is there other solutions? Well, I guess there is, for instance, women (… or conscious men) that get to high positions in the industries can better define what kind of media is released to the public (changing a little bit at a time, but still with great products), and it might attenuate the ratio with the “objectivized” media, helping in a more “proper” education to our children (well, this one came to mind right away, I guess there might be many other ways). What I don’t think is the answer, is trying to get an immediate solution, by trying to prohibit/ban some media. Every person in our world is a children of the Society they are a part of (I guess we are almost all part of very similar ones these days), and as every good parent will tell you, prohibiting something to a child never works (it might for days, months, years, but they will eventually “break loose” of that prohibition), you have to tell them they shouldn’t do something, and explain the reason why they shouldn’t do it, or the reason why something is bad, until they understand it, and show them you trust they will make the right decision, and you will stay by their side no matter what… and leave them to trust you, or make their own mistakes, and learn themselves.

            (well, I guess I also feel like I need to put this here…)


            also, on a not so serious tone:

            Throughout the history of humanity, more people have died, and more kingdoms have fallen because of beautiful women than muscled men (yes, I know big breast are not the same as being sexy or attractive, but in today’s world, it seems to be a strong weapon in that direction at least)

            And I would also want to note that, although I have, from my adolescence onward, grown up under the influence of japanese media (… I think people know what I mean), I have not grown up to be particularly interested in big breasts (… after “medium” size, it actually detracts my interest to be honest). If I had to physically pinpoint something that generally gets my attention, it would probably be eyes, hair, voice… well, her face in general (… yes, I know, completely off-topic XD… but it was to say that… I’m unbiased :P)

        • Letiumtide

          I’m a woman, huge tits aren’t an ideal. Really, truly.

          • Rentekabond

            I’m a man, huge muscles aren’t an ideal. Really, truly.

            Snarkiness aside, I’d much rather have the lean physique of Wizard than Fighter or Dwarf any day. Making the excuse that Fighter and dwarf are different from Sorceress because of “Male Power Fantasy” but Sorceress can’t be “Female Power Fantasy” is bologna.

      • JNT

        You better be baiting.

    • AndyLC

      On Kotaku: It’s because they’re part of gawker media, and sexism based articles are among their most popular. For example that schreier article you mention is the most popular article he’s ever written, so for schreier, sensationalism is his strongest suit.

      If you check the history of Kotaku and other major games news sites, sexism themed articles have only become popular recently, perhaps related to the popular sarkesian videos? (In comparison God of War, a series with actual prostitutes and nudity, did not get any flack from kotaku )

      Western games journalism is also a pretty small crowd, and many of them know each other so they tend to echo one another’s opinions.

      It really is troublesome stuff though. For example when kotaku posted George Kamitani’s “3 oily half naked dwarves” image, they called him a homophobe (and so did other games writers who are friends with Jason Schreier)…. but just last week they’ve posted a parody image of Dragon’s Crown of a chained of oily man… completely forgetting that only weeks ago they had condemned something similar as homophobic. I really dislike that kind of sneak journalism.

      And… just a week before that Schreier wrote an article about how we should be kind to game designers like phil fish… (are they really oblivious to their own content?)

      Not all Kotaku writers are of common mind though, Mike Fahey (who actually reviewed Dragon’s Crown) gave it a very positive review, and he even trolls commentators who hate on Dragon’s Crown (attached image, pretty funny). When Jason Schreier complained about the breasts in XIII-3, Mike Fahey replied that they were simply physics accurate to the outfits being worn (and indeed they are, Lightning has traditional samurai armor too without any boobage)

      I like Siliconera because the articles here are informative and free of the snark and bad attitude that has infected every other games news site out there, hahah.

      • Notquitesure?

        Thank you for your thoughts :)

      • supervamp

        You haven’t seen the siliconera article on vahalla knights 3 then

        • Fandango

          The one screaming that Senran Kagura’s success was causing the developer focus on boobs and not original games?

          • supervamp

            Yes that’s the one

    • DrakeClawfang

      For me it’s because her design is definitely much more racy and risque than other characters. I mean, this is the type of stuff you see in hentai doujin, hell, even a lot of them would show more restraint than this. It’s so exaggerated and impossible that it is in no way sexy or arousing, it’s just silly.

      • piichan

        I thought they were intentionally going for silly. I mean she is kind of sexy but in a silly way. If they were going for realism, they could always just lessen her breast proportions and keep her clothes as is.

        • NewestType

          Unfortunately, society as a whole is losing the ability to keep entertainment and prawn in 2 separate categories.

      • i think all of the sexualization in the game is silly, intentionally. if people would look at the sorceress’ sprite during gameplay, it is super over the top and pretty funny. the same for the amazon. one amazon ally you can find in the game says, “i guess i should’ve worn more armor…”

        • DrakeClawfang

          Alright, but unless they go beyond the fourth wall and have stuff like “this armor is really impractical with my breasts, but fanservice before safety!”, I don’t find any humor in it. Huge boobs alone and pointing out someone has huge boobs isn’t funny. Like, Disgaea, the Succubus and Kit Kat (catgirl) enemies are all very busty, and they play it fully for laughs with Laharl being physically weakened by large breasted women and having to fight them with his eyes closed.

    • Spider-Man

      I find excessively sexualised females in video games in the same vein as overly masculine warriors with biceps on their biceps and inexplicably large swords that would be completely unwieldy in the real world. And you do not see me complaining about the fact their overt masculinity makes me feel worthless as a man because I can’t bench press a dragon in real life. Both aesthetic designs are visually pleasing to gamers attracted to said sexes and follow the basic logic inherant to fantasy, that being that the natural abilities of certain archetypes are enhanced to unrealistic proportions.

      That and sex sells: the amount of female gamers out there that I know alone that get worked up into a frenzy whenever someone like Sephiroth loses his long coat is almost equal to the Tifa Fanboys I know.

      • Letiumtide

        Except most women don’t care for a man so muscular he could bench a dragon, I sure as hell don’t.

        • ChiffonCake

          Well, I don’t think most men care for a women with proportions like the Sorceress’, either. See what DrakeClawfang said below.

          That’s kind of the point.

          • Letiumtide

            You say that, but I’ve seen a lot of guys being rather vocal about how much they enjoy the sorceress proportions. I agree, not all men will.

          • ChiffonCake

            On the other hand, every time a discussion about this game pops up, I see guys talking about how they think the Sorceress’ boobs aren’t attractive at all.

            Hell, maybe I don’t count, but I’m with them.

          • NewestType

            TBH Im not sure I am qualified to talk about the game as I haven’t played it and don’t plan to. The statue however I did come across last week. I think if you poll most men and woman who have never seen this game before most of there reaction would be toward on particular anatomy of the figure.

          • NewestType

            Senran Kagura.

        • French

          Its just a toy

      • Brii-Nanas

        I think people who don’t mind and chide others for voicing dissenting opinions fail to understand just why this sort of thing bothers others, and keep making the apple to oranges comparison of power fantasy being the same as a sexual fantasy, which is a false equivalence.

        Now, this is just how I see it, but when people of a race, gender, sexuality, religion etc. see a figure with those aspects being portrayed as powerful in some way, they too feel empowered because, hey, I relate to that person on some level! But when a person of that type is portrayed as weak or as a sexual object, that can make people that would otherwise ‘relate’ to that character feel weak and sexualized. Now, that isn’t to say a person can’t be offended by a blatant power fantasy, or appreciate a character despite/because of the sexualization, but there is a time and a place for it, and to me personally, Dragon’s Crown walks the line and leaves me overall unsure of where I stand on it. I can appreciate games like Bayonetta or even DoA Beach Volleyball, because they make no bones about what they’re doing, though. But a game that otherwise doesn’t benefit from having a character like the sorceress makes it feel like they’re sexualizing her because… you just gotta have one sexualized female in a cast, I suppose. And even that would be fine if it was occasional, but when it’s so prevalent in the industry, it does kind of weigh on some female gamers and the parody aspect feels hollow.

        Look at it more like this, would you enjoy it if most games had at least one bishonen-looking male character who is inexplicably shirtless and muscular (but not overly so) and displays homosexual undertones and was always portrayed in the best way to show off his abs and angelic smile? I know guys that would cringe just thinking about ONE character like that in a game, and yet it seems a little unfair to expect females to tolerate the overabundance of large-breasted, skimpily dressed females without voicing any concern.

        I don’t mean to attack anyone or be rude. I just ask for a little more empathy and understanding. Sure, sex sells, but that’s a cheap excuse and the industry should be held to a higher standard than that if people want it to grow and mature and an artistic medium.

      • NewestType

        Still waiting for a GOW with Kratos’ crotch drooping beneath his man-skirt.

      • French

        hit it in the nail

  • Ixbran

    god this makes my spine ache just with sympathy pains …

    • AndyLC

      Don’t worry, she knows Levitate (really, that’s a spell she has)

  • Pinkemon

    >That expression on her face

    “Meh, I guess I’m riding a skeleton or something. Whatever. …*Sigh* I wonder what I should eat for dinner tonight.”

  • Romored

    Her boobs are almost completely exposed. Where the heck are her nipples?!

    • Fidelis

      Fictional characters only have nipples when it suits them

    • fyi1191

      She hid them with magic.

    • Firekitty

      Maybe she’s a trap.

    • Ferrick

      plot twist! she’s actually a mecha and those boobs are Nukes

  • Guest

    Nice… Necklace !

  • DrakeClawfang

    I never thought I’d be able to say this with sincerity, but DoA is more subtle than this.

  • Does Atlus hate nipples? That, my friends, is a butt.

    • Firekitty

      She’s probably wearing pasties. Clearly the sorceress understands that showing as much as you can without showing everything is the key to maximum titillation.

  • Spider-Man

    I shot web. Gimme.

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Spidey ladies and gentlemen! Gotta love him.

  • WyattEpp

    But seriously, why are you reading Siliconera at work anyway? ;)

    • zferolie

      I read it at work all the time :p

      • Keiji Johnson

        So do I.

    • DCBlackbird

      Work? I always thought I was on the set of an office space sequel.

  • $61526767

    Hmm…*orders* this will be next to my tharja figurine. Heheh~.

  • DoA…eat your heart out. XD

  • d19xx

    Ara ara.

  • abcmocca .

    that things so HUGEEE !!!

  • Silent-Hal

    Hey, guys, videogames are art, right? Guys? …Guys…?

    • Qunton C.

      Oh man, are we cherry picking in order to discredit an entire medium? I want to play! Lets see…

      Movies aren’t art because White Chicks exists!

      Music isn’t art because Insane Clown Posse makes music!

      Books aren’t art because 50 Shades of Grey exists!

      • Silent-Hal

        It was a joke. And whoever said those things qualify as art anyway? ;)

    • AndyLC

      Dragon’s Crown is a great example of a game chocked fuuuuuull of beautiful artwork!

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    15 years and up? How different things are over there.

  • Ban The Jackass

    One word. Wow.

  • Riseabovethesky

    How can a skeleton frown?

  • Linhua

    … well great got damn.

    … no wonder she run like dat.

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    Fully colored Elf and you got a deal. >=3 Dun care for Sorceress but this is cool. Honestly all the classes should get one.

  • ndjn3979

    I guess boobs CAN be too big…

  • Stalemeat

    I actually want this, but who’s selling it? Since it comes out next year I can save up for it but are pre-orders up yet?

  • XiaomuArisu

    Too big for my Taste…
    Where is the Elf?

    • AnimusVox

      Ya know, I think the Sorceress is quite gorgeous but the Elf one is really awesome looking, in game and in statue form.

      • XiaomuArisu

        This one is speaking the Truth!

  • NRool

    I swear the Japanese don’t even know what actual breasts look like or how they “act”
    Jeezeus freakin’ christ

    • DCBlackbird

      They sure do know how water balloons act though

    • doubleO7

      Yeah, because Dragon’s Crown, with its stylized, exaggerated anime-esque visuals, was totally going for “realism.”

      • NRool

        I wasn’t saying just Dragon’s Crown (which does look good by the way!) I mean a huge majority of the Japanese Game Developers.

        • DCBlackbird

          I get what you mean. It’s a gripe I have with most of them I’m not demanding some sort of change but I’m not a big fan of homo sapiens being drawn realistically and then stretched out in the eyes, torso and legs to look unbelievable.

        • piichan

          because there are rarely any big breasted women in japan and this is as close as they can get? same with tall guys in anime/games. let them have their fun.

    • Isaac Newton

      Well normal breast are boring.
      Why you go less if you have MOAR!

  • DCBlackbird

    I look at this designer in the same vein as Rob Liefeld……. but I excuse it because it is intentional.

  • The Sorceress isn’t safe for work or my wallet lol

    • ShadowDivz

      I see what you did there.

  • Hinataharem

    Not trying to defend the sorceress, but why does it seem like every one on the internet is allergic to exaggerated proportions on a fictional character

    • ShadowDivz

      Im still wondering why people are expecting realism in a game that takes place in a world of fantasy.

      • DCBlackbird

        Sure I don’t expect realism but can I still enjoy the game without having to look at this particular design? Or must I accept it wholeheartedly as a point of perfection of the game?(I’m not being hostile, it may sound like that)

        • ChiffonCake

          There’s nothing wrong with not liking the game, or certain aspects of it. This is something that I feel a lot of the people who complain about Kamitani’s art style are missing. Not all games have to appeal to everyone.

          I would say, however, that there is something wrong with insulting him simply because his style doesn’t fit your tastes.

        • Villainous Inc.

          Considering that the whole game is a love letter to pulp fantasy and the art of people like Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo it does seem a bit silly to be mad about the Sorceress being exactly that.

  • MSJ

    i preordered dat bitch as fast as i could, and now it seems to have disappeared? it seems dem supple breasts broke the mold, or the missing nipples were the cause lol.

    still waiting on dat amazon though!

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    The sorceress is Fujiko Mine from Lupin the 3rd


    • Fujiko hasn’t this massive breast, though.

      She’s fine.

      • TheHolypopeofgaming

        Have you seen The Woman Called Fujiko Mine? It’s like 1 to 1

        • piichan

          *checks one episode again* She actually has bigger breasts in the older series’ but still not as ginormous as the sorceress.

        • I only saw the first Lupin the 3rd series and those were realistically big, unlike Dragon’s Crown Sorceress which are exagerated.

          • TheHolypopeofgaming

            Watch the new on (Funimation has it on You Tube) That’s a Rack…

  • piichan

    I’ve read in Tomopop that pre-orders have been pulled:

    I agree with the comments on there that the breasts are too big and the face is weird.

  • ShadowDivz

    What the hell man?!
    …Her breasts are too small! Get it right!

    • Isaac Newton

      Too bad there is no nip slip LOL.

  • Isaac Newton

    Robin get out! I going alone in the Bathroom.
    Also that skeleton must have a boner..

  • Tom

    Isn’t it sick to get excited a figure? Boy, am I sick. This figure looks really amazing, well detailed and faithfull to the source material. I guess it will cost between $100-150 so it’s a no buy for me but it’s sure pretty amazing.

  • mojack411

    dem chesticles

  • perfectly natural
    a skeleton would get up from that situation

  • J_Joestar

    Looks like a challenge! Go Tharja figure!
    Boobs Vs. Butt

    who wins? (everyone who gets to watch i’m guessing)

    • Testsubject909

      Get both. It’s a Win/Win situation.

    • AnimusVox

      Mmmm! Lord have mercy <3

  • 果林

    didn’t alphamax pull this figure back

  • DS23

    When things leave the realm of anatomical plausibility they cease to be titillating. (pun maybe not intended).

  • Learii

    that 1 sexy figure I never see <3

  • No9

    Wow that’s a beautiful figurine. Hoping the Archer one comes out soon!

  • Anesia Hunter

    I’d buy it.

  • mike dickson

    them tits

  • leingod

    They’re going to burst out any time now! Not that I’m complaining.

  • artfv95

    “Since the statue is 23 cm tall, that makes the Sorceress roughly 6 ft tall.”
    Man, that sure is surprising. You don’t often see female characters that tall.

  • ZekeFreek

    Is it just me, or does it actually look smaller than whats in-game?

  • NTaiyokun

    This puts Kaguya Nanbu to shame…

  • Souji Tendou

    Shame you can’t cast the robe off. I mean, look at it, it’s nearly came off. :p

  • Masengan

    She’s a sorcerer alright… She made her nipples magically disappear. In all honesty, she has them hidden under that? Akwaaaard.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Not into figures, BUT I love this one!

  • Uso Ewin

    It’s not the boobs guys, its the naked skeleton.

  • Bacon_n_Lettuce

    “Since the statue is 23 cm tall, that makes the Sorceress roughly 6 ft tall.”

    Umm… pretty sure 23 centimeters is more like 9-10 inches. The amazon listing also says it’s 1/8 scale, so unless the sorceress is a giant…

    Wishful thinking though!

    • I was referring to the actual scale of the real life Sorceress.

      The statue is 23 cm tall and it’s 1/8th scale, so the real life Sorceress would be 184 cm. (23 x 8) and 184 cm to feet is a little bit taller than 6 ft.

      • Bacon_n_Lettuce

        Durp, I totally didn’t see that until I re-read it again…

        Still wish the statue was 6 feet, though! :)

  • Joshua Lewis

    woah i want one

  • dragontech64

    This might be nice if the breasts weren’t so out of proportion. After a certain point, bigger isn’t sexier, it’s just weird, and unattractive.

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