inFamous: Second Son Has More Than One Superhuman

By Spencer . August 20, 2013 . 5:14pm

Delsin isn’t the only superhuman in inFamous: Second Son. This trailer from GamesCom shows Delsin running into Fetch who also has superpowers. Delsin has smoke powers as seen in the beginning of the video, but after coming into contact with Fetch it looks like he may have absorbed her powers.


inFamous: Second Son is in development for PlayStation 4, but it won’t be ready for the system’s launch in November.

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  • Dhruv Rajyagor

    Question is, what are Fetch’s powers? Neon? Plasma?

    • Byas

      Light, I guess.

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        Probably, but if that were the case he could have just absorbed light from the lamp post nearby.

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          Deslin’s “power” is to absorb the powers of other Conduits he comes into contact with, like Rogue from X-Men or Skylar from Heroes. Don’t think he’d be able to just gain powers from random inanimate objects.

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            I meant how he absorbed the “light” from the neon sign at the end of the trailer, if his power he gained was light, he could have absorbed the light from the lamppost instead of the neon sign, meaning the power he got from Fetch probably wasn’t light/electricity. I already know his natural power is to take/copy other Conduit’s power :P

          • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

            Ah my bad.

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            It’s alright lol

          • Zetsuei380

            Maybe he did it to make it look cooler for the trailer.

          • cameron forsyth

            her power looks to be grounded in electromagnetism. which can give her power over light, and quite possibly most kinds of radiation including infrared, gamma, radio and X-ray (very similar to Coles electro pulse which let him scan people).

            it seems in the trailer Deslin absorbed radiation from the visible spectrum, which may not be limited to that. i don’t claim to be an expert.

            edit: just realised he could use the light around him as a power source. damn -_-

        • Maumac77

          Could just be electricity again. Don’t those sings run on it?

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            True, but like I said, he could have just absorbed the electricity from the lamp post he passed before absorbing the neon light. Besides, there’s neon in the tubes, but electricity powers them for it to actually light up. Actually, now that I think about it, neon lights are composed of several elements, such as neon, krypton, argon, etc. These elements, when electrified, emit different colors i.e. Neon emits red light. Delsin absorbed not one color, but several, so it can’t be neon. The way he absorbed it is also different from Cole. If it were to be electricity, there would be the usual static and whatnot, like in previous inFAMOUS games. But the way Delsin absorbed it was not like it; it was more fluid, like he were absorbing light, but a specific kind of light. Hopefully Sucker Punch will inform us of his newly acquired power during Gamescom.

          • Maumac77

            Hm. I would have just said it was a trailer and they wanted it to look cool, but the logic here had no need for such a rebuttal. Now I’m a bit more curious about it as well

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            Hopefully Sucker Punch will reveal that power in the coming days. I wanna know what it is for sure.

          • he probably has the power to control gasses not only smoke

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            His natural power is to take/copy other Conduit’s powers. If there’s a Conduit with Water powers, he can take/copy it via physical contact.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I still don’t get how this game is supposed to fit into continuity, since the only two possible endings in Infamous 2 were to kill all the conduits in the world or kill all the non-conduits in the world. Neither one of which lends itself to continuation…

    So far, this just feels so much like a shallow cash grab. A game that’s being made not to continue a story, but simply to make money…

    • NekoDraga

      From what I’ve heard, the Infamous 2 ending has been retcon’d slightly so that the Ray Sphere didn’t kill all conduits, just most.

    • Byas

      I guess that another bomb (forgot if the thing that exploded and gave Cole powers had an specific name) was made and new conduits were born, which would kind of explain the “Second Son” in the title.

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        The bomb is called a Ray Sphere FYI :P

    • StaticDestroyer

      If you sided with the beast at the end Cole became the beast and was tasked with activating the conduits. The canon could remain intact if the evil ending was cannon, just so long as it was in the middle of Cole’s campain rather than after it. It could also be a side story that takes place in the Kessler continuity, Delsin could be the beast from that reality and this could tell the story as a parallel rather than a direct sequel.

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        Good theory. Maybe it’s true, but who knows. I still think they should make an inFAMOUS game that stars Kessler Cole before he went back in time to deliver the Ray Sphere to Cole. That way we’d get another inFAMOUS with Cole lol

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