Aquapazza Will Be Released In North America, Thanks To Atlus

By Spencer . August 21, 2013 . 1:02am


The rumor is true, Aquapazza, the fighting game with characters from Tears to Tiara and To Heart 2 will be localized. Atlus picked the PlayStation 3 title up and it will be released as a retail game. Aquapazza is slated for release this November, a source tells Siliconera.

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  • Triplicity

    ermagerd come to me Utawarerumono fightan game

  • Solomon_Kano

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. More fighters are always welcome with me.

  • Nas

    No need to worry Europe we have NISA.

    • landlock

      I have my doubts with this title tough. PS3 anyway regionfreeness and all.

      • Herok♞

        not to burst your bubble but remember the only ever region locked ps3 game was an atlus game

        • landlock

          Wasn’t that to stop reverse importing back into Japan. Hardly need to worry about that.

          • Herok♞

            Yes it was to stop reverse importing but I just wanted to remind you Atlus was the only group to lock a game

          • landlock

            Yeah it’s won’t happen with this title. Dragon’s Crown has been region free since that was a much bigger title.

          • Herok♞

            True I wasn’t saying it would be locked just saying it could be locked

          • shadowind

            Let’s just hope that they don’t pull this shit with AquaPazza otherwise there’s going to be another huge shitstorm over here although hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson with P4A in Europe.

        • hazelnut1112

          Then again, it was an exception to them. P4A was a very high profile fighting game for them.
          Sine Persona is pretty damn popular in Japan and every other region, they needed to enforce the region lock for safe measures.

    • shadowind

      At least the likes of NISA, Aksys, Rising Star, XSEED, Ghostlight and Tecmo Koei care about Europe and for that, I and a lot of other European gamers will always be grateful to them…

      On another note, I’ve never understood why a lot of the people who post here are so eager to kiss the ass of Atlus USA and their parent company and even go so far as bashing those who would insult the company even if their complaints and concerns are valid ones.

  • ArmoredBoar


  • Asura

    Is the game good depth-wise?

    Checking out a random YT video of it didn’t leave me with any solid feeling of how good it plays.

  • kroufonz


    i would definitely buy this, just make sure the japanese voice in the game atlus

    nvm it listed on play asia which mean a retail release

  • hazelnut1112

    Holy hell, this is pretty sweet. Definite day 1 buy.

  • Muffum

    Wait what.

    If any company was to bring this over, I would’ve assumed Aksys. Atlus in particular bringing it over is a huge surprise to me.

    • Jake Joe

      I’m more worried about what stuff might be taken off. Looking at Arcana Heart 1 where they even took out the Japanese battle cry with silent if I recalled.

      • AzureRyuujin

        That was at SCEA’s command.

        • NeoStrayCat

          Exactly, the only thing removed was just the voices in Story Mode, that’s all, everything else was intact.

  • 紅蓮

    To be honest, I played this game (JP version) and it sucks. Too many broken moves and in online matches, people just abuse those moves (i.e. Sasara’s halberd drop, Manaka’s multiple book throw and Hakuoro calling Aruru with the white tiger) and opponent can’t even come any closer (except Chizuru with her instant movement). I finished Sasara’s story line just by repeating the same move. Only the boss was difficult.

    Apart from Sasara, only Tamaki & Chizuru are strong. Multi looks good but she’s difficult to use.

    System-wise was also bad. The online mode was bugged so I can’t find anyone playing online 2 months after release. Apparently they just launched a new firmware update last month with addition of Maryan boss as a playable support character but I can’t be bothered to try, still focusing on Sora no Kiseki SC: Kai HD. At least the bundled RAP v3 was cool

    • SlickRoach


      • Erikdayo

        Skullgirls is much more broken than AquaPazza will ever be. 100% combos galore in Skullgirls. :/ very long and boring ones.

        • Skullgirls is not broken, is flexible, you need a lot of training to do that type of combos. If you intend to repeat a one move or do a cheating combo every time the game blocked that. I think the unique some broken character is Solobella. So much damage!! but, with training hard you gonna win.

          I saw a really cool combo with Squigly (yeah, beta game) with 50 hits and 35% damage doing with a smart use of cancels, specials and little combos in mid air, and taht is only possible with training.

          Of course, the game give a little of “broken-match time” but a lot of this are fixed in Beta

          (yeah, my english suck a lot! ;w; )

        • SlickRoach


          • Erikdayo

            Haha, yea. I’m saying that Skullgirls can’t be fun. It’s just boring to watch/play competitively, IMO. But you were accepting that AquaPazza was broken with no problem. No game is perfect. Both are enjoyable games. ;) Especially if you’re not super competitive and playing the game for hundreds of hours.

          • I never say that is broken, I never played that game! xD I only jump to defend Skullgirls LOL (I really enjoy the competitive matches, also)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The push for everything to be online really has made it easy to forget the days of brawling with the buddy sitting next to you and talking crap to him when you win. This game seems especially open to such fun.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      This just doesn’t strike me as a fighter to be played much online competitively though. It’s more for someone to pick their favorite Aquaplus girl and become Queen of the Harem, or to specifically kick a particular %#*@* in the face. Yes, Arcana Heart did cross over into the fighter community a bit but that was only because it had to. Its cast had not already been selected as our waifus before it came out.

      • 紅蓮

        Actually, Aquapazza only need constant fix and adjustments to remove abuse-able moves. This is the biggest problem with the game regardless of how you want to play it: online or offline, VS with friends or arcade mode. Yet the only update came a year after the release, in which I don’t know whether they have fixed the problem or not.
        You can read it by yourself. It’s 5 AM here and I need some sleep.

      • shadowbringer

        as someone who has played the game and didn’t play any of the AquaPlus games before, I disagree. I’ll agree that it’s hard to perceive it’s depth, as someone who’s just watching a match, but I can assure you that there’s more to the game than the surface shows; I’d say (imho) that the more you know about the characters’ gameplay and strengths (and also their weaknesses, things you should avoid doing against certain characters), the more fun you’ll have when playing someone else.

    • shadowbringer

      the halberd drop (B+C) is a move that people should watch out for, so to not get caught by it; fortunately, it’s slow enough (on offline play) and punishable if blocked (even more if whiffed).
      The key to dealing with bookspam is to try to get to Manaka as fast as possible, if you let her build meter, she may use the bookcase super as an anti-air or to push you away (that super can be baited, though, or, if you have to block it, you can spend a super meter on the Resist Smash guard cancel move — forward+B+C while blocking — as soon as you block it, to not be pushed back to the other side; if you’re close enough to her, you’ll likely score a knockdown too). Certain characters have additional ways to get near (Sasara’s 214x has autoguard while she’s moving, Touka’s rush super goes through the books, Multi’s walk speed can help her go under the books’ C version), otherwise, watch out where the books will fall over (except for the C version, which you should try to walk under, before it hits the ground), and jump over such places.
      Whenever Hakuoro summons Aruru and her white tiger, he has a startup animation where he draws his fan and then points it forward, while calling Aruru. This should be enough time for the opponent to block (the tiger can be blocked while in the air too), for me it’s actually hard to hit people with that attack, unless they’re using a dash, or starting an attack while in the screen range where the tiger can hit them (near the corners, and at the middle of the screen). It’s not nice (for Hakuoro) to whiff this move, as it leaves him open for punishment.

      about Sasara’s story mode, I must say that (normally) the focus of fighting games is the human vs. human matches, you’re not going to win against a good opponent just by spamming one move. I also disagree that only Sasara, Tamaki and Chizuru are strong, I would recommend you to look for japanese match videos. (recent ones, preferably).
      Agree that the online needs improvement, I hope that it gets better in this version.

  • Erikdayo

    Used to own the Japanese version. Will definitely buy again. Can hardly believe that this is happening. Maybe Atlus will bring over Phantom Breaker (new PS3 version) or the Shin Koihime Musou fighter too. ;)

  • Ladius

    This announcement is as good as it’s unexpected, I have heard good things about this game and I’m happy to see some Aquaplus games officially localized.

    That said, it’s a bit strange to localize Aquapazza when they could’ve brought us the Tears to Tiara games in order to make those characters less obscure.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Maybe this could encourage RightStuff to reprint or remarket the first To Heart anime, and license the second while they are at it. I think the Tears anime has also gone OOP.

  • leingod

    So.. is it a mostly-girl fighting game like Skullgirls? I like.

    • NeoStrayCat

      Yes, since there are some males in the mix though, lol.

  • ivanchu77


    oh god no, i hope they don´t go full retard again and region lock this too.

    • Neppygear

      That was Atlus JP, not Atlus USA. ‘sides, P4A was region locked to begin with, which Aquapazza wasn’t. Fatlus would have to go out of their way to lock this one, which would be tremendously stupid and unlikely.

  • Shizumasa

    Never thought it would be localised. I already finished it. No harm in getting it again.

  • Demeanor

    I love fighting games and I love anime f.g. – of course I love Arcana Heart 3 as well – but my biggest gripe with this release is: I don’t know ANYTHING at all about the series the characters are from. Unless the system is awesome I can’t see myself really getting into the game, do they explain who the characters are/their backstory in their respective titles? :|

    • TheGameTagerZ

      ” I don’t know ANYTHING at all about the series the characters are from.”

      It’s as simple as just doing some research online. Try google.

    • shadowbringer

      I’m a bit suspicious, but if you take my word for it, the system is fun enough (easy to get into, yet it has varied gameplay through the different characters and partners), despite Chizuru + Ma-ryan being annoying to deal with :p
      (namely, her B+C attack is positive on block, her crossup jC can be confusing at times and Ma-ryan’s fireworks can be used to extend blockstrings or to stop the opponent’s jump-in, allowing her to gain momentum. Against this, I learned to use Yuki’s assist, just to stop Chizuru from calling Ma-ryan’s help, and to get momentum myself)

  • Jesse

    Another game to kill my wallet this year. /jk I’ll definitely get this once it comes out. ^^

  • monkey king

    Now if only we could get ougon musou kyouku cross as well.., actually give me that instead of this >_>.

  • Linhua

    …………………………. alright fine, i’ll say it then… don’t even half know what it even means or where the hell it came from but-


  • Juliano C

    Great game, very solid and fun, I already have the JP version, but I hope more people will play this game with the US release

  • TheExile285

    I see people bashing Atlas again for trivial stuff… meh

    • XiaomuArisu

      Its the next cool thing bashing Atlus for stuff.
      Atlus releasing games? Bash them
      Atlus not releasing games? Bash them
      our reaction to the Atlus bash? Ignore them

    • Arcana Wiz

      yes i mean be happy that they want to please the niche fans too!

    • shadowind

      Last I checked, it wasn’t against the rules to bash Atlus USA/Atlus Japan/Index Corporation, especially if quite a few people who are doing said bashing are European over the fact that unlike other niche publishers, especially XSEED and Aksys, they care about Europe, but then again, people like you couldn’t care less about the region just as long as people like you get your games on time in North America!

      In any case, us Europeans seem to be getting PS3 games from NISA earlier than you North Americans so I guess a lot of you guys will be bashing them because they’re not releasing their games over there in the same week as Europe or do you only bash people who have valid complaints at the way they treat the region, especially as sales of Persona 4 Arena there ended up being total utter shite due to them charging full price for the game there when in North America and Japan it was $20!

      So how about this? People like you stop bashing us Europeans for having valid complaints about Atlus and Index Corporation and we’ll stop bashing you North Americans for daring to whine and moan about us Europeans daring to complain about a company that treats Europe like dirt unlike a lot of other regions.

      One more thing. If you were planning on buying any NISA games in the next few months, I hope you don’t mind if us Europeans start gloating especially as the release dates between the two regions look like that we’ll be getting PS3 games between a week and a month before North America and I know I’ll definitely be gloating about playing future European releases of NISA games before you guys! ^_^

      Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that a friend of mine who works for SCEE told me that there’s a retail version of the Curry God dungeon RPG coming out in Europe, so I guess you guys in North America will have to import from over here if you want the retail version over there like with the Saint Seiya and One Piece retail games! ^_^

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    So many great fighters releasing!! This is great news! I just wish Under Night in Birth was ready on ps3

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    DA FUQ? I just imported it

    • zferolie

      I know! I imported mine 3 months ago :x

      • TheHolypopeofgaming

        and This gets Retail…but I had to Import Arcana Heart 3 from Europe.

        • zferolie

          I am very surprised this is getting retail yet Arcana Heart 3 did not… They must have high hopes/plan to market this hard.

          I just downloaded AH3 myself, but I do prefer disks.

          • TheHolypopeofgaming

            I dont think Sony can be blamed, Laziness maybe. “This is a niche game and minting blu rays is expensive lets release it digitally and blame Sony:” in AH3’s case

  • I guess I will buy this for having a new 2D fighter to play. I only watched the To Heart 1 anime of all these.

  • Well thanks, Atlus! Now if they make a console verison for Power Instinct 5…

  • DesmaX

    Atlus? Wasn’t expecting them.

    Tears to Tiara 2 next, plox

  • Oltheros

    This seems pretty niche for Atlus, lately they’ve been doing some more big-name stuff.

    I don’t know if it was a cheap license or…or heck I don’t know they probably don’t expect this to break 100k?

    • Boy, I know it’s been this way for the past few years, but it’s true. To see something “niche” by Atlus USA again…

    • Lynx

      Remember back in pre-Persona 3 2005?
      Atlus USA were the gods of bringing Niche games to NA.

      Then p3 happened and they got their breakaway hit.
      Which was followed by more SMT, Demon Souls, etc.

    • Arcana Wiz

      well they bringed some niches recently like growlanser and gugnir, and it’s good that atlus USA continue to bring niche games, it means that they dont forget they past and how they got fans (yes the localizing company has some fans too) and they can balance with big releases, so why not bring niche games? and i dont think they had much work in this game, i mean it’s a fighting game.

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    Hmm I’ve already imported this, but it’s nice news, they should release Tears to Tiara games too, and more Aquaplus games in the future. For starters this is pretty nice.

  • AzureRyuujin

    Just a question. Does this game stand on it’s own merits well?

    • shadowbringer

      yes, it does, at least imho.

  • Andrew A

    I almost felt a tinge of regret importing this…but since the NA version is 30 bucks I can live with this. Totally worth double dipping. Maybe this time I’ll actually get some online matches in too!

  • SupaPhly

    now if only tears to tiara can be localized somehow

  • Arcana Wiz

    I dind’t expect to this game be released by atlus, and really surprised by the retail version! this year my wallet bleed so much…..

  • doubleO7

    Wow, did not see this happening, especially as a retail release. I may have to pick this up just to show my support.

  • SprintsMcGee

    Guess I’m rebuying this. CAN’T WAIT!

  • darkbartz

    Whoa, that’s pretty good of Atlus. Hope this leads in to more Leaf titles like Tears to Tiara 2. Has to be the most niche thing they did since Growlanser.

  • MSJ

    letsssssssssssss gooooooooooo!!! hype hype hypeeeeeeee!!!

  • Monterossa

    Why don’t localize To Heart 2 too?

    • Juliano C

      would be awesome, but I think that this will never happen, the risk is too big for the amount of work they would need to put on it :/

  • Michael Connell

    Atlus, I love you, please don’t ever go away.

  • KyoyaHibari

    I was considering importing it a while back just for another fighter, but hell, I’ll definitely support Atlus localizing it.

  • Draparde

    I did enjoy playing tihs game, but personally i wish all of the supports where playable characters too. (and they just let you pick from the playable characters as supports)

  • Will John

    Retail eh? Might have to pick this one up then.

  • Vash bane


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