GREE Released A New Berserk Game Today

By Spencer . August 21, 2013 . 1:41am


The good news is there is a new video game based on the manga series Berserk. The bad news is it, like the PlayStation 2 game, probably won’t be localized. Berserk: Raging Waves of Mercenaries is a social game from GREE, but the graphics are in 3D. Players control a band of mercenaries and swipe the screen to attack. Berserk has a group of original characters which can team up with Guts and other characters from the Band of Hawk.


Berserk: Raging Waves of Mercenaries is available as a free download for iOS devices.


berserk-01 berserk-12 berserk-11 berserk-10 berserk-09 berserk-08 berserk-07 berserk-05 berserk-04 berserk-03  berserk-14 berserk-13

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  • RovCal

    sigh mobile games. anyway very good anime glad games based on it are still coming out.

    • British_Otaku

      At least the title had “GREE” in it, I knew in advance before I could see the article in full.

      It isn’t too surprising to see games coming out when the manga is still ongoing (kinda) and the movies are still holding people’s attention. It’s not like Dragon Ball which literally got games for over a decade without any OVAs, movies or television presence.

  • Ninastars

    So how about a new chapter to celebrate, Miura?

    Please? ;-;

    • Gorga Naibaho

      Best comment on this article!

  • Croix Zapp

    Social game!? This doesn’t do the manga justice…….
    we need a PC/PS3 game at least

  • Ferrick

    et tu berserk?

    • Pockystix

      apparently Miura needs to pay for some more Moe. . .

  • 愛憎

    Why’d you remind me of Berserk? I try not to think about it because then I’ll be surprised when a new chapter comes out. Dammit ;_;

    • Sardorim

      I know that feels. I always hope the next Chapter will be released and Casca will be back to something close to her old self… But alas that is never the case and I feel sad and depressed for hoping when I know there’s no hope in Berserk.

  • Sardorim

    I used to love Berserker but after all this wait we still don’t have Casca being awesome again so the series is dead to me until she’s restored to her former badass self in the Manga.

    • Gorga Naibaho

      She’s not even the main character to have you think the series is dead, there are other, more general reasons why you can think so, for example the rate of release of chapters… But if you prefer to base your opinion on that, then it’s your right to do so. My favourite character in Berserk is actually Grunbeld.

      PS. It’s obvious Miura now prefers to enjoy milking the cow.

      • Sardorim

        Casca is the main heroine and one of the main characters. Because she was ruined for so long and still ruined I see no point in reading a manga series that makes me angry. Until she’s returned back to her former glory I will not give any more money out to anything Berserker related.

  • Yan Zhao

    Still waiting for the manga to continue, would like to see proper conclusion before I die.

  • Not having this localized doesn’t sound like a terrible loss. That old PS2 game, on the other hand…

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