Kenshin And Ichigo Clash Swords In J-Stars Victory Vs.

By Spencer . August 21, 2013 . 11:48pm

Luffy vs. Goku. Toriko vs. Naruto. Kenshin vs. Ichigo. And then Ryotsu Kankichi steps into the ring and blasts Ichigo with a rocket launcher. Ryo-san brings some humor into J-Stars Victory Vs., a crossover fighting game with Shonen Jump characters.


This trailer has a brief look Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho and Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter who are confirmed to be in J-Stars Victory Vs. too. If you plan on going to Tokyo Game Show next month, you can be among the first to play J-Stars Victory Vs.

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  • HerosLight

    One word:


  • Highasthesky

    The title makes it seem as no new info is being displayed.

    • TheExile285

      Theres a second video now….

      • Highasthesky

        Yes, i know that. What i’m saying is the title(of the article) doesn’t show that. The title is similar to “Ichigo Kurosaki Unleashes His Zanpakuto In J-Stars Victory Vs” a article that revealed nothing new.

  • Seems most of the well known V-Jump protagonists are assembled. Hope any further wave of characters would be lead females, rival, supporting and villains.

    • Gyro Zeppeli

      Uh, we’re still missing a ton of big Jump series here. Saint Seiya, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hokuto no Ken, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dr. Slump, Kinnikuman, Cobra, and many more series deserve representation in this game.

      • leingod

        But, but… Kenshiro from HNK is already there, he dyed his hair blue and dresses like Goku.

        • He was hungry, and was sick of Bat. So, he went with another kid sidekick who happens to be a chef that can cook and make EVERYTHING deliciously edible. Even humans and dirt.

        • J_Joestar

          At first, i misread the title to be “Kenshiro and Ichigo Clash” and thought, “wouldn’t ‘You are already Dead’ seem sound kinda funny when said to a ghost samurai?”

          • leingod

            Shinigami do die on Bleach, though. Where do they go? Dunno. Maybe Detroit.

          • J_Joestar

            it is more the fact that he would be telling a GHOST that they are already dead rather than whether or not ghosts can die again.

          • leingod

            So Kenshiro would tell him “You’re already dead” … and Ichigo would respond “Well, duh.”

      • WingsOfEternity

        ^+ D.Gray Man, Shaman King, Black Cat, and Death Note

      • ssj3gokou24

        I think the figurines that they have celebrating the 45th anniversary are pretty much telling you who’s gonna be in it. So far, every person revealed has a figurine. Hopefully i’m right cause if so, saint seiya, jojo, slam dunk, eyeshield, prince of tennis, yugi, death note, ultimate muscle should all make it.

        • Pdugna

          Sena and Prince of tennis i have no idea how they would work fighting its not like there shows bended reality to the point they could fight…..havent watched prince enough but i know sena can apparently slow down time.

        • British_Otaku

          I would love to see some sports series represented, we should have been seeing characters on the level of Captain Falcon (he never fought or jumped prior to Smash) and Wii Fit Girl from the start.

      • ToshiChan

        You forgot Oga Tatsumi.

        • ShadowDivz

          That’s Beelzebub right? I love that.

        • “Daaaabuu~!”

    • KingRuff

      I can’t begin to explain how much I don’t want to see this. They only need one character per series. If they do more, lesser series will be under-represented just like in the Jump Stars games. Besides we still need to see so many more series such as Blue Exorcist, Shaman King, Saint Seiya, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, not to mention the others Gyro and a few other people mentioned.

  • Virevolte

    I wonder if the screen is splitted for local multiplayer.

    • MoustachePikachu

      I’m curious about that as well… I wouldn’t mind as long as it has local multiplayer :c

  • Ixbran

    STILL waiting for the announcement of A female fighter.

    • Cephrien

      Does “SHONEN” Jump not mean anything to you?

    • leingod

      Is there any Shonen Jump manga with a female lead?

      • Dede Ogbe

        Medaka Box

        • ShawnOtakuSomething

          Shes op

          • Pdugna

            hmm i wonder doesnt her opness depend on her role? then she wouldnt do much in a different universe.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            She’ll best some love and understanding into them

          • J_Joestar

            she’ll adapt to the situation as needed, it’s what she does.

          • J_Joestar

            what would really be OP is
            although with the cast of Main character-types, she would be at a bit of a disadvantage.

          • RichyGaming

            She looks so harmless :D

          • HerosLight

            Ashin’in would kill everyone with her quadrillion skills.

          • J_Joestar

            12,858,051,967,633,862 to be exact (taking into consideration the ones she gave away)

      • Internet is Crash

        Another OP fem is Kiruko from Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san. Sadly the series got axe’d :(

      • MagisterXII

        Clare from Claymore, but I’m not sure how popular the series is.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Kazuki Muto from Buso Renkin and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo next

  • SuBw00FeR

    Give me Yachiru! :(

  • That trailer is old. A month or so old. The only bit of new in it are those 10-12 last seconds with Yusuke and Gon.

  • Antixono

    Would so buy if this got localized.

  • Judgephoenix

    meh I was hoping trailer showed off at least Yu and Gon combat oh well

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    If Kinnikuman makes it Gintoki will be so happy.

  • zaidandzhadow

    Who the fuck told Goku he could copy Gintoki’s abilities.

  • If this game has a cast like Jump Ultimate Stars + some newer series it would be perfect. I would say add Saitama from One Punch Man but that wouldn’t workout too well….

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha oh man. I want to see Saitama as a super secret boss now. He’s only capable of being defeated if you have the insanely superhuman skills to dodge his attacks… for about thirty minutes. Because then Saitama remembers that he’s late for his local convenience stores special sale on Ro-Gain, and abruptly leaves the fight as quickly as he entered it.

  • RichyGaming

    I personally think Kenshin is more of a better sword wielder than Ichigo. Not by power but by skill, when you think about it. But Ichigo in his soul reaper form takes the cake. However, it’s more of a given power.

    • Archeeer

      He is. No need to think about it.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Actually, considering the twists and all the trainings Ichigo has it’s not a given power. Still, Kenshin is already weak in his own series. He tends to win most of his fights by skill.

      • RichyGaming

        No, Ichigo was given power he went from regular human to a warrior who can wield a fairly large sword with strength and speed, but he’s not always receiving power 24/7, that was probably even the only time, aside from losing it and getting it back. He was given the power (Though he was sort of a soul reaper and half…….THAT right?) for the sole reason of protecting his loved ones. But I understand he’s trained to learn newer techniques such as Bankai, Getsuga Tenshou and other moves I haven’t listed. Which is why i’m not going to talk smack about him. He’s earned his power. I think Kenshin is more skillful though because he has more experience with a blade as a human.

  • zferolie

    I do hope they add some females. Medaka Box has already been mentioned(which I have heard good things about, but haven’t read yet) But what about the newer manga Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san/Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san? Kiruko would be able to go toe to toe with some of these people.

    • British_Otaku

      My guess is that we are only going to have the main character of each series, and it just so happens that a good number of the main characters in successful Shonen Jump works are male (Kiruko was fun, but probably doesn’t count on the success factor).

      We will probably see Medaka though, not even a Kumagawa cameo which makes sad… :/

      • J_Joestar

        but if Kumagawa were in it, you’d never be able to beat the game using him.

        • British_Otaku

          It would be great just to have Naked Apron/Hand Bra Jeans/Open Front Hooded Sweatshirt Senpai even if I never win a fight.

          • zferolie

            … who the heck is that?

            EDIT: Oh she’s from Medeka box. Sorry, I only reconize the main girl since I have yet to read it yet

          • British_Otaku

            Enjoy your time with Medaka Box. You will come to love Kumagawa with time.

            Considering how ridiculous it gets, the closure is among the best I’ve seen for a long running manga, if only because Katekyo threw away all of the growth, Soul Eater is making us wait for Soul Eater Not to answer half of our questions and Bakuman didn’t show off as much of the other anime and manga (it would have been impossible given that everything was a good idea)

          • zferolie

            yeah I heard Soul eater ended recently… I am like 2-3 years behind though… It’s good to hear that Medaka box gives closure.

          • British_Otaku

            There was a curveball that Medaka Box threw at us, there were a few characters who popped up late who I recognised from the light novel covers.

            Unlike Soul Eater (Soul Eater Not is worth a read, you can buy it in English), the extra material isn’t being localised though it may have been translated by fans by some luck. I wanted to know what the motivations of those few were, but the manga was already running towards the ending at that point. Oh well…

            Soul Eater will probably have proper closure by next year, given that Soul Eater Not is coming back. In case, you don’t know, SEN is set before the beginning of Soul Eater and focuses more on the social side, it still gives a lot of time to seeing how Kim and Ox acted in the past as well as the rest of the main cast like Black Star, Death the Kid and Maka. You get to see Sid as a human for more than a panel or two of course and the second sister of Medusa (hinted too in the anime and manga, definitely the main villain for this).

          • J_Joestar

            I prefer the Naked Apron spread, especially with it being his first “win”

          • British_Otaku

            In retrospect, I liked that one more as well. I just felt like using the most recent colour spread related to his fetishes. I’m not sure if open front hooded sweatshirt got so lucky.


          • J_Joestar

            yeah, the last poll color page was more for the ladies than gentlemen.

      • zferolie

        It wasn’t that successful huh? That’s a shame, it was really funny and well drawn, and Kiruko was very fun!

        • British_Otaku

          Kiruko got cancelled shortly after the first volume came out if I recall correctly. Shonen Jump is probably more invested in promoting Assassination Classroom (just got 5 volumes, outselling SJ series like Toriko and Gintama and doing well in ratings, an event anime is coming) and Saiki Kusuo (5 volumes, got a crappy flash anime and crossover with the former). Both of which are also rather recent.

          Just so you know, Medaka Box reached 20 volumes and got two anime seasons (12 episodes each iirc). It is hardly as big as Slam Dunk back in the day or Kuroko’s Basketball today but it has a pretty good shot.

          • zferolie

            Really? Aw that sucks… I guess that explains why I haven’t seen many more chapters… but I really was liking it, and wanted to so more. Now I’m pissed.

            I was looking it over a bit, but since I am at work I can’t really look it over in detail. It’s got my interest, and it seems if they have a female character, she may have the best chance.

            Unless the include the spin off jump stuff, then I think to-love ru or Rosario Vampire have a shot.

            I would like to see Moka from R+S in, but would you consider her the main, or the guy? I think she has more stage presense then the guy does.

            Actually… Rozen Maiden is in Weekly Young Jump… does that mean Shinku has a chance?

  • Ric Vazquez

    Kenshin Himura, best swordsman in anime ever!

  • Damarius Wingfield

    *Wicked version of me gusta SMILE begins to form*!

  • Jesse Torres

    Gon is awesome, but i hope his moves dont mainly consist of using his fishing rod, cause he is good at physically fighting.

    • British_Otaku

      I thought the rod was important from Jump Superstars, but he really doesn’t use it that often… No idea if it is going make much of an appearance given that energy attacks are established taking away it’s use for long range aside from pulling enemies in.

  • Istillduno

    Looks like one to import, just hoping the cast gets padded out a little (Bring on some Black Cat and D-Gray man reps :P) and that it gets some kind of offline multiplayer so that it isn’t that one game you’d love to play with mates but can’t since it’ll never leave Japan and they aren’t into importing.

  • TheExile285

    Day one import. Probably gonna main Ichigo and Kenshin.

  • YoshEE

    I want this so bad now

  • ShadowDivz

    Everyone knows goku would win. For spirit bomb he draws strenght from every friendship speech ever made.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Na, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo wins without mercy. He has the Super Market Bomb and considering the economy opening new shops everywhere Goku goes down.

  • Will John

    I’m good as soon as Tsuna and Oga are announced. Medaka and Train would be awesome too.

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