Dress Up Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Fighters With Warriors Orochi 3 Costumes

By Spencer . August 29, 2013 . 2:00pm

warriorso2Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate has a crossover with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and we’re not talking about how Kasumi is playable in Warriors Orochi.


First print copies of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate include Hosokawa Gracia costume for Kasumi, a Sanzang costume for Momoji, and a Wang Yuanji costume for Ayane.


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate comes out on September 5 for PlayStation 3. Warrior Orochi 3 Ultimate is slated for release later that month on September 26, but that’s only for Japan.

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  • alexis cortes

    Ayane’s the only one who dyed her hair. She’s serious about her cosplay.

    • Symbol de Au

      I think she just likes dying her hair. It seems like most people think of purple as her natural hair color but if you look at the eyebrows it’s probably brown.

      • Final Agent

        DOA Ultimate showed her having purple hair even as a little girl (around 6 or something).

        So yeah. Hard to tell what’s going on on that head.

  • ReidHershel

    So……Warrior’s Orochi costumes for Dead or Alive characters in Warrior’s Orochi, am I getting that right Tecmo?

    • doubleO7

      No, these are Warriors Orochi DLC costumes for DOA5U.

      • ReidHershel

        And are the DLC or first print?

        • doubleO7

          Well, its both. Its (at least for now) exclusive DLC included with the entire first-printing of WO3U. I have no doubt that it will be available for purchase later (and hopefully available for english speaking versions of the game too).

  • TrannyMagic

    I always somewhat felt Koei over-designed costumes but I really do like what Kasumi has on.

    • doubleO7

      I agree, to a point, although many ancient Chinese outfits really did have extremely elaborate designs.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        The one Kasumi has on is Japanese…

        • doubleO7

          I didn’t know for sure. I just knew that Dynasty Warriors and its spinoffs have predominately Chinese characters. Though I suppose Orochi also has Samurai Warriors characters doesn’t it, and they would obviously be Japanese.

    • Slayven19

      Go and google some of the old Chinese costumes(or japanese for that matter) and most of them were kinda over done.

  • doubleO7

    Hopefully we’ll see these as DLC for english language verisons of the game, whether we get WO3U or not.

  • Slayven19

    Its about time, I felt this is something that should have been in DOA5 from the time they combined. They had cameo costumes from the warriors games in NGS2 so I thought DOA would be a no brainier, guess not until now but good to see the speedy correction.


    Aww, Momiji should have gotten a different outift. She already had a Sanzang costume in Ninja Gaiden Σ2.

    A Wang Yi outfit would have been awesome :)

  • WhyWai

    omg, that amazon advertisement is the actual final cover art for Ultimate? so ugly!

  • Monterossa

    GOSH…. Gracia-Kasumi!! That’s HAWT.

  • Yan Zhao

    Not that big of a fan of Sanzhang Houshi’s outfit for Momoji. Would’ve prefered SSX’s DW7 outfit.

    These are cool though.

  • ShadowDivz

    …Momiji has that costume in Ninja Gaiden 2. so its not all that surprsing.
    And ayane looks better with purple hair!

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