Kissing RPG Exstetra Gives You A Younger And Older Sister

By Sunjun . August 29, 2013 . 3:30pm

FuRyu has introduced more heroines from their upcoming game Exstetra, an RPG in which you play as Ryoma, a boy who can kiss people to give them special powers. Below, you can see two heroines you may have spotted in their latest trailer.




Akari is a 16-year-old school girl who likes Ryoma and views him as an older brother. As a Prisma Knight, she dresses as a magical girl and uses magic to support her allies. She is voiced by Yui Ogura (Rom from Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2).


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Kotone is an 18-year-old girl from a renowned girls academy. She has a gentle, easygoing older sister-like personality and is skilled at cooking. She is voiced by Ai Kayano (Yomi from Senran Kagura).


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Along with two new heroines, we also have a look at Asakusa and Shinjuku, which have fused with a parallel world called Amasia and transformed into dungeons.

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Exstetra will be released for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on November 7.


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  • Chaos_Knight

    Oh boy…. He kissed an idol, a girl that has a crush on him, and now a little sister and older sister. (Not sure about those 2 guys though. >_>)

    What could be next? A loli?

    • xavier axol

      Lol, I can definitely see him kiss those two dudes.
      here’s a reenactment of the developer making sure that happens….

      • Arcana Wiz

        it’s so fun cause i can see this happening, and we have two male characters, the bro and the cool, both can have hilarious conversation later in the game.

        • “Crap… We’re really in a tight spot here.”
          “Yeah. I don’t think we’re going to get out of this.”
          “There is one thing we could do.”
          “You don’t mean…”
          “J-Just shut up and kiss me, bro!”

    • Arcana Wiz

      no, a shota!

  • Jesse

    JRPGs always need a sister or sister-like character, don’t they. At least it’s the latter in this case.

  • TheExile285

    And now I’m importing…..

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      we might get it here bro, if not then I’m going to do that

    • @ShawnOtakuSomething:disqus


  • leingod

    I wonder if it will be labeled at sexist if it ever gets localized. They’ve been doing that a lot lately.

    • supervamp

      Do birds fly? Feminist or any special group will always find something to complain about

      • Arcana Wiz

        Humans are creatures who strive for evolution, so they are biologically formed to complain about things, but some people can be really annoying and dont contribute nothing to humanity, and please, you know haters gonna hate.

  • A-Ahem. “Hnnnnng.”
    That’s all.

  • Arcana Wiz

    I want this…. and i have no shame to say that i really want this based on only the kissing aspect!

  • ChiffonCake

    Very nice character designs… though I wasn’t really interested in this game at first, now I’m really hoping that it ends up being good.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    ….thats hot I mean this game is hot…. ummmm anyway looks great >_>

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “Kissing RPG Exstetra Gives You A Younger And Older Sister”

    …I wonder if this is the first time SIliconera made something sound worse than it actually is? >_>

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Suddenly Saya No Uta is perfectly normal.

    • Kevadu

      Actually, I’d say it’s far from the first time. They do that sort of thing a lot.

    • Firekitty

      Intentionally phrasing things so they sound dirtier than they really are is a time-honored way to get people to actually click the link XD.

      It’s also hilarious.

    • leingod

      it sounds BETTER than it actually is, IMO :P

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Shippoyasha

    I always love the idea of the real world shifting into something else. Persona games were pretty creepy because of it and I don’t need to explain how Silent Hill morphs into a pure vision of hell/purgatory.

  • Karmistral

    No one can stop me from importing this.

  • X14

    Not blood related, call me when it is.

  • Warboss Aohd

    …………wot da zog?

  • isotrex

    The power of kiss.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    No self insert for a kissing game, lame >.>

  • deadMastershiro

    I hope a dog is released next.

  • Older AND younger sister type characters. This game just got 1000 times better! =^_^=

  • Namuro

    Wow, this game covers quite a lot of character types. Now, we just need a robot/cyborg girl and a dog! LOL

    Seriously though, this game sounds great! I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    • ShadowDivz

      was that a persona reference?

  • wererat42

    Well, we’ve seen visual proof of all the girls being smooched, but nothing regarding the guys besides voiceovers in the trailers that seem to confirm that they are kiss recipients.

    Still kind of worried about how the developers handle this. Will there really be a ‘gay option’ that is represented as being as legitimate as the straight ones, or will it be treated as some kind of joke? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • iheartyou

      Who’s the developer for this again?

    • Ric Vazquez

      I hope not!

  • Steven Higgins

    I really want this game to come over here. I’d import but I also want to understand what the hell is going on. But the stupid over the top hate mongering religious groups will be all ” Oh no! this game will corrupt our children and turn them gay! We mus destroy this unholy abomination at once!” Especially if the guy/guy kisses are treated with any amount of respect and not treated like an accident/joke.

  • iheartyou

    They really are trying to cater everyone, huh? Now if they give info on a new guy character, I’ll definitely be importing.

  • Demeanor

    That’s surely a very HANDY ability to have… XD lol I feel strong Thousand Arms vibes XD

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Kissin’ your sister.

    • DyLaN

      The article have no mention that Akari/Kotone is Ryoma sisters.

  • leingod

    I’ll sound like a noob but… I just noticed this RPG is apparently post-apocaliptic in setting.

  • DyLaN

    There just something I feel off with Kotone…. Maybe its the lips. Still look nice enough though.

    I’m digging Akari MG outfit and the forested post apocalyptic look.

  • Ric Vazquez

    As long as they don’t shown guys kissing I’ll buy it.

  • ZekeFreek

    Not a fan of this artist at all. So ugly.

  • Surgeon of Death

    God Dammit japan.

  • Göran Isacson

    Oohohoho, dat leading headline. Still, what do we have here-
    “views him as an older brother”-
    *Older girl who looks like she’s awesome and takes no shit*
    … Okay. You got my attention again.

  • ShadowDivz

    Ryoma:”We should kiss!”
    Akari:”But…oniichan im underage…”
    Ryoma:”Baby the world is at stake, we have bigger issues.”

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