Ace Combat Infinity Screenshots Take Us To The Sky

By Spencer . August 30, 2013 . 12:45pm


Ace Combat Infinity follows in the footsteps of Tekken Revolution and Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation as a free-to-play game for PlayStation 3. Players will be able to fly through a story mode and fight alongside friends in multiplayer. Namco Bandai has not said how they will monetize the game yet, but their other free-to-play titles have some kind of "energy" like coins in Tekken Revolution that limit play sessions.

Ace Combat Infinity is scheduled for release later this year on PlayStation 3.


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  • Jah-keem York

    I can see it now. Here’s hoping there’s no Namco rep looking at this post. If there is I apologize in advance if they take this idea.

    I bet It’s going to be a fueling system. Where your fuel runs out and you have to wait for certain amount of real time hours before you can go to flight again or you can pay to be in the VIP Fueling line and get right back into the skies. Please don’t do this please don’t do this please don’t do this.

    • shuratan

      The thing is though they still need to make money, and from what I’ve seen limiting play time is one of the most common ways for games like this to get money. On the flip side it can still be entirely a free experience if you so choose. Like it or not games aren’t exactly cheap to make nowadays and companies need money to continue on. I suppose it’s a good thing that this might bring in more people to try out Ace Combat which would never be a bad thing, so hopefully it’s well made.

      • cirE

        They could make money by simply making the game good and selling it for $60 as they have with every past Ace Combat title.

        I’m a huge Ace Combat fan. I have all the Playstation and Playstation 2 titles over on my shelf. I’d be completely willing to pay $60 for a Playstation 3 Ace Combat title (a proper Ace Combat title, not Assault Horizon) to add to that shelf.

        The difference between this and Tekken is that Tekken continues to get proper full-price releases, yet also has a free-to-play alternative. Ace Combat fans are getting stuck with only a free-to-play game, so they really have to make sure they don’t alienate us true fans.

        • shuratan

          That’s true, and I’d prefer something like that rather than a free-to-play, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that we can’t fault a business trying out a different strategy to make money. Maybe if they make bucket loads of money off of this then they’ll make an Ace Combat for the “true” fans. Point is we should be supporting the things we like rather than just reject them before giving it a chance.

    • Kai2591

      haha I can see how that might be the case.

    • ddh819

      i wonder how minecraft would do like that, pay for blocks

  • venomz09

    i really hope no more games i like turn to this free to play crap.

    sometimes i really hate the things going on in the industry.

  • d3v

    Coin system in Tekken Revolution is complete BS. There’s a reason no one within the fighting game community considers it a proper competitive fighting game.

    • shuratan

      But the whole idea of this free to play thing is to bring the game to a wider audience, which is -not- the the people already within the fighting game community. Mayhap these new casuals will become invested enough in the game to spend more money and even buy the other “proper” competitive fighting game.

      • d3v

        But the problem with that is that you risk simply splitting the community if those same casuals don’t care to transfer over to TTT2 or whatever the next main Tekken game is.

        • cirE

          If there’s one genre of game that really doesn’t care about splitting it’s community, it’s fighting games. Every time I feel like I’m ready to purchase a certain fighting game, a sequel or updated version is announced.

  • Houten Lee

    Skins! LOTS OF SKINS. All those [email protected] skinned jets all over the skies!

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